2015 GMC Canyon: What's the Difference?

1 2015 GMC Canyon crew front IIChevy Colroado front II

It will come as no surprise to those who watched the introduction of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 that GM will continue to promote the idea that Chevy and GMC midsize pickups are very different trucks.

Yes, of course, they share a platform and just about every other significant under-the-skin structural and electrical design, but you have to admit GM has done a pretty good job making the exterior and interior designs communicate different experiences.

The interior seems to offer a more subtle difference (emphasizing choices in texture and color designs), while the exterior design is more overt (with a more dramatic shift in design language, most notably in the grille and wheel arches).

We’ve put together a short photo gallery here with the two new truck side by side (or top and bottom) so you can see how similar and different the two trucks are.

11 Canyon vs Colorado II



15 2015 GMC Canyon nose IIChevy Colorado grille II



6 2015 GMC Canyon Int 1 IIChevrolet-Colorado Int II



2 2015 GMC Canyon rear IIChevy Colorado rear 2 II



19 2015 GMC Canyon headlight IIChevy headlight II



18 2015 GMC Lineup IIChevrolet Lineup II




I think I might like the Canyon more.

I really like the way the graphic designers placed the Canyon against the HD.

It makes it appear smaller than what it is.

Place the HD and half ton in each other's position.

Chev did the opposite with the pickup placement.

Hope this little truck out sales the Tacoma. Nice looking truck.

I'd like to see the Colorado/Canyon parked next to their bigger brothers i.e. nose to nose, directly side by side and rear etc. to show the size separation.

Here we go, more fake wood...

I prefer the look of the Chev over the GMC.

Yes, it's those damn grilles.

If you want a truck go out and buy a Mack or Kenny.

@High Mileage
The way the pickup/SUV world has been heading over the past 5 years has shown size is becoming important.

Maybe you have discounted one potential customer. The SUV/CUV person. This leads me to believe you will have customers migrating between different vehicle styles.

The car market is similar, that is not everyone buys the same size/style vehicle, many consider many different shapes and size cars. The pickup market will head in that direction more and more, even with the bias favouring larger pickups.

Even though these vehicles are called midsizers or compact pickups they are far from compact. There is demand for this size and style of vehicle.

This was proven when Ford dropped the Ranger and Ford's assumption that the F-150 can offer whatever a Ranger could was found not to be correct.

The current midsize market in the US has 2 vehicles that are quite old. A person wanting a new SUV/CUV will not even consider an agricultural vehicle like a Taco or Frontier.

This pickup will take some sales away from full size pickups, but it will also take quite a few sales away from SUVs/CUVs.

It will draw in consumers who aren't pickup fanboi's and would probably never even consider logging onto PUTC, like the majority of American pickup owners.

These are the ideal size for a family. Not all want a gymnasium sized interior. This is evident by the amount of small and medium cars on the roads in the US.

Look at this vehicle more along the lines of SUV/CUV as well as pickup. Because that is how the full size market is going as well. A full size 1/2 ton is just a SUV to most.

As for the engine. I don't really think the engine will perform poorly. As for the FE, well look again at the SUV/CUV market you could say why do people buy a medium SUV when a large SUV is available.

The engine has been available here in Australia in Holden utes and performed quite well and are relatively economical for a V6.

That GMC looks ten times better then the Chevy, the Chevy looks too European to me.

I think the canyon looks way better than the colorado. Looks like a miniature sierra. I'm sure under the skin they are practically the same, but they did a good job of differentiating the canyon and colorado as far as looks. I was hoping the colorado would look like a miniature silverado, but it doesn't. But that's exactly what they did to the canyon and I for one like it. But still no chance I'd buy it new.

colorado is a lot more of a foreign look to me. like a tacoma.

Wow I usually prefer chevys over GMC, but I am liking the Canyon. I looks like a mini Sierra wile the Colorado looks completely different. The way I see it as long as these trucks get 25+ MPG highway and are priced below 20K slandered there's no way the Tacoma will have a chance. The Tacoma has lived too long on top and they think they cant lose its about time they are proven wrong

I hate to say it...but I prefer the GMC. I agree with prior posts, the Canyon looks more American. I cannot define how but it does. my last extended cab was a Frontier and I see this truck has almost 3 inches more legroom. Hmmm...

I can see my new truck: ext cab 4x4, locking rear, 3.6L engine. Something below top trim. NO Onstar ( refuse to pay for it..and yes you do pay for it.)

Specs says 2.92 rear (!). Oh well, I am sure they will have options on that. Maybe 3:35.

Goodbye Tundra, you have been great, but 11 MPG around town in the Winter with no load, no thanks

Both look sweet, I currently drive a 2013 chev Colorado in Thailand with the 2.8 duramax 180 hp, 30 mpg , the latest here is the duramax has been upped to 200 hp, the lil diesel trucks is where it is at overhere, hopefully they can do the same in America as not sure what the EPA will do to screw this up, i paid the equivilant of 28,000. US fully loaded 4x4

They did a nice job of differentiating the two trucks, but in my opinion the Chevy looks a lot better. Much sportier vs. the GMC's work truck look. Not sure if they can dethrone the Tacoma, but it's nice to see some new competition in this category. I'm eager to see what the 2nd gen Ridgeline looks like before I make my next truck purchase decision, but the Colorado will probably be in my short list.

I like the GMC version also. I would get the extended cab over the 4-door since my wife and I are empty "nesters".
A diesel and a 6-speed manual would be a great combo for me but the handshaker is no more, to bad.
The boys across the river in Missouri is about to crank up production of these trucks. Good to see the Wentzville plant stay alive and produce vehicles.

I like what I see with the Canyon so far. I have been waiting patiently with my 1996 T-100 with 200K+ miles for a replacement with durability, better economy with equal or better 4wd capabilities. I love the size and performance of my T-100. I had resigned myself to a Tacoma, but I am not happy with the lack of advancement in FE at Toyota while GM and Ford have made great strides there with thier full size pickups. All the discussions have been refinements and towing. What has not been discussed yet is performance and specifications relating to off road use. What is the ground clearance and the approach angles. Can I expect to get 200K miles?

Canyon easily gets my vote. The only thing I'd really change, is the rear window and its upward sweep. Other than that, it's pretty good besides that and the gauge cluster.

I like the Colorado better. Not a fan of the mini me styling on the Canyon. It looks like those 90's Dodge Dakota's. What's up with the options though? Why is so much stuff missing from the Colorado? Doesn't make it very appealing after seeing this. And no Autotrac? That's nearly insane. It's a 4 wheel drive truck. I don't see the Colorado doing much after seeing this to be honest. It's like they're trying to kill it right out of the gate. Tacoma has all the goodies the Colorado is missing. I was rooting for Chevy too. Chevrolet dealers can't be too happy about this.

I think the Colorado is being targeted towards the younger / active lifestyle crowd with its sportier styling and what I'm assuming to be cheaper price tag. The Canyon has a more upscale mature look that will appeal to its own demographic. Not a bad strategy in my opinion but I agree that they should also have a high end version of the Colorado. It's very possible that they are just testing the waters with the Canyon and if successful a high end Colorado could show up at a later date. Both trucks look good, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

I think Jake hit the nail on the head. I have a hard time picturing an older man used to a full-size truck buying that colorado. I was just thinking the canyon is something I could see my dad buying or some other old retired guy after owning only full-size trucks the last 35 years. Depends on how comfortable the interior is though. But the canyon definitely has a more mature look to it. I think the canyon will draw a lot more people away from full-size trucks than the colorado will. My biggest complaint with the colorado/canyon (or GM trucks in general) is the lack of a quality bumper. A working truck needs a good bumper. And the step in the bumper seems like a dumb idea to me. Looks like there is barely enough room for the toe of one boot in that "step" and it makes the bumper look ridiculous. Do they expect people to actually use that to reach for things in the bed? Good news I hear about the '15 f-150 is that they are keeping steel bumpers while the rest of the sheet metal will be aluminum.

The GMC Canyon is definitely the better looking truck

I like the looks of the Colorado over the Canyon, but there are things about the Canyon I like better. It's not so much the trim differences, but certain hardware on the Canyon, for now, seem to fit what I want better. I'll just have to go look at them in person to see which best what I'm after.

If the Colorado was a plastic toy at the store, I would look at it as a cheap, ugly toy truck. The Canyon is much better looking and resembles a mini Sierra. The Tacoma sells because of it size and durability. These trucks will have to last, plus get good fuel economy compared to the full sizers or why even bother. If the next F150 gets the 30mpg they say, these trucks will only sell due to their smaller size. Not everyone wants a Chevy Malibu 4 banger in their rugged "truck".

Colorado looks more like the other global trucks, some may like that but for those of us that have an affinity for global trucks the Colorado wins this one. Canyon looks like it is trying and failing at being a Mini Sierra. Again, personal opinion, I will be in the market for a new truck in the next 2-3 years and I know which one I will be seriously looking at if it has a diesel by then.

Both look nice. I'll wait for a 4x4 GMC with the baby duramax.

I hope GM reads these comments. A bit (but only a bit) off-subject: GM and the others are missing a need for a truly compact pickup to round out their line. GM, Fiat, VW and others sell very nice truly compact pickups in many other countries. 40 mpg diesel, modest/reasonable load carrying, and increasingly importantly, ease of parking.

The Canyon/Colorado, especially crew cab, are not that easy to fit into today's often contracted parking spots. Such a vehicle would fit perfectly for a lot of people who simply rarely if ever use the capability of the midsize and full size trucks. In fact, the midsize today are more capable than the full size of a couple of decades ago. [GMC 3/4 ton duramax and crew cab colorado owner]

After the luke-warm reputation in 2002 and constant public outcry for overall improvements, it looks as though these 2 trucks will be well received by the public, I'll have my 2011 GMC 2500HD paid off by May of 2015, though that truck is reliable in all accounts, I'd rather have something more compact and a bit sporty looking, my eyes are now set on the Canyon as a replacement.

I like the Chevy exterior but the GMC interior. Bummer.

Thank you GMC, one of these trucks will get the Autotrac transfer case! I live in Anchorage Alaska where road conditions can change every 500 feet and the option of AWD is nice to have along with hi and low lock. I think the Chevy nose better, but I'll be buying a Canyon.

I love trucks. Don't want a full size truck, or need one. So this is interesting. I'm very concerned with Quality so is GM better than Toyota these days. Also, I hear a new Tacoma is going to come out soon.

I like the exterior on both but terribly upset that the are putting all the high end stuff in the GMC and the Colorado seems to be the poor little cousin. Not a smart move at all. ALL the Goodies need to be in BOTH trucks. They have time. so they need to start making the Colorado a nicer truck than what seems to be planned.

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