An Entire Pickup Made Out of Ice? Only in Canada

Truck-made-of-ice II

Ever wonder why no one has ever made a pickup truck out of ice? Neither have we, but the people at Canadian Tire thought it might be interesting to have one built to promote the company's heavy-duty lineup of batteries. The first thing Canadian Tire did was enlist the help of ice sculpture experts Iceculture Inc. to create the beast for a new commercial, soon to air in several Canadian markets during popular sporting events (we're guessing hockey).

We're told the truck is made of more than 11,000 pounds of ice mounted and attached to a stripped chassis from a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty. Special high-velocity fans and heat exchangers were necessary to make sure as much heat as possible was collected and taken away from the ice surrounding the engine. In fact, the cooling was so efficient (but how efficient does it need to be in subzero temperatures?) that the truck was able to finish a 4-kilometer road course used for filming the commercial.

You can watch a time-lapsed video of the entire truck melt away on the Canadian Tire website.

Truck of ice II


Cool, just don't take it down to Florida.

Guess there's no heating in that truck?

I wouldn't say its completely made out of ice, but the body certainly is and maybe the interior?

Cool....... pun intended.

Ho said you need to plug a gm in the winter:)

Meanwhile in Canada....

My car said -25 Celsius (-13F) this morning. I could have driven this truck to work!

@HEMI V8 - it will depend on shape, thickness, and metallurgy. The current "steel" on any of the new trucks is easily bent or dinged. The benefit to aluminum other than weight reduction is that is doesn't rust.

What are your views on VEBA settling on a price with Fait?

That means Fiat will now be able to access all of Chrysler's billions.

That means that Chrysler is no longer an American company. Rumours are that Marcionne will move head office out of the USA and Italy to the Netherlands.

The is one thing that worries me as truck makers start to use aluminum and steel. The two metals react with each other, and cause corrosion. My local Fire Hall just got new tank for their tanker truck with new aluminum and stainless steel tool boxes and you guess it the corrosion has already eat up a few bolts.

@Johnny doe - dealing with the electrolysis from dissimilar metals is a potential problem but has anyone out their seen a problem with aluminum hoods on pickups?

@Lou-BC, It's all good. The hard working union workers get their health and retirement benefits. Fiat gets an AMERICAN ICON to fill their coffers. I still get my new Power Wagon. The wife gets a new jeep SRT. American union workers still have good paying jobs. Chrysler is making award winning vehicles I want. American style with big V8 muscle. I bought my 2003 Hemi quad 4x4 when Daimler owned Chrysler. Love that old truck. So does my son who will own it next. ;) Win, Win.

@The Real Lou
There will be people who have little knowledge on this subject make ridiculous statements and claims.

Much technology will transfer across from the aviation industry regarding the use of dissimilar metals. We work with this stuff all the time.

There will be instances of lapses during manufacture/maintenance, where processes aren't adhered to. I think the highest frequency of errors will be with the back yard mechanic.

I mean we don't see to many engine drivetrain components fail due to dissimilar metals.

Dissimilar materials like ice and metal? I find it is the salt on the roads that eats away at my vehicles more than the ice ;)

Guys, let's lighten up for a sec. You can bash each other in other posts. Its an ice truck.... what's not to like! Happy new year, by the way.

@hemiv8 - American unionized workers do have good paying jobs and benefits but the truck you want to buy is made in Mexico.
That takes away from those union workers you love so much.

Since Fiat is buying out VEBA stock all those Chrysler billions are now going to leave the USA.

That is no different that Toyota, a company you love to complain about.

@Hemi V8

Okay but you are now buying an Italian vehicle. Plus I don't think Chrysler (now Fiat) is off the hook with Union members, the top brass in the Union Hall make the decisions regarding the sale of their stock. The folks who supposedly sabotaged the assembly line, that's another story. I hope Fiat doesn't get rid of the Power Wagon, it's the only truck on the market that can do a good days hauling and towing, and conquer the Rubicon or Moab unscathed.

BTW - Canadian Tire is a huge franchise company in Canada

probably the best made GM

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