Best Pickup of 2014: Chevy Silverado 1500

2014 Silverado front outside II

For the first time in's history, we are presenting a dedicated award for pickup trucks. And that makes sense. Three of the top five best-selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2013 were pickup trucks, and with the number of luxury trim packages growing and average transaction prices rising, if there's a segment more important to most automakers' bottom line, we can't think of one.

Our Best Pickup of 2014 award goes to the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. In one way, this was an easy choice: Chevy engineers basically had the opportunity to go over every inch of this next-generation pickup to improve every aspect of its capability and prowess. However, when you consider how hugely competitive this market has become, and how aggressive dealers have had to be to make sales, we know there were many points along this long re-engineering process where costs could have been cut, shortcuts taken or aggressive strategies pulled back. But Chevy engineers and management didn't do that.

Our criteria for this award are simple. We look at capability, power and value, and this new Silverado comes packed. The new frame and suspension is specifically reinforced to both carry and tow heavier loads while being lighter and offering a smoother ride. As to the all-new EcoTec3 powertrain, we know there must have been some heated debates with the higher-ups looking to save costs there. Coming out with a new truck and an all-new set of powertrains is a huge risk. But we're glad GM took that risk. Each offers power and efficiency at a level that could almost not have been imagined just 10 short years ago. In some of the fuel economy tests we conducted during our 2013 Light-Duty Challenge, the Chevy Silverado won our towing fuel economy challenge by more than 6 percent over the next non-GM competitor.

The winner of this award must offer quite a bit of value, delivering excitement, performance, under-the-skin quality and reliability if we're going to call this truck out to our readers. We've driven this truck over many rugged miles, and we like the promise this truck offers and the fact that it doesn't just do what it says it can do, but it does everything with style, comfort and a margin of safety that is almost unparalleled in the segment.

Other 2014 pickups eligible for the award were:

  • Ford F-150
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
  • Ram HD 2500/3500
  • Toyota Tundra



No thanks, I'll take the F-150...especially the 2015!

PUTC can't be serious!!!

I think PUTC felt bad for GM, or they were worried that people were thinking they are Pro Ford which they still are. The new GM's are decent trucks but nothing that gives you that wow factor.

What will all the whiners say now about this being a pro ford site?
Congrats Chevy.

Chevys new truck beat out a older ford that itself beat out all other trucks by 50 points in a heads up against every competitor in a comparison test.the tundra was updated with a new dash and hiddious grill and rams current design is 8 yrs old so who did Chevy have to compare to but hey Chevy did give us a step up new bumper to crawl up in the bed with. Lol lol. Compare that to fords new 2015 trucks that have new bed designs in lighting lockable tailgates and new in cab lowering tailgates and new tailgate step. Factory ramps for loading 4 wheelers and lawn equipment . Lighted mirrors for ingress and egress. Lane departure and 360 degree surround camera to help with parking and off roading. 700 pounds in wt savings with military grade aluminum that has kept our troops safe and a stiffer and stronger chassis not to mention a new 2.7 ecoboost that should easily reach mid 20s in mpg with fords wt saving and 300 plus horsepower in the new ecoboost. New apps and a new plug system to charge tools and equipment. But hey that's nothing compared to Chevys new step bumper and 10 yr old looking design and old technology 5.3 great job Chevy ford just trumped you yet again by 15 yrs worth of technology but again co grads on that new bumper!!!!!!!

Congrats to GM! Please don't leave your truck unchanged for another 7 years. Ok in the last model you did change from a 4 speed to a 6 speed. Amazing!

Funny, just can't win. Talk about the most radical change in truck manufacturing in 75 years and folks complain, pro Ford. Give a competitor a reward, people complain, covering asses. This site is not pro one truck over another, just the facts will do.

Does that must mean the 2014 Silverado is the best pickup car?

Baseball, Apple Pie and Silverado. And if some people are not happy fine, buy your Fords or Dodges and leave more for me to buy.

I love the style of the new 2014's and I love my 07 Silverado. best pickup I have ever owned and most comfortable I have ever been in and I have had a 87,91,94,97,01, 03 and now the 07.

But those Fords sure look nice in Ruby red.

And about the 4 speed to 6 speed. I have the 4 speed my brother has a 2013 with the 6 speed and they really drive the same. But for some reason I get better highway mpg.

Are you serious???? Anything but the Silverado! Craziness.

Not surprising at all. Although I would have guess the ram.

Chevy won truck of the yr by default but hey they did win. Now compare that to fords new truck coming out this fall and the Chevy looks 15 yrs older and 10 yrs behind in technology. I" d say there are going to be some Chevy engineers looking for work pretty soon. Chevys new technology is a new step bumper and a 80 s inspired Grand Prix dash and a old is new again 5.3. 5 yrs of gm improvement and they can only make there new truck almost identical to there old one . No wonder gm is in the shape it's in

Beebe ford just came out with 100 new things and Chevy could only manage a new step bumper and a 80 s Pontiac dash and I'm a idiot. Lol lol run on down to your local gm dealer and get yourself a brand new 1980 s Chevy. The rest of us will enjoy 2015 technology and innovation but hey as long as Chevy can impress guys like you they won't need another bail out for another couple 3 yrs

I'm just not impressed with the Silverado. The exterior design is 10 years old, the interior is barely a step up from Ford, and the feature set is nothing special compared to the competition. It's just lazy design and engineering by GM. Their best product out of this refresh would be the 2015 Sierra HD Denali only because it's the best looking.

LOL Ford fan boys sound pissed off. Ford's so call high tech eco bust gets less MPGs then GM trucks with and with out a load which offers great hp tq at the same time. Then Ford fan boys go ohhhhhhh 2015 F150 so much better, but more less copy GM and Ram. Like I said its got be a hard time to be a Ford fan.

Can any of you fanbois at read? this is an award for a 2014 truck, NOT 2015!!!! Congratulations Chevy!!!

I follow a lot of the major automotive news websites/publications and have to say that PUTC is the last source that I would consider biased. With trucks as competitive as they are now there are reasons that Ram or Ford could have won too, but that doesn't mean that the Silverado shouldn't have won. They have a 6.2 (420 hp/460 lb-ft) with a dated 6-speed that rivals a 5.7 Hemi with an 8-speed in fuel economy. I don't see anything unreasonable here. And like I said, I wouldn't have seen anything unreasonable if the award would have went to another truck.

I am surprised. (but not because Ford lost).

It makes more sense to give the award to the GMC Sierra.

The Sierra comes with more options, especially higher grade interiors.

If the Ecodiesel was actually available anywhere other than press fleets I would of gave the award to Ram.

I will go out on a limb here to predict the winner of the 2015 award......... F150. LOL

I'm surprised as well, When I look at Chevy's and GMC's it seems like you're paying quite a bit more for the truck... granted I'm not looking at incentives but it seems like I can get more for the money elsewhere. making a choice for pickups!

So which editors chose this one? It's like having New York City dictating what the rest of us should do, think and say.....NOT!

@expedition - relax, the Tacoma wasn't even on the list.

Ford is in no way the top dog GM is getting their but Dodge can tow 30,000 they are the kings right now.

It makes more sense to give the award to the GMC Sierra.

The Sierra comes with more options, especially higher grade interiors.

@ Lou, ya. Chevrolet Silverado is pretty much in the toilet to me because of GM's Sierra. Like you said, you get more options and nicer interiors like you can get with Ford and Dodge. Not so with the Chevrolet. GM intentionally makes the Silverado a second rate truck so the Sierra can exist. So I'm not real sure how they would ever think the rest of the world will view it as a first rate competitor to the F-150 or Ram. It's not. Even GM says so. They either need to just sell the Sierra's or put the Sierra stuff into the Silverado too. Then maybe the Silverado will have a chance. It may be too little too late now though. They've done some damage to Chevrolet with their 2 truck nonsense.

You make little sense as always. Just pick a side and stick with it.
You don't get more options on Sierra vs. Silverado. You get more options STANDARD on Sierra. Sierras come loaded with options from the factory thus usually costing more then Silverados. Both trucks are can be equally equipped. As a Silverado buyer you have more control over the options you really want. They're called OPTIONS for a reason. They're optional. You choose what you want. That's how Silverado buyers are in general. They prefer to suit the truck to their needs vs Sierra buyers which will usually take what's already optioned on the truck.
And when and where did GM say that Silverado and F150 don't compete?





LMAO Fords new saying

@Gregory J. - Every report I've read says that the Sierra has a better quality interior. Maybe the Canyon report is stuck in my mind but there is another example of the GMC side getting more stuff and better trim.

WORST PICK EVER. THAT WOULD BE THE LAST TRUCK I'D EVER BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the 2015 F-150 get to compete or just the 2014?

LOL the Tundra fanboys thinks the F150 and the Chevy fanboys thinks it looks like the Chevy. You wish!!! (Subconsciously).

This is why fanboys don't make sense, there is no logic in what they say! If I were brand-biased like others on here, I would not be saying that the car I hated looked like the car I really liked because anyone who thinks logically knows that statement makes no sense! If one looked like the other, and you were a logical thinker, you would have to be impartial.

You know PUTC are truck guys by articles like this... I really can't say the same about Truck Trend, judging by many of their blogs.

@Sandman4X4. Can you read? Nobody said that or even implied that the 2015 F150 should have been eligible to win this.


Can you repeat that it didn't make sense: "LOL the Tundra fanboys thinks the F150 and the Chevy fanboys thinks it looks like the Chevy. You wish!!! (Subconsciously)." The Tundra fanboys think what?

Easy to declare it the best truck if you're just driving the loaded press loaners

On your own dime, not so much. The stickers are a couple grand higher, the incentives suck, the bottom line is a basic Z71 crew cab with the 5.3 will run you past $40,000.

For that money you could have a Laramie, Lariat, Tundra Ltd., etc with the big motor and probably a grand or two back besides.

@AD, sorry just a bit of psychology. The people who like Toyota are saying that the new F150 look like Tundras. The people who like Chevys say the new F150 looks like the new Silverado. They claim to also think the Ford is ugly, but they imply the truck they like isn't ugly. Seriously, you can't have two things look alike, yet one be ugly and the other be good looking. Either you are downplaying the one you want to hate or embellishing the one you want to like. The people who are making these kinds of statements are experiencing cognitive dissonance. I hope this makes more sense, I am working a night shift right now, so apologize if it doesn't.

The lowest quality truck on the road for decades. The most expensive truck on the road. The least capable off-road truck. The truck that got destroyed in PUTC testing vs. Ford and Ram last year both empty and loaded. The truck that looks 18 years old. The truck that's already had numerous body and drivetrain issues/recalls. The truck that is refusing to embrace new diesel and forced induction technology like the competitors.

Yeah...that's the truck we want to give an award to!!!

I still don't hardly ever see these things advertised. Still don't understand why? I see Sierra ads all the time. Maybe GM has been quietly working to kill of the Chevrolet trucks? It's working. They don't make them as nice or desirable as the Sierra at all. It used to be the other way around.

@GregoryJ, Lou is correct. Sierra buyers get what Ford and Dodge buyers get. Anything and everything they wish. From the stripped down work model to high end. Chevrolet buyers and Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership customers are SOL. No Denali. High Country only available in brown. No auto 4wd. Poor base interiors and packages. The list is a long one. Look at the nominees page for this contest. GM is doing their best IMHO to put a nail in the Silverado and even now Colorado coffin. Even Mark Williams himself points that out under the Sierra column:

"We should note that our judges during the 2013 Light-Duty Challenge called attention to the GMC's use of interior materials, dash layout and seating feel. The Sierra 1500 will be a little more expensive than its Chevy counterpart, but for many, the added expense will be worth every penny."

The added expense is a non issue on a ticket item price as high as a truck anyway. So why not let Chevrolet have it too or just do 1 line of trucks? Makes no sense. I only see them driving away Chevrolet customers, not bringing them in. It's damaging to the Chevrolet brand as a whole and elevating it's competitions status like Ford as a whole simultaneously. It's very poor business in this highly competitive segment to de-rate and de-value your #1 product like they do. It's already slipping away fast and has been for the last decade because of this stuff. And none of this "They're different customers" crap that GM loves to preach in attempts to further their bogus cause. Ford and Dodge have NO issue selling whatever to whoever. GM is killing us sending potential Chevrolet customers right out the door and down the street to the Ford dealers and others. On Many products! And we've then lost them forever. You can get nicer KIA's now than Chevrolet's. With AWD and panoramic rooftops. GM is telling Chevrolet customers and dealers to go pound sand. It's 100% because of their pet Buick/GMC.

it's an award from, had it been about trucks, it would come from some where else.

Similar to the CAR and Driver contest Chevy won (cause they picked two other contestants that had better equipped interiors with more options that worked against the lower gear ratios, lol, a 3.42 geared Chevy vs. a 3.21 Ram and 3.31 Ford.)

Chevy puts their little 275/55 tires on their cars, oops, I mean trucks for contests, yet that isn't a real truck tire.

Wow, a truck with an off center steering column, I guess driver comfort doesn't amount to much.

Trailer brake control in the wrong place, left hand and long reach, and do the gauges tell us near as much as Ram?

Yeah it has payload, well a payload rating. That's untested. It has a high tow rating, but anybody in the know knows that's BS.

Lets see, we add 1000 pounds to them in the braking test, and they gain the second most distance in braking, for a truck with such a high payload, can it stop good when loaded? Because that 500 or 800 pounds of payload might be a bitch to stop.

Can't corner that well with 1,000 pounds, I know, most of you don't autocross trucks, but if we put that extra 500-800 pounds in the bed, how's it going to handle?

Low ground clearance, and I don't mean the differential they get running clearance numbers from. Air dam low, rockers low.

Wow, a bumper step, that if you step 4" higher, you step on the top of the bumper. Lights in the bed. Ooh aah. No tailgate lock that's electrical?

Nothing so game changing. No air suspension, it has a 6 speed that is clunky (not just my opinion) no 8 speed, no diesel option, you need to run the 5.3 hard to get it moving. A 6.2 that needs high octane, great. For those 1% that buy them.

A v-6 option? Lol, msn autos said it wasn't much of a towing truck, too bad it has less mileage then a 3.6 Ram. With a better matched 8 speed.

Styling? Depends on what you like, you want something shaped like a brick to make you think it's 1980, have at it. It's not very aerodynamic.

This sounds like a "Everybody gets one" award. Or Chevy paid the most for advertising.

What the hell are you people talking about? compared a 2014 Silverado (that you can buy) to a 2014 F150 and 2014 Dodge RAM.

All are vehicles that can be purchased now.

How can you compare the 2014 Silverado to a 2015 F150 that isn't going to be available for 7 more months?

The ONLY thing that might give you credit is that GM sent most reviewer trucks with highway gearing, which killed their 0-60 and tow performance. reviewed the GM truck with steeper 3:73 gearing and shaved almost 1.2 seconds off of the 0-60 and huge numbers off of the towing performance times while giving up 1mpg. Also I am of the belief that the award was given on the price performance bases of a 5.3 liter 3:73 geared silverado being compared to a 5.0 liter F150. The F150 gets left holding the bag in that comparison.

The 2015 F150 changes everything....the Nano Ecoboost 2.7 in combination with the weight reduction is a very interesting combination. 4800lb F150 4x4 with a 325HP/ 350lb+ 2.7liter ecoboost is something I want to know more about.

@Paul: what part of the Ram is 8 years old? I want to hear that. Not the new for 2009 suspension, or hemi, or basic body design. Interior.

Not the new for 2013 interior, the air suspension, the 3.6 v-6, or the 8 speed.

Or the new v-6 diesel that in 4x4 form will probably get 26 to 27 highway mpg (while whatever Ford brings out will probably barely get 25 mpg highway with less towing capability.)

But I do agree that while GM folks are stuck with this truck, which isn't so advanced, for 6-8 years, Ram, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota (if they feel like taking any risk- they are gutless) will have new trucks. These Chevys are going to get cheaper and cheaper to sell, even with the increased price.

@Lou in BC: They will be building the 3.0 diesel Rams in a week or so, so in February people can get them at dealerships. Maybe the plan is to make a bigger impact the first few months they are out, such as what the Jeep Cherokee has done, 10,000 plus in the first month at market, and 15,000 in December. Ford must hate it. Or is it Honda hates it, cutting into their sales? They finally knocked the recalled 7 or 8 times for fires under hood Ford Escape off the top.

Alex: if you were to go back and READ the posts here, you would se a handful of fanbois who are whining about the 2015 F-150 NOT being awarded what the 2014 Chevy has been awarded! it is right there in black and white whether or not you want to accept the fact is one thing, but to call me out on it is totally wrong. Look I like all the domestic trucks as they have the best style and rugged usefulness than any of the others, not to mention style and multiple available configurations, not to mention value, one year there are one that has more than the others but all in all they are the finest on the road to date! I also own one of each and have had the best luck with my Chevy and Dodge, than my Ford, but the problem with the Ford is with the engine, but it seams to be corrected finally, and runs like We The People! and I am considering trading it for another F-150 Tremor, the only reason I might not trade is my town has an outrageous tax called excise tax, to the tune of about $2,800 the first year! going down about 30% each year after till it reaches a reasonable level. So take some time to go over the posts here and you will find out what I am saying is true, some fanbois here can not accept the fact the Chevy won this year, and in all likelihood the Ford will win next year, unless of course GM does something wonderfully crazy like bring out the 4.5 Duramax after all? Or the Titan get a re-style and the diesel engine that makes a big improvement on that truck! that is sorely needed! only time will tell, but for now drive safe and be carful out there!

First off chevy trucks all look a like no matter what year .second ford is the most and best truck creators they never i quote never make a truck look like the last gen truck every truk they have created looks defferent every gen trucks i respect that in ford

Chevy is scared to take a chance on a new design...because they know they only have the younger guys kiddies that likes the cute look if chevy did take a chance on a whole different design they will lose custermers big time....with ford i say the name is FORD they are known for taking any design and making it uniqe ...great job ford

Ok Beebe or Rufus or what ever you decide to post under here you go. In the spring the comparison test here put the ford Chevy fiats ram and tundra to a test. The old ford haned the 2014 Chevy it's ass by beating it by 50 points. Even simple enough for even you to understand. You are crying because Chevy dident get the exposure the new ford is getting. Chevy after 5 yrs getting this 2014 truck ready the only new thing it could come up with was a bumper off a avalanche and a 1980s Pontiac dash. The new gm truck looks even worse then the one it replaced. Like I said before the new ford just laid the smack down on Chevy again with 100 new things coming out on there 2015 model. Chevy had better start with big big discounts because when the new ford hits dealers Chevy won't be able to give there relics away. Of course simple minded people like you will still go to government motors for out dated fire prone 2014s but hey look on the bright side they will be going really cheap and youll have that new bumper to Bragg on.nice talking with ya there gomer!

Is it just me or is anyone else confused that when PUTC parent company awards the best pick up truck award to a vehicle (2014 Silvarado) lost to two trucks from the perivous model year (2013 F150 and Ram 1500) and one from the same model year (2014 Sierra). in that shootout they explained their scoring techniques and option list on the trucks was comparable as was the price.
Now they say that the silvarado is the winner without any info to back up their decision, when you look at the shootout this decison to give the 4th place truck truck of the year does not lend to the credability of cars.coms decision.

So much brand biased ignorance going on here it's almost laughable! Why is it so hard for people to give credit where it's due? Just because the Silverado doesn't look radically different people assume nothing changed. The new Silverado and Sierra are very nice well built trucks both inside and out. How many of you experts have even driven one? People like sandman4x4 earn my respect because he actually owns all brands and tells it like it is. He doesn't just copy and paste a marketing add.

@TRX-4 Tom - good to hear. Everything I read on the net said spring time.

Well my co owns 3 fords a Nissan and a Chevy. The fords are by far the best trucks. The Nissan has has rear end trouble. The heater is out right now. The steering wheel radio buttons don't work at all along with about 11 mpg as a norm. One radiator on 1 ford that a rock went threw and a alt. the Chevy trim panels inside have came apart . The dash has a large squeek that happens to go away as soon as you pull in to the dealer. Lol the speedometer quit many miles ago as did the power seat. Rust around the passenger door just tops it all off. The new Chevy added nothing new to the truck industry

An UNSAFE/DEFECTIVE RECALL leader CANNOT be truck of the Year!! ----Government Motors has embarassingly had to Recall 370,000 of these ugly, rehashed 2014 Chev/GMC "Twins" now because of FIRE Hazards!!! No wonder the World's Best Selling, Most Popular, Toughest, and simply BEST Truck, the American FORD F-SERIES outsold Government Motors ugly,recall Twins by 189,599 units in 2013. The awesome ,all-new ,revolutionary 2015 FORD F-150 will blow the lagging truck pretenders further into the truck Dark Ages and increase their 37 consecutive years of Sales Leadership further next year! Drive an American Winner-the World's Favorite FORD F-Series!

Congrats again Chevy for having the best pick up truck in the world 40 tears running. It's a shame there was little competition but at least with little education and limited knowledge of pick up trucks will grab about the Ram and F150. Ford is so worried it copied the exact design the new Tundra has, as if to confuse the Jethro Bodines that drive fords. They didn't have to do that, they stay confused. Will be funny to see the 2015 f150 stories about how the owner went to bed and woke up in the morning to find metal thieves strip the truck down to its scivies!

No -- I'm not into junk.

@AJ -
"best pick up truck in the world 40 tears running"

Is there an incinerator upwind of you that burns seized contraband?

where did you get that factoid from?

It isn't even the best truck in America let alone the world.

" little education and limited knowledge "

That sums up your post including grammar.

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