Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: December 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

December was a mixed sales bag for many pickup truck makers, but several finished the year with 13 to 18 percent gains over 2012, with Ram and Honda leading the pack, finishing over 20 percent year over year. The Ford F-Series came within a whisker of selling 75,000 pickups this month (if you don't add in F-650), with the Nissan Frontier crushing its numbers from last year, up 46 percent over the previous December.

The pickup truck segment finished with 2013 sales well more than 2 million units and will likely finish strong in 2014. Two all-new offerings are coming to market at the end of the year (the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon) as well as a new Ford F-150 and possible Nissan Titan. F-150, Titan and Ridgeline sales are likely to be a little shaky in 2014 due to production shifts and plant modifications. We'll have a more detailed look at the various pickup truck segments of 2013 as we dive deeper into the year-end sales numbers in the coming weeks.

To see the fastest and slowest selling vehicles for the month, click here.

Editor's note: This post was updated on Jan. 7 to correct an error in the sales chart.


December sales


Again , we see statistics being presented on sales data...that folks is not the true test of a truck...most buyers are clueless on trucks or they would not be buying lightweight, useless, 150's, 1500's, etc. They would be buying real trucks like Dodge Rams with Cummins engines. Fords and GM products are car trucks and all the Asian branded trucks are for whimps that never use them as trucks...example the Honda Ridgeline...the biggest joke truck on the line. Wake up and smell the Cummins diesel....then buy one and reap the rewards... I have my two.

Cummins on Now, don't want nor need anything bigger then a 1/2 ton. You can keep your two I'm glad you like them.

Ram is NOT American. They are foreign owned. And the drive train is made in Mexico. I did the research before buying my new f_150 in December.


The Pick-up! ! !

It's obvious that Nissan picked up sales from the vacancy of the Ranger. I look forward to the offerings of Chevy/GMC small/midsize trucks. The success or failure of these trucks will determine if Ford comes back with the Ranger. Love to see that truck with the 3.2L diesel.

With all the new engines, plans, designs etc. 2014 should definitely be an interesting year for watching pickup truck sales and performance tests.

Can't wait for the Titan with the Cummins!

You don't get a ford is beater only because the cheap price ,,,quality have a price,,,,

Ram is NOT American. They are foreign owned. And the drive train is made in Mexico. I did the research before buying my new f_150 in December.

Posted by: dan | Jan 4, 2014 12:56:41 PM

Who helped you with the big words like Egoburst and Fail150?

Wow consumer report give ford 150 ecoboost poor quality ,,,,

@Cummins on Now: What purpose would having a full-sized pickup with a huge diesel engine possibly serve me, a DIYer? I don't carry more than about 300-400 pounds at any one time in the bed and I haven't towed more than a 1500 pound trailer in over 20 years. What I do carry is large in volume--typically twenty five 8' x 30" by 2" tables along with maybe 75 folding chairs a couple times per year and on other occasions a couple dozen paving bricks or similar bulky items. I simply don't need what you describe. In fact, I could get by quite happily with a smaller truck like the Toyota Tacoma with a V6 under the hood and an extended cab (also don't carry a lot of people around--just me, wife and dog).

@cndramowner - once again you make a post that makes zero sense. If you are really a Canadian them why the fork should you care who owns Chrysler. American, Japanese, Italian, Germany.... They are all foreign to us. The only Canadian company is Skidoo/CanAm/Bombardier.

@All1 - I've been saying the same thing for years. Chrysler is no different than Toyota. A foreign owned company with a division in the US.

@Chevy guy - Ford has said publicly that they are financially stable and will play the discount game as a stopgap measure until their new products come out. Ford profits are predicted to drop in the short term because they plan to roll out 32(IIRC) new or significantly updated products globally in 2014.

@Don - Fiat yes, but not amalgamated Fiat/Chrysler. Marchionne isn't happy with socialist Italian government and unions. He may pull Fiat's global head office out of Italy. Americans would prefer that he set up in Auburn Hills but the USA/Americans aren't popular globally and that stigma may cause problems in many global markets. There is a rumour that he may move his global head office to the Netherlands. They have a favourable tax structure, they don't have any negative baggage, but still are part of the E.U.

Fiat are moving out of the Netherlands.
See here:

Newest rumor is the UK location will move them to the US.

Fiat on moving to the US and away from Europe: Europe is becoming less and less relevant. Must move to the US market for greater rewards.

"Fiat’s dependence on Europe has been reduced drastically since it took control of Chrysler in 2009. The region in 2012 represented 24 percent of the group’s 84 billion euros in revenue. When Marchionne was named CEO in 2004, Fiat relied on Europe for more than 90 percent of its 27 billion euros in sales.
Profit Generator

Chrysler has become the Fiat-Chrysler group’s profit generator as Fiat struggles to end losses in Europe, which totaled more than 700 million euros last year. Fiat’s market share in Europe fell to 6.4 percent in 2012 from 7.3 percent a year earlier.

“Europe is becoming a less and less relevant fact in the scheme of things,” Marchionne told analysts last month. “It’s a reflection of the ability of this house to shift its interest and to shift its resources to markets that are much more rewarding in terms of investment and return.”

I'll bet anyone here $100 the new headquarters will be in the United States of America.

As far as Canadian auto manufactures I know of two neither is mainstream nor selling common vehicles.

There is HTC
(they make the plethore' advertised as the exclusive canadian supercar)

And zenn
(they make electric cars that can't do the speed limit lol. Illegal on canadian roads except in BC and ontario provincial/municpal parks)

@Anthony_D85 - I've heard of the ZENN but never took a look at it. It looks like a Fiat Panda.
Never heard of the HHT Plethore. I googled it an it looks cool.

@DJ - time will tell as to where Fiat will set up shop. Marchionne may be pressuring Italy into relaxing export rules.

I doubt that a bunch of Europeans will want to set up shop in the USA.
Fiat is also Iveco (global light to heavy trucks), CNH Global N.V (agricultural and industrial equipment - formerly New Holland N.V. and Case Corporation), Fiat Powertrain Technologies (marine and industrial engines/drivetrains), and then you add light passenger vehicles (Fiat, Chrysler, Lancia, Ferrari' Alfa Romeo, and Maserati.)

Your link mentions England as a location for the merged companies consisting of Fiat's industrial divisions - namely CNH Global N.V and Fiat Industrial SpA.

If Fiat sets up shop in the USA it most likely will be its automobile decision not its entire family.

Case is owned by fiat now, thats unexpected news to me

Fiat will not have it's head office in the US. The US a relatively high rate of corporate tax compared to many countries.

The Irish and Dutch are more corporate tax friendly.

It will not be easy to relocate a large organisation like Fiat. It would be a gradual process. If you want to have a 'stab in the dark' at where Fiat might move too try and find out where Fiat is 'expanding' support, logistics, etc administrative activities.

What ever country Fiat goes to will need a 'cheap' and educated workforce, reliable communication/power and importantly stable government.

Ram is not a company. Apple is a company headquarted in the US.

Ram is a division of Chrysler which around January 20th will be 100% Italian owned.

Sure will be. I expect the combined operation(My feelings a Dutch , Brusselles Bel, or Turin location) will start having more input by IVECO and CNH into the Commercial aspect of NA.
Sergio wants to expand in Russia and Eastern Europe more.

I actually agree with you. Many items, even the what people consider high tech can be manufactured in China. It doesn't mean it's a lesser product.

Fiat will try to maintain the perception that the Chrysler brand as Stars and Strips and apple pie, even though it will be European. McDonalds here in Australia use a theme of how Australian McDonalds is. It's not false advertising, but trying to hide the reality of McDonalds and distance itself from it's parent company in the US.

I do know that Chrysler in Australia is viewed as a more budget vehicle, similar to Kia and Hyundai. This will make it harder for Chrysler to be taken more seriously so it can value add.

This is where the Germans and the Japanese have been successful. They were able to value add. Apple has value added quite successfully.

While the US is trying to supply the cheapest vehicles it will encounter this image globally. It will always be competing against cheap manufacturers.

Chrysler has the worst image of the Big 3 (now Big 2) globally. It has exported cheap cars globally in the past and is in the process of trying to rebuild itself.

Overall all vehicle actually manufactured in NA have an image problem outside of NA. But this will take a little longer to fade away. It's amazing how the Japanese and Koreans have turned round their image as cheap and nasty vehicle producers.

It will get there, but it will take time.

The recent poor rollouts of new Chrysler vehicles is a product of rationalisation. Fiat's complete buyout of Chrysler will again create more rationalisation at Chrysler.

Many jobs that are duplicated will go. Fiat will use Europe to supply more components.

I can see Sergio managing the UAW like Boeing has just managed the machinists'. Sergio's approach will be "this is the way I want things done". Simple. If the UAW baulk, he will offshore.

what happened to moderating the idiots on this site? ^^^^^^

Cannot wait until the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, especially 2016 Diesel! I currently have 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V-8. It is a wonderful midsize truck except its typically high MPG. I had 1998 and 1992 4x4 Ford Ranger. They were wonderful too. Go Domestic Brands Trucks.

"Moderating the idiots on this site" would require, at least, for someone to read the comments. Since it's been three days and the entry for the Tundra is still backwards, in spite of at least three people pointing it out, I can only conclude that comments aren't being read.

Cracks me up that GM’s new trucks lost ground against Ford and Ram. People don’t like dated and dull design.

@hemilol - what happened to moderating the idiots on this site?

That would mean someone at PUTC or would have to read the blog.

Maybe all they care about is the 'hit count".

@ lou bc

i tend to think your right. also as pointed out above i personally along with several other people that the tundra numbers are wrong but no change.......... Its sad what this site has turned into and how discouraging it is to get on here hoping that there will actually be a change and maybe an end to the biased views since this is "supposed" to be a third party site...... disappointing at best.

It's nothing about being biased against Toyota. ML used to fix the graphs when errors were reported. But they simply haven't fix the graphs for the past two years. Others have reported graph errors with Ford and Ram and they were never fixed either.

The graphs are created by others. Mark Williams can't do a thing about it. Frankly, it is a minor error and nobody but fanbois care about it anyway.

GM screwed up with calling these "new" trucks. The new engine is good and the interior is okay, but the rest is a 7 year old truck pretending to be new. The last time GM continued a similar truck design was the '73-'87 models. Is this "new" truck going to continue the trend from '07-'21? Looks like it to me. I like and drive Chevys, but upcoming aluminum Ford trucks will set the stage for incredible market gains. Ram somehow has leap frogged GM in the technology department and will further gain on, then surpass GM truck sales within 5 years or less. We GM fans are left with a quieter interior and bumper

Steve they are new trucks only a baggie full of bolts are interchangeable. GM pretty much always had similar bodys since 1973-87 new grill in 1980 and dash 1988-1997 since was new grill dash steering wheel same body 1999-2007 2003 same body style new grills different steering wheel and a/c heater switch changed. 2014 the body has changed a lot compare to years pass, their different body lines where 73-87 same everything body line wise 88-97 same everything body line wise you get the point.

@Big Al from Oz - Chrysler has had several delayed launches. I suspect that as you have pointed out, Fiat is calling the shots and is trying to improve the quality and image of the Chrysler division. Old Chrysler would of released the products and customers would of had to live with the consequences.
The sociocentric types that frequent this site do not understand what happens beyond CONUS. The assumption that what sells here will sell everywhere and what is available here is what the rest of the world desires is way off base.
What is happening is the very opposite. Global products are taking over the USA market. The last two bastions of USA dominance are full sized pickups and muscle cars. Both of those products have never caught on globally. The new Mustang has taken a leap towards being accepted globally with IRS, and a small turbocharged engine option. Even the looks are more Euro.

Shame on the Tundrao people who make ridiculous claim the site was biased because of a typo in the sales chart. These are the same people who come from real biased sites and have made similar lies in the past. The typo was fixed.

Actually this site is bias. 9/10 of the topics relating to the tundra is negative. This site U.S based will will continue to support and praise Domestics. The opinion and articles published here is only as good or as bias as the writer... in this case... Mark William. Mike Levine was more neutral in all his articles and tests he's done. But once he was swept up by ford, he has to support what he works for. So now it's expected of Mike Levine. But Mark?

@dan: last I checked, the transmission is a major drivetrain component, which is now being built in Indiana. Some hemis are states built. I don't think you did your homework too well. Some Pentastar engines are built in the states as well.

Rams are still being designed and built in Michigan as well as built only in Mexico. By truck people. Not people that were into cars, and said, "hey, lets try to build trucks!" Toyota and Nissan. Lagging behind, where they belong, when it comes to pickups.

They will not be designed in Italy. Or yet, Aussie. Yuck, then we would have over rated midsizers that can't cut the mustard.

The Negative Comments regarding the Tundra are true, looks like the little girls can't handle the truth. Drive what you like and deal with it's issues.

Well. The window sticker said engine and tranny made in Mexico. And the profits go overseas. That's pretty foreign in my book

I went and bought a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander and the dealer threw in a 2000 Ford F150 for free cause they had to give it away, they couldn't sell it.

Why do you think the big 3 have to offer all the rebates. Here let me see: 13' F-150's $8,000 off MSRP, Ram's 3500 Dually $11,000 off Chevy's 14's $4000 off....13' Tundra's Sorry all sold out...14" Tundra's...$500 rebates....The Toyota's sell themselves....The Chevy lot....50 or 60 on the lot...The same ones will be there for 6 months. Toyota lot...Tundra's come in and are gone in few days.

Now to be fair F series includes all trucks including up to the cab chassis f-750, not much of a "pick up" but it is an F series truck. Don't think that the F-150 is the best selling truck otherwise you have been misguided a bit by some marketing department. Check out this link and then make perhaps more informed comments. I am just not the type to always take everything I am told at face value.

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