Does TV Commercial Show New Face of Ram?

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During a recent TV commercial highlighting the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel's win of the coveted 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award, there were scenes depicting a new front grille with the Ram badge on, what looked like, a future Ram pickup truck.

According to Automotive News, a Ram spokesman denied that the image is the new face of Ram trucks, nor is it an early look at a new (smaller?) pickup from Ram trucks. Instead, the spokesman said the image was meant to communicate Ram's advanced design and engineering processes. Regardless, the shot is interesting and could give us an idea of what ideas the design and product teams at Ram are thinking. Clearly the shape has some Durango echoes, and a modified SUV platform could make for a relatively solid hybrid (a cross between the Durango and new pickup) truck foundation. No doubt Honda would agree.



Last year I received a promotional booklet from Ram and it had about a half a dozen sketches of various trucks that had the cross hairs eliminated. Some of the concept drawings were pretty good looking. This one is similar to one of the sketches. I don't think this is anything in the pipeline

Ahhhh, the age old run around of "it shows our advanced design and engineering processes. Basically, your looking at either a new pickup, or your looking at the new face of ram. They're just trying to cover up the leak.

Seriously...? They leaked in a commercial? C'mon everyone.

I don't think it leaks anything. but I think it shows whats in the heads of Ram design and concept. Back when they spent a lot of money in concept cars, you would later see much of the design flavor carry over into actual models. How well it carried over is a different story.

I own a Ram, but whatever that is it's ugly IMO.

No it doesn't show the face of the new Ram.

fiat should start putting a silhouette, of the shape, of the italian country next to the ram badge.

Thats ugly, but they probably should distinguish themselves from Dodge since they are their own brand now and still use a Dodge Grill.

The original article picture is much better, than PT one.

I heard on Allpar that's the new Cheese Grater Grille that will be part of the 2015 Parmasen Edition that will be unveiled when the Italians takes full controll of Ram on or about January 20th.

@mr chow

they should, and the gms twins and ford should also put the mexico country stamp on their frames

Leaks like this are rarely unintentional. It may be a way of feeling out new design styles without having to spend the time on focus groups. I like it.

If this is the future grill for the next Iveco Ram then it will obviously be powered by a 800cc Fiat twin cylinder MultiAir.

Over 50% of the grill is blocked out. proves that the 'Big Rig' front end on pickups has something to do with appendage deficiencies.

If this is the future grill for the next Iveco Ram then it will obviously be powered by a 800cc Fiat twin cylinder MultiAir.

Over 50% of the grill is blocked out. proves that the 'Big Rig' front end on pickups has something to do with appendage deficiencies.

Its a new high end Chrysler model of the Ram

The idea is to go extreme so everybody talks about it and the more people that notice it. The Jeep Cherokee is selling like crazy cause when it came out everybody was talking about how ugly it is. Now everybody wants one! Everybody wants a vehicle that looks different than what everybody else has so they get noticed! It doesn't matter if it is ugly or not, everybody wants something that looks different! Dodge is brilliant!

I sure hope it means nothing. That grille on the front of a truck would be disgusting IMO.

@CDN Rammer
First off. Here's a commercial from India. A guy gets a $hitter car and tries to turn it into a Renault.

This is what you should do with your Fiat Ram to turn it into a nicer looking pickup. I would use the Tundra as the outcome you want to achieve.

This would vastly improve the looks of your truck and probably increase it's value considerably :)

Back to a response to one of your 'normal' style of intelligent blogs.

I don't care what country a vehicle is made in if it has an animated look I would change it with a bull bar and large driving lights.

That's what I did to mine as it had a tiny weener big boy grille. The bull bar and lights also aid me at night and hitting roos.

If you want to drive a vehicle because you think your truckin' blowing coal or burnin' rubbers with other men, then go ahead.

That is an opinion, my opinion, not a fact.

I actually like the Ram diesel and not because of it's looks, which is similar in some respect to another product from Ssyangyong. But Ram actually has a diesel on offer.

I know this isn't official, but for the Ram pickup to be streamlined with that grill, it's gonna look like a Toyota Tundra.

At least it's original and not the Ford-copied hexagonal grille. I think it looks good.

It looks modern and mean. I like it.

It was always my impression the Dodge Ram had that high grill and hood look that simulates the look of a 18 wheeler semi truck.

Why is it that so many of you forget that pickup trucks didn't used to carry such big grills? That Big-Rig look was great for a while, but it got very old very fast. By square footage, my old 1990 F-150 has almost 1/3rd less grill than the new models and certainly isn't having any complaints about it. Meanwhile, many trucks and busses (conventional front engine models) actually have to block almost 3/4s of their grill area during winter just to get the engine to warm up.

RAM has obviously done their homework with their newer trucks getting automatic grill shutters. It's pointing out the fact that they simply don't NEED that much grill and that so much opening acts more as a parachute at road speed than offering any real benefit. In fact, my 1996 Camaro ran great in all but the hottest temperatures with almost no grill opening at all and got over 32mpg at freeway speeds. High temperatures (90° and up) made it a little sluggish, granted, but as long as you were running at least 45mph the engine temperature stayed where it belonged. This proves that huge grills simply aren't needed except in the most extreme circumstances where a truck is expected to run at full load at least 50% of the time. A light-duty pickup simply doesn't have the need for such a large grill and could see a 20%-40% improvement in economy with a relatively minor cosmetic change.

I think their current grill looks better, but this doesn't look too bad either.

I hate chrome on a pickup! My reason is you always have to keep it clean all the time, chrome looks bad when its dirty or doesn't shine all the time where at the same time a truck w/o chrome looks the same dirty or clean. That's why I picked the off-road truck, no chrome!
I don't know? Chrome just doesn't belong on a pickup! A pickup is a workhorse where chrome doesn't make it better. Especially the "plastic chrome" that looks cheap to me!

You Dodge Ram Owners, I can see personally how you guys love your Ram's better than the Ford or Chevy owners love their trucks. I live in a small town where everybody owns a pickup and everybody tries to out-do everybody else on how much better their truck looks. You wouldn't dare own a base model 2 wd 6 cyl truck or everybody would make fun of you. I am constantly harassed by Ram Owners over my F-150, it doesn't bother me but what's interesting to me is its ONLY the Ram Owners that harass everybody else, never do the Ford or Chevy Owners harass the Ram Owners!

@Tom - it must be a chip on their shoulders from always being in 3rd place or having a 426 hemi to brag about that hasn't been built by Chrysler for over 30 years.

Seriously? So Dave gets to make comments about the Italians and that's OK but if I post a rebuttal the comment gets deleted? OK, well if that's how it's going to be around here then I guess I'll find another enthusiast site to go visit.

@Vulpine: So have you realistically measured and compared grill sizes? Pretty sure your old Ford has about as big of an area for radiator cooling as the Ram. Looked at the GMs from the 73 on? Bricks. The "big rig" look it's much more aero, it was in 94, and it still is.

Sure like to see how you came up with your F-150 from 1990 having 1/3 less grill then modern ones. What's the most power/torque those early 90s Fords had anyway? Maybe 310 ft pound trq?I know my friends F-250 1991 club cab 4x4 351 auto lost a transmission towing a racecar (my racecar now) I wonder if a cooler transmission would have helped it?

Oh, as for running 45 mph, if you ever tow 7,000 pounds or so in the city on a 90 degree or higher day, you might barely see 45 mph, but that's just one example. Now getting air for the radiator, but not just the radiator, is more important.

Your 3.8 or 3.4 Camaro doesn't need much air. It hauls hardly anything, and it's biggest engine was a 5.7, that didn't haul or tow much.

Transmission and engine oil gets more cooling these days.

I would like to see a video showing the Ram grille shutters at work on a 115 degree day, in the city, hauling something heavy (they can't just build them for you to run at just 95 because there are so much hotter areas.) 95 is a cool day in the Mideast! Try 125-130!

Your "full load atleast 50% of the time" doesn't get it. How about having enough air flow for the "WHENEVER YOU NEED IT" because you can't be sure if Lou in BC's truck might get sold and end up down near San Diego in the hills where Edmunds overheated the new Ford 3.7 they were testing to see if it could handle it's rated max tow weight.

@TRX-4 Tom - cooling is important but one does have to question the need for such a big grill opening.

I don't need to go to San Diego to get +45 C (113F). I just need to go to the southern Interior of BC. My wife's friend was a manager for the railway and sometimes it would get hot enough to warp the rails.

BTW, I don't believe anyone's max tow rating.

Big grill openings? I have a 87 Dodge and 89 Chevy here, have you even looked at how big they are? BIG! Now factor in both have alot less power, weigh less, and have less cooled systems then what is cooled in the 80s.

Trucks run warmer nowadays for emmisions reasons. I believe my 2010 Ram ran about 194 water temp, not some 165 or 180. That puts them closer to that 230-250 degree.

If the folks producing trucks can get enough airflow through the grill, I am fine with them downsizing. Only they have the means and equipment to know the airflow they can get through a smaller grille. Is it worth though if you run hot? Ask the people that tested that Ford v-6, in spring, mind you, not summer.

You might see 113, but its no comparison to San Diago or death valley, or Texas south, and of course Mexico.

Don't forget these trucks can end up in Kuwait and such places, where 113 is no biggie. More like 120-130.

As far as tow ratings, I am sure a 5.3 Chevy can tow 11,000 flat Illinois, at 60 mph, on a cool day. Start adding hills, a trailer with a much bulkier aerodynamics, 100 plus degrees, and some miles...good luck!

Sometimes it's better to have more then to have not enough, and find out, like Edmunds did with that Ford. Ironically, Ford had a board at dealerships showing sizes of parts, and the transmission lines were one thing they said was bigger then the competition. Apparently, whatever they have isn't cool enogh! Or because their six speed with more power in front of it, can't find the right gear.

TRX 4 Tom "Someday the people that own a Ford are going to want an automobile"-John Dodge

Funny you add that to your name since one of the auto magazines said that the coil spring Ram 1500 is what BOF cars would be if they kept on making them..........

Ram 1500 - the replacement for the Crown Vic.


Traditionally with my older cars, if I had to replace the thermostat, I always chose one at 196°F. Part of this was to force a quicker warm-up in the winter (even Tennessee winters can get cold) and part of it was to get better performance and reliability again due to arriving at operating temperature more quickly. However, there is such a thing as too much. I'd never go higher than that either.

However, the shape and blockage of this grill emphasizes that the truck really doesn't need as much grill opening as they've been given over the last decade. Even Ford, for all that huge grill size, blocks almost half of it with those broad bars, making for relatively little real air flow as compared to most of the wide-open aftermarket mods. It is possible that my 1990's grill, for being much shorter and no wider still lets more air flow that the modern Ford. That only proves that a huge square Big Rig Wannabe opening is purely for looks as it serves no real-world purpose and actually inhibits fuel economy. It's one reason why I don't like Ford's trucks.

The new Ram truck commercials that link up with the farcical Heroes of the Hunger Game movies (who are not real) is deplorable. Maybe the trucks claims are not believable or truthful.
If the company's claims are to be thought as truthful and real they would be being linked to the real Heroes in the U.S. Armed Services, police forces and firemen.

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