Ford: Repair Shops Certification Recommended to Fix 2015 F-150


By Kelsey Mays,

In case you haven't heard, Ford's redesigned 2015 F-150 will have aluminum body panels — part of what helps save the light-duty pickup truck up to 700 pounds (crew cab versus crew cab) compared to its steel-bodied predecessor. The results should be a boon for fuel economy, but we noted Jan. 21 that concerns persist for insurance and repair costs.

2015 Ford F-150: Everything You Need to Know

Now Ford is recommending that repair shops get the proper certification to fix its upcoming aluminum-bodied truck. The Detroit News reports the Dearborn, Mich., automaker suggested to its dealers at the just-concluded 2014 National Automobile Dealers Association conference that, in order to best serve their customers, their repair shops should get certification to fix the half-ton pickup truck. According to the article, certification could cost between $30,000 to $50,000 for tooling upgrades, but Ford will chip in $10,000. We should note that Ford does not require the certification, nor does it withhold any parts, training or repair information if a dealership or repair facility chooses not to participate in the program. 

What does that mean to potential shoppers for the new F-150? The F-Series is far and away Ford's best-selling model, and Ford expects most dealers to be certified in order to promote the fact to their customers. Ford told the newspaper that up to 80 percent of repair work on its current lineup is done at independent shops, not Ford dealers. The certification process could move more of that business back to the automaker's dealers for the F-150 — but that will depend on how many of them decide to certify and how truck buyers respond to the new pickup. 

The 2015 Ford F-150 goes on sale late this year.

(Editor's Note: This story has been modified on 1/29/13 to more accurately reflect the issues surrounding the Ford certification program regarding aluminum body repairs.)


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I am not asking you to buy a RAM truck. I wish you don't buy any RAM at all. I don't care what you drive.I only care what I drive. I am happy it's not a Ford but RAM. I wish I am the only one to drive a RAM.
BTW: That fuel consumption of yours is embarrassing. I have similar number only when I start it remotely for 10 minutes to heat it up in very cold weather. I have 19.7L/100kms when I pull my travel trailer.
I guess V8 with MDS is better then mini V6 double turbo. My Durango and RAM with HEMI and 545 RFE went 180 on 3rd gear and then was limited electronically.

@zviera, Big Al - part of the poor mpg is based on the fact that I have been heavy on the gas pedal. We've had a cold snap roll in and its been around -20C which makes mpg worse. That also includes intermittent use of 4x4.
If I drove it "normally" I'd get better mpg. Winter mpg is always worse than summer.

@Zviera - what kind of tires are you running on your truck?
My F150 is running General Grabbers and the rental has 10 ply winter tires with a tread pattern even more aggressive than my own truck.
I have a hard time believing anything you say. Try being straight forward without the BS for a change and I might believe you. Guys I know get similar mpg with Ram's or Chevy's under similar conditions.

@zviera - the reason why I don't believe you is because last summer a guy with a Ram 1500 4x4 said he gets 16 mpg (Imperial) in the summer. That is 17.6 litres/100km.

@Big Al from Oz - the truck I have is a 6 month old rental with 30,000 km on it and I'm sure they haven't been easy "miles" either.

You better rent some RAM 1500 and test it for yourselves. 15.6 L/100km is my winter mileage. Last summer I was in Vernon for holidays. From Calgary all the way there and back under 20L/100km pulling my aluminum 20' travel trailer and Versys 1000 at my bed. I use full synthetic motor oil 5-20W . That's what specs says. It's important, because if your friend is cheep and uses different oil, like 10-30W, MDS might not kick in all the time or doesn't work properly at all.
I turned off Tow mode downhill to let the MDS kick in and not to dowshift. MDS is disabled when in Tow mode otherwise. I turn it on at very steep downhill to downshift and use my engine as a brake.
You need to know how to use all the gismos properly to get most of your truck. If somebody is stupid , he will get very poor mileage even with the Prius.
I have mostly 11 L/100kms with the 400lb of tools at my bed on the HWY from Calgary to Edmonton and back. I would need to be racing to do 17.6L/100km. I don't trust you either.
I have a RAM experience, you don't.

RAM experience? WTF is that?

Ramming something, from behind or a behind?

I have Sony and Samsung experience is that better than a ramming experience?

I had original tires Goodyear Wrangler HP in 275/60/20 last summer.
I use little more aggressive and cheaper ones now.

Nobody is talking to you bigall.


You get 15.6 L/100km(15.07 mpg) in something that is only rated to tow 8,500lbs, that's embarrassing. My work truck Ecoboost 3.15 gear that is rated to tow 8,500lbs as well get 19.5-20 mpg combined at the end of each tank. Hell, even our 3.31 Ecoboost work truck that my manager drives and is capable of over 9.000lbs towing gets about 18-19 mpg combined at the end of each tank. You see the problem with you comparing the truck that Lou is driving(and my truck) to yours is that his is more capable, has more pulling power , and it has better performance with the gear ratio that is in it. Why are you comparing fuel mileage of a a truck that is more capable than yours? Why don't you compare it to an Ecoboost rear gear configuration that is equal to the lesser capabilities of your truck like a 3.15 or 3.31? Are you trying to stack the deck in your favor so you can say you win the fuel mileage battle while conveniently not mentioning that he's got you beat on everything else? C'mon man, if you have the bally wallys to compare fuel mileage then why don't you compare all other specs? Why, because you know they are not equal in capabilities and performance and that an equally capable Ecoboost configuration will get better fuel mileage.

My mileage is 11L/100kms= 21.383 mpg
I have 15.07 mpg only in winter time. Read my post again. At -20°C
heated engine by remote start for 10 minutes. Not really apple to apple by your example . You don't say in winter time at all. Everybody knows egoboost has no great mileage. Lou said that himself. That's terrible mileage. My truck will outpull yours anytime. And will last longer as well. Won't choke in rain, won't overheat in hot summer
BTW:It's 4x4.


Now I really know you are trying to piss on our legs and tell us it's raining. I have 2 friends that have a Ram 5 speeds and they don't even get 18 mpg combined. Hell even my own sister with a 2012 Ram Hemi 6 speed with a 3.21 rear gear doesn't get anywhere near 21 mpg combined, and she drives like a grandma. She gets 15-16 mpg combined at the end of each tank with hand calculations. At first I thought you were not one of these lying fan boys, but now I know. Thank you for clearing that up for me so I know now to just overlook your posts because the reap of BS instead of any logic or factual information like most of these other fan boys. Adios my friend.

Adios.Many safe miles. Stay thirsty my friend egoboost.

Sorry.ecoboost. That stupid smartphone auto corrects automatically.

@zviera - I have been playing around with the Ecoboost and NOT driving it how I normally would. Most do not do 3/4 to full throttle runs up steep hills or open stretches of road. I have been searching out crappy roads to play with the e-locker and how it feels with traction control on/off.

My F150 with 5.4 depending on how deep the snow is or how cold will run 14-18 mpg (Imperial) 20.2-15.7 litres/100km in town driving with max speeds around 60 kph.
Highway I have averaged 24.5 mpg (Imperial) 11.5 litres/100 km going to Vancouver.
My truck almost always has my tool box in it with my back country and emergency gear which I'm guessing weighs more than 500 lb. My trips to Vancouver included myself and my family.

You can make it sound like your Ram is the best thing ever but it doesn't work. I've been around enough trucks to know that most do not get much different than each other in mpg.

If you want to be seen as credible post credible information. All of the vague sh!t you post makes it look like you are BS'ing us.

I've been honest and have not tried to be vague about my experiences with the Ecoboost and my truck.

Why don't you try it?

You said in another post that you enjoyed trolling - you can't have it both ways. You want to be taken as a credible source then you can't come across the way you do.

Aluminum trailer?

@All1 - Zorro is Canadian so his 21 mpg is 17.5 mpg US gallons.
An "Imperial" gallon (Great Britain/Canada/Australia) is 20% larger.

I forgot to add that all of my prior mpg estimates were done with the stock Goodyear Wrangler SR/A's.

I'm getting worse mpg with aggressive 10 ply tires of which the rental also has .

@zviera - are your "more aggressive" tires P-metric or LT?

That makes a huge difference.

BTW - your 5.7 isn't going to be able to out perform the EB 3.5.
The 5.7 hasn't beat it in any shootouts that I know of.

My brother has had several 5.7 powered Ram trucks. The EB pulls harder.

11L/100km = 21.383 mpg US.
I am happy you like your ecoboost. Please , buy what's make you happy. I am more than happy with my Hemi and 545 RFE. I have not any of the problems ecoboost with 6 speed trany has.I will stay with RAM and 6.4 HEMI and 8 speed ZF in the future probably .It will have even better mileage than 5.7 HEMI , because it will run on4 cylinders most of the time.
Bottom line is: Ecoboost doesn't have a 6 cylinder mileage and 8 cylinder power. It's like saying my HEMI MDS has 4 cylinder mileage with 8 cylinder power.
If you read any shot out correctly, you would know, that few more meters and HEMI with 5 speed RFE will pull off from ecoboost. That's the real life testing. In 0-70 mph RAM wins all the time.
And I agree. The EB pulls harder and HEMI easier.
Have a great day.

I average about 13 to 16 MPG with my Ram 1500 with Hemi 5.7. I couldn't get 20 mpg under any circumstances and I ALWAYS drive it softly. The best I have ever gotten was 19 mpg with a 20 mile per hour tailwind all highway with no load. I have no doubt the ecoboost would get better mileage for me. And by the way, the truck consumes oil at an alarming rate and has a LOUD hemi tick. Not even 120,000 miles and I'm sure the engine has about had it. Already had to replace the radiator, which is something I've never had to do. Just randomly got a crack down the side. I took a chance with the ram and loved it at first. If you go back to 2010 articles you could probably see me praising it in the comments. I was wrong. The new f-150 can't get here soon enough.

I trust you Beebe. I have a different experience.
I must have an engine made on Wednesday and you at Friday late afternoon.
Did you try to turn your engine off when at your destination? Maybe you are just stuck in the traffic all the time. What's your average speed ? Do you travel 2.5 hours across the city? There is many variables you are not telling me. So yes , it's possible, but in your scenario EB will not have better mileage than HEMI.

Yeah, I would say he is full of it. If he is getting 21 mpg combined hwy/cty then he is the only one.

Ram V8 Average fuel mileage

F150 V6 average fuel mileage

Aloha @all1
You are back.

No, I am not getting 21mpg combined.Read my post again. It's on Hwy from Calgary to Edmonton and back. We have a Hwy .Believe it or not. Our speed limit is 110km/h = 68.35mph. Maybe this is the part of the reason I have a better mileage than you. I didn't even check those links, because everyone drives differently .

I can only imagine the kind of sloppy repair work the hack shops are going to be performing on these aluminum bodied trucks. I understand the reason for going to aluminum, but I think it would have been a better choice to revisit the SMC sheet molded compound composite blends that were once the high tech rage. The Fiero and older model Saturn's had that and they were corrosion and dent resistant. I would buy a truck like that in a heart beat. Never have to worry about dents. Making the bed out of aluminum is taking a huge gamble though. Ford should've at least designed a composite inner box for greater durability. I think the current Tacoma has that and I haven't heard of too many complaints with that system..


You don't get better fuel mileage than an equally capabable Ecoboost truck My 3.73 axle Ecoboost with 33" Duratracs and a 2" leveling kit if that is your highway mileage at 68mph. In Texas, the speed is 75 mph on the highway and most (especially me) do about 2-3 mph over that and I get about 18-19 mpg highway at that speed. If I do 70 then my mpg does to about 19-20mpg and if I do below 70 mph then 21mpg is easy to hit on cruise control. This is not bad fuel mileage for a truck that is capable of pulling 11,300lbs (which is A LOT more than your truck is capable of per Ram) seeing that all others trucks in that class are getting a lot worse fuel mileage. The only other two trucks that compare to an Ecoboost with a 3.73 axles on it's capabilities is a GM 6.2L with a 3.73 and a Ford 6.2L with a 3.73.

My work truck Ecoboost with a 3.15 axle is a different story. It will easy get 21-22 mph doing about 78 mph on the highway and will easily get to 23 mpg at 70 mph. My boss's Ecoboost 3.31 4x4 gets about 1mpg less at both of those speeds. My boss's 3.31 Ecoboost is also quicker than my personal truck by a small margin mainly due to the fact that most gas turbos are better with taller gear ratios to take advantage of the broad torque curve which is why a 3.55 Ecoboost is quicker (in general) than a 3.73 Ecoboost. If you have a 3.55 rear axle then your truck compares to a 3.15 rear axle Ecoboost since both have the same 8,500lbs capabilities. If you have a 3.92 rear axle then your truck compares to a 3.31 or 3.55 rear axle Ecoboost since they have the same 9,000-10,000lb capabilities. As I said before, you don't get better fuel mileage than an Ecoboost that is just as equally capable as yours. You trying to compare your less capable trucks fuel mileage to a more capable trucks fuel mileage and saying yours wins sounds just as silly as saying a base motor Camaro wins over a Challenger SRT8 because it gets better fuel mileage. Well yeah the base motor Camaro gets better fuel mileage, but it does not have the performance capabilities as the SRT8 though. Why would someone even compare the two? Yeah, it sounds that stupid when you do it.

@zviera - stop being so vague in your comments. Now you are saying your mpg is between Calgary and Edmonton. Not too many hills on that trip.

Funny how you are saying someone's mpg may vary due to many variables.
Why are you so vague when you talk about your truck?

I got nothing to hide, if I did I wouldn't of posted my actual mpg.

I described the type of driving I was doing with the rental I was driving. I was looking for places to use the e-locker and was having fun with the power. Add to that cold weather and driving through snow.

My F150 5.4 SuperCrew 6.5 box 3.55 gears, stock SR-A's with gear in the back and family on board has twice averaged 24.5 mpg (Imperial) 11.5 litres per 100km or 20.5 mpg (USA) from my residence in Northern BC through the Fraser Canyon to Vancouver following the 100kph speed limit. My travel distance is around 3 times longer than your flat trip between Calgary and Edmonton.

If I drive like everyone else I get basically what the USA EPA testing indicates which is 14/18 or 16.8litres/100km city and 13.1 litres/100km highway. I can get much worse running through deep snow or mud or lead-footing it.

I would have to say that Beebe's mpg average is typical of most people. My brother-in-law has a 5.4 F150 Platinum and he is a lead-foot. Him and his wife thought I had an EB 3.5 when I told them my mpg.

Driving style makes a huge difference on mpg. So does location and weather.

I'm all for having an open conversation about trucks. Fanboy BS just gets in the way. Act like a troll and get called out like one. It is for most people a simple concept to understand.

So finally you all agree , that my mileage is realistic.

@ Lou
I don't know LOU. You are either slow or doesn't pay attention what anybody says in here .
I was saying that my mileage is 11L/100kms between Calgary and Edmonton and back yesterday in my post Feb 1, 2014 7:32:57 PM
Does it sound like now for you ? I have nothing else to say. You are 7 comments behind. I will give you one more day to catch up and I will come back then.

I know what's the limit speed in US. You just didn't know, what's the limit speed in Canada.
That's why your confusion about my mileage.
Ecoboost capable here, ecoboost capable there, tell me what you load and what you pull and what your mileage is. Stop talking about your brothers , sisters and bosses.
I don't have any boss. I feel lost.


Custom 24' trailer - 3,200 lbs
2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited on 35's and other mods - 4,700lbs
2011 RZR 900 also modded - 1,600 lbs
3 people with luggage in the truck and bed - maybe 500 or 600 lbs

From San Anontio, Tx (650ft ASL) to Durango, Co (6,500ft ASL) then to Moab, Ut (4,500ft ASL) then back. Highest elevation was 8,500ft ASL when we stopped in Mesa Verde. Trip average was 9.3 mpg by my hand calculations traveling between 60-65 mph depending on the speed limit. I have towed that very same load out many of times before, but mostly short trips around Texas. Best I have gotten was a little over 10 mpg.

I can't help myself. Sorry.

On my drive to Darwin I'm getting between 1.7 and 2.4 litres per hundred out of my diesel. That's well over 100mpg.

It's a downhill stretch.

I don't see how a V8 pickup with several hundred pounds of equipment is getting your claimed FE. Even our V8 ute guys at 125kph will use at least 11 litres per 100km.

I think you will be getting more like 13 litres per 100km out of a 5.7.

Even a Grand Cherokee 5.7 is struggling to get what you claim to get, if it can achieve that kind of FE at all on a highway.

Yes we do have V8's here and full size pickups as well.

That's great mileage.
Did you miss that part when I was saying on the way there and back?
There is a huge difference between your friend 125km/h
and my 110km/h. It's close to 20% fuel consumption difference with my truck. Not to mention your friend doesn't have V8 with MDS.

So friend of your friend can make 11L/100km , with V8, without MDS at 125 km/h and I can't make it with V8, MDS at 110 km/h ?
Tell me why.
BTW: I know why you promoting small UTE with diesel in here all the time. RAM 1500 Laramie starts for 93 999 A$ in there. Ouch. Not so many people can afford to pay 100 000 A$ for full size truck. You would drive it for 40 000 easily and we wouldn't listen your ranting about our full size trucks in here.

@ zviera - no one is believeing you, even a fellow Ram owner isn't buying what you are selling. Work on that atitude and maybe someone might believe you. Kinda like your 40+++ stop starts per day.


Well numbers show otherwise. More people is believing. Even in BC. RAM is the most selling truck outhere. People from BC believe in RAM more then your loaned ford.
What a paradox it is. Isn't it?
Nowhere else, just right there, where you are from, in BC. LOL.

@zviera - I was talking to a "believer" today. He didn't have much good to say about the Ram truck he currently owns.

And "believers" are the ones that drink tainted coolaid.

I'll consider Ram when Jd Power, Vincentric and every other 3rd party source says they are worth buying.

Boo hooo.

What next?

Get all butt hurt and go off crying that you'll never post on this site again.

@ Lou
Like I said before, I don't want you to buy RAM.
I always enjoy passing somebody on slippery road in different brand truck. You'll be one of them, which makes me even happier now. I couldn't enjoy it, if you drive a RAM. Have a great day.

@zviera - only a moron would pass someone on a slippery road.

Thanks for the clarification.

It's not slippery for RAM. I guess, you have nothing useful to say, so I am out for today.
See you on the road, or in the ditch.

@zviera - "It's not slippery for RAM"

keep trolling.

It harms your credibility and that of the brand you favour.

Only one trolling here is you, calling me different names. From zorro to moron. I didn't call you like that. Check your posts, because you have a short memory loss.

@zviera - my bad, zviera...zorro its all greek to me.

As far as calling someone a moron?

I said "only a moron would pass someone on a slippery road. "

If you drive that way then that is a case of you feeling guilty or defensive about your driving style.

Someone who drives responsibly would not feel thereatened or upset by that comment.

So everybody who passes somebody driving slow on slippery road is a moron? You have never passed 80 years old grandma driving slowly on slippery road? I don't trust you. You are either lair or moron. Thanks for the clarification. I guess you don't feel threatened or upset by this comment.

@zviera - 80 year olds require physicals and retesting every 2 years in BC and what's with the age discriminatory offensive remarks?

I don't really care if you trust me or not. if you were a colleague or client I'd look closely at that remark but you are neither.

Actually - you sound like several of the individuals I have to deal with professionally of which one has a diagnosed personality disorder. He doesn't seem to comprehend any logical concepts either.

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