Ford to Boost Super Duty Production by 15 Percent

Super Duty Line 2 II

Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas, recently announced Ford will increase production of its Super Duty pickups at its Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville by 15 percent, increasing annual production at the facility to about 375,000 units and boosting annual sales by almost 55,000 pickups.

"Customer demand for F-Series Super Duty trucks is growing substantially, and F-Series overall is America's best-selling truck for 37 years running," said Hinrichs in a statement. "Building on more than 100 years of manufacturing in Kentucky, we are proud to expand our profitable growth in the region as a result of our leadership in trucks and SUVs."

Ford will invest about $80 million and add 350 jobs to accommodate the additional capacity at the plant. The Louisville plant makes the Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 as well as the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator full-size SUVs.

The extra capacity puts the plant on track to produce its 5 millionth Super Duty sometime later this year. The first-generation Super Duty was produced in 1998 as a 1999 model, with the third-generation models on sale now.

Super Duty Line 1 II



It makes sense. I bought a 3/4 ton truck because my f-150 wouldn't do the job back when my only truck was a 97 f-150, but I hope by the time my 3/4 ton is retired I can get by with a half-ton instead.

I honestly don't think the Superduty is that bad of a truck, the problem is all the issues Ford has had with the Powerstroke. I wouldn't mind owning a 7.3l Powerstroke, but once the 6.0l came along, it kind of ruined things for Ford as well as any inclination to own a Superduty. I still can't get past the fact that the cab has to be removed to perform certain repairs. I mean come on, how really wants to pay the ridiculous amount of money those kind of labor expensive repairs cost. The cost of parts like injectors is expensive enough, and to add the expensive of all the labor in as well just drives the thought away of ever owning one of those trucks.

i was talking to my mechanic on Friday watching him do head bolt kit on a 6.0 stroke with the cab off, he said it is so much easier to work on the engine with the cab off because he can use an impact for everything he works on and said it is a lot faster, he said he would rather work on Fords the Chevys or Rams

ford I need one of the 2015's to test as a hauler u can follow me with a camera crew hauling and helping people in the real world, let me know

@Dan the Man
Using an impact on everything.

Wow, he wouldn't be in my shop.

Big Al from Oz
let me clarify has more room do to things and to to get head bolts out with impact and put head bolts back on does not have to work off of his belly hanging over the radiator, to me watching him work on it this way he look comfortable and was not all maxed out trying to reach into tight spaces, and just to clarify this mechanic has been working on my trucks a long time and he has always done a great job

Ford is confindent the sales will go up 15%, the projection must be based on the new 2015 capacities. The trucks are hideous looking compared to other HD's, that may not be important to fleet buyers, but it's important for particulars. The Super Duty have a lot hard plastic even in the most expensive trims, the RAM interiors are nicer.

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