Mossy Oak Special Edition Returns to Ram 1500

Mossy Oak1 II

Ram is looking to continue to capitalize on its connection to outdoor enthusiasts, specifically those who hunt and fish, with its newly stylized Mossy Oak Edition option package. Ram first partnered with camouflage designer Mossy Oak two years ago, and after taking a one-year hiatus an updated Mossy Oak Edition is back.

The new Mossy Oak option will be available only on the Ram 1500 4x4 crew cabs (Ram's most popular configuration) based on the Outdoorsman trim package.

The new exterior look includes the Break-Up Infinity camouflage design on the lower cladding of the pickup and will now offer the RamBox option in either the short- (5-foot 7-inch) or long-box (6-foot 4-inch) configurations. The interior has camouflage accents in the dash, center console and door panels as well. The Mossy Oak logo is also embroidered on the seatbacks and headrest.

"Ram Truck is focused on the needs and wants of truck buyers," said Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Ram, in a statement. "Our Ram Truck owners are passionate about hunting and fishing. The Ram Mossy Oak Edition gives hunting enthusiasts a way to proudly proclaim their love for the outdoors."

Ram tells us its half-ton buyers love the outdoors, stating 30 percent of them hunt, 44 percent fish, 27 percent are boaters and 42 percent are campers.

Mossy Oak Edition pickups should arrive to dealerships in the next few months and will have a starting price of $41,180, including destination.

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Mossy Oak2 II

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@big al from oz i personally like your reading comments they usually have factual information.

I personally have nothing against this. It's great for those who like custom trucks.

Besides, this isn't exactly all that new. Southern Comfort used to make Mossy Oak conversions for Ford, Dodge and GM dealers until they went out of business in 2007. There is a customer base, especially here in the Southeastern US who still want a Mossy Oak pickup, and Dodge/Ram was smart to get the exclusive license instead of letting an outside aftermarket custom shop get the license and spread the brand around to everyone else.

@@expedition - if one is an extreme offroader, running boards will get wrecked but for everyone else they do protect the body from flying debris.
Before side steps became popular there was a local aluminum fab shop that started making aluminum checkerplate running boards for trucks and it became a huge mainstay of their business. Most trucks were using them. I had them on 2 of my trucks and they were worth it.

You have to remember that not everyone spends all of their time playing offroad or planning for the Zombie Apocalypse.

I was thinking about what the biggest 'add on' handicap to my vehicle is.

The biggest one is the tow bar out the back. This has a much bigger impact on my off road ability than the side steps.

I don't like side steps, they just get in the way and I have to step over them to get out messing up my pants if I'm not careful.

@Big Al from Oz,

The thing about running boards, they are not for protection! Sure they can be for minor rock chips or something but they will not protect your doors or door jams from impacts!

And you can isntall a small skid plate into the rock slider, I have seen many of those!

Running boards are like those bolt on flimsy bull bars! Sure they look mean but really, what are those things going to protect less crash into the radiator!

Really! Thanks, I'll have to remember that ;)

Here's something worth watching. If these vehicles are already launched why hide them with fabric.

Sort of like this Ram, camo'ed.

Sorry, here's the link.

@Big Al from Oz,

Yeah rear tow bars hang low but all they need to do is take the impacts and survive being dragged in various types of terrain!

Pickup trucks have poor departure angles so you need a much sturdier rear bumper than a factory is willing to put on.

Mine was a flimsy factory chrome bumper mounted to 4 points. It was replaced by a 180 lbs. swing door tire carrier bumper with two 3/4 inch retrieval D rings installed into them and mounted at 10 points instead of just 4!

@Lou BC,

You can install a skid plate into the rock slider for rock chip protection.

I just install what will actually work and protect, no style all function! ;)

When off roading I'm very careful in all ramp over situations. The Mazda will probably have a better ramp over than most full size pickups.

I have bent the side step twice, once when a log flicked up and another when my front wheel slid into a two foot deep rut.

No damage occurred to anything. The side step just 'hinged' up along it's length. I was quite happy and surprised as I've seen what side steps can do.

Even with underbody protection, skid plates (bash plates), etc. I still try and not bang the truck around, I leave that to the young guys who try and prove their 4x4s are tougher. They are generally the ones who get a tow home or recovered.

@Big Al from Oz,

My trail rig is built expedition themed, so slow off-road is the main objective and to not destroy what is out there!

I have trail armor and traction aiding devices, no need to pound it out off-road, use the brain not the foot!

I just love it when folks and their jacked up full-size pickups with 20" rims and straight pipes punch it near me! I mean we are on the pavement and the first obstacle their pickup encounters, their instinct is to punch it to get over and you are right, time to tow them out with my 4-cylinder Toyota and boy they get embarassed from that!

Chrysler, err...RAM is champion of the "special edition" models it seems. They have so many "special" editions that the aren't special anymore. This looks goofy and tacky, but if it sells more I guess the bean counters will be happy. Maybe RAM could have a "Northeast" special edition that has rust spots and holes painted on a new truck to resemble what it will look like in 8 years, especially on the rockers and wheel wells. Laugh if you want, but they do so many special editions anyway, what's one more.

I like it but need the "station wagon" (4- door) version. Regular cab please.

I love it.. i like how the camo is on the outside of the truck.. This is my dream truck.. :)

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