Recall Alert: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500

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Trucks Affected: About 303,000 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 regular, extended and crew-cab half-ton pickup trucks equipped with the 4.3-liter V-6 or 5.3-liter V-8.

The Problem: A possible software glitch can cause overheating to occur in the exhaust components, possibly creating a fire under the truck.

The Fix: GM will notify customers of the issue, and dealers will inspect and reprogram software if needed.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can contact Chevrolet at 800-222-1020, GMC at 800-462-8782, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to



370K total, including Canada and Mexico. I didn't realize they made that many already.

It takes about 20 min to reprogram the computer. It affects trucks in cold climate only, but they will reprogram them all.

Guy at work bought one. I'm jealous. Guys, any idea how to convince wife that I need one? :)

Stuff like this is one of the reasons I no longer buy GM products. I have no intention of saying a bunch of anti-GM stuff like commentators here will inevitably do. There are just a few things I want to point out. The first thing is that GM has put much more time and money into R&D than Ram, Nissan or Toyota. You don't see any recalls for any of those brands for a potential fire hazard. It just blows my mind how we can bail out a company, give them 7 years to come out with a new truck and then they design the boxy looking and hazardous monstrosity that they did.

That is why Chrysler did with Ram is smart, they split it off into it's own brand. Now they are not competing with Dodge for financial resources. Since then we have seen a VAST improvement in the quality and relevancy of the Ram.

Lesson learned ? But the biggest engine offered!!

The first year of a new body style always has growing pains with getting all of the bugs worked out. That goes for all of the brands, and that's why I never buy the first year of a new body style. I buy the old body style and get really good deals.

LOL! And we're off to the recall races....

I can't tell if "HEMI MONSTER" seriously believes any of the crap he typed out, or if he's trying to be funny.

I hope GM fixes this quick, because no matter what the Ram boys might say, recalls aren't a good thing.

I wonder how many burnt during the polar vortex and haven't been reported yet :)

It was 7 degrees at Philly Intl and 5 at JFK on Tuesday, without the 35mph windchill. For me living near the equator that was extreme.

In reality it seems like a simple fix. I wonder if we'll have only a few derogatory comments this time round.

Thanks for wasting a minute of my life reading what you just babbled out.
Those must be the dumbest two paragraphs I've ever read.

I'm never going to buy this truck, though if I were in the market for a GM I wouldn't let this recall stop me. Far as recalls go this seems easily corrected. As complicated as any modern truck is I'm somewhat amazed at how well they avoid screw-ups.

Did HEMI Monster ... miss this not so good feedback on 2013 Quality rating?

Wasn't Tyler telling us not to buy a first year (Ram) product? Or was that Chris, the GM guy? About the same.

@ trx

Not sure if it was me or not but I don't buy any first year vehicles no matter the make. That's why ill wait a year or two for the new midsize GM twins before I buy one. It's your own fault for having to buy the latest & greatest first year anything & having issues.

@obama luvs ram et al.
How ironic it is that you guys think that by my comment that I am ignorant and just saying random stuff. I mentioned Nissan, Toyota, yet you guys don't even address what I said about them, instead you think its all a GM vs. Ram game. Its not. If you had read my comment you would realized that I said that Ram's quality has improved, implying that in the past it was lacking. Everyone know this and to imply I that I think Ram has always had the best quality is utterly ridiculous. Furthermore, the word 'improvement' has the added implication that there is still room for something even better.

I find it quite ironic that people make me out to be the bad guy. I'm not the engineer behind the GM trucks, so the fire/recall issue is not my problem. It is a problem that GM and their "loyal" customers need to settle.

I come on here and state facts and people get offended. That is how fanboys get though, that's why I haven't been coming around much anymore.

I don't care about who has fire recalls and who doesn't. That's where you got it all wrong. Some people have some sort of agenda, like those who point out all the recent Ram recalls, those people obviously want to put Ram in a bad light.

When I am a comment about the GM recalls, it's because I care about people's safety, it's not an anti-GM agenda. Those who use recall articles for their own "political gain" are the bad guys, the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that you call me a bad guy just blows my mind. Because I actually give a dam about people's lives, that makes me a bad guy right? Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Wake up and think about what you say beforehand.

@Pat again
Re the Chrylser bailout, I do not for a single minute think that Chrylser deserves to be in business still. It's just like when the Chargers beat the Chiefs because the ref missed a penalty that should have been on the Chargers. They don't deserve to be in the playoffs, yet they are there. It's the same think with Chrysler, they don't deserve to be in business, but they are. At the time I bought my truck, I felt it was the right truck for my needs. End of story. Really when you think about it, none of the American automakers deserve to be in business, but that's what we have to buy as far as trucks are concerned, so we just have to live with it.

@ hemi monster

ALLOW ME to comment on Toyota......... GM has spent NOWHERE NEAR what Toyota spends on R&D. Not even on the same planet as Toyota. Toyota by far spends more on R&D than any other automobile manufacturer. Matter of fact the total is OVER $1,000,000.00 an HOUR! get your facts straight. at least they didnt launch a truck without testing its engines LOL thats almost comical! That sounds like something Ram would do...... eerrrr ford........ errrrr oh WAIT they all have big issues with new launches, god help the first ones that buy that diesel.......

@hemi lol
How about get your facts straight. Nowhere did I say that GM spends more money overall, I was talking about R&D spent on their trucks. Take a look at this chart:
Even though it is a year old it shows how much money is REALLY spend overall(since that is what you want to discuss). Interestingly GM spends more money per % of sales, 5.4% of it's sales is spend on R&D vs Toyota's 4.2%.

Ruh Roh!

GM spends years testing those trucks before they even started production. I am sure they know about many problems and do nothing about it and just see if they could get away with it. I say GM was in a hurry and rushed out this truck with known problems cause they wanted to take the run-a-way sales away from Ford and Ram.

@Tom, I think you are right. They wanted to beat Ford to bring out the new one. I don't think that is a good strategy. Ford will still beat GM's sales with an older truck and when Ford releases the new F150, the 2014 Silverado redesign hype will be overshadowed. I think the delayed strategy would pay off more.

@HEMI MONSTER--I don't think Chrysler created the Ram brand to separate it from Dodge for quality as much as that they are still determining if the Dodge brand will be dropped or remain. When you look at what is selling the best for Chrysler it is Ram and Jeep. The Dodge Dart is not as competitive as expected. I am not saying that Dodge is a bad brand but I think Chrysler is still weighing its options. Fiat might decide to revive the Lancia brand in the US or bring other Fiat models to America under the Fiat name. Fiat still has not decided whether it will bring these products under its own name or bring them in with a Dodge or Chrysler name plate.

As for GM, their products are much improved over what they have been since the government loans. Ford and Chrysler products have significant improvements as well. All the manufacturers have experienced recalls because the electronics on modern vehicles are much more complex than just a few years ago. I bought a new clothes dryer a week ago and had to return it because of a faulty control panel which is full of computer chips. Even a less expensive clothes dryer has gone digital and has become much more complicated than the dryers of the past which had mechanical controls, dryer element, motor, and a belt When the digital technology works it is great, but then when something goes wrong it can be a real headache.

I'll take a recall over a truck on fire any day

@Pat--At least Chrysler paid back the Government loan with interest the first time. I am not a Chrysler fan boy but lets be clear that the first Government loan was paid back in full with interest. The Daimler merger was bad for Chrysler and lead to Chrysler's decline. Ford has not received loans but they received taxpayer money for retooling their factories to make smaller more efficient cars. All the Detroit 3 have supported some form of Government subsidies and support. The pros of the support are that jobs were saved and that the US taxpayer could have spent more in unemployment benefits than in Government loans which not only preserved the auto industry but kept the local and national economy from further damage and also taxes were paid by those jobs that were saved.

After reading the comments for several years on this site in shocks me how uninformed many are about economics. Many don't understand that lost jobs created less tax revenue and hurt local businesses and the entire nation. I am not endorsing Government support of businesses but to say that there is no benefit to the overall economy from these loans is not correct. Also the Government loans are history, too late for Monday morning arm chair quarterbacking.

I guess I was wrong all this time, GM really is a poop company. Ford for me.

I guess I was wrong all this time, GM really is a poop company. Ford for me.

Posted by: johnny doe | Jan 11, 2014 10:44:58 AM


Nobody has more Fire prone vehicles than Ford. Since 1978.

Kinda makes you wish they were all Toyota's....don't it!

Posted by: Whaaaaat | Jan 11, 2014 11:04:03 AM


I totally disagree with HEMI MONSTER. Recalls don't normally say much about how good a vehicle is. I'm not generally a chevy fan, but I have no doubt they have better quality than RAM. My ram is frankly a piece of crap. I loved it at first, but I'm not convinced at all that they have actually improved the durability/longevity of their trucks. Sure they look nice, but they are not built to last under hard working conditions the way chevy and ford trucks are. Usually I buy a new truck and keep it for 250,000 miles. But 100,000 on my ram and I had enough about 30,000 ago. It looks nice, but unreliable. I hate worrying about what is going to break next. I'm afraid to take it far from home.

@hemi lol (in which case the hemi gets the last laugh) Toyota's too afraid to change anything.

You act like Toyota had no issues with Tundras? No bad unintended acceleration....

how about the launch of the 3.0 liter v-6 in the Camry? I give credit where do, my 96 Camry 2.2 had alot more torque then the sorry Gocus I have now, and they are known to last. Maybe they coulda tested those out more?

They are making new pickups cheaper, cutting costs on everything. They have to do that so they can compete in price and make a profit at the same time. If they designed a pickup to last forever then they would go broke. But what everybody overlooks is the future parts and service business when the pickup is outta warranty. The car makers control the replacement parts, another company cannot make brake pads unless they pay the car maker a percentage, but what I look at is the cost of replacement parts, the domestic trucks have a much lower parts cost than the imports, so when it does break down and you have to pay for it the Dodge, Chevy, and Ford will cost less to repair than the Toyota, or Nissan

hemimonster: you left out all the tech gained by FIAT ownership?


Your post was ignorant; I don't know if it is an ownership issue or bad luck, but where I live Rams, Ford's, and Gm's all last a long time

Rams have rear end issues
Gmail has fuel pump and minor tranny issues
Ford has various misfire and head issues

Most if not all trucks go past 150k without major issues

I prefer Rams over them on mere looks and the way the truck rumbles when you take off.

Lastly, I have owned two rams: a 1997, and a 2009

The 1997 was a beast no major issues sold for $3000 with 200,000
the 2009 had 112,000 no issues solf for $15,000

If you ask what I drive now its s new honda accord v6 touring.

Took a step back from trucks for a few years until the new ram diesel provi es itself

This sounds like Ford 6.7 exhaust fire problem.

just a small comment hemi monster your a frickin moron why would you not want to purchase something that you know is completely safe to drive because the company takes the time to check out minor problems. again your just a moronic dolt

Hey, ram this in your data…. I've owned 5 GMC trucks and ran them for thousands of mile and have never had a problems with on of the trucks ever…..
However, my friends that have the other brands Ford, Dodge, have on going issues with engines and transmissions and are in the dealership a few times a year for days on end with repairs.
When your on first name bases with the service manager at your Dodge or Ford dealership for repairs, your in way to much…. All you ram lovers keep buying those less expensive trucks and christmas cards for your new friends at the dealership….

I bought one. It was a big disapointment not much power and to many problems to me it was vary uncomfortable so I trad it for a new Dodge RAM. It's a way better truck then a Chevy. This is coming from a Chevy guy

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