Survey: Women Dig Guys in Black Ford Pickups

2012-Ford-F-150-Platinum-black II

By Aaron Bragman

So you went down to your neighborhood Ford and forked over some cash for an F-150, a black one, thinking that not only was it a reliable, top-rated truck (one won the 2013 Light Duty Challenge, you'll recall), but also that it looked pretty cool and maybe it'd help you find a girlfriend. Everyone knows chicks dig trucks, right?

Well, it turns out a new survey by suggests that this isn't just a stereotype, it may actually be true. A survey of 2,000 men and women asked what type of vehicle, what brand and what color did they think are driven by the most attractive members of the opposite sex. Thirty-two percent of women said that the most attractive men drive pickup trucks, followed by sports cars, SUVs, sedans and hybrids. Of the brands, women said that hottest guys drive Fords, followed by Chevrolet and Porsche. Those guys drove a black vehicle more than 53 percent of the time, by far the most popular color surveyed, followed by silver at 16 percent and red at 13 percent. Put that all together, and more women think that the most appealing guys drive black Ford pickups.

Men had slightly different opinions of what they think the hottest women drive. Leading the ranks of vehicles were sports cars, followed by sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. The brands ranked with BMW coming in first, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and colors went red at 40 percent, followed by black and silver. This means that if you're a woman and you're looking to attract a guy, you should statistically be driving a red BMW Z4. It also means that guys choose women who drive a car they wouldn't mind driving themselves.

Apparently Chevrolet's not happy with second place — check out its new Super Bowl ad, which builds upon this the theme of pickup trucks and eligible bachelors.




Funny! These woman can relate to the sound of that massive 3.5L Turbo. Sounds just like their Hair stylist Blow dryer. LOL!

This site will go to no end to promote Ford's B.S.

Fair enough, because you'll go to no end to talk your B.S.

Blah Blah this and Blah Blah that about Ford, it's still a POS truck.

Never ever can I remember a New Truck being released and all the buzz about Repair Shops, POS Ford.

Funny, I went through a stretch where a owned a few black vehicles--never ever again. They look like crap dirty and look worse and worse as the years roll by due to the inevitable scratches and swirl marks. A pickup is the worst of all in that color--if it is actually used like a truck... .

LOL! I thought women liked red shiny cars? Boy oh boy was I wrong! Or maybe right? Or does it vary from woman to woman?

Either way, red Rams, red Fords, red Chevrolet Silverados and red GMC Sierras will get likely get you some form of attention.

^ typo @ will get

Wish these comments could be edited for mistakes....

Lol look at all the ugly Chevy/Mopar people crying.

Today I was parked in front of a pretty new F150 and I was getting stuff out of my bed when the owner a woman climbed up into her bright red F150. And my first thought was why does she have that huge pickup when she was like 5.2 and walked with a limp. Then my second thought was as she started it up was that's no V8. She drove off past me and yep it was a Ecoboost. So guessing size does not matter for woman who buy pickups.

Funny, especially the comments from the guys driving Ram trucks.

I can empathize with their dismay.

Sergio announced that the new headquarters for FCA "Fiat Chrysler Automobiles" will be in Netherlands with a tax base in England and stock will be on the New York stock Exchange.

Add to that confusion a HD built in Mexico with an American engine (Cummins) backed by a Japanese Transmission (Aisin). Then you have a 1500 with an Italian engine (Ecodiesel) backed by a German Transmission (ZF).

and now this...... chicks think the hottest guys are in Ford trucks........ black ford Trucks...........



My wife thinks the Cummins is the toughest looking truck. I just asked her "what about (Ford, Tundra, Titan, Chevy)?" She said "nah" to every other truck, then "hmm, maybe the Chevy." Whenever we pass a new style Cummins, she says "get it!"

Chevy and fiat lose again!!!

Slow news week eh?

Most women are attracted to gay men so I would tend to believe that is why they like ford men in black trucks, aka The Village People.

I feel bad for these women, definitely looking for the wrong kind a guy.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is a hilarious study, I gotta say, though a bit ridiculous!

Where is the story about the new Reaper? it was on Yahoo on Tuesday.

My good looking girlfriend must like ugly. I was driving a white Dodge Cummins when she picked me up. Two Dodges later shes kept me around now that i have a blue half ton.

lol why can't people just read a story like this, chuckle, and move on? This forum is filled with some sad yuppies.

Personally I like a woman in a truck over a BMW

Wow, I'm doing good.

I have:
Pickup (Silverado) 32%
Sports Car (Z06) 27%
SUV (2-door Tahoe) 16%

All Chevys 13%

So, 88% of women think I'm a good-looking man.

@ Lou_BC the Aisin trans is a good additon to Dodge (Ram). Toyota has been using Aisin for a very long time and I do not hear about as much Toyota transmission problems as I do from the big 3. The Cummins needed a heavy duty trans, the Cummins was probably ready to put out the higher output Cummins (850 hp) but Dodge (Ram) didn’t have a trans that could reliably hold the power.

The current Toyota Tundra uses a 6 speed Aisin, and it can go from 381 hp and 401 tq to 504 hp and 550 tq with no internal transmission modifications.

Those white aluminum corrosion spots are going to look nice on black ford. It will look like nothing on this planet. Very sexy.

NO ONE CARES!! Probably another worthless study to begin with.

If anything, the reason women find men attractive in a truck is because trucks are expensive. So u can afford a truck she knows you have money.

Whatever pleases people and their colour choice and brand of truck is up to them. Who are we to judge? I am happy with my bright silver metallic 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. It does what it needs to and more.

Me, I like having a truck colour that no one else has or is not common up my way, but hey to each their own I guess. But black would not be my colour of choice for a truck.

Happy truckin'

It's not the truck, it's the color. I had a black Dodge Ram dually that women of all ages would gawk at. One time in particular, a woman was walking on the sidewalk with her daughter by the hand while I was at a red light. Little one couldn't have been more than 5, and could not take her eyes off the truck - even twisting her head back to keep looking as Mom turned the corner. I imagine the distinctive clatter of the 12-valve Cummins had something to do with it too...

Yawn. More Ford Kool-Aid for PUTC bloggers' consumption. I'll pass thank you.

I think it's true, but not just with Ford trucks. Women (especially southern women) like men who drive any kind of trucks (period.) It makes them feel safe on the road being above the little sedans and riding with the sound of a V8 grumbling as you pass them by. A man who can afford to own, pay to fill up, handle all the truck maintenance, keep it clean, those sort of things speak to a woman's brain. It triggers and tells her that man is self sufficient. He provides. He works hard. He pays his bills, takes charge, and he drives wherever the road leads.

I live in the south and have driven a truck of one kind or another since I graduated college. My most current truck (a Dodge) is metallic black and I don't think the color matters in these things but I've never had any problems in the lady dept. Believe me, when I meet a new gal and she sees me pull up to pick her up in my truck, her panties are already in a knot. I've experienced this time and time again. Maybe it's the truck, maybe it's me...

Women like soft hands,soft men,this is why they like ford driver ,,delicate,,,:)))

I had my last black vehicle, no more. Great when clean, a mess when not. Maybe two tone with black on the bottom.

Don't get too big a head if you drive a black Ford. They do their share of breaking down. Ladies hate it when stuff breaks.

@TRX- "Ladies hate it when stuff breaks."

That would explain the preference for men in Ford trucks ;)

I have had lots of compliments on my black Isuzu crew cab with the chrome running boards from women of all ages. The only problem with black is keeping it clean but it is a sharp looking color when clean and shined.

Never thought about impressing women when I picked out the color of my F-150, instead I was thinking about impressing the Dodge Ram Owners with my F-150

Women dig guys with a lot of money. They want to live well and a guy with tons of money can give them that. And, if the relationship fizzles out, they get a nice 50% chunk of your assets so it's a win/win for them.

I never thought too much about pickup trucks impressing women. I always assumed that if you drove a PU truck, women would think you're some kind of grunt. Maybe it's the mid western farm girls that are impressed with guys who have black Ford trucks.

However, I have to admit a few women (friends) I know really liked my truck when they rode in it. I think it has more to do with the way I take care of my truck than anything else. A clean well taken care of vehicle will always impress them.

To actually consider buying something that would impress a woman..well I think you'd have to buy something like an expensive German luxury car or a fancy sports car or perhaps a fully restored muscle/classic car.

I'm very surprised by the pick up truck coming in first. I'd be curious to know the geographical break down of these statistics. As far as the northeast is concerned I'd say the sports car is #1 by a long shot. Laguna Seca Blue BMW E46 M3. Unique, classy, sporty, high performing... a black ford pick up has none of these qualities.

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