That's a Wrap: 2014 Detroit Auto Show Highlights

11 Cobo Hall II
We spent a lot of time walking through the North American International Auto Show in Detroit searching for clever and new solutions for pickup trucks, but found only a few. Instead, here are a handful of photos of things that caught our eye. We'll have a few more photo galleries in the near future of other vehicles along with observations from the show floor. Enjoy.


Ford Displays

1a Ford Line II

Ford not only had a significantly new booth space that reproduced a portion of the 2015 F-150 production line (with a real chassis and riveting computer-controlled machine arms), but it also had a completely separate ballroom off the main convention show floor where Ford offered the media candy, free WiFi and access to key executives.


Creative Designs

2 Honda pickup II

We always make a point to find the display from the College for Creative Studies. The school typically assigns a project to select students who show off their future automotive designs at the show. We especially liked this design of a future Honda product (we'll call it a pickup) from Yu-Chen Chen and Brett Tippman. Could this be the next Ridgeline?


Hiding in Plain Sight

3a Baja F-150 II

One of our favorite stories connected to the debut of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 was the testing the engineering team conducted by teaming up with longtime Ford racer Greg Foutz. He took an aluminum-bodied 2014 F-150 equipped with the all-new 2.7-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine and finished the punishingly brutal Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. He drove the prototype truck to collect valuable testing and durability data for Ford; throughout the event everyone could see and hear (the little V-6 doesn't make much noise) everything the pickup did.


Deep Roots

4 Ram Case CE II

Chrysler/Fiat has deep roots in the world of commercial farming and construction equipment through its partnership with the Case IH and Case CE heavy-duty equipment companies. We first saw this Case Ram HD at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show and think it looks even better alongside other custom vehicles. No one is saying that Mopar will start offering a Case CE equipment package, but the partnership seems like a natural. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Mopar dozer, forklift or skid steer.


Visual Communications

7 Best Display II

Maybe it's just a guy thing, but it's easiest for us to understand concepts and principles through visual images. This display from GMC was one of the best we've seen in a long while; it simply shows what's new and interesting about the Sierra. Dozens of clear images pasted over the surface of a new Sierra depict all the new technology underneath. The information (and corresponding benefit) is communicated quickly and simply.


Via Motors

8 VIA Motors II

Providing quite a show late in the second media day in Detroit, Via Motors (a small alternative powertrain company making full-size pickups, vans and SUVs) had an acrobat about 40 feet off the show floor flipping, twirling and contorting from just two pieces of curtain cloth. Via announced it had taken the first of many orders from a Best Western hotel owner in Canada, as well as received an $80 million commitment from a privately funded company that wants to provide electric charging stations across North America. Via even dropped a sizable down payment on the purchase of 100 vehicles. Electric vans and pickups are on the way.


Raptor Posing

9 Raptor art II

The only place in the entire Ford booth that an SVT Raptor could be seen was on a stand where a graphic artist was posted to take a picture of any curious attendees and then proceed to drop in a desert scape, moonscape or silly objects (umbrellas, beach balls, helicopters, etc.) in the foreground and background. We tossed a magnet on the front fenders and it stuck.


Ramps on the Rack

12 F-150 Ramps II

One of the best little pieces of clever storage we saw was on an F-150 SuperCrew Lariat FX4 Sport. The rack holders clip in place via the BoxLink clips and allow the optional motorcycle/snowmobile/lawn mower ramps to be stored on either side of the bed. You can even lock them up for added security. The sturdy, lightweight ramps detach easily and clip to the back of the tailgate, which has a lip clip to make sure it doesn't slip off the tailgate when removing gear.

To see more photos from our time at the 2014 NAIAS, check out our Facebook page


14 Ford River Place II



No mopar coverage. Give me a break. :(

Hemi V8,

Ram didn't have anything new or notewory, but they did show the Fiat CASE again. Stop spamming links to Allpar. That's against the rules!

Where the hell is the Power wagon??????? come on Reid Bigland get the lead out. The other brands are coming out with 2015's already.....Perhaps you could cut back on building those city trucks (1500)
Thank you

There is not reason to be attacking us mopar guys. Ram DOES have something new and noteworthy, it's called the Ecodiesel. Among other things, there's the Power Wagon, new 2500/3500 trucks, the list goes on. HEMI V8 brings up a good point, why do they hardly mention Mopar cars and trucks? Considering that the Ram 1500 just won TOTY 2nd year in a row, it should go without saying that they should have something to highlight, so whether or not you like Ram/Mopar/Chrylser/Dodge/Fiat, there is not reason to be hating.

That's all old news and was covered at previous auto shows. Nobody is hating or giving you a bad "break." Grow up.

I would have appreciated more info. on the ecodiesel, but I didn't see anything about it for the detroit show on this site or any other site.

It was hardly covered because they said this was for the highlights. Ram didn't have any highlights this time.

If they released the EPA rating for the ED, that would have been covered. But I'm sure Ram didn't want to be overshadowed by the new F-150. Ram HD's were already showcased in July, August and September.

However they did say "We'll have a few more photo galleries in the near future of other vehicles along with observations from the show floor."

This isn't really related, but anybody know if this news about ford bringing a compact truck to the U.S. is legit?

I'm not a fan of the mid-size trucks. Too expensive. Might as well get a full-size. But a true compact truck would be a great addition if they could make it significantly less money. I think that is where automakers really need to go.

If Ram came out with more news like the EPA rating for the ED and said boys we're getting 28 mpg. Ram would have been overshadowed by the new F-150. And all Ford would have to say is they are shooting for 30 mpg and it'll be cheaper. Hence no new news from Ram on this.

@scott--OH, Excuse me sir. It's only Dodge's 100 year anniversary and 50 years of the 426 Elephant Hemi.

But lets show Honda's 2025 Ridgeline lol WTF?

@Mark Williams
"Chrysler/Fiat has deep roots in the world of commercial farming and construction equipment through its partnership with the Case IH and Case CE heavy-duty equipment companies."

Mark it is more than a Partnership. Fiat owns Chrysler and Case.

What is going on with the EcoDiesel anyway? I know we were suppose to see these on lots around Christmas but we havn't even gotten MPG numbers yet. The jeeps have been out with the motor for a month now.

Originally I heard they were going to be on lots as early as August 2013. They have pushed back the date repeatedly. Now I've heard late Feb 2014. Other sources say "late spring". Rumors are it's an emissions issue, but I think there is more to the story. Seems odd since it is the same engine that is in the jeep.

@Joe - Fiat had some sort of issue with the Ecodiesel. Some rumours said it was emissions related with some sort of software/programming problem. Since the engines are made in Italy there were no "leaks" from insiders. I do not blame Fiat for keeping their mouths shut since they have been tarnished by multiple new product release delays. I'd rather they do that then release crap onto the market. That was common practice in the 70's - 90's.

TRX Tom has said that he read that production has just started so we should start seeing them in February. Some rumours put the release around mid to late spring.

When will chevy acknowledge their death trap truck? People are gonna die with that piece of garbage!!

@ Cleteboyer, This looks like the famous Ford's fires. This is going to hurt G.M.'s image big time. This is why I abandoned the
flaming Ford brand. Now I will stay away from G.M. as well. Hope the recall fixes the problem.

Lou, Production has not just started. What TJRX Tom read was a piece on Automotive News or Leftlane News that production was expected to start on the 21st. That report was from January 7th. Too rumors. I'll believe it when I see it. Ram spokespeople have yet to comment.

@Chris - I am more inclined to believe mid to late spring since that is what Allpar stated.

@Lou in BC: I stated they would build them in about 8 days or a week, which is now 3 days or less, that's the word from Sergio Marchionne.

@Chris and Lou: Definitely not Leftlane news or Automotive News.

Here's your Allpar, look 2/3s the way down to the question from Charlie Volgelheim from Motor Trend Audio.


How's that for a spokesperson?

Has GM even put 2014 6.2s out there yet? Or are they hype? How about the 3.73 geared Silverados, are they even out? Or is it more hype, to get people to look around at the dealership, and settle?

I'm beginning to think the Ram/Case pickup is more than just a coincidence. Does anybody here remember the Navistar-sourced Cat heavy trucks? When (not if or should) Fiat decides to unveil its heavy commercial truck line, it will be wearing the Case brand with its own unique styling (Ram commercial vehicles will still be around but marketed as entry level, and Iveco will remain in Europe). The next question to be asked is, "how long before John Deere and possibly Kubota get in the game?"

"The benefit of diesel is going to probably run its course by around 2018 unless we find some way of bringing down the emission implications, the emissions associated with diesel beyond what is currently available. And the question is at what cost does that reduction come about? And if it gets to be prohibitively expensive then it may be that 2018 may be shown as being the sunset year for a wider application of diesel than we’ve got today"

- Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

Did he really say that? Am I understanding that correctly? Looks like the future is not very bright for those hoping diesel engines will become more widely available. 2018 is not far away.

Does that mean ram may remove the ecodiesel option after just four years?

Why would Sergio state that?

He just bought GM's 50% stake of VM Motori.

@Beebe, Big Al - I found the quote that Beebe cited on TRX4Tom's Allpar link.
"Our calculations that have benefited the pros and cons given were CAFE and the objectives in 2025. The benefit of diesel is going to probably run its course by around 2018 unless we find some way of bringing down the emission implications, the emissions associated with diesel beyond what is currently available. And the question is at what cost does that reduction come about? And if it gets to be prohibitively expensive then it may be that 2018 may be shown as being the sunset year for a wider application of diesel than we’ve got today.

Original is at Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne at the Detroit Auto Show: 2014
Follow us: @allparcom on Twitter | allparcom on Facebook"

@TRX4Tom - I found the quote. It is in the same discussion about diesels where the previous comment was made.
"The Ram 1500 is going . . . what’s today? 13th? It’s going to go into production in eight days. So we’ll have it in distribution across the US hopefully by the beginning of February. "

It will hurt sales of the Ecodiesel if Fiat is not sure that it will be worth offerning past 2018. Why buy an engine that may not be available in a few years time.

@The Real Lou
I think the diesel engine choice will affect the US, not global markets.

The US has a bias towards diesel. Even using 40 cetane US diesel fuel standard makes it hard for the manufacturers meet US emission standards.

The odd issue with this is the US refines massive quantities of Euro diesel for export.

I wonder if the same stance will be made in the US concerning the gasoline particulate emissions.

He pretty well said standards will get tougher emissions wise.

Do you think all of the 2014 engines will meet the emissions of 2018, Lou?

@TRX-4 Tom - a little sensitive once again in relation to Fiat.

He is basically saying that as emission standards become more strict it may be too expensive to offer a diesel.

Diesels have to meet tougher standards than gas engines.

I have to point out the obvious, Bi Al has been mentioning that fact for quite some time.

@The Real Lou
As I've mentioned about 40 cetane diesel fuel.

At this cetane level and not 51 cetane that the Euro's run make for more particulates and NOx. It also makes it harder to operate a low compression diesel.

The Skyactive diesel in the US is having problem because of this. The Euro's/Australia can run Skyactive.

My question is: Why does the US diesel fuel standard have to be 40 cetane? This is for several reasons;

1. It increases the undesirable pollutants that the EPA are trying to reduce.

2. Bio diesel naturally has a higher cetane level. Which would make it easier for trying to neutralise the CO2 from diesels.

3. It increase wear and maintenance on diesel engines.

4. Believe it or not the US is the globes largest refiner of 51 cetane diesel.

This doesn't take into account the annual improvements directed at diesel in mpg FE increases compared to gasoline and other EPA regulations.

40 cetane diesel is high enough to allow for more expensive systems to be used on heavy transport the added cost would be marginal as in comparison to a daily driver.

But 40 cetane diesel is low enough to screw up availability to the 'masses'.

It's another trade barrier. I would suspect that the energy and farmers have their fingers in this one.

The average household income for an American farmer is $87 000 per year. Compare that the the US average of $36 000 per year.

The US corn farmer is subsidised to the tune of $2 300 per acre to grow corn.

One of the reasons for the high price of US diesel is that it is more profitable to export diesel to the Eurozone.

To me this just sucks.

Protectionism and subsidisation again in the land of the free which doesn't allow the US consumer access to products that could save them money.

If someone wants to challenge me, or call me anti American or whatever. Please furnish links and valid, credible and current information/data to support your arguments.

Don't just provide subjective opinion.

As well as pickups and vans why doesn't PUTC do some real journalism and drop some articles on why the US has the diesel standards it has that make it harder for diesel to be viable.

Mark Williams, how about being a journalist.

Yeah, basically what I said Lou.

Sounds like you are the sensitive one.

They sell in small numbers, the CAT Truck here. I think Sergio maybe wants an IVECO developed over the road CASE truck. That would bring all his elements together.

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