2014 Lingenfelter Reaper Package

Reaper front II

We've seen some good Lingenfelter performance packages in the past, but this one might be the best to date. That's mostly because it looks to be the first Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ready to take on Ford's SVT Raptor.

The Reaper is a project between Southern Comfort Automotive and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and was first shown to Chevy and GMC dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association show in January. The first time the media got to see this macho off-road package was at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

The Reaper has a 3-inch suspension lift that allows for 33-inch-tall tires (you can choose from several tire makes) under the fender wells, with only a small amount of trimming needed to minimize any wheel-to-body contact. The system has been extreme-truck tested in the deserts near Las Vegas and Los Angeles, running the punishing whoop-de-doos they're both famous for. Additionally, the kit includes a Magnuson supercharger, increasing horsepower to under 500 or 600 depending on what GM engine your truck has under the hood (EcoTec3 5.3-liter or 6.2-liter V-8).

Some standard features included in the kit are a unique hood and grille insert, as well as a high-ground clearance front bumper. The Reaper uses Fox Racing shocks, offers optional 17-inch beadlock wheels, as well as a pair of rock-guard sidesteps among other things.

Pricing for the package will depend on how many option boxes you check, but there will be three stages to choose from, starting around $55,000 and running all the way up to the $65,000 range. Vehicles can be ordered from select GM dealerships starting in March. To find a dealer near you, visit Reaper Performance.

To download and read the press release, click here.

To download the standard and available options list, click here.

Reaper Engine II

Reaper Hood II

Reaper Rear II

Reaper Logo Bumper II



Why is the front so ugly???? Nice try but FAIL

No thanks. Plus it's a GM...they still make those?

$65K...couldn't they find it in their heart to include an LS7?

A new Z-28 Camaro with a LS7 can be had for $65K.

and why does Chevy need Lingenfelter to do this?

Hay Mike, you looked in the mirror lately? STFU. If you don't have anything good to say. Looks dam sharp and you dam well know it. Now slap yourself silly.

Jack, you dam right it's a GM and you faggagty ford fans can stick it where the sun don't shine. Never fails, a GM product and the ford p...ies come out of the wood word like cock roaches. Looks dam sharp you ford slappies.

Bwahahahaha.... Get butt-hurt much MB. GM fanboys are bloody hilarious.

...in your opinion, it looks sharp, we get that Bob...

Wow, just because he expressed his opinion.

The Chivy bunch sure are sensitive, maybe it's because sales are falling? The 2014 1500 missed it's mark.

Wow, 55,000 to 65,000$? Maybe it should say "Raper"

Like Blue Oyster Cult says, don't fear the Reaper.

I'm sorry, but the front is less than satisfactory. I didn't like the 2014 Silverado to begin with and this isn't making it better. However, I DO like the Sierra. Hopefully they'll make a great GMC!

@Michigan Blog

Shhh shhh shhhh. You're making GM boys look bad. Now go back to doing your homework, tomorrow is a school day ;)

*Michigan Blob (not blog haha)

Lingenfelter should hire a designer or outsource it's design.

Wow, what a fugly truck.

3" lift on a full size and you're only running 33s? A tacoma with a 2" lift could run 33s with little issue.
Mall crawler.

The grille reminds me of Ram HD's. Also going off of what rr7mc said, "why does Chevy need Lingenfelter to do this?"
Absolutely agree, why can't Chevy put out special editions themselves? We all know Ford's SVT is not equivalent to GM's Z71...missed opportunity for the old, conservative decision makers up at the top.

WOW looks like the front of that truck was designed in Denver.

The rest of the truck looks good.

wow this truck was shown like 2 weeks ago and now pickuptrucks finally say something about it.Maybe all u fanboys should stick it up ur ass and wait for a comparison. Before your opinions start remember that's all they will ever be. If u don't like it go get in your ram or ford and pound salt

I am glad Lingenfelter is bringing Chevy to the off road game.
I am sure that 6.2L supercharged engine will $#!^ & get. Don't
care to much for the hood grill area.

Now make a new Colorado with the same package and 6.2 Blown engine and now we are talking. ;))

If this was an actual GM production truck it would look a lot better. All this is is a concept from lingenfelter.


What where they trying to do with that front?

Hey Michigan Bob. you looked in the mirror lately? STFU. If you don't have anything good to say. Looks dam awful and you dam well know it. Now slap yourself silly.

Ugly front end. The Reaper logo is cool. Maybe the guy who came up with the logo should design a new snout.

55-65K just to fit a set of 33's................

No thanks.

That is a nice idea, but leave the grill alone, or color match it.

@Fred. Cool truck except for the hood and grille.... not sure what happened there..,
Chevy should do a hardcore off-road package (call it ZR2?)from the factory so it will still look good...

It sounds like this package can be ordered just about anyway you want it. Get rid of the front end restyle kit and you would have one nice little 1/2 ton. Here is a short clip of some running footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqZtt2eKdrY

Hey Gay Mike, that's your wife and daughters that are so ugly!

I'm a GM guy but this is terrible. To me the great thing about the raptor is it's NA 6.2. It's reliable and that is what you need off road. A supercharger while great on paper would be the last thing I'd take off road. GM has a great 6.2. Should have been a no brainer to pop that engine in this. And the grille just looks out of place. Let's not forget this is an aftermarket add on. Not the case with the raptor. Heck, even toyota is bringing an off road version of the tundra to the table. A weak attempt but at least it's a factory version. GM and Ram need to step it up.

someone ban michigan bob please, apparently this site has not lived up to the policing they promised

Need to ban tj also. There is no need in someone being as STUPID as this guy and he doesn't even have to try. What a loser.

Time to put a goat in the grill. What the h--l were they thinking? New GMC looks like a Ford from the front why not make the Chevy look like a Dodge Holy crap. Crap being the operative word

Maybe it wouldn't have looked so weird if they had changed the headlights to match everything else. Looks really forced.

I would've gone with the ZR2 Concept that was with the 900 bodystyle. This truck, however, looks awesome except for the hot mess of a snout...SMH. To some the regular Silverado looks bad enough.

The threat from this truck sure makes the Ford and Ram boys squirm in their pants. Just by reading their comments make me laugh. Buy a real truck boys and become a man for the first time in your life.

Not sure why so many are bashing this. I like the front end of this truck. Maybe because I'm not a fan of current GM/Chevy front grill designs I find this one aggressive and different.

The Reaper logo looks a little strange with the last "R" turned inside. I'd suggest them changing it.

yes greg, we are just shaking, lol!

More like, what do you have to do to get any ground clearance in a GM 1500? They would sell less then 1000 of these.

"allows for 33-inch-tall tires (you can choose from several tire makes) under the fender wells, with only a small amount of trimming needed to minimize any wheel-to-body contact." LMFAO, that's all I needed to read.

You know, I may not like Chevy's nose on their full sized trucks, but I LIKE the nose on this Reaper! Too bad this is going to be so grossly overpriced for the average budget.

Looks like a Dodge Charger in front.


@TRX 4 Tom GM 1500s have more ground clearance then Ram 1500s, I don't know how many times I have to post it.



@Frank Yeah we know you're rusted out v10 super duty is a POS.

I like the stock grill better. This grill is kinda growing on me thought, when I first saw it a few weeks ago it did look pretty bad. All they need to do is make the headlight flow better with it I think.

Fix the front end. That is a cool truck except for the UGLY front end.

Stop ragging on Michigan Bob. You Ford ladies should feel fortunate to have someone in here of his caliber. Too bad Frank has not been banned from this site.

Just a cheap derivative of the raptor. Similar name, similar graphics, similar suspension package, plus a hefty price tag and they come standard with bro-truck wheels (legitimate wheel and tire package for non-mall crawlers are optional). Lingenfelter should stick with what they know because while this may have looked ok on paper, the execution sucks. Ford is not getting nervous about Raptor sales. In fact, they're enjoying the fact that They're still the only legitimate contender in this special vehicle segment, 4 years after the Raptor's reveal. This thing looks about as bad as the Tonka package on current F150s and is bound to experience some serious frame twist due to the fact that this is built on a stock Silverado frame.

@ johnny doe and stock Tundra's have more ground clearance than Ram and GM with 10.4". And even the Raptor, which has 9.3"

Read it and weap:

The way the hood wraps over the headlights reminds me of a balding guy with a nasty comb-over. And that 90 degree angle where the fender meets the headlights just looks out of place. I think they really could have made this look awesome with some headlights that start where the grille ends and go up to the side at an angle. I like the grille and the hood really. Clearly they were trying to make it look like a trophy truck, which would be pretty unique and cool in my opinion if they had gotten all the 90 degree angles out of it. They couldn't really change the headlights though unless they changed the front fenders and bumper too. All that would probably drive up the cost too much. They were destined to fail taking the most square truck and making it look curvy like a trophy truck.

@johnny troll,

My '99 V10 will outpull your POS silverado any day of the week.

My '99 is hands down the best truck I've owned, i had them all. This "99 V10 made me the Ford guy I am, my dad is Loyal Chevy guy, F**K Chevy they SUCK!!!!

Can't you all just get along and get back to bashing the Tundra?

If your going to bolt on fiberglass fenders with rubber piping from
a VW Beetle, at least round the corners a little. Man those fender wells are more hidious than my late rusty 1976 "BIG TEN" Scottsdale. I still have rusty nightmares of that POS!

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