2015 TRD Pro Series Debut at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

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In an effort to improve the credibility of its off-road performance packages, Toyota has created an all-new extreme 4x4 trim called the TRD Pro Series. It will make select models of the Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner even more capable terrain-conquering, high-speed desert-running medalists. Developed by Toyota Racing Development, the packages will be revealed during the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

The new trim package will replace both the Rock Warrior and Baja T/X off-road packages but will incorporate aspects of each. The package will include front and rear remote-reservoir Bilstein shocks, new TRD-tuned front coil springs (softened for better high-speed "squish"), a unique front grille with the FJ-style "Toyota" badging, blacked-out wheels and several interior badges.

Each of the two truck models will have unique designs, but they will both offer extra skid plating, a TRD dual exhaust, a 2-inch front suspension lift for a taller stance and more rear-wheel axle travel due to the new shocks and tire package. The Tundra will exclusively have 18-inch TRD wheels, Michelin off-road tires, thicker skid plating and unique seats with accent stitching.

No doubt detractors will say that Toyota didn't go far enough, but we like this more aggressive direction. The Baja series had a good run but this strategy looks like it will have a wider appeal. Is this Toyota's answer to the Ford SVT Raptor? We hope not. With a storied past packed with trophies from desert racing in the infamous Baja 500 and Baja 1000 classics, it seems like Toyota could do something a little more dramatic and extreme to better compete with the Raptor, but there's no reason it can't do that in the future.

We'll have more on both the Tundra and Tacoma TRD Pro Series pickups when we get a chance to put the vehicles through a few off-road tests of our own with their segment competition.

To read more about Toyota's new TRD Pro Series off road package, click here.

Editor's note: This post was updated Feb. 10 to correct the model year for the TRD package.


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that actually looks really nice.... for the first time I can truly say, Nice job Toyota!

I agree! That does look pretty appealing!

Please let Toyota finally put a locker on this version of the Tundra!

As a previous Raptor owner I had my fingers crossed that this was Toyota's defense to the rapidly increasing Raptor entourage. I must say.. If this article is correct then they have fallen WAY short of that expectation. 90% of the update is cosmetic with the only off road feature change being the remote reservoir suspension and skid plate. Where is the automactic locking differential? Front view camera? Can we at least get some OEM Auxillary switches? Maybe some real off road tires? Side step bumper? Tailgate ladder? Come on Toyota.. The texans building these trucks know what a real pre runner is.. Maybe you should send the suits down to Texas with a pen and notepad for some note taking.

I have never really been a fan of the Tundra's styling (though I have always liked the Tacoma's styling), but this Tundra looks really cool. It doesn't look like they benchmarked the Raptor, but those are some pretty sweet trucks!

Ford and Toyota just can't stop copying each other

Imagine the price tag on this thing? Ugh!

Don't like it.

It's a dated looking design even for the current production fj cruisers.

I don't know why toyota is wasting time and resources on this nonsense while the others are working on mpg and more efficient engine offerings. It's reTRDed. All the offroad capability in the world is irrelevant if you can't afford the gas to leave the city.

Looks good, like the orange color. Hopefully they don't ruin it by putting those big "TuRD" I mean "TRD" stickers on the side.

tundra looks even uglier!!

As a Raptor fighter, these TRD Pro offerings fall short, but as a solid off-road package, they definitely fit the bill. Really like the "TOYOTA" badge on the grill, much better than the 3 ellipses "T" logo.

Looks a million times better than that Reaper abortion. And this is a genuine Toyota to boot.

I'm a Toyota fan but this is just recycling current parts and putting a new marketing name to it. If they would have added their TRD Supercharger to these, then it might deserve to be called PRO.

Toyota didn't copy Ford, they copied GM, they added stickers and a grille and called a Raptor Fighter.

As a Tundra Rock Warrior TuRD owner (2010), first thing i did was remove all the dumb stickers. The pkg is a complete waste of Money $$. YOu can buy better parts for a lot less money and or buy the shocks and springs directly from Bilstein. The rest is just cosmetic anyways. Reason i bought the rock warrior was no chrome and there were some actually good mechanical parts with the RW Pkg like tow hitch 4:30 gearing etc. Most of the chrome on trucks now a days is plastic and doesnt hold up well in AZ summers.


HEY Toyota, Honda wants it's Tahitian Red paint back !!!

In pictures it looks like that color from Honda Dirtbikes from late 70s early 80s, CR-250-R Elsinores, I had one. Those bike were SCREAMERS, ON or OFF, nothing in the middle !!!!!
Good times as a kid growing up here in the desert of az when you could ride in any open field you could find. Back when even kids assumed personal responsibility !!!

I will admit one thing, take away all the chrome from the trucks, both the Tacoma and Tundra and neither of them look all that bad, in fact they look good! I would really like to see them in all black! But they are in no way a threat to the Raptor! and the Tacoma might even be better than ever with this package, but like all the higher end Toyotas, I would be there will not be much value, unless the Tacoma is priced no higher than 30-35K and the Tundra no more than 40K and even then that would be on the high side to me. I have looked inot getting one of those Reaper Chevy trucks from the aftermarket co. Lingenfelter, and I asked them if I could get one on a reg cab or ext cab, and the answer was yes! and even on a W/T package! and without all the extras for looks, and only the extras for go, the price for a reg cab short bed with the supercharged 5.3 with over 450hp 470 ft lbs and all the suspension mods would be just under 44K!! now that is something to think about! a stock looking reg cab Chevy, with the black plastic grill and all black, with a truck that would weight in at 4,000lbs., and have that kind of power? OH MY!!! The only problem would be finding a Chevy dealer that would want to order one without it being a LTZ Crew Cab!!! and letting a reg cab W/T off the lot for all that performance! even an ext cab would be around 47K!! in the W/T packages. A fully loaded Reaper, like pictured? is well over 60K!! Or I could just buy a reg cab W/T, and send it out for a new Edelbrock supercharger for around 35K, with no suspension mods!

I think a new FE turbo diesel for each truck will move more trucks off the lots for Toyota.

I gotta say, this is a waste of money. Owners can buy better after market for cheaper. Plus no locker, no true offroad.

These trucks will probably be able to do 90% of what a Raptor was designed to do... and 100% of what typical Raptor's actually do. All while maintaining the functionality of a normal pickup truck. So this is almost certainly a win and looks pretty good to boot.

People better put their ear plugs in now though, the Raptor fanbois are going to start whining and crying.

I saw a black TRD Tundra in a shopping mall over Christmas near Atlantic City NJ, when in the states.

It was dressed up a little bit more with TRD stuff all over it.

It looked far more impressive than this one.

It actually looked quite nice, execpt it didn't have a bullbar.

Nothing really changed from the Tacoma Baja to this TRD Pro. The Baja also has Bilstein remote reservoir shocks front and rear, 2" of lift up front, an added leaf spring out back. Even the wheels are the same as the first Baja. Same tires.
Only difference is the grill, and maybe the dual exhaust assuming PUTC got that part correct.
BTW, you don't get rear axle travel from tires. Just the springs.

What was that saying about a lipstick and a pig? can somabody help me....

Really nice looking Tundra!!! I want one!!!

The $Runner looks better than the Tacoma and Tundra.

Someone must of explained to Toyota that TRD gets changed to TuRD.

@Sandman4x4 - the press release says they also come in black or white.

You won't be removing those stickers. "TRD" is stamped into the side of the bed on the Tundra.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think the front of the Tundra looks like it got beat with the ugly stick (twice)!

"You can get better after market parts for less"
That's a bold statement, since pricing hasn't been announced. The shocks are a good upper-middle grade part, and to get something similar would cost you a good chunk of change, especially factoring in installation. Price out a set of wheels and tires, and it starts to become a good stack of bills. Depending on what trim levels the package is available, it might be a good value proposition.

I think the Tundra is sick looking, sign me up.

Neither the Tundra or the 4Runner look all that hot, but I think they did a nice job with this package (they sure took the wind out of the Reaper's sails). I wouldn't go near a Tundra, but I would definitely consider the Tacoma or 4Runner assuming the price is within reason.

The Raptor looks far more bada$$ than this off the shelf cosmetic package. Where's the flared front/rear fenders? The custom hood? The only thing that looks somewhat decent is the Toyota logo in the front grill which reminds me of the old Hilux PU's from the '80's. Obviously, this is a bean counter version of minimal effort. Now, if Toyota developed a true Raptor version of the Tundra, I'd be all for that. However, with the way Toyota has been styling their vehicles lately, it would be even uglier than the '14 restyling. I'm not a Ford guy in general, but the Raptor is one very appealing truck.

I'm not going to talk on the desert racer aspect of this package, but like several others early on in this discussion I will say that Toyota has made the nose of this thing look sensible--not grossly over-exaggerated for a wannabe look. It's time that aerodynamics holds priority over bulky, square, big-rig noses.

This whole pick-up craze is for men with low testorone or that poorly endowed. I hope this makes you half the man you want wish you were.

Don, maybe you should tell us what you drive so we can make an ill informed blanket insult.

As far as looks go the 2015 line up is aesthetically pleasing.....THAT IS ALL! As far as everything else I am in no way impressed. There is nothing PRO about this new package. Pro status would be something like the TRD supercharger integrated into this new Generation of Toyota. I like Toyota products for the most part but recycling already existing products and throwing the word "PRO" on it does not mean anything. Very UN-IMPRESSED with this new line of vehicles.

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