2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD: Video

2015-Silverado-3500HD front II

Bringing over a lot of the same cargo management, bed convenience and hugely improved dash layout inside three redesigned cabs similar to the light-duty pickup trucks looks to be a pretty good strategy for Silverado. Here's our latest video we shot after some time behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Heavy Duties towing outside Phoenix. The 2015 GMC Sierra HD video will be next. 




still waiting on the V-6 comparison test

I'm a Dodge Truck Lover, but I drove a Silverado 1500 and fell in Love. Although I need a Diesel for work, the only reason I never got a Duramax was because of it's Interior. This time I will forget Fiat and the Italian Boys and buy an American Duramax...

Never thought I would say I'm excited for a Silverado 3500...lol

May I Say Ex-Hemi Guy...

Nice and Compact. Surprised how small Duallys really are. A good tow vehicle for large heavy Caravans here, downside the dual wheels Off Road.

Only thing this truck needs is a Ranch Hand front bumper, stock one is little over done. I rather they made the bumper look more like the Chevy 1500. I like how GM trucks keep the old school dually looking rear fenders, Ram be the Next best looking dually and then you got Ford with them ugly flare looking things YUCK!

Maybe it's just my computer but the video was much clearer on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtcge_f6raE

I don't like the ford overall, but I do like the Fenders they use on the duelly's. Thier a more just big flares and not as big and prone to damage like the the GM's with the hole metal fender sticking way out.

Agreed the ford dually fenders look terrible. but If you have towed with all three heavy duty trucks you will notice the ford has the best trailer visibility of the them all. and yes. easier and cheaper to repair. Previous generation Ram Mega cabs came with similar dually fenders. ugly but function. when it comes to towing looks dont matter.

Not a bad looking truck, but I cannot understand why GM insists on making their bumper/air dam so large. This thing could be taken out in a grocery store parking lot! Also I am not a fan of the extra low hanging frame and DEF tank that hangs even lower. Especially outside of the frame rails! That thing will not last long in the fields or even in mild off road. Which means a great trip going no where with this truck. I was tried and true to GM for a lot of years. After a truck that was problem ridden, and the company producing trucks that are for looks and not use, has turned me to the competition. My dodge trucks have proven to be very reliable and capable both on and off the road, loaded and empty. Makes me sad to see the brand of many of my great memories producing trucks that would make their ancestors bury their head in shame.

Put 3500 lbs of sand in the back of a Super Duty and watch it drag its hitch into the pavement! I see them sagging all time time with a moderate load in the bed.

May I Say Ex-Hemi Guy...

Posted by: Hemi Guy | Feb 2, 2014 3:52:49 PM


From what I understand the Duramax is American made and, in it's current form, largely GM engineered.

Still more American Then then Mexican built Cummins stuffed in Mexican made Ram from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

Only the crank and connecting rods came from Japan in a Duramax.


HEMI V8 he is right to call the Duramax American. Yes Isuzu was a design partner with GM on the original Duramax but the plant where the Duramax was both designed and built is called DMAX ltd. located in Moraine, Ohio. They have now produced over 1.5 million Duramax diesels.

"From what I understand the Duramax is American made and, in it's current form, largely GM engineered."

Yes made in the US, but engineering is still with Isuzu. Seems to be a copyright tussle between the two. GM did the factory and logistics but it appears Isuzu is still developing the engine. That is why both were involved in the Colorado project.

"The Duramax is a General Motors diesel engine family for light-and medium duty trucks, designed by Isuzu"

A lot about the Engine here

" ISUZU was responsible for the base engine design and GM was responsible for the integration of the engine into the vehicle."

Izuzu is one of the world's best truck engine designers and manufacturers. I wouldn't complain by having an Izuzu designed diesel in a pickup.

You should feel privileged to have the Izuzu engineered engine in an HD.

I do know here the new Colorado come with the VM designed 2.8 diesel and it's sister the Dmax comes with an Izuzu 3 litre diesel.

From the reviews the Izuzu engine is the preferred due to FE and tractability of the diesel. It isn't as powerful or torquey, it's how it get it's power and torque down lower than the Colorado.

Here is an interesting bit of info on the Duramax that I read about in an article from diesel power mag.

"There are a number of things that make the DMAX facility different from other GM engine plants. The most significant is that it hot-tests 100 percent of the engines it produces. That means every 6.6L engine is run on a dyno before it ever goes in a truck. No other GM engine mass produced in North America gets that treatment-nor do the 6.7L Cummins or 6.7L Power Stroke engines."

Y hope ford fix the suspension ,,heavy load the head light is only good to watch the air plane,,,:))

Y is ford lightle hahhaa!! After mashed metal is was a gone dog,,,!!!

Top 5 reasons this truck is not up to par. Odd square wheel cut outs aside.

1)Low slung (and wax dipped instead of e-coated) frame.
2)Ground dragging def tank.
3)No sfa.
4)Rigid stiff riding torsion bars up front.
5)Not as nice of an interior as Ford/Dodge because of GMC.

the american stuff gets old, especially since all the truck frames from ford and chevy are made in mexico, your subaru duramax may be mostly made here, but your riding on a mexican frame

It's out of topic, but I wanna know January sale numbers please.

@Robert Ryan - Americans have no problem putting HD pickups to work, recreation and everyday personal use, but what would be the normal replacement for this or other American HD pickups in OZ?

@Hemi V8, Duramax is more American than you ol' pal on anyday of the week.

Did you know that the EcoDiesel in the POS Ram was Engineered by GM and the Italian Boys, yes it's a GM Engine but business is business.

Yup Cummins must be made by Ram, not in a million years. Yup Cummins is just as faithful to Ram and it is to Nissan, want to know why cuz business is business.

Long live America and the Big 3, Ford, General Motors and the Working Class...

This looks like Payson, AZ area, was it?

Who really gives an F where stuff comes from? I want reliability. I'd buy an imported vehicle that promised better reliability than a home made version that might be in the repair shop more often. Or for that matter just not be made as well. Since when does that worker in the U.S give you a ride when you're rig is broke down?
All this BS about where stuff comes from s stupid. It doesn't matter who makes it. It just needs to work.

but have they increase the interior cab space on the crew cap model over the Ford one ton?

I really like the overall differences between this and the previous versions. To answer some of the questions, yes the crew cab has about 2" more room for the back seat. Not as much as a mega cab, but sufficient for full size adults. GM Insider news did some test with GM on the 3/4 ton diesel trucks, and the results were interesting. It is interesting what axle ratios you can and more importantly cannot get with the Ram trucks. I appreciate these tests that do more than see who can win an acceleration race.

When ford comes out with the new 6.7, it could significantly alter the outcome. It is interesting that there are 3 different Cummins diesels available, all depending on transmission. I've owned 2 Duramax diesels, and both have been flawless.

The HD's in the US are what are termed 'greenhouse plants'.

That is they couldn't survive outside of the greenhouse they live in. That is they can only exist in an artificial environment.

I've been to many botanical gardens and have seen some wonderous greenhouse plants. They are very nice.

But for the US industry to survive in the longer term it needs to focus on broadacre plants, like the Germans, Asians, etc do.

@Johnny doe,

Still more American Then then Mexican built Cummins stuffed in Mexican made Ram from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

Only the crank and connecting rods came from Japan in a Duramax.


Posted by: johnny doe | Feb 2, 2014 11:34:37 PM




Chevy will build the 1500 in MEXICO. The 1500 is their most popular truck.

@BAF0 - It's a fair question. What truck would I be buying in OZ if I wanted say, 7,000+ lbs payload and 25,000+ towing? Can I get it with 4 doors? What about 4wd? I can live without luxury, but OZ is obviously a place that loves Utes and pickups, up to midsize. So why should the fun stop there? It's all commercial trucks after that?

@HEMI V8 - It's called San Luis Potosi, Mexico. That's where your Cummins engines are hecho'd in Ram HD trucks which is near Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico plant the builds Ram trucks for US consumption. That Cummins plant also builds engines for DINA trucks and tour buses. DINA and Cummins are both huge in Mexico.

In Australia we would have truck carry the load and not tow.

That's why they are called trucks and not tractors.

@BAF0 - OK, nobody in OZ tows? I'd be the only one? Yourself and RR have posted hundreds of links of caravans being towed by pickups, Utes, etc in OZ. I just asked a simple question and didn't mean to offend. It was meant for RR anyways. But OK, let's say I needed a truck capable of hauling 7,000+ lbs of payload on board. Or even 3,500 lbs. Would a commercial tilt-cab CF vehicle of some sort be my only option in OZ/NZ? Would 4wd be aftermarket? Would I hate it for person everyday use and running about town? Or going out to dinner and a show with friends? Would they hate it?

Retard, go and troll on another site.

I really don't give a damn what you think, simply because you can't think other than causing mayhem on blog sites.

You're a troll, piss off and go to another site.

"@Hemi V8, Duramax is more American than you ol' pal on anyday of the week."

Posted by: AllAmerican | Feb 3, 2014 10:37:19 AM

Sure, The Maxipad diesel is a Japanese motor. Check your map book. Japan is far from the united states. lol

@Dim, READ THIS---- http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2011/07/a-tour-of-cummins-midrange-engine-plant.html

@HEMI V6 - I'm not doubting your link, but it's suspect. It's totally illogical to ship engines thousands of miles and across a border when they can be sourced locally in Mexico (where Ram HD trucks are built) and at a fraction of the cost.

Some buyers, including myself, consider it an insult to build an American original full-size truck that's so obnoxiously profitable, and import it from Mexico. Nothing against Mexico, but Ram will always be last in line, for that and a few other reasons.

Dodge trucks were once #1 and Chrysler decided to PI$$ that away to focus on building crappy K-car based turds. How did that work out?

Oh that's rich, Big Al calling someone else a troll.


Chevy and GMC only builds crew cabs 1500s in MEXICO. The single double cabs 1500s are built in Fort Wayne IN.


All HD GM trucks are built in Flint MI. which is also capable of making 1500 crew cabs.


Ram builds more of their truck line up in Mexico (All HDs 2500-5500 and some 1500s) then GM and the Mexican built 5.7L Hemi!

( The 5.7 L Hemi is made at Chrysler's Saltillo Engine plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.)



Chevy and GMC only builds crew cabs 1500s in MEXICO.

No $#!^

What is Cheby's most popular truck? HINT (crew cabs 1500s)

" but Ram will always be last in line, for that and a few other reasons."
Posted by: DenverlllMike | Feb 4, 2014 6:54:26 AM



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