2015 Ford Expedition: First Look

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By David Boldt

In the almost 18 years since Ford's Expedition first rolled into showrooms (at that time significantly based off the F-150), there has been a sea of change in the SUV market. However, despite incremental sales over the past several model years, there remains the big-family, trailer-towing buyer in need of a capable SUV. And nothing says "towing" quite like Ford's body-on-frame full-size Expedition and long-wheelbase EL.

With a host of updates for 2015, the folks at Ford hope to keep the Expedition relevant until all-new models can fit into Ford's updated/upgraded product plan, which could include many of the same upgrades seen on the next-generation 2015 Ford F-150.

First things first: While aluminum exists on the '15 Expedition, its use is confined to those ancillary pieces typically reserved for the lightweight alloy and not — we'll emphasize — for the entire body structure. In short, this is not the SUV derivative of Ford's '15 F-Series. Instead, exterior changes are limited to a new front clip (featuring available LED fog lamps), optional 22-inch wheels and a redesigned rear hatch. At the reveal it was difficult to gauge the extent of the changes relative to the existing model, but there's far greater commonality between the new Expedition and today's F-Series than there exists with the all-new F-Series. Compared to the 2015 F-Series (if you choose to do so) there's little shared beyond the EcoBoost V-6 and — of course — the Ford logo.


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Inside, interior updates are clearly evident, especially on the new Platinum edition Expedition. What is described as "lush leather seating" is available in a new Brunello leather, a red wine color featuring tuxedo-stripe accents and French-seamed stitching. And if it's simply not your time for red wine, you can also choose black leather with Agate Gray accents. The Platinum will sit at the top of the trim triangle, with XLT and Limited providing the other two initial choices; a new King Ranch edition will be available later.

Of course, a newish Ford wouldn't be newish without the latest technologies, including Sync with MyFord Touch, push-button start and a blind spot information system. We had hoped Ford's truck division, through marketing, messaging or tweets, might simply tell customers to shut up and drive, but it hasn't happened yet.

Real change can be seen under the hood, where the Expedition's current 5.4-liter V-8 is no longer available. The only powertrain will be Ford's well-received and popular 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, delivering more power and performance than the outgoing V-8 while promising better fuel efficiency. Combine that with the segment's only independent rear suspension and three selectable (albeit optional) drive modes — Comfort, Normal and Sport — and you have the makings of a sophisticated player.

At the end of the day, Ford loyalists will be satisfied with the full menu of upgrades, while Chevrolet loyalists — with an all-new Tahoe/Suburban on the way — will have little reason to stray, save for the EcoBoost V-6. These are interesting times, with an increasing variety of interesting trucks.

To read the full Ford press release, click here.


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15Lincoln-Navigator-L-rear-three-quarters II

Lincoln Navigator LWB


@PUTC @Dave Boldt

Ahem, I believe that Toyota's Sequoia has had an independent rear suspension since Fall 2006 or so, or was it 2009. Quite awhile in either case.

This move with Ford's archaic Expedition is odd. Apart from not offering it with a V8 option, which is weird.

Ok, all you Chevy Suburban fans who've been hungering for a six cylinder turbo option--here's your chance. hello? Hello? Can anybody hear me????

The real question is whether or not Ford will offer the EL Edition.

I don't like the look of this thing, but then again that does not matter since neither my wife nor I would ever buy one. Expeditions, Tahoes/Yukons, and especially Suburbans are just to same big unless you have more than 3 children and they just scream "I am old". Well at least they are better than a minivan.

These vehicles are a great value used. I picked up a 2007 model back in 2009 with about 15k miles on it for almost half of the original MSRP. It's loaded to the gills and for $26k at the time, you couldn't beat it. Now.. gas was also on the rise at that point in time but... it was still a great deal. We've burned up the highway in it and now well past the 100k mark and it's still running strong and rattle free. Tows the boat with relative ease, hauls our family of 5 and 2 dogs with comfort. It's ugly as all @#$% but it works. Handles the Colorado snow with ease... Other than it's pug nose, i can't really bash it. These newer features would be welcome as that has come a long way since the 07 model.

that doesn't look like a pick up truck.... but its a Ford so its ok.

I wonder why this site didn't report on Suburban/Yukon/Escalade, but does with Expedition??

BTW, this thing is Ugly and still have that same body (literally) since launch in 1997.

It should loose 1,000 lbs when land rover that was owned by ford converted there large SUV over to all aluminum they lost just over 1,000 lbs. this tank should be able to hit 17city and 24highway.

Since the platform of the Expedition will be changed in 2015 (the F-150), the re-designed 2015 Expedition should be based on it. Not on the previous F-150.

I still think it looks better than any of the Toyota offerings! but it does not have "the only independent rear suspension in the segment", even in this Country! as the GL from M/Benz comes to mind.

Decent looking. I like the interior. Outside kind of looks like the previous version explorer though.

Not a bad thing.

probably because it's (Ford) Pickuptrucks.com

The front end should be used on F-150's as it's far more attractive and doesn't scream out 'I have a deficient set of jewels and supporting appendage'.

The interior looks like something from the 90s and 're-landscaped' to fit in the screen.

From the front door back it looks like an oversized Explorer, which I thought were ugly.

People actually buy these things?

Ford can design such nice vehicles, like in the link, it's only a midsize SUV, also based on a pickup, but is far more appealing.


We had a Tahoe a couple of years ago and it was more attractive, shorter, but it still moved five fully grown adults around Nevada, chewing a considerable quantity of fuel.

The US has made some of the best looking SUVs in history, but this ain't one of them.

The styling is fresh for the most part, not as dramatic from the outgoing model as many predicted.

I do agree Al, the front end looks better then the 2015 large mouth bass F-150.

@Papa Jim: we don't all want a turbo v-6 with issues, issues bad enough that Consumer Reports said the v-8 is average, ecoboost has dropped to below average. Wow, 3 years in, wait until they get 75k or worse, 100k miles, by then they are out of Fords warranty, so what do they care?

WOW i guess the "lush" interior is for all the drunks that may buy it lol...... from personal experience it doesnt tow a 20 foot Lund Tyee very well........ rear end waggin like a dog.....

Also funny to me to make the FALSE claim that its the only independent rear suspension....... Toyota Sequoia ( a MUCH nicer vehicle) also rides on a double wishbone independent rear suspension and doesnt wag like a dog when towing but who would expect facts from this site anymore.......... Is there anyone on that staff anymore that has a clue about BOF vehicles other than a ford product? maybe Y'all should hire someone that has a passion for it....... just an idea since you guys look silly posting incorrect info all the time.

2005 called and wants it's Expedition back. Ford must be saving money on the Expedition design.

Why is thing five years behind? a new SUV with the current/old F-150 interior? It should be using aluminum and have the new 2015 F-150 interior.

And the Expedition is considered PUTC worthy?

@ hemi lol
@ Papa Jim

The Toyota Sequoia has a front wishbone suspension. It has A live rear axle! Try using google search once in a while! Who looks silly now!?

Why is this POS on this site? I don't see a cargo box. Oh yeah, it's a furd, this site will do anything to plug a furd.

Seriously Mark Williams, I have been reading here and not posting for quite some time, your bias is flat out disgusting. Rag journalism for a rag of a site. I'm out.


If you haven't seen a Sequoia in the last 10 years or so you can be forgiven.

The Sequoia they've been making the last five years, or so, IN FACT has independent rear suspension.

Go directly to jail. Do not collect 200 dollars.


For those who want an Expedition loaded, go looking for a Navigator instead.

They actually lose half of their MSRP in year one. Don't take my word for it, look at Cars.com

Even with the over-worked 5.4 V8 it's a nice ride.

@TRX 4 Tom

Try re-reading what I wrote. I don't want any six cylinder in a half ton chassis. Turbo or not. My middle name is V8.

I'm surprised that Ford isn't going to offer the 5.0L V8 alongside the Ecoboost.

Seems like they would utilize the 5.0L in as many platforms as possible considering its MPG is nearly identical to the Ecoboost.

GM and Toyota full size SUV's tow just as well as Ford's, tbh. There is some bias there.

It's strange there are no diesel options full-size SUV's, considering those vehicles were designed with towing in mind.

Chrysler could design the new Jeep Wagoneer on the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel platform/drive train instead of offering a Dodge Durango twin, to offer something more capable then the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

VW or Porsche have diesels but don't offer 7-seat SUV's and can tow 7700 lb. And the GC tows even less.

@papa jim - saying something nice about Ford or GMC gets "TRX Ram coils replace Crown Vic" all bent out of shape.

I am puzzled as to why PUTC is covering SUV's other than the accusation that PUTC is a Ford PR outlet.

We "voted" to cover vans but not these.

What next... minivans?

@ papa jim

You're right, I was wrong. I'm man enough to admit it.
Having said that, please keep your dumb sarcasm to yourself.

Hey, it's a pickup truck with a shell! I must be on Truck Trend instead of PUTC! *end sarcasm* At least cargo vans imitate pickups with a hollowed out canopy behind the cabin. While it's here, I should say they should offer the EcoBoost as an option to the standard 5.0 V8. Maybe next year??? Otherwise, lipstick on a pig that was born in 1997, had an extensive makeover in 2003, refreshed in 2007, and again in 2015. I will say it looks better than the bipolar semi-front, minivan-rear Toyota Sequoia, which is an eyesore.

Just wish Ford would use their global markets for once, but as usual they want to keep it strictly American in America ie: Ford Falcon, Ford Ranger, Ford Territory (with a third row and a diesel option) Global models that I believe would have a place in the US, yet not one of them are even under consideration, however GM has done this Chevrolet SS (Holden Commodore) Chevrolet Colorado (Holden Colorado) and soon to be Chevrolet Trailblazer (Holden Colorado 7) which for the most part have received good reviews.

So much for Ford's "Global Market" when all they do is take the Euro small cars for all and keep their gigantic American models...which are only sold in America...???

I beg to differ about the V8 diesel Porsche Cayenne. 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds.

It has a 4.2 V8 diesel with nearly 400hp and 630ftlb of torque and can tow exactly 7 700lbs. It's also getting 34mpg in imperial gallons, which seems quite good considering it's overall performance.


After doing a little more digging, I have found out there are a number of full size SUV's that have 4 wheel independent suspension, but the only one who comes close to the towing cap. of the Ford Expedition is the Nissan Armada, every one else's only tows around 7k-7.5k, with seating for 8 of course, and they are the M/Benz GL Class, The Toyota Sequoia and new Highlander and oh yea The Land Rover LR 4 has seating for 8 and 375 hp/8 speeds, but I cannot find anything about towing amounts, but it must be at least 7K! and this is only in America.

I forgot all about the Dodge Durango! that also seats 8, has a Hemi/8spds, and can tow 7.4K not to mention this is the least expensive SUV that has these capabilities!

So they will show the expedition on here but not mention the number one selling full size SUV, Tahoe and Suburban....hmmm

I expected them to offer the 5.0 V8 on this... since they're not I'm guessing that is a CAFE thing... with that said I have come to expect to see such coverage (SUV's, Vans, minivans, CUV's, etc.) on TruckTrend's website, but I was a little surprised to see this on this website....

In my opinion Vans and SUVs don't belong on a website called pickuptrucks.com. Having said that, full sized SUV's such as the Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe/suburban, GMC Yukon, Toyota sequoia, and Nissan armada are closer to pickup trucks than any other automotive product made. Having owned a 2004 suburban and a 2005 expedition nothing can haul the whole family, tow just about anything, and still be pretty capable offroad like a full size SUV, except for a crew cab pickup!

The 6.2 should have been the only engine offered in the Expedition. The 3.5 Ecobust is too problematic.

I do think all SUVs and CUVs with a high and low range should be included on PUTC.

Many do share the same architecture and drivetrains. You'd be surprised at how many global SUVs run the same gear you guys run in your pickups and SUVs.

Also, like myself who went out looking at SUVs ended up buying a pickup. Because the differences in refinement and use is similar.

There is quite a bit of cross shopping between the two styles of trucks.

PUTC can only benefit from it and bring in some new blood onto the site.

Jeez who ever is designing for Ford needs to go, the new F-150 and this thing are fugly! And I own an '09 F-150 and love it!

@Big Al

You are far more optimistic about PUTC than I but I doubt soccer moms will be the answer.

I would like some female input on PUTC, even soccer moms or even mums.


Dumb sarcasm?

My sarcasm ranks amongst the wittiest of all the sarcasm on this site, which is saying something. My sarcasm competes with the likes of Lou in BC and Big Al from Oz.

After a hard day of trolling this site, messing with the likes of you is almost a downer for a sarcastic f00ker like me. You don't know who you're messing with !


Looks like the 2003 expedition.

I have an 01 Expedition with 192,xxx miles, break a great truck in every respect. I put on new tires this fall and it plows through the snow like no pickup I have owned, probably due to the weight distribution. Anyway, I wish these were going all aluminum right away. It would then definitely beat out a Suburban for the next vehicle of choice. The large frame truck platform SUV in the only way to haul a family of seven and growing...

@papa jim
I do think there's a difference between the banter and trolling on PUTC.

I don't always agree with Lou, Robert Ryan, Jeff S or yourself.

We always can keep it civil and can still get along.

But, I might have pushed Lou too far with him co-hosting a Top Gear style show with DiM :-D

DiM has some deeply rooted issues that require attention.

Maybe Mark Williams could host a BBQ or party at his house with an open invitation for all of the PUTC contributors.

I would really like to meet Hemi V8 in real life. My impression of him is a homeless person who found someone's I Pad and sits in a park all day blogging.

@Big Al


Big Al

If Mark Williams host a BBQ for those that contribute to PUTC I think you would see Mike (Michael) Levine Ford communications, Michael Levine (Levine Communications Office and author of 3 guerrilla PR books) and Denverlllmike all would be present.

Why are people complaining about PUTC covering a truck based SUV? No its not a pickup but its a truck and its closer to a pickup then the unit body vans they have been reporting on.

To me, body on frame, rear drive or real 4x4 with 2-speed transfer case (not awd) is a truck.

Not all trucks, are pickup trucks, but share much in common.

SUV is a truck with one piece body enclosing box for use for passengers first and cargo 2nd. Van is same but cargo first passengers second.

Unibody is not a truck, so not SUV or Van. May be CUV or minivan.

This is PUTC, and it is pickups only or open to mention of all trucks. Which to me, includes vans that are further from pickups to drive than SUVS, and sadly Ridgeline that has no frame, but has a box so more pickup than a CUV but I bet there are some el Camino and ranchero fans that would say Ridgeline is a truck despite those having V8s and frames.

I'd take Sequoia with own money over ecoboost Expedition with yours.

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