2015 Ford F-150 Will Offer Snowplow Package

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The 2015 Ford F-150 will have something no other half-ton pickup can offer. No, it's not just aluminum body panels, but the new F-150 will offer a dedicated snowplow package for all three cab configurations in XL, XLT and Lariat trim levels.

The unique, new up-fit package will offer a special wiring harness, heavy-duty cooling and heating, and all other essential platform hookups necessary to make installation of a just about any half-ton-appropriate blade as easy as bolting up the front framing structure. The setup will require the 5.0-liter V-8 and four-wheel-drive option, and will be available next winter. The package must be installed by a Ford-qualified vehicle modifier, and the total added weight of the chosen system cannot exceed the truck's weight capabilities, which is right around 500 pounds. The kit will be equipped with a dedicated button that will activate a snowplow mode that will turn off non-essential features in order to provide more power to the plow system. 

Pricing for the new package (excluding the price of the plow) will be announced near the end of the year when the 2015 Ford F-150 make it to dealerships. To see a Ford inforgraphic regarding snowfall levels in various U.S. cities for January, 2014, click here

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My F150 has a snow plow package, and you can also get one on a Chevy! but I believe it was for reg cabs only anyway, but that is a work truck anyway to begin with! the only difference is on mine are with the Chevy you can get it with a short bed or long bed, on the Ford I was only able to get it on the long bed reg cab at the time, also with the Chevy you needed to get a V-8, but on my F-150 I was able to get it with the EB at the time! oh yea, you also had to get the HD payload package too!

BAD IDEA for anyone who plows with a half ton pickup. Unless you want to wer out your truck and have the resale value drop like a rock.

That truck at the show had LT tires on it. I wonder if those will be part of a package on those trucks. I wonder why they just wont make this 'snow plow" button and kit available for existing trucks? I know quite a few guys who were disappointed when they realized that power steering was an issue with a plow. There should be some type of sensible cheap override that should eliminate that 12v system.

They should offer this package on the 6.2 V8 option! Oh yes I forgot there is no 6.2 V8 option for 2015!

Lame LOL you need a plow button Lmao! Where the Eco bust? Can't handle plowing duty must be weak!

does this PUTC story really say "...the chosen system cannot exceed the truck's weight capabilities, which is right around 500 pounds"

My old Ranger could handle more than 500 pounds. How the mighty have fallen!

If you want to plow snow buy a 3/4 ton truck period. Sure a 1/2 ton will do it but won't last and you have to use a light duty plow.

My 2011 ecoboost specifically said in the owners manual that eccoboost trucks are not to have plows. Don't know how you could have gotten a plow package on one.


Toyota to Stop Making Cars in Australia. Same for G.M & Ford.


The reason plows can't/shouldn't be used with an EcoBoost is because the plow would be in the way of the intercooler (same reason the license plate bracket is offset on EB trucks). Plus for something as severe use as plowing (stopping, starting, backing up, etc.), I'd only trust a V8 or a straight-6 anyway. An EcoBoost will cut it, but it'll cut your engine life down pretty bad.

That's surprising. You'd think the transmission will go before the engine. A plow truck sees orders of magnitude more forward/reverse shifting than a normal truck.

Notice the wipers are stopped 1/3 way up, I wonder if this is part of the plow package?

What nonessential features would it turn off to increase power for plowing? Radio? Traction control?

That's nice and all that they have a plow group, but 500# really limits the choices. Then again, a half ton shouldn't be called to do much more than your own driveway.

I see nothing wrong with this. If you want to plow snow with a quad, who cares.

What I see is plowing snow is sort of like plowing a paddock (field).

If you only have a 100hp tractor and you need to plow a few hundred acres, take a tent and lots of food and beer, because it will be a lot quicker plowing with a 250hp tractor.

But, not everyone needs to plow a few hundred acres.

So, there will be a market for a little snow plow.

I just saw where chevy will be running gay marriage commercials during the Olympics. I will never ever buy another gm product!

@Mr Knowitall
I think you will find a blur starting to develop between 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton pickups. Remember you are basing your judgement on what a current 1/2 ton is, not what they will become.

1/2 ton pickup will be what our midsizers are to your midsizers.

Our midsizers are sort of miniature HD's . Your 1/2 tons and HDs are heading down that track.

2018 will be the year to watch out for.

It only makes sense.

Yes its the only truck with this package......... WELL, the Tundra has all of this heating/cooling extras built in without "ordering" a package. oh and they come with a 170 amp alternator so you dont need to shut off other items...... why is ford touted as such a good truck when if you dont buy the right "package" you get a garbage wannabe truck?

Can I get some syrup with that waffle?

I guess timing is everything.

Snow will melt if you wait a few months. The same readers who often comment about the importance of fuel economy are all revved up about the prospect of using their half ton truck to move the snow around a few feet before it melts. Jesus!

Just wait--I promise that by July it will be gone. Save a few tankfuls of fuel in the process. Unless, that is, you just wanted to play with your new snow removal toy. Big boys and their toys!

I have plow on my riding lawn mower, does a great job for my driveway.

@papa jim, snow removal is a necessity in the northern States and Canada. We can't just sit around and wait for a few feet of snow to melt. What, life shuts down until the snow just up and disappears? Really, lol.

FYI some places yet, others no. In OH they plow the snow into big piles which sit in the parking lots taking up space and they melt making ice. the snow would have melted off in a few days but know they insist on playing with their plow making a bigger mess.

What did they do about snow melt 100 years ago--they let it melt. They knew that it would!

They were right. It always melts.

Some of the goofy guys who post comments on this site get all lathered up about the idea that a glacier somewhere (one that nobody's ever even seen before might melt) if we have too much global warming (Oh My!!!) but they are perfectly ok with blasting around a parking lot in low gear pushing snow around when they could be out on the lake catching some crappies, walleyes and yellow perch through the ice. Plus your beer stays cold!



@BAF0 - You're already seeing a blur between bloated small trucks and full-size, as regular cab midsizers are taken way from the line up . Once buyers are forced to get extra cab midsizers at minimum, similarly priced or less (after rebates) regular cab full-size trucks will be way more appealing with far more advancements and technology. All aluminum bodies and engines. Available 400+-hp turbo gassers and V8s. 8 to 10-speed transmissions. Cylinder deactivation. Far greater payload/towing capacity. The list goes on and on. Far more models and options.

Crew cab midsizers are similar in length and seating to my super cab F-150, except narrow. I really don't see a point to the crew cab midsizers. All full-size OEMs really need to do is offer a 5.5 ft bed on extra cabs and regular cabs for the final blow to the midsize market.

Despite the lack of regular cabs, fleet and other cheapskate extremists will still converge on the mid-size class. Before midsizers totally disappear, OEMs will desperately attempt to force a crew cab on all buyers. It obviously won't work though.

why? God gave us marriage between a man and a woman. It doesn't matter what some politicians or 2% of the population believes .Gods word hasn't changed its still the same.Gay marriage isn't progress its regress.If God had intended for two men to be a family or husband and husband that's what it would read.People try and pick out what they want the Bible to say instead of what it says!

Hey PUTC; scoop this:

Paul not everyone is foolish enough to believe in god. That said I respect peoples rights and what they want to believe in is up to them.

Ken you are right.You hold your destiny in your own hands.God gave you a choice to believe or not.

I believe i'll stay with God and leave the big bang theory to others. A poll I read not long ago said 98% of doctors believe in God.They said the Body is so complex that God was the only answer.

ken: but to you it is foolish to believe ? wow how tolerant of you!

Guys please keep religion out of the discussion. This is about a factory snow plow package not a debate about religion. No one is going to win a debate about it anyway.

As a note my 1993 F150 has the HD front end ready for a snow plow so this certainly isn't the first application like the article states. Maybe the first for current generation trucks? Still it is nice to have options for work in a truck. Here in Boise we only get a couple of inches of snow at a time so a huge plow isn't really needed. The cost savings of buying a 3/4 ton for a minor job would be beneficial to the contractor.


Religion? I think Global Warming is a religion but people discuss their silly views on that topic endlessly on this site.

Air pollution is real, but warming???

@papa jim- 100 years ago, people dies a lot sooner, too.
@Big Al- calling ANY midsize a miniature HD is a stretch (and an oxymoron). Your midsize trucks have the same parts underneath as our's. Only big difference is the springs and tires.

@ papa jim

I am trying to abide by the spirit of the rules that Mark set forth about 10 weeks ago. I know not everyone will follow them but topics like religion, politics, gender identity, etc. should go off into their own forum and not be clogging up the comment sections.

I am guilty from time to time getting off on tangents, you and I have had a couple of those I think, but I am going to abide by the rules and keep the conversation steered toward the actual article. If the article is about vehicle emmissions then I think bringing up climate change is fair game but even that has its limits. I am sure that there will be some upcoming articles where this will be appropriate but bringing up religion/gay rights and snow plows is out of bounds.

I think that is fair enough for everyone.

LOL glad paul is a Ford lover that dude is a wack job

Lol what a joke who in their right mind would use a half ton as a snowplow. Most serious guys wouldnt even use a 3/4 ton. Lol at Ford girly girls who use a F150 as a snowplow. Hows that Ford kool aid working out?

I guess this is ok for small time property owners who may have a really long drive way to plow. Still, for anyone who is doing more than 300 feet of plowing, I hope there is some kind of communication in the marketing literature that they really should buy a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck.

Seriously papa jim you think some people don't actually need to plow snow? You realize that many places in the U.S. get many feet of snow each year? You must live somewhere that doesn't get any snow. Most of the stores where I live would have to close all winter long if not for the guys that show up to plow the parking lots at 5 A.M. after every storm. People that live down long lanes would be snowed in all winter long if they didn't plow their lanes after every storm (most are farmers that use a tractor, but not all of them). A snow plow is an absolute necessity for many people and businesses. They may only use it 5 or 10 times a year (not enough to wear out your truck much), but still a necessity.

@ Mr Knowitall
Do your midsizer's run V8 runnning gear? Just read the running gear used in the Frontier. We already have that kind of stuff.

Even my BT50 runs a 8.8 E Locker assend with a MT82 gearbox, the same used in a Boss Mustang.

Do your midsizers have the same chassis's?

I think you'll find our midsizers are different. They might have similar bodies.

Even our Hilux has a FULL boxed chassis, unlike the SUV Surf based chassis on your Taco.

That's another reason why our midsizers are also a little pricier than yours.

You guys just don't have the same midsizers.

This reminds me of one of those "do it all" power tools that STIHL and Echo make, where you buy the motor and it has all these nifty attachments. The problem is, most of those attachments while looking cool are completely worthless when you hook them up to to the powerhead yuo can get for $150 or so at box stores. Sure you can hook them up, and they even look normal, and you can even "use" them in that the engine fires up and the moving parts turn, but it is certainly less than ideal.

I struggle to see how an F150 (or any half ton) makes any logical sense to have a snow plow attachment. At least with that worthless powerhead the attachment cost you less than $100 probably so if you only use it once a year or on light work it doesnt break the bank. I've never shopped but I googled it, and the results were all over $1000, which would be completely unreasonable if you try and use the "once a year" excuse. Anyways I thought all the solid axle fanbois said you caint plow with an IFS truck when Chevy first offered a snow plow package for thei HD's, so which is it?


I lived in the snow belt for a long time. I have manually shoveled a lot of snow in my day. Me, a thermos full of hot soup and a bleeping snow shovel.

When it was too much to handle we hunkered down until the worst of it passed. Some guys had Jeeps and 4wd vehicles but most of us did not. We just managed.

And by the way, in the spring the snow melted.

We need to get those gay snow plow operators to find religion and pray for the reversal of global warming.

No wonder why the country is going to hell...... unless you don't believe in that ;)

The capabilities of 1/2 tons exceed those of 3/4 tons from a decade ago. I don't think plowing with 1/2 tons is a real concern.

I check this site every now and then for truck news. I saw the site admin make a special post a few weeks ago about being civil towards each other and staying within sight of the topic.

Today I see an article about a snow plow attachment. Before the first page of comments is filled it has turned into a gay rights - existence of God - global warming crybaby fight.

Some of you people are amazing. I now think Michigan Bob is the most reasonable commenter left, and he is a borderline psychopath.

@ TacoTuesday4Ever - Michigan Bob does not fit the definition of a sociopath.
He alleges to be a Republican, alleges to have served as a Marine and alleges to be a GMC fan.

He exhibits more borderline personality traits than that of a sociopath.......

or he can be a complete and utter troll without any comments of any value.

@Big Al from Oz Not only do our midsizer's run V8 runnning gear, they actually had v8 in them DUH!!!!

chevy Colorado v8

gmc canyan v8


dodge dakota v8

Big Al from Oz you should stop flapping you'r gums because its obvious you don't know what you are talking about.

Here in the local mountains. (Arrow Head) The houses have heated drive ways. No snow plow needed. Hot water runs under the asphalt or concrete.

The 8.8" rear end has been around for decades and was even in our ancient little Rangers with a beastly, what, maybe 230 ft/lbs of torque ... .

My 1/2 ton runs a 10.5" rear axle... and call it crazy, disc brakes!

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