2015 Toyota Tundra/Tacoma TRD Pro Series Video

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We had the chance to watch a few Toyota pickup trucks in action at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show as they navigated one of the biggest indoor off-road courses we've seen. In fact, the auto show has two indoor off-road courses for the public to sample from Feb. 8-17. We'll let you guess what other manufacturer is showing off its 4x4 credibility. In the meantime, here's what we saw and liked about the two new TRD Pro Series off-road packages. This is pretty much a carryover suspension package for the Tacoma, but the Tundra now has something better than the Rock Warrior trim level it had before.

To see our 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Series video, click here.





I have to admit, this actualy looks kinda good.

Ok suspension upgrade, I like the stamping in the bedside (stickers are soooo lame), love the grille, and I like that the skidplate finally has oil filter access, but I won't run out and buy one. My current Tundra already has a 2" lift with bilsteins/deaver leaf, and probably slightly larger tires--and I don't "run" the desert, so it suits me fine.

Most Toyota 4x4s have good "fundamental" specs, so this will just be a nice little upgrade package, but nothing ground-breaking.

I'm not a big fan of the toyota in the grille. Just like the FJ. So were you hinting at the raptor having an indoor course? Or is it land rover? Was it supposed to be obvious?

Probably Jeep... .

@PUTC Might have been more interesting just watching the Toyota trucks/SUV manage the icy streets of Chicago.

The color they chose isn't bad at all. Looks good with the blacked out trim pieces. Way better looking than the awful Chevy reaper.

I like the tires!

Yet another package most of us can't afford.

Suspension is great but that truck is impractically large for any trails around here. The turning radius in the Tundra is a joke. Ask me about making a 3 point turn just to round a hairpin curve on a mountain road. Then by that time you've lost your momentum and are spinning your wheels in the mud.

The cargo box is too small to haul anything. I'd say this would be a strictly weekenders truck but since you can't even put an ATV in the back of there it's not even good for that.

Toyota, please pay attention to the needs of 95% of truck buyers. Go back to your roots and remember why it is your vehicle became popular in this country to begin with.

I could drive through that course in my 1970 Vette! and who is it that keeps talking about the square fenders in the Chevy trucks? and not one word from them on the tacomas teardrop fenders?

Oh and it would be nice if we could get that package on the reg cab tundra! for say around 30K!

MaXx I agree 1/2 ton trucks are too big for serious offroad in most cases but for a 1/2 ton truck the Tundra has the tightest turning radius of any half ton truck, turn a couple feet shorter then any of the others.

I agree with papa jim, take these out on the pot-hole riddled streets and un-plowed side-streets of chicago for a true off-road test. Desert running in california is nothing try running in the midwest in the middle of winter. I like toyota quality but this is just window dressing. Toyota seems reluctant to offer new powertrains.

Not impressed. No locker, no fender flares, only 2" front lift, what about the rear? offroad truck? Not impressed.

as a tundra owner i am not impressed either. I already did those things to my truck and im sure it was much less $$ than what Toyota's Pkg will cost. Only reason i bought the tundra was because it was cheaper than a tacoma so in the common sense world i live in, why not buy a truck with 2 x the capacity and capability for the same mpg and money ?? Its been a good truck so far just need to keep a couple hundred pounds of stuff in the bed to get rid of the bed bounce ride when empty.

Each time I see the front end of the new Tundra, I dislike it more and more.

Not in a Million Years would I purchase let alone drive a Toyota, there's just something about it that reminds me of a Female.

Can't wait for my 2015 Silverado Z71, Oh Yes.

Opps, 2015 Silverado 2500HD Z71 that is...

or GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax...

@Ex-hemi Guy - and you don't like females?

@Steve - Power train is fine, all that can be done is to add a third overdrive to get closer to idle on freeway for better mugs. It's fuel mileage is not top of class, but it is no worse than 1-2mpgs in real world and it's not bad for the performance it offers.

I think it's funny how often comments like "I have to admit" that this is a nice truck is showing up online since the Pro broke cover... Really?! Is it that painfully to say you like a Toyota?

Anybody here watch Back 2 The Future when they were teenagers and drool over that little black 4x4 Toyota... It is because of this movie truck that I still want to add roll bars to my 2011 CrewMax and lift it to similar proportions...

The grill is ok with Toyota written on it, not really appealing to me. But atleast it isn't as ugly as the bird beak looking grill thing on the Chevy reaper. I hope the designer of the reaper front end got fired after designing that monstrosity.


Since I can't afford anything new I look forward to purchasing one of these '15s in 8 or 10 years.


@sandman4X4 the difference is with the same lift height, the Tacoma can fit tires with no rubbing unlike the GM trucks. The reaper has a ~3" lift and requires minor trimming to fit 33s. Tacoma people fit 33's with zero rubbing and some even fit 34s with a 2.5-3" lift.

just when you thought Toyota coulden't make a uglier truck.

never say never...

@toyrulz...I loved that black EFI 4x4 Toyota PU in Back to the Future II. It was one of my favorite trucks and still is except for the beer can doors with no side guard protection. Makes me sad that I had to give up my '88 Toyota PU because of those concerns. A cell phone distracted soccer mom slamming into the side of one of those things with a full sized SUV would be ugly. The '84-'88 PU's were one of my favorite generations.

John, the size of the tires on the Reaper are fine, and a Tacoma only has what 240hp? stock and with a TRD blower something like 400hp at the most? but a Reaper? has between 450-550 hp gets the same mpg and can carry and tow a lot more, and is also American!! and I will only drive or ride American!

haha, it doesnt matter where you go you will find testosterone.
i am on both sides of the fence, i own a 2009 3500hd chev 4x4 with the Duramax, great truck average 13L per 100km mixed driving. i also own a 2012 tacoma trd off road with a 6sp standard. 13L per 100km mixxed driving @ slower speeds.
when the conditions are there worst the chev needs chains and 4wheel drive, the toyota only needs to be thrown into 4wheel drive. i live and work in northern Alberta and work in the oil patch, i see many operators who drive Tacoma, Tundra and Chev trucks.... these are people who cant afford not to make it to the site when they're called upon! last month i was on a site that was only half plowed, the snow was over 18" deep and spots well over 2', the Tacoma in 1st gear with no throtle pushed its way through all, in high range... you get what you pay for and all trucks are not equal or we would only have one brand... choose what fits you best for your needs... for me pulling a 28' travel trailor or a 12' work trailor i have confidence in both trucks! just wish Toyota had built in brake controller and chev had better 4wheel drive. last year 30,000miles on each truck and the chev cost $14,000.00 just in maintenance, the Tacoma was $3,000.00 and 125,000 miles newer:) on the Tundra crew cab i have seen ATV's and sled decks so dont believe you have to compromise just research what you want!

also note that our Toyotas are made in Canada and th U.S.A and some maybe in Mexico... my Tacoma is made in Texas

These are good underpinnings, but Toyota so doesn't quite understand the market. Rich people but these trucks. Not only rich people, but mostly. They want all the bells and whistles. This should be platinum type features in the interior.

I don't understand the need for excessive off-road equipment for full-size trucks. Yeah they need to be competent 4x4s with a rear locker but if someone is going to extremes then they probably wouldn't take a big truck for obvious reasons. Hey Ford, make a smaller version of the Raptor.

I purchased my first Tundra in 2007 and was very impressed with it. Purchased a 2010 and was literally surprized with the trade in value I was given. At the same time my company bought 5 fleet Tundra four years later all trucks have well in excess of 250 KM and the maintenance cost has been literally $1000 of dollars less then our previous fleet ( Ford & Gm) and the best part the trucks are far from needing replacing, and none of them have any issues. I am sold and have a 2014 Limited on order Lastly these trucks are made in the USA.

I was hoping that Toyota was going to bring out a new, modern Tacoma. This is essentially the same truck that they introduced in 2005. It looks the same, more or less, and I assume that it has the same 4.0l v6 and same 5 spd auto trans. I was hoping for a more modern truck that has better fuel efficiency. Additionally, the off-road package is not nearly as good as most off-road enthusiasts already put on their trucks.

It seems like it is time to look at a new Ford or a new Colorado.


I think all of the TRD Pro's look good. I think the Tundra looks great. No cheesy chrome. A reasonable lift. Any higher lift could lead to front end issues. I'm not an extreme off roader but the softer spring rate makes for a great ride on the logging roads I frequent. Tires and wheels looks good. I had a 97 Tacoma. Lots of miles on it and not one issue. Super reliable. I then bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. Loved the power and mileage but disappointed in the reliability. Failed lift pumps. Transmission problems. Bought an FJ Cruiser. Again super reliable. Not one issue after 80,000 miles. Super reliable and a great ride off road. Thats what makes me a fan of Toyota. I like things that work and I don't have to dump money into. I like things that are reliable. I am disappointed that Toyota has not updated these engines yet on the Tundra and Tacoma. Why no direct injection yet? Lets see some better miles per gallon! And how about a bigger gas tank for more range.

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