Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: January 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

You can thank the nasty January weather across the country for keeping potential pickup truck buyers out of dealerships to start the 2014 sales year. Many truckmakers were off by as much as 50 and 60 percent when compared to December 2013. Year-end deals are popular at dealerships, but when temperatures dove into the single digits in the Midwest and on the East Coast, and snow fell in the South, people did not think about making pickup purchases, although some may have considered a block heater.

As a result, many sales prognosticators are guessing 2014 totals will be similar to 2013 numbers (approximately 15.6 million total units sold) as opposed to some early optimistic totals of more than 16 million. There are many new products coming this year (GM's Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duties and the Colorado, and GMC's Sierra HDs and Canyon), and some truckmakers are making production adjustments (like Ford's increase of Super Duty output).

The big winners this month are the Nissan Frontier, Ram and the Toyota Tundra with a much stronger January than their competitors (on a percentage basis), but then again January is typically the slowest month of the year. Although the Nissan Titan took a hard hit since a new truck is being designed, the slowest sellers are the current-gen 2014 Chevy Silverado HDs and GMC Sierra HDs. As the country thaws, we expect these numbers to start climbing, and we expect to add a new player or two by the end of the year.




or maybe the economy sucks worse than anyone cares to admit.

Ram get closer to Chevy everyday.

I know I don't like to go car shopping out in the snow, and I don't even like buying a vehicle that's been sitting on the lot in the winter. I see the dealers here clearing the snow off with hard bristled wisk brooms, you know those cars are going to have swirls galore and worse.

Year after year, all the Ram Girls believe they can get to 2nd Place. Last Year I can Remember them saying they would cath-up to Silverado, guess what you guys didn't and won't.

Here are the real numbers GM Series 40,044...

While 24,713 individuals bought non-american trucks, shame on you.

25,071 bought from the Italian Boys, shame on you.

Buy American... Ford and General Motors!!!

LMFAO!!! Way to make excuses for Ford and Chevy. How come these weather conditions had no adverse affects on RAM then???
What a joke! I can't wait til RAM catches Chevy when the EcoDiesel is flying off the lots in a couple months.

Glad to see 86,580 American Trucks purchased in America, keep America Working. Not like Toyota and Nissan paying low wages, "Non-union" and claiming to be American.

Just look at the sales numbers. The truck makers who price out there vehicles realistically, and offer decent discounts, are the ones making the money. I think its not so much about the economy as it is about price. Pickup trucks, as much as i like them, have turned into a royal screw job when it comes to MSRP. Just take a walk through a dealership and check out prices. 44 grand for a mediocre F-150 and about the same for the Silverado. Order the options and you can sail well north of 50 K. Why pay that when you can get a loaded Frontier Pro 4X for about 32K with a rear locker. Now you know why Nissan is up over 80% in a year. I think they'll trend ever higher next year. Get rid of the chicken tax and bring some competition over here and watch prices drop!

AllAmerican get a life and then a get an education that is if your not mentally retarded. The Tundra is more American then any of the GM trucks, you can't knock Toyota and then say GM is better when they build a lot of their trucks in Mexico with Chinese parts.

@Papa Jim,
I think the US economy is not firing, too many people unemployed or have given up looking for a job. The US Federal Reserve has cut out buying bonds to reduce the US debt, but a lot of job creation incentives need to be undertaken.

Gm series, back sliding...once Ecodiesels hit the lots....see ya Chivy. Give it 2 or 3 months, the gm girls will be boo hoo-ing that their 6.2s, which might be 1% sales increase, will be out, along with a new faced old 2500/3500 carryover powertrain..ah huh...

I looked at a 2014 1500 Chevy, all the smack about the tailgate, its as heavy as any to lift, I never worry about them. Off center steering wheel, can't imagine how they pass a rear collision safety test with anybody tall in the back, with small headrests. No flow through console for rear heat/air? Center seat hard as a rock, little armrest, lack of driver info, little places on rear oh crap handles can hold one maybe two small metal hangers, small gloveboxs.

Gotta be 5'10 or taller to reach the dipstick, and scratch up fender, so you can see if it needs more 0w 20 oil?

No quiter then F-150 or Ram 1500.

Low rider.

No storage place under rear seats.

Clunky dunky transmission.

Complete with over rated tow numbers, no remote activated tailgate lock?

Oh wait, it has bed lighting and a bumperstep, lol!

The Superbowl commercial, wow, an HD to move ONE (1) bull? ,

AllAmerican how can you support the UAW? Its the downfall of the US auto Industry and why GM and Chrysler nearly went Bankrupt. They demand unrealistic wadges for almost no experience and then they want retirement pay? How can the US automakers even be competitive with such excess not to mention the UAW is run like the government with vast over use of money with little to no accountability for poor work habits.

If you roll the Tundra and Tacoma number together it is respectable.

The reason I say this is these monthly figures go across many categories. How many 1500s and 150s are sold as a percentage of the total?

Why don't they give a breakdown of numbers that more accurately reflect consumer demand?

Most bloggers on this site will only buy 1/2 ton and midsizers.

The bad weather must be avoiding only RAM dealerships.
Mark you sound very apologetic behalf of the Ford.
Congratulations to RAM.

Looks like the Silverado is going to be losing that 2nd place spot to Ram. Have you seen their new trucks, f'ken hideous. They are DONE!!

So if we can thank the bad weather for the decline of some, are we to take from this that the trucks that are up are better at handling bad weather driving.

@Robert Ryan

Washington has been trying to stimulate this economy ever since the recession of 2001-2002. It does not work long term because it distorts supply/demand.

What America needs is a government that stays out of the way and let's productive people (and companies) do their thing.

Reading posts from people who want the government to "fix" things makes me sick.

It seems the pickup consumers in the warmer climes in the US prefer Ram's, Nissan's and Toyota's.

It's odd then that Ram's are a bigger seller in Canada.

Or maybe Ram is presenting itself as a more attractive alternative and Toyota with the Tundra have done their research and improved the Tundra better than the Chev update or some have given Toyota credit for.

Toyota again has used less dollars to produce more. This to me seems to be a cultural problem at GM. Not investing wisely.

@Papa Jim
Think you are on the money. Todays news.

I was expecting Ford to be down more than 0.7% as people know about the 2015 Super Duty and 2015 F150. Ram, GM, and Toyota have had very recent updates, with a big forthcoming announcement from Nissan. I am truly amazed Ford has managed to retain as much market share as it has. I'm not buying the weather argument. Bad weather can even help sell 4x4 pickups for all those short-term thinker / impulse buyers out there.

How do you figure people in the warmer climates prefer Rams, BAFO? How do you get that? Frigid winter, we've had alot more snow in Arkansas this year, but US sales are up.

Where it's colder in Canada, Ram sells more then GM, and Toyota anything barely sells there.

Jeeps and suvs are selling, and Papa Jim, must be real bad economy for GM buyers? GM sales in most everything but Corvette and Cruze are down.

I was expecting Ram sales to do this a few years ago, not now. They still have a long ways to catch up to GM though. I don't think it's even possible this year. Ram probably isn't even capable of building that many pickups right now. It would probably take a few years if it ever happens. I'm guessing it's the improved gas mileage that is giving ram most of their increased sales right now.

@Big Al

Ram is marketing heavily! In my area, you can lease a new Ram Express 4 door hemi for 199 per month with 2000 down.

That's a hell of a lot of truck for that price. Realize that not everyone wants to lease, but 39 months for a total just under 10k is very appealing. If you can deduct the lease payment on your taxes it's even better.

@Robert Ryan
Weather does impact, but the retreat in the US isn't promising.

When I went to the States in early December until the 2nd week in January the weather wasn't very nice.

But, it wasn't bad enough for the decline we are seeing.

If demand is there then sales are there and sales would be less affected by some frost in the mornings.

We'll have to wait and see what occurs over the next couple of months. The US is addicted to cheap money, as the rest of the world. Money costs.

@Big Al, Robt Ryan

Big Al nails it. Cheap money.

The government and the big banks have been trying to manage the economy through the rear view mirror. Their discussions are always about the last 90 day period of accounting.

They vainly believe that they can guarantee low inflation and low unemployment at the same time. It has NEVER worked.

Did I write that? Re-read my comment.

I'll give you a hint my first couple of sentences are what is termed a 'tongue in cheek' remark.

It was then followed by a comment regarding Ram having a more serious attempt at moving their pickups. Papa Jim explained Ram are dumping their pickups out of the car lots with heavily discounted sales.

Then Toyota's investment into the Tundra and the returns they are getting from it in comparison to GM.

You would think that crappy weather would increase demand for trucks. All that extra money being spent on heating must be killing disposable income ;)

I can see Ford sales slowing due to people waiting for the next gen trucks. A 0.7% drop is very small.

On the other hand Chevy/GM with "new" trucks have taken huge hits in sales.


maybe they need to hedge their bets by purchasing stock in aluminum companies ;)

You would think that crappy weather would increase demand for trucks. All that extra money being spent on heating must be killing disposable income ;)

I can see Ford sales slowing due to people waiting for the next gen trucks. A 0.7% drop is very small.

On the other hand Chevy/GM with "new" trucks have taken huge hits in sales.


maybe they need to hedge their bets by purchasing stock in aluminum companies ;)

@papa jim--I have noticed less housing starts where I live. The builders have started less new homes and some large tracts of land are still sitting idle which were suppose to be developed a couple of years ago. I do think a lot of the sales increases in cars and trucks has been from pent up demand from those who wanted to buy but held off and recently decided to pull the trigger. The economic crisis of 2008 put a lot of buyers out of the market. I do think some of the sales of cars and trucks is down due to the weather. It has been below zero for much of Jan and more than the usually amount of snow. The grocery, liquor, and hardware stores have been doing a brisk business. I guess when people are cold and miserable they want to have enough food an booze on hand and have snow shovels to dig themselves out.

@Papa Jim
Here's the medicine it appears we are going to get in Australia.

American's might think it's harsh, but it's what I've been talking about concerning industry and welfare.

The US economy is living with borrowed money. Even when the Fed stops buying up bonds, ie, printing money the US is still spending more than it earns, even when inflation is considered.

This all affects vehicle or pickup sales. I just hope Australia can keep ahead.

If I'm going to buy a pickup nothing short of a massive blizzard is going to stop me. At worst it would delay my purchase a few days. Count me as one of the people waiting for the next-gen f-150. I might just end up with a 2014 anyways, but there is no way I could buy a truck right now until I at least hear MPG figures and pricing for the 2015 f-150.

Went out over the weekend to test drive some more trucks, and came away with some good news, and that is the Tremor is a nice truck runs like a bat otta hell, BUT is too expensive! to buy, and to own (taxes and insurance), so I finally went to my Chevy dealer and he had a nice new reg cab short bed W/T, on the lot with a 5.3 and 4x4, I would have drove it home if it had a auto/locking rear end and 3:42 gears in it, as it was it had the 3:08 gears and and is white!! yuck!! still ran almost as well at the Tremor, and was a lot quitter inside, and rode better! I also went to my local Ram dealer and drove a reg cab 4x4 1500 Express, and that is also a very nice truck! and I took the time to sit down with all the salesmen and managers to get to the "bottom number" and for a reg cab short bed F-150 V-8 4x4 with 3:73 gears, P/W/L and nice radio? 30K!!! with no incentives for the reg cab! The Chevy same type, and V-8 4x4 3:42 auto/locker and P/W/L tow package and hitch 28K with $,1500 incentive!! and for the Ram, reg cab Express, with all the same equipment? 29K! with $1,000 incentive! Nothing on any of the lots is exactly what I want to spend my money on! not the right color and equipment, for me to be happy with one for a long time, and they all will give me what I wanted for my F-150, so I will have to order what I want, and that means I have to order a new Ford within a month or will have to wait for the 2015, and do not like them as much as the 2014, so that is out, and the Ram is nice, and I can order one for the next couple of months before the end of the year for reg cabs? or so they say, the Chevy? I can order whenever I want too, and the dealer told me if I custom order one near the end of the quarter, meaning by the end of April he will get one for me for $500 over cost! and give me what I want for my trade!! and at the moment that means 27K!!!! for a new 4x4 W/T truck with a V-8! and HD tow and power package, On-Star, all black and he will be able to throw in the nicer radio!!!! and will give me any dealer installed accessory for cost and labor! So now I have a lot to think about. It is really too bad the Tremor is so much money!! cause all it is a reg cab truck with leather seats and the Ecco-Boost engine and 4:10 gears!!! and Ford will not sell you that type of truck without charging you 40K++ for one! I could get a HD diesel reg cab 4x4 for that kind of money! but the Tremor is a nice hot rod truck, and very quick! I think I will be happy with the Chevy though! Or the Ram.

@AllAmerican Idiot,

Your cell phone made in the USA?, your PC, laptop, your clothes? You're moron!

@woopud Stupid Jerk

They are Chinese but profit comes back to the US of A, Toyoda's Profit goes oversees back to Japan. See America is a Gold mine and we are allowing Off-shore Companies to profit from us, they make you think they are American made but they pay less and keep the profits.

Ford and GM are more American, they employ more American people and the profits stay here in America. Why should we allow out country to be taken advantage of.

Toyoda just has a cary over powertrain if they really cared they would of hired American Engineers to re-invent the POS Tundra.

Dodge or Ram drop eachother cuz it's a POS Truck, I'm just glad they are no more American than Hemi V8 is with those Italian Boys.

@ AllAmerican - Sergio Marchionne was asked about "profits leaving the country" and his reply - Taxes on profits are paid where they are made.

Only an intellect of amoebic capability would spout the crap that you do.

toyota is know more american than gm because the profits go overseas. ford is the most american truck period

Woo, I see the new forum guidelines are working great on AllAmerikan.

@dan - work on your spelling if you want to look like you might have something convincing to say.

How many vehicles in that Ford lineup are American designed and engineered?

The F series is pretty much it since the new Mustang has been heavily influenced by "global" design orthodoxy.

Put me down for two Chrysler vehicles this year.

#1 2014 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee. 470 horse all wheel drive.

#2 2014 392 Hemi Power Wagon 4x4.


Almost a 40% swing in sales between gm and ram. Hmmm wonder where those gm guys are going. Don't blame them!

You do not know how much Australian Ford designers were involved in the new F150. They designed the Figo concept that will be probably built in India. Outside of the Ranger they have been working on other Ford products.

God Bless the U.S.

Hey Loulou, once more you think about the rest, well guess what no one cares about CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Ford and GM sell more trucks in Mexico than those two Markets combined, so don't come with that stuff at me.

Get buying Toyodas... You are what you drive POS

@Jeff S

I actually think that 2008 was simply the pimple popping. The truck sales of 2004-2007 were driven by easy money, and home equity loans. I have family in the retail auto biz. Trust me on this.

This is supply driven, not demand driven.

Ram is selling at a steep discount. Nissan cannot give Titans away. GM had some recent bad news about recalls of the new half tons and their whole month went into the toilet.

Why is the Tacoma down and Frontier up by that much?

@All american, "Dodge or Ram drop eachother cuz it's a POS Truck, I'm just glad they are no more American than Hemi V8 is with those Italian Boys."

Posted by: AllAmerican | Feb 3, 2014 5:08:42 PM

My Ram is a POS. lol

Your Cheby is a Flaming POS!

last I heard, Ram incentives aren't as high as the others.

GM is big on giving them away for a song, they can keep them.

Even though GM cranked up prices, I gotta wonder how they make much.

@Awl Amerikum,
Without countries like Canada and Australia supplying the commodities for consumers, the people in Merika couldn't afford to buy much due to costs of raw materials required for manufacturing.

The world is very interwoven. It's called globalisation, if one losses out someone else loses out. Merika has always needed international trade to survive, actually throughout history not one 'superpower' survived on it's own.

@BAF0 - The Tacoma and Tundra are totally different vehicles. I realize what you're saying is the F-150 is also completely different from the Super Duty, but the Ram and GM full-size twins are very similar from their respective 1500s, on up to the (Ram) 5500. Yes it would be interesting for us to have a complete breakdown of each in the series, but it would be a huge cluster of data for these articles.

"Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne There’s been noise about the fact that Chrysler is not really Detroit based and it’s now sort of controlled by this foreign entity. The reality is that both of these companies carry with them a phenomenal amount of history. Fiat celebrates 115 years’ worth of history this year. Chrysler is 90 years old [dating from the launch of the Chrysler car; the corporate entity was created 89 years ago from Maxwell Motors, which dates back 110 years].

When you bring entities that have that history, that phenomenal baggage of experiences and know-how together, you need to be very, very careful that you don’t dent the historical roots of the houses; and you don’t end up damaging probably the most precious thing, which is the people and the brands that they represent. And so the ability for us to keep Chrysler as American as it’s always been in a global context is a real challenge. And it’s a challenge that we take seriously because the worst thing that we could do is dilute that American heritage. We can’t do it."

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