Big Three Will Comply With SAE Towing Standards for 2015

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You have to give Ford credit: The automaker said it would comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers' recommended towing standards (known as J2807) when its next new truck hit the market, and it looks like that means the 2015 Ford F-150.

According to Automotive News, the Detroit Three half-ton truckmakers will follow the SAE guidelines in calculating the towing capabilities of 2015 model-year light-duty pickup trucks; manufacturers have not adopted the SAE standards for heavy-duty trucks. As you might remember, the SAE put together a committee that included truckmaker representatives to provide input into the requirements for calculating maximum tow ratings.

The new ratings were supposed to go into effect for the 2013 model year, but that was delayed until the introduction of Ford's new F-150. Both GM (Chevrolet and GMC) and Ram were ready to make the switch but decided to wait until Ford complied with the standards. Toyota was the first to adopt the standards in 2011, and we're told Nissan's Frontier is now fully compliant as well. We expect certain models to drop in towing capacity (in certain cases the Tundra lost 400 pounds of rated towing capacity), with other select model and powertrain configurations to change very little.

The SAE standards will allow consumers to more accurately compare similarly sized and equipped pickups with segment competitors, providing a higher level of confidence in comparison numbers that will all be based on similar testing procedures. Previously, manufacturers used their own unique set of testing procedures to determine maximum tow ratings.



Good, about time.

GMs 1500 numbers will drop like a rock.

This could get interesting.

Why do we have to give Ford credit? Toyota is the only manufacturer that should be given any credit. Ford has been dragging their feet just like everybody else.

The biasy towards Ford on this site is absolutist appalling. If there was another site dedicated to pickups I could switch to I would in a heartbeat. Makes me sick seriously.


No kidding, why do we need to give Ford credit, they balked in 2013. I guess they did some in house testing and realized they couldn't get very close to their numbers, so hey, lets sell them for 2 more years, then sweep it under the rug, start fresh, so they didn't get caught with their pants down

Your giving Ford credit for dragging their feet and causing a two year delay in standardizing the industries towing ratings. Sounds like Ford was going to be embarrassed with the new standards towing numbers for their truck!

So let me get this straight, you think GM's new pickups would have their #'s drop like a rock? Why would they do that? They design a new pickup knowing and planning for the new standard, they aren't going to inflate their #'s much if at all. You know how bad that would look if they lost a couple thousand pounds?

You know who will take a hit is Dodge and their CUV suspension set up they have. It isn't just motor that determines towing and hauling. Cute little coil springs and a sole airbag setup, ha. Then again I wouldn't expect some Dodge boys to know that when all they can pronounce is HEMI at any and all questions.

That is why the coil setup is so low on the Dodge, they know when the standards take place they are going to drop even more so they kept it low so it wouldn't be to embarrassing. How do you like that taste of capability?

Everyone (read) FCA and GMC backed out because of Ford.

Doesn't that indicate who carries the most weight (no pun intended) in the pickup truck market?

FCA and GMC by backing out and choosing to follow (note the follow part) Ford puts Ford in the driver's seat (no pun intended).

It looks bad when FCA and GMC backed out because Ford did. They are indirectly acknowledging Ford as THE leader.

What is the excuse used for the auto companies in the HD ranks?

If they wait for Ford we most likely will not see HD compliance until 2016.

The several-hundred-pound diet that Ford put the F-150 on has got to lower their towing numbers. I mean, the laws of physics say that it's got to. Yet, they'll sprinkle some magic fairy dust on the chassis and claim it'll pull 6 tons safely. Sigh...

Wow, quality product Ram makes their boys, bet you are proud huh? A 17, I mean Mitsubishi beat you...

Right, give Ford credit for NOT meeting the mutually agreed upon date for setting their tow ratings. They obviously would have gone to SAE if the ratings went up, right? So obviously they've been snowing their tow ratings all along, but hey, let's give them credit for doing it so successfully all these years. Mark should be just as embarrassed by this article as Chevy and Dodge are by not going to SAE in 2013 just because Ford didn't. What a joke................

IMO the over-inflated tow ratings are in the HD segment. I doubt we'll see a huge difference in the the 1/2 ton segment.

I'd aslo bet that GM ratings for the 2014's are to the standard just not official.

@Lou, there's no doubt about that. Dodge is working their way up to the top but second place is most likely the best they'll get in all reality. GM however has a real problem here. They don't have a united singular truck line. They have 2 half baked truck lines. Actually, the GMC brand truck itself is the way they should do all of their trucks but the problem is that Chevrolet brand trucks are their #1 seller. Yet Chevrolet is their #2 truck in status, features, content, looks etc. Chevrolet sales have been dropping like a rock as a result for quite some time now since Ford and Dodge stepped up their game. And that doesn't even take into account Toyota and Nissan just chomping at the bit to take out Chevy.

And then take into account Marketing which is Huge! For every 2 Ford or Dodge commercials, you only may see 1 for Chevrolet. GM splits up it's advertising dollars trying to market 2 trucks instead of 1. That way they can to you to buy the Chevy instead of the Ford or Dodge 50% of the time. No wait, they tell you buy the GMC. It's suicide. I'm quite surprised their shareholders put up with this in 2014.

Gm is a better truck to pull,period,,why we have this discussion,,,

Ford had to wait until they have a new truck, the current model would have faltered terribly probably coming in behind the Tundra and with numbers much lower then they advirtise.

@ Mark Williams


This isn't surprising news since they all will have a new or very recently new truck platform. I doubt we see a whole lot of impact to the ratings except maybe on the weaker V-6's. IIRC they have to be able to pull up a certain grade at a certain speed and those N/A V-6's will likely struggle pulling 6-7k lbs. I doubt we see much of a change from stated payload numbers though.

Kudos to Toyota for sticking with the ratings even though no one else did. Hopefully 2015 brings some needed apples-to-apples comparison.

Where is the news about the new direct injected 5.2 liter Hemi coming?

It will be nice to have a fair comparison of tow ratings. no more magic fairy dust to increase numbers. I agree toyota should get some credit, but this goes to show that Ford has much more influence than Toyota. I do think it is accurate to say that Ford should get credit for influencing Chevy and Ram. Just because Toyota did it first, doesn't mean they had the most influence.

All you have to do is look at the Rumble in the rockies numbers, and see that Ford pulls their number out an orifice. When you are pulling a heavy load and have to burn up your brakes on the hill what happens if you have to brake hard for a wreck or what ever. My favorite with Ford is we were in their showroom years ago and the salesman was trying to sell a mustang to a friend he kept saying it had a 5.0 liter, he asked what I drove I said the chev outside he asked what it had in it I told him it had a V12, he said they do not make a V12 I reminded him that a 4.935 engine was not a 5.0 either.

Ford milked their over rated tow ratings as long as they could. Now the new Café mandates are more of a concern than the tow ratings. Most 1/2 ton owners never really tow all that much anyway. MPG ratings are now the dominant topic. Having higher MPG ratings will sell more trucks anyway. Not too much of a concern when shopping or groceries or taking the kids to soccer practice of what your truck can tow. 1/2 ton trucks shouldn't really tow anymore than 6000lbs anyway so the new tow ratings won't matter all that much.

Actually is was leaked somewhere by ford but quickly deleted. The current generation F150 that debuted with the 5.4 lost an astonishing close to 3000lbs in towing. The later models with the 3.5EB lost 2500lbs because it couldn't maintain consistancy during the test. Something about too hot and loss power. However the 6.2 only lost 500lbs. Ford knew this would hurt them so they retracted and waited for the lighter F150 in '15 which would in reality put them right back up there where they originally had their magic spring dust ratings.

Toyota doesnt make up enough of the market to determine or influence things such as this. Kudos to Ford for stepping forward regardless of the time frame. The other 2, of which I own both, have not taken this step. It makes the next f150 that much more credible.

Mark Williams

Nobody will give Ford credit. They were going to adopt these standards years ago and instead backed out to continue lying about their trucks' abilities. Since Ford's lies about towing and payload are the most grand they get the *least* credit of any truck manufacturer.

Beebe, I apologize. I just reiterated your statement.


Could you please explain how a +14% for Silverado and a +17% year over year sales increase equals sales dropping like a rock?

Its a pity that Ford didn't adopt these ratings sooner so that individuals like ALL1 would stop constantly posting how fantastic their Ford products are because they can tow such an amazing amount of weight.

There are numerous people who were towing near and around 10000 lbs with F150s when they first pushed that threshold. In my business we wouldnt even have tried that with Dodge or Chevy. My personal Silverado would have been broken. We have some contractors who have 04s and 05s who keep on going with that old underpowered 5.4. My personal experience is presented here. Now should they tow 10000??? Probably not, but those trucks still have most of the original parts with as much wear and tear as those contractors who used other brands. Now, the 3/4 ton debate is a bit different.

Until the new standard kicks in, two ratings are Marketing Number, with just enough Engineering for their not to be product liability. You guys get wrapped around the axle over Marketing BS of the Big 3.

"Until the new standard kicks in, two ratings are Marketing Number, with just enough Engineering for their not to be product liability. You guys get wrapped around the axle over Marketing BS of the Big 3"

This may be the best, most reasonable comment to date.

"Doesn't that indicate who carries the most weight (no pun intended) in the pickup truck market?"

No, it doesn't. It only meant Ford wasn't ready to be embarrassed and be put under a microscope.

"FCA and GMC by backing out and choosing to follow (note the follow part) Ford puts Ford in the driver's seat (no pun intended)"

Chrysler and GM weren't "following" Ford. Ford NEVER took a step forward. Ford was back tracking from the beginning.

"It looks bad when FCA and GMC backed out because Ford did. They are indirectly acknowledging Ford as THE leader"

Once again. Ford didn't back out. They never took a step forward. They were never ready to comply and by doing so Ford DIRECTLY acknowledged they are NOT the leader.
It looked worse for Ford then GM or Chrysler.

These threads are dumb. Philosophical ramblings regarding the intent of a multi billion dollar corporation.

@uh huh.
The next f-150 only loses a maximum of 700 pounds and the 3.5 ecoboost and 5.0 are carryover engines from the current generation. How they going to make up the 3,000 pound discrepancy that you speak of if they will be following the standards? If your numbers are right we can expect tow ratings for the f-150 to drop by 1000 to 2000 pounds. I seriously doubt your info. is correct.

Good information.

Please don't provide accolades to a manufacturer that drags their feet for years on adopting an SAE standard that they participated in forming!

Ford bias? Reads that way.

About time Ford agreed to comply. Now GM will get the credit for having the strongest tow ratings for a half ton pickup.

Yes Ford has been beat into submission by Toyota and within the year they claim to follow the towing standards.

Remember a Ford F series truck is sold every 42 seconds, to replace the ones that fail - every 42 seconds.

@Larry P What dope are you smoking. I had 06 and a 08 F150 and I towed around 6,000 pounds bout 2 to 3 times a month. Them truck fell apart faster then I could have the dealer fix them.

Wow there is so much hate on Ford. But when all other car magazines have talked about chevy for like 50 yrs that seems to be OK.

To AL, the reason there is so much "hate" lately is the blatant Ford bias that comes with many of the articles published on this site. This is PUTC, not FPUTC, though it seems to have morphed into that.

To LarryP, if these threads are so dumb then why are you here? Besides adding your nonsensical ramblings. Hmmm.

They agreed to do this once already. Lets save the credit for when they actually release the numbers. Wasn't PUTC going to perform this test on their own the first time Ford balked?

Johnny, could you be specific as to what occurred with those two trucks? We should use these forums to discuss the merits of the vehicles presented. Also, we should try to less crass when addressing fellow commenters.

They implement J2807 and you still aren't happy. Obviously Ford following J2807 is not the real issue for some of you, or you would be jumping for joy reading this news. So get down to the real issue of what is bothering you. All these big diesels will easily tow anything I will ever need to tow whether the official ratings follow J2807 or not.

Well said Alex.

Ford is simply the truck leader right now, and they should get credit for chevy and ram adopting the standard, not toyota. This wouldn't even be in the news if Ford hadn't just announced that they will be following the standard. is hardly alone in saying good things about ford lately. This is what automobile mag said about it:

"Now, a Ford spokesman has confirmed that the company will be adopting the J2807 standard for the new 2015 Ford F-150, and spokesmen from General Motors and Ram confirmed to us that THEY WILL FOLLOW FORD'S LEAD........Among smaller-volume truck players, Toyota has already been using the J2807 standard for its trucks"

@Larry P
Johnny doe is what we call a troll. He's a chevy fanboy and most likely just made up that he owned two fords that fell apart.

I do think HD's will come out more with realistic tow limits in 2018.

From what I've read 2018 seems to be a significant year for HD's.

Tow weight are optimistic from the manufacturers. I would like to see what variables they use in determining tow weights.

Frequency of towing weights is what I would like to see. Changing this variable alone would have a great significance on tow weights.

I bet if a pickup was expected to tow at it's limit every time the truck was driven, like a true commercial vehicle, tow weights would be less than 50% of what they currently are.

The current drivetrains are just to light to handle continual heavy loads.

Look at any light/medium/heavy duty truck (not pickup) and have a close look at the chassis, drivetrain, brakes, gearing, etc and you will see that pickups aren't designed to move the weights continually that the manufacturers specify.

no give TOYOTA credit for being the only manufacturer to adopt in the time frame agreed upon. i think its comical that Ford nor GM or Ram would comply. GM and RAM SHOULD HAVE followed Toyotas lead in adopting it so ford would look dumb for not doing it. i just dont understand why a "third party" company would not SLAM a manufacturer for dancing around these standards. Turn this around and if it were Toyota holding out there would be headlines everyday about it......... wow.

Where is the V6 comparison you advertised last week? This Ford propaganda nonsense is a waste of everyones time. Do the comparison you advertised already.

@Mark Williams
A few months ago you lambasted Toyota for being J2807 and that it is not about you give Ford credit for complying?...Bigotry at its finest.

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