Dealers Order 8,000 EcoDiesels in First Three Days

Ram EcoDiesel II

By John Cappa

If there was any doubt about pent-up demand for a light-duty turbo-diesel engine, those questions have been answered. More than 8,000 EcoDiesel-powered 2014 Ram 1500s were ordered by Chrysler Group dealers between Feb. 7 and 10.

According to Automotive News, the figure represents nearly 50 percent of the half-ton pickup's typical monthly production; more than 400 of these pickups have already been sold to customers.

Bob Hegbloom, director of Ram, told Automotive News that the number represents about five times the normal percentage sold for a typical pre-launch vehicle.

"This just helps solidify in our minds that we did the right thing with this truck," Hegbloom said.

Ram President and CEO Reid Bigland had estimated that 30 percent of the Ram 1500 sales could be powered by the EcoDiesel V-6 punching out 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

Hegbloom added that the percentage of initial half-ton diesel orders is double or triple what brand executives had anticipated. He believes that demand will likely taper off as unsold inventory is received by the dealers. He also mentioned that production priority will be given to pre-sold orders in an effort to minimize customer wait times.

It was almost a year ago that Ram announced the Ram 1500 half-ton diesel, which went into production last month at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant near Detroit. The pre-spec vehicles should be delivered to the dealers in the next three weeks.

To read the Ram press release, click here.

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I can't wait for my 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Z71, that's a real Diesel Truck...

Sorry Ram no more Ram for Me...

The GM Heavy Duties kick ass and for the price of an Italian Ram with an Italian Diesel, I rather have the American Sierra with an American Duramax.

Not to mention the Italian Ram is was over $50,000, just rather have a real Diesel Truck.

And no they Ordered 8,000 and sold just over are Italians for

The emphasis that designers were putting on fuel mileage back in 2007-2008 is showing up in the form of real product, on the parking lot today.

Question, has gas/diesel gone up enough at the pump since that time to drive people into more economical drivetrain choices? Ford sold the EcoBoost like crazy back in 2011 or so, they bought many millions in advertising on NFL games to amplify demand.

Since that time the other makers have kind of yawned, except RAM. Toyota, Nissan and GM really don't have a competitor for the FE sweepstakes on the blacktop right now. They could end up winning this round if Ram diesel sales (not just orders) don't materialize really fast.

I wonder how long it will take for those buyers to realize that if the get a loaded crewcab that it won't be able to legally carry more than a cab full of passengers and a change of underwear?

With all kidding aside, this shows that there is a market for diesel 1/2 ton trucks.

The billion dollar question is............ will it be sustainable in the long run or a novelty act that will quickly run its course?

@Ex Hemi Guy, That's funny. See how your G.M. diesel stacks up to the legendary class kicking 6.7 Cummins. Ford's 450 could not cut the mustard. G.M. did not have a truck to compare. LOL
Good luck with that.

"I wonder how long it will take for those buyers to realize that if the get a loaded crewcab that it won't be able to legally carry more than a cab full of passengers and a change of underwear?"

Hey Lou, It may not be able to haul your soiled shorts at 1,400lb
payload with crew cab.LOL But I think that's plenty of payload for a 1/2 ton.

@HEMI V8 - you must of "overlooked" the PUTC Annual Physical that stated the Ram 4x4 they tested had a 490 lb cargo capacity once one subtracted vehicle weight from GVW.

"The truck with the smallest payload capacity turned out to be the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel (Laramie Longhorn with air springs), with a calculated payload of 490 pounds, which equals just 7 percent of the truck's actual weight."

A typical family of 4 with a large dog would overload this truck.

A sedan with a sun deck running on oil.

I had high hopes for this truck but not with those kinds of cargo ratings.

@Lou_BC the Ram 1500 is a sedan. Coil rear end car springs, lowest ground clearance of the bunch GM Ford trucks sit higher in the most commonly sold Crew cabs. It even has that car payload rating to boot LOL!

@ HEMI V8 The Ram heavy dutys are over rated

Wait I forgot the only thing Truckish about the Ram 1500 is the poor braking distances, But shhh we'll have TRX Tom on here blameing the tires and who ones what else it'll make up LOL!

@LouBC, I will wait for official numbers from Chrysler. Not Ford trucks .com lol

You Ford boys have a hard time realizing this is a 1/2 ton truck with best in class ride. NOT A FORD F 150 with a wash board ride rated for a 250. If you want payload buy a 2500. 1/2 ton is a 1,000lbs payload. Hence 1/2 ton. Get it.

@ HEMI V8 490 pounds isn't even half of a half of a ton LOL!

Going back up the 6-percent grade revealed that rated horsepower doesn’t mean nearly as much as power delivery. With a clearing in traffic, the Silverado HD, with its 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque, lined up next to the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty and its 385 horsepower and 850 lb-ft of torque, matched mirror to mirror at 35 mph, and with a signal, accelerated back up to 60 mph. The Ram, with the mightiest engine rating of the bunch, was shamed. The 400 hp, 800 lb-ft Ford Super Duty put up a more even fight, but seemed to run out of steam in the higher revs, and that’s where the Chevrolet pulled away.

Read more:

@ Hemi V8

Lou is right. According to Rams own configuration, a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Crew cab 4x4 short bed in a Laramie Long Horn or Limited trim only has a max payload of 881lbs which isn't even a half ton. After you add your weight, the wife, the kids, and the cargo then that leaves you very little payload left over for even a 4,000lbs trailer. The same truck in the Laramie trim is barely a half ton at 1064lbs max payload. All of the rest of the trims in the same configuration are just 1,233lbs max payload.

You don't believe us, check for yourself on Ram's own website.

Select a crew cab - 5.7' box -auto - 4x4 in the buttons up top. Then go all the way down to the bottom and hit LOAD MORE RESULTS to get past the Hemi's and onto the 3.0L Ecodiesels.


The configuration in the website I posted above was WITHOUT air bags which adds more weight. So that 881lbs would probably be around 500lbs like PUTC has reported.

@All 1, This is the best fuel mileage truck on the market. So if it doesn't serve your needs by all means don't buy it. If you are looking for mpg and luxury and don't need 4 friends 24/7 then buy this one. I don't know what else to tell you. Ram has Class leading trucks in all shapes and sizes for what ever your needs are. It is what it is.

Don't cry about what the 3.0 Diesel isn't. Ram sells more than just this truck. Find the one you need. lol

so much for the new rules about staying on topic without all the brand bashing.

It will depend on the price for these trucks if they will sell very many. I just finished reading an article on this truck which listed the price close to $60,000. I hope most of those diesel pickups cost a lot less then that.

Are the people that post on here even real people? I used to enjoy this site as I actually use numerous pickups for what they were designed for and understand their real capabilities. I'm tired of the BS statistics that are published for all of the idiots on here to memorize and swear by as the truth. Good grief, its marketing.

" I rather have the American Sierra with an American Duramax."


Wow, bravo! That was pure fanboy fashion.

Someone (Lou) states a downside of the small payload of the truck. The fanboy(Hemi V8) fires back with an insult and then touts of how it has plenty of payload for a half ton. The someone(Lou) provides proof of the "way less than a half-ton" payload of said truck. The fanboy(Hemi V8) insults and tries to discredit the proof provided as a lie while. Someone else (Me) provides proof from the very manufacturer of the truck and the fanboy then back tracks on how much payload he previously stated while still throwing out insults. He also tries to convince others that they don't need all that payload that he was touting earlier. All the while the two other have not said one solitary insult and just stated factual information.

That was classic!!!!

What makes it even more funnier is the reason why we call trucks half tons is because they used to have a payload of half of a ton 1,000lbs. So.....what do we call this thing when it is the size of a half ton, but cannot even haul half a ton? A 3/4 of a half ton?

JAPANESE DURAMAX? That's funny GM owns 60 percent of the facility and Isuzu the remaining 40 percent; the investment will retain 500 jobs at the Moraine, Ohio plant,

Still More American then the Italian Mexican Netherland Ram LOL

johnny doe,It was almost a year ago that Ram announced the Ram 1500 half-ton diesel, which went into production last month at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant near Detroit.

Speaking of MEXICAN. G.M. builds more vehicles there than Chrysler or Ford. And all their 1500 crew cabs there. So your sadly mistaken.

@All 1,".what do we call this thing when it is the size of a half ton, but cannot even haul half a ton? A 3/4 of a half ton?"

Call it a Ford Raptor with a V8.

While I think small Diesels are great in half tons, I think the Ram 1500 itself is over rated. It can't haul much, the interiors are over rated. The high end models look nice inside but the mid trims fall short with a cheap looking and feeling fabric that gets worn after 500 miles. Exposed metal seat legs on the front seats looks cheap on all models and while it does have a nice ride the ergonomics are not up to par not even a telliscoping steering wheel.


The Raptors payload is 1,180lbs which is over half a ton. Look it up. What's your next excuse?

@johnny doe
Don't brag too much about your GM post. The GM's are only better in the mountains, on 5% of the roads.

Heavy Duty Hurt Locker scores.
GMC 807.97
Ford 754.60
RAM 751.61

Now for everybody not towing in at high elevation, 95% of the roads. Take out the mountain climbs scores and exhaust brake scores.
Ford 498.49
GMC 457.97
RAM 453.91


If you're doing a lot of towing in the mountains, get a GM product. If not,get a Ford or RAM. Consider the Cummins has been updated since this comparison. SO it's scores would be higher. With Ford updating the Powerstroke for 2015, the GM twins are about to go to the rear of the field.

It is highly unlikely that a 500 lb payload rating is anything near a real rating. The Ram 1500 has the same or higher GAWR to the F150, its air suspension system can handle a huge amount of weight, so, for that rating to be accurate, it would have to be driving around with a frame wimpier than a Honda CRV, and that is obviously not the case.

I have no idea what Ram is doing with its payload ratings. It is stupid and probably costs them sales. There is no reason I can think of to sandbag a rating like that.

Wow this is good new for Ram trucks. Aside from all the banter that's been posted, I really think the Ecodiesel is going to be a winner. I also think people will buy them for all types of 1/2 ton applications, not just because of fuel economy. American is finally ready for 1/2 ton diesels and they are finally here.

What a bunch of dumb ass's.... go buy a 2500 Ram, Ford or Grandma motors.....why waste your cash on 1500...POS.

@All1, Repeat............Don't cry about what the 3.0 Diesel isn't. Ram sells more than just this truck. Find the one you need. lol


I saw this article and thought "wow they sold 8,000 in three days?" Oh wait they actually only sold 400 of them. 8,000 dealer orders so every dealer ordered 3 or so? Is that really much of a story? It will be interesting to see how well they sell. I think they won't sell a lot, but I could be wrong. Anybody know how well the jeep with the ecodiesel is doing in sales?

Ram just jumped on board with the frame twist comparison

Haha mileage man. So you think Ram is actually underrating their pickups for some strange reason??? I don't know what my Ram is rated, but I can tell you it is ridiculous how little weight you can put on the back end. I once accidentally bottomed out the suspension completely by putting too big a trailer on it. Caught me off guard. I don't know what the trailer tongue weight was but we were totally shocked that it was totally bottomed out. We were only going to move the trailer 1/2 mile and figured it could handle it, but nope. That one really made us scratch our heads. Pretty sure my 96 f-150 could handle more weight on the back end.

@All1, Raptor

SuperCab 4x4 133" 6.2L V8 7050** 980**

980 payload


Looks like it is 980 for the Super Cab and 1,180 for the crew. Who would buy a Raptor for payload anyway?

I was at my dealer where I bought my Dakota a month ago, getting a windshield replaced and an oil change...salesman pointed my friend and I to a 1500 EcoDiesel.

Couldn't tell the trim, but was nice. He said unfortunately, it was presold, so we couldn't get in it or test drive it.
Bummer too, but the local FFA chapter is having a EcoDiesel test drive day in March near me, so it'll be interesting to attend and see what that engine can do.

So RAM will spend 3 days to build trucks for actual customers and 3 weeks building lot anchors for dealerships.

The numbers don't lie, there is no good reason to buy this truck. It's too expensive for the "Eco" benefits, then add in the trade off of lack of usability with such a penalty in payload ... forget the argument of not needing to have a payload, this is basically a sedan with out a trunk deck lid.

There is nothing "eco" about spending 4K for an engine that will not get more than 28mpg at best and 18 at worst, when you can get a Hemi for $1,150, and then get a discount on the six speed tranny of $1,800, so you can get a reg cab 4x4 8'bed tradesman, with a Hemi for $750 OFF, and NOT $4,000 MORE! so you get more horsepower, over 100 more! and about 20 ft/lbs less tq. and get 14 mpg at the worst, and 21 at the best!!! and with the $4,750 dollars SAVED by buying the hemi over the diesel, that will get you lets see now at an even $3.00/gal you can buy 1,580 or so gals. and at even just 14mpg you will be able to drive 22,120 miles, on just the difference on the price of the engines!!!! and when you consider the diesel fuel it would have taken you to drive that same amount of miles (22,120), at lets say 22mpg? yes 1,000 gals of diesel fuel at say $3.50/gal, which is low would be $3,500 dollars!!!! All I can say is there is NOTHING ECO about it!!!!

@HemiV8 - stop making excuses and stop with the bait and switch.
This truck has a pathetic payload capacity.

The air ride has been touted as the greatest thing since the invention of the pickup but what good is it if it can't haul anything?

I have been a proponent of small diesels in pickups. I'm all in favour of them. The problem is that anyone wanting one and planning to do any real work with it will be disappointed by the capacities of this truck.

This truck with air ride is a sedan with a sundeck.

I am disappointed because even in a lower level trim, I would be maxing the truck out with my family on board, my dogs and a 12 ft. aluminum boat, a 9.9 Johnson, and fishing gear.

If I wanted 490 lb of capacity in a diesel, I'd buy Jetta.

"Looks like it is 980 for the Super Cab and 1,180 for the crew. Who would buy a Raptor for payload anyway?"

Posted by: Alex | Feb 19, 2014 8:41:55 PM


Repeat............Don't cry about what the 3.0 Diesel isn't. Ram sells more than just this truck. Find the one you need. lol

@HemiV8 - stop making excuses and stop with the bait and switch.
This truck has a pathetic payload capacity.

You are the troll that is focused on one VM diesel model with 4x4 and all the bells & whistles.

Lou BC you can get a Ram 3L diesel to haul 1,480 and 9,000lb of towing. Find the one you need. lol

@HEMI V8 - there are many that expected the Ram 1500 Ecodiesel to be a great 1/2 ton truck.

The cargo capacity on it shows otherwise.

This discussion isn't about what the Ecodiesel isn't about, it is what the Ram 1500 isn't about and that is cargo capacity.

The most popular configuration in any brand is the crewcab 4x4.

Those who what one will be severely disappointed if they wanted something other than a vehicle for the soccer mom who is tired of the stigma of minivans.

I like the idea of a high mpg 1/2 ton diesel because it would greatly extend my range when going into the back-country. It is "safer" than gas because every logger, farmer, and miner has diesel powered equipment.

Problem is:

The payload capacity even at 1,200 lb is considerably less than what other trucks offer even in the high end trims.

I'm sure that the Colorado diesel will be able to outhaul the Ram 1500 diesel.


Hmmm, you are right. An Super Cab Raptor is 980lbs payload while the the Crew cab Raptor is 1,180lbs payload. Sorry, I only tend to look at Crew cabs since they are only relevant to myself and the majority of people since it is the most cab configuration bought. I owe you an apology for that. However Alex did make a good point. Who the F buys a built for off road Raptor for payload or towing?

As far as this comment....

"Don't cry about what the 3.0 Diesel isn't. Ram sells more than just this truck."

Ram has marketed and you fan boys have been praising this motor as an all powerful fuel economy TOW/HAUL motor. I don't how many posts you guys have stated how well this thing will out tow this and that engine. I can link countless of articles and videos to where Ram even markets this Ecodiesel as a tow engine. Now that the truth comes out that it can't do all the things you say it could due to it's very low payload, you are telling us not to cry about what the Ecodiesel isn't? I thought that is what Ram and you fan boys have touted it as a tow/haul engine? Now you are saying it is not for towing or hauling and for us not to cry about it?

This is the point that Lou made very clear......

Take a Ram Laramie Longhorn Ecodiesel Crew cab 4x4 5.7' box that Ram rates at 881lbs max payload. Now lets say you are going on a little trip with the family and wanted to tow a camper. First we have to get how much of our payload will be used up so we can see how much we have left over to tow X amount of lbs. Let's say you are 200lbs, your wife is 130lbs and your two kids are 95lbs each. That is already 520 lbs being taken out of that 881lb max already, but lets not forget about gear like an ice chest and such. Lets say all the gear is about 80lbs which give you a grand total of 600lbs of payload. This means that you have to subtract that 600lbs from the 881lb max payload which leaves you only 181lbs of tongue weight that can be added to the trucks payload. Given that the typical and safe tongue weight of most trailers is 10-15% of the trailers total weight, this means that the 181lbs left only leaved you enough payload to tow a 1,810lbs trailer IF the tongue weight of the trailer is at the very conservative 10%. Lets take it a step further into a Ram SLT Ecodiesel that is also rated the highest payload you can get in that configurations with 1,233lbs max. Subtract the 600lbs from the 1,233lbs and it gives you 633lbs. That only allows you enough payload of a 6,330lbs trailer with a 10% tongue weight. Those plush riding coil springs aren't looking so good now are they?

The Raptor at least has the excuse that it's suspension is built for off road, NOT towing and was NEVER marketed as such.......what is the Ram Laramie Longhorn Ecodiesels excuse?

@HemiV8 - "Find the one I need".
I'd have to go to a 5.7 or change brands to "find one I need".

What I need/want - a mid level trim, crew cab, 4x4, and the longest box available.

Diesel 3.0, 6.3 box, 4x4
Tradesman.......................1,234 lb... tow 8,750
SLT.................................1,205 lb... tow 8,700
Lonestar .........................1,205 lb... tow 8,700
BigHorn...........................1,205 lb... tow 8,700
Ouitdoorsman..................1,205 lb... tow 8,700

even if one looks at the rest of the lineup - 1,234 lb for the lowest trim in a crewcab sucks.

You are correct - "find one I need".

It looks like I'm not going to be able to find what I need at a FCA dealer.

I like the idea of a good mpg small diesel.

Looks like Colorado will be the only game in town.

@LouBC, Here is a Ford v6.

Regular Cab 4x2 126" 3.7L V6 6450 1710

Now what?

remember this package includes Ford's magic tow dust. LOL

"I'm sure that the Colorado diesel will be able to outhaul the Ram 1500 diesel"

Maybe but...........Will it out tow???????????

@LouBC, Ya, All those trucks look real good on paper. lol
Ford has the most bloated tow and haul numbers of any one.

But when it's time to put their money where their mouth is. It's a different story.

@HEMI V8 - I am not interested in regular cab, supercab, double cab or quadcab trucks.

The Tacoma IIRC is 6,500 lb and that will be the benchmark GMC will aim for.

If Ram says 8,700 tow with a piss poor cargo capacity - it looks like they are guilty of magic spring dust too.

10% tongue weight is 870 lb.
15% tongue weight is 1,305 lb.

Hey, the Ecodiesel can tow 8,700 lb. Thankfully it gets best in class mpg since I'll have to tow the trailer, park it then go back home to get my family. I'll need another light trailer just to carry the rest of the gear that the Ram 1500 can't carry.

Makes lots of sense to me.

Manufacture's tow ratings have a lot of ambiguity to them. Case and point was the push for everyone to adopt the SAE ratings. Believe it or not, there are some cases when a truck is rated to tow much LESS than it really could. Usually we see the other side of things where the manufactures are fighting over who has the highest tow rating.
There are several good reasons that a truck might be rated to tow less than it really could, the most important reason being that towing performance does have a HUGE impact on brand perception. I mentioned a week or so ago about my early 90's F350 that has the old 7.3l diesel, it had both a HP and Torque rating less than the Ecodiesel. I have no doubt in my mind that the Ecodiesel could tow anything that old F350 could. The question is how well could it tow. Obviously it won't be a huge performer towing heavy loads, so Ram is not going to rate it to tow anywhere near as much as it could. If they did that it would be a dog towing and people would be unhappy with it.
I am of the opinion that the pickups nowadays are overkill for what the average guy needs in terms of towing, hauling, etc. For example, the new GM 4.3l is making the same kind of power numbers as the old 4.8l. I doubt anyone who purchased a 4.3l truck in the past expected much performace-wise from a base V6, however, if they wanted to go buy a new truck with a base V6, they would get much more performance than the predecessor. The point here is that truck capabilities increase at a much quicker rate than what people need. Most people's towing/hauling needs stay pretty much the same. What changes is trucks have more capability than they use to, so people have higher expectations performance-wise as to how well a truck should get any particular task done.

@HEMI MONSTER - you raise some excellent points. I do agree that current 1/2 tons have exceptional capacity that exceeds past trucks.
I also agree that the Ecodiesel is downrated due to public expectations.

The only killer for me with these trucks is the 1,200 cargo capacity.
I am perfectly fine with a 8,500 tow capacity in a 1/2 ton but I am not fine with a cargo capacity significantly lower than what I currently own.

@LouBC, @ 52,000 for the 3L with all the bells and whistles. You don't need to lose any sleep over the haul rate. You can't afford one so you might as well put that dream to bed and get back to reality. lol

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