Dealers Order 8,000 EcoDiesels in First Three Days

Ram EcoDiesel II

By John Cappa

If there was any doubt about pent-up demand for a light-duty turbo-diesel engine, those questions have been answered. More than 8,000 EcoDiesel-powered 2014 Ram 1500s were ordered by Chrysler Group dealers between Feb. 7 and 10.

According to Automotive News, the figure represents nearly 50 percent of the half-ton pickup's typical monthly production; more than 400 of these pickups have already been sold to customers.

Bob Hegbloom, director of Ram, told Automotive News that the number represents about five times the normal percentage sold for a typical pre-launch vehicle.

"This just helps solidify in our minds that we did the right thing with this truck," Hegbloom said.

Ram President and CEO Reid Bigland had estimated that 30 percent of the Ram 1500 sales could be powered by the EcoDiesel V-6 punching out 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

Hegbloom added that the percentage of initial half-ton diesel orders is double or triple what brand executives had anticipated. He believes that demand will likely taper off as unsold inventory is received by the dealers. He also mentioned that production priority will be given to pre-sold orders in an effort to minimize customer wait times.

It was almost a year ago that Ram announced the Ram 1500 half-ton diesel, which went into production last month at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant near Detroit. The pre-spec vehicles should be delivered to the dealers in the next three weeks.

To read the Ram press release, click here.

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@HEMI V8 - unless someone is in the market for a 2002 pickup, who really cares?

Was Dodge still American owned in 2002 ?


Uhm No. Actually GM was the first to use hydro-formed in parts of their truck frames in 1999.

But as Lou stated WGAF!

@all1, LouBC,

More built Ford tough trucks LMAO!

@HemiV8 - you obviously don't read anything other than FCA propaganda.

"The frame is still a fully boxed, ladder-constructed foundation with eight cross-members, but it is now wider through the front and midsection, with an overall taller section depth as well. Frame sections are no longer bent but molded and rolled to keep the tolerances and wall thicknesses (and tensile strengths) as strong and light as possible."

There were a few Tundra apologists stating that Ford would go open C-channel.

Wow, you now have 2 things in common with Toyota fanboys..........
1. misinformation about the 2015 F150
2. a love of foreign badged pickups

I've been in Italy many times and still import, install and service technology from this country. Great food ( specially fresh see food ) vine, Ferrari, Fiat , Iveco, Maserati, Luxury Yachts for middle east oil countries nobody else can afford, Industrial machines, great design from furniture to beer opener, beautiful country , where you can ski, make vine , fish or whatever you wanna do, very friendly people. They compete with German technology in my field and that's about it. Americans are not even close.
I don't know what not to like about them. I guess, because they are successful. Some people still has a problem with Italy and their technology all the time, even didn't have anything from them. Some Italian must of bang his wife or catch bigger fish at local pond. So just say it and get over it.

@Lou lost in BC: well I don't know what SFA is, can you explain? Because the last shootout this site did, they had 1200 pounds of payload and 2 adults, in the Big Horn air suspension truck, so 1500-1600 pounds, over payload, and no complaints, and yet and handled the autocross with that weight best, while the GMs went backwards when weight was added. Lol.

The Ford did better on autocross loaded, then empty, but still couldn't run with the Ram. The Ford and Nissan liked the extra weight, in that event.

However, the max payload Ford stopped great EMPTY, BUT, loaded it gained the most distance, along with the GMs. So great stopping performance from empty trucks with higher payloads, but the advatage goes away when loaded? Well that's backwards, but it's a numbers game GM and Ford will play to the end, even if their trucks are so so at that loaded weight.

So yeah, put 1500 pounds on a Ram air suspension, which is not just an air bag in coil as johnny doh thinks, and it sits level.

So why no test of squat from Mark Williams on that shootout? Maybe cause Ram would have no squat and they would have to expose us to the squat of others?

No offroad test for the low rider Chivy to get banged up on, or the highly sprung Ford to bounce around on?

Ram will find progressive coils for the 1500 at some time.

If you want a ecodiesel truck wait till the middle of next yr and visit your local ford dealer.They should have a large supply of them in there used vehicle section.

Do to the Ram trolls on this site aka All1,LouBC, I will be trolling the Ford blogs. Those who stir the $#!^ should have too lick the spoon. lol :o

@TRX Ram coils replace Crown Vic - SFA - it could mean solid front axle but in the case of the coil sprung Ram 1500, it means:

S - Sweet
F - uck
A - All

@TRX Ram coils replace Crown Vic - just to clarify........

This thread has been focused on the Ecodiesel. Maybe you missed that point.

@HEMI V8 - you must enjoy licking spoons among other things.


We are the trolls? Look n the mirror bro. You were the one who started the crap. Lets, recap.

Lou stated....
"I wonder how long it will take for those buyers to realize that if the get a loaded crewcab that it won't be able to legally carry more than a cab full of passengers and a change of underwear?
With all kidding aside, this shows that there is a market for diesel 1/2 ton trucks."
.........Which is true due the low payload capacity.

Then you blasted him with insults for it with.....
Hey Lou, It may not be able to haul your soiled shorts at 1,400lb
payload with crew cab.LOL But I think that's plenty of payload for a 1/2 ton."
..........Which is only true for a 2wd crew cab and the 4wd is 1,200 ****Notice you were the one who started the personal attacks there****

Then Lou responded to that comment with.......
"@HEMI V8 - you must of "overlooked" the PUTC Annual Physical that stated the Ram 4x4 they tested had a 490 lb cargo capacity once one subtracted vehicle weight from GVW.
"The truck with the smallest payload capacity turned out to be the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel (Laramie Longhorn with air springs), with a calculated payload of 490 pounds, which equals just 7 percent of the truck's actual weight."
A typical family of 4 with a large dog would overload this truck.
A sedan with a sun deck running on oil.
I had high hopes for this truck but not with those kinds of cargo ratings. "
.............Which all he was doing was posting factual real world events just like TRX 4Tom likes to quote the 2013 PUTC L-DC all the time. *****Notice how he did not respond with personal attacks or even belittle a Ram even though you did****

The you responded.....
"@LouBC, I will wait for official numbers from Chrysler. Not Ford trucks .com lol
You Ford boys have a hard time realizing this is a 1/2 ton truck with best in class ride. NOT A FORD F 150 with a wash board ride rated for a 250. If you want payload buy a 2500. 1/2 ton is a 1,000lbs payload. Hence 1/2 ton. Get it.
****Surprisingly you didn't personally attack anyone or any brands in this one. Oh waite you made fun of PUTC****

Then I responded.......
"@ Hemi V8
Lou is right. According to Rams own configuration, a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Crew cab 4x4 short bed in a Laramie Long Horn or Limited trim only has a max payload of 881lbs which isn't even a half ton. After you add your weight, the wife, the kids, and the cargo then that leaves you very little payload left over for even a 4,000lbs trailer. The same truck in the Laramie trim is barely a half ton at 1064lbs max payload. All of the rest of the trims in the same configuration are just 1,233lbs max payload.
You don't believe us, check for yourself on Ram's own website.
Select a crew cab - 5.7' box -auto - 4x4 in the buttons up top. Then go all the way down to the bottom and hit LOAD MORE RESULTS to get past the Hemi's and onto the 3.0L Ecodiesels."
............With the facts you said you were waiting for in your previous post. I did not bash Ram calling it or you names. I just presented facts from Ram's own website.

The you responded with more insults.......
"@All 1, This is the best fuel mileage truck on the market. So if it doesn't serve your needs by all means don't buy it. If you are looking for mpg and luxury and don't need 4 friends 24/7 then buy this one. I don't know what else to tell you. Ram has Class leading trucks in all shapes and sizes for what ever your needs are. It is what it is.
Don't cry about what the 3.0 Diesel isn't. Ram sells more than just this truck. Find the one you need. lol"

Then I finally summarized what happened.
"Wow, bravo! That was pure fanboy fashion.
Someone (Lou) states a downside of the small payload of the truck. The fanboy(Hemi V8) fires back with an insult and then touts of how it has plenty of payload for a half ton. The someone(Lou) provides proof of the "way less than a half-ton" payload of said truck. The fanboy(Hemi V8) insults and tries to discredit the proof provided as a lie while. Someone else (Me) provides proof from the very manufacturer of the truck and the fanboy then back tracks on how much payload he previously stated while still throwing out insults. He also tries to convince others that they don't need all that payload that he was touting earlier. All the while the two other have not said one solitary insult and just stated factual information.
That was classic!!!!
What makes it even more funnier is the reason why we call trucks half tons is because they used to have a payload of half of a ton 1,000lbs. So.....what do we call this thing when it is the size of a half ton, but cannot even haul half a ton? A 3/4 of a half ton?"

The rest is history where you continued to insult us and Fords without one solitary insult from us. Hell you even called me a troll a few posts later. Hell, you even purposefully miss matched comparable trucks just to make Ram's look better. All we did is provided facts and you provided insults yet you are calling us trolls? I guess it is true what they say "If you can't beat them with facts, insult them"

@ALL1 - HemiV8 likes to stir the pot. If someone makes a comment in regard to an obvious weakness, he goes off on a troll tangent. I suspect that because he likes to troll he goes on the assumption that everyone has that intent as well...........

or it could be another case of small Ram syndrome.

@ All Ford supporters in here.
You have zero, null, nada influence for customers who wants to buy EcoDiesel RAM in here. Doesn't matter what you say or twisted facts present in here. People are not stupid like you think they are. Market will speak for itself. Congratulation for RAM to be the first one to bring the anticipated Half Ton Diesel Truck, Industry Leader.
They are working on removable Ram Box already.

@zviera - you are missing the point just like HemiV8 is missing the point. I am a proponent (reads infavour of) small diesels in pickups. Diesels make more sense than hybrids. The problem witb the Ecodiesel Ram has NOTHING to do with the diesel but EVERYTHING to with the piss poor capacity.
Would you buy a pickup with an 800-1200 lb capacity?

HemiV8 derided the Raptor for a similar payload, so has TRXRamcoilsreplacecrownvic and now all of a sudden it is okay.

Sh!t Can the blind loyalty.


Actually, the small payload that the Ram has with the Ecodiesel(especially in the higher end trims) has a major influential impact on a buying decision. For most half ton truck buyers payload is more important than towing, and as Lou pointed out in his original post in this article, some looking forward to the Ecodiesel may be thwarted by the small payload rating. That is the downfall of having a heavy diesel combined with coil spring suspension and a smaller axle in general. A lot of people think that adding air bags will actually increase payload when it actually doesn't. It only gives you the ability to handle the load your truck is rated for better. If the suspension is not the weak point and say the axles were(which I think is the case) then air bags will actually give you less payload due to the added weight.

We are not twisting facts. Everything Lou and I have stated were from either actual events like the PUTC 2014 V6 Annual Physical or from Ram themselves. Please, we encourage you to fact check all of our data. The fact is that a Ram equipped with an Ecodiesel is about 250lbs heavier than the same truck with a Hemi. This is not only due to the fact that a diesel weighs more in general due to the heavier block, but also all of the added emissions devices that come along with a diesel. Some that don't tow may not be concerned with this, however those that are looking at this engine as a tow or haul vehicle(which is what Ram is marketing it as) will be ery concerned about the low payload numbers because that means the truck can't do what it says it can.

For example. Take a Ram Laramie Longhorn Ecodiesel 4x4 5.7' box with a 3.92. It is rated for 881lbs max payload and 8,400lbs max towing. Anyone who tows knows that that is BS. Why? I am glad you asked.... Because a trailers tongue weight (the amount of weight the trailer is forcing on the truck) is applied to payload capacity. A safe tongue weight is usually between 10%-15% of the trailers maximum weight and for the sake of easily understanding things I will use 10% but it is usually higher. So......if you were to pill an 8,400lbs trailer then it would have a 10% tongue weight of 840lbs being applied to the truck and to it's payload. 881lbs - 840lbs leaves you with 41lbs left for the driver of the truck. I don't know about you, but have never meet a 41lb full grown man or woman. So......if the truck would be overloaded with just the driver with a 8,400lb trailer then how the hell does it tow that much when you can't even get in it without going over it's max payload? I don't know about you but I am about 200lbs give or take 5lbs depending on the last time I shat. 881lbs - 200lbs = 681 which mean with just me in the truck, the most I can tow is 6,800lbs IF the trailer has a tongue weight of 10% and IF didn't have that big Allsup's StopNGo burrito that morning. THIS is what Lou and I are saying.

Lets look ate other trims like the Laramie with the same configuration that has a max payload capacity of 1,064lbs and 8,750 max towing. Putting me in the drivers seat at 200lbs, that would only leave me able to pull a trailer that was 8,640lbs IF it had a 10% tongue weight. What am I going to do with the wife and kids? If you add the wife, kids, and gear at say 600lbs including yourself then that would only leave you able to tow a 4,464lbs trailer with the Laramie IF the tongue weight was 10%. If you were in the Laramie Longhorn with that much weight then that would only leave you enough payload for a 2,810lbs trailer. If you were in an SLT Ecodiesel with the highest payload of 1,233 with this cab configuration then you would only be able to tow a max 6,330lbs trailer with the 600lbs of people and gear in the truck. I don't know about you, but that would greatly influence my buying decision especially if I bought this truck to tow which is what Ram is marketing it as.

These are the specs per Rams very own website here --->( )

Yes, yes, yes I did.
I bought already 2010 RAM 1500 CREW LARAMIE 4X4. Leather, Heated, Cooled seats, Touch screen with Gps, Electrical Adjustable pedals, Dvd player with 2 wireless headsets, Heated rear seats, Chromed bumpers and running boards, Heated steering wheel. ....
I don't even know what capacity it has. Last summer I loaded everything I needed, include Versys 1000, 2 adults, 2 kids 18 and 16, 23 years old son doesn't come with us for many years. Then I hooked up travel trailer weight distribution bars, sway control friction brake and my truck was running perfectly with very little, expected sag, non issues over 1000 miles to BC and back passing many Fords with heavy trailers , but no weigh distribution bars, no sway control brake.
Like All1 says. WGAS. My truck works for me perfectly and I know to get from it maximum. Safely. I am not stupid like many drivers without weight distribution bars and sway control brakes I see every holiday season in the ditches, kids crying on the grass, because their macho truck dad's numbers says he doesn't need this and that and his truck has 2000lb capacity.
Nobody smart is going to listen your twisted facts from your distortion field you are living in. WGAS. It works, it will work for many customers and they will buy this truck. Some did already.
You should spend some extra money for lighter aluminum trailer and not for light truck.
All that heavy trailers you are pulling will push that beer can ford out of the road in any cross wind , sudden braking or car accident avoiding maneuver.

If you want to buy a beer in aluminum can, buy it now, because there is not going to be any left after this summer.


There should be sticker on the drivers door that tells you your max payload capacity specifically for your truck with all the options you have. It should look like the one in this article --->( ) Remember, anything added like toolboxes and front grille guards will reduce that max payload number as well.

Some states will fine you if you go over that limit. Even worse is if you are in an accident and the other persons lawyer finds out you went over that rating. Even if it wasn't your fault, you would be toast.

I just checked.
My sticker says 1071 lb. Which is half ton. I have a fully loaded 4x4 half ton truck which I am happy with.
I wouldn't be toasted if it's not my fault. I have a lawyer as well. It's a myth and other twisted fact. It's not that easy.
I am very happy Ford is the first one with aluminum truck. I will feel always much safer in my truck on the roads. Hopefully GM will follow soon. I heard they secured some aluminum suppliers already, so all the time in car accident, RAM passangers win.
Another reason to buy a RAM.

All1 - when one has a discussion with a mature adult there is a logical exchange of opinions and ideas. That ideal is completely lost on the fellows we are talking to or more specifically at. A person talks to another but talks at a wall.
Welcome to the Rambo motard Sheep Herder's society.

I have no discussion with anybody in here. I don't listen anybody and I don't care what somebody is presenting in here. I am grown educated adult, not a kid to listen. I am here to teach.

@LouBC, Speaking of talking to walls.

"HemiV8 derided the Raptor for a similar payload, so has TRXRamcoilsreplacecrownvic and now all of a sudden it is okay.

Sh!t Can the blind loyalty.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Feb 21, 2014 8:35:00 PM

@ Hemi monster, Let the trolls troll. I sure as hell won't be buying a Diesel anytime soon. (not for any price) I am going to a 2500 Power Wagon Laramie with the class kicking 6.4 HEMI POWER under the hood. I will do circles around this 3L Diesel. On or off road.


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Feb 19, 2014 10:45:00 PM

Let's not look at the piss poor tow ratings of Ford's V6 Models
lol And i am the blind fan boy LMFAO!

That will be my next choice as well.

@HEMI V8 - you blab on and on about supporting America and unions but you are going to buy a Mexican non-union truck owned by a foreign multi-national. Up until VEBA was sold, Fiat could not touch Chrysler's money, it will be sitting in a bank in England real soon.

WGAS about some union and corporation bank money. It's their money.

@LouBC, What choice do I have? Their is no equal to the Power Wagon. Do I want to build my own with no warranty? My wife's
65,000 $ Jeep SRT will support the Unions and America. My Power Wagon will support Chrysler who supports a lot of jobs here in the states. Paying the taxes on these vehicles will also support America. If I had a choice to buy a Power Wagon with American or Canadian union workers I would.

Ideally, it would be best to support American workers and NOT unions! Maybe I should buy a VW!

@HEMI V8 - your the one who has to come to terms with the ideology you espouse.

If you don't want to follow your beliefs then how do you expect me to buy into what you are selling?


"Let's not look at the piss poor tow ratings of Ford's V6 Models
lol And i am the blind fan boy LMFAO!
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Feb 22, 2014 12:19:45 PM"

Yes, lets shale we.....

In a F150 Crew cab 2wd short bed, these are the two rating for all F150 V6 engines

Base 3.7L with a 3.73 axle - 6,300lbs
3.5L Ecoboost with a 3.15 axle - 8,500lbs
3.5L Ecoboost with a 3.31 axle - 9,400lbs
3.5L Ecoboost with a 3.55 axle - 9,800lbs
3.5L Ecoboost with a 3.73 axle - 11,300lbs

Where do you see piss poor tow ratings? If you are talking about the base V6, then remeber in 2012 before Ram had 8 speed, the base V6 wasn't even offered in a crew cab. It wasn't until the introduction of the 8 speed in 2013 that the 3.6L V6 was offered in a crew cab. As far as the other V6, the 3.5L Ecoboost, it has a higher tow rating that the Hemi.

It has proven that it can tow that amount in the PUTC article where a 3.55 axle Ecoboost towed 9,000lbs over 2,000 miles up and over the Rockies here ---> If you look ate the loaded and unloaded 0-60 testing number, it outperformed the Ram Hemi 3.55 axle in the PUTC Light-Duty Challenge by over .2 seconds unloaded and by .6 seconds towing 500 lbs more.

AND in the Ike Gauntlet 2.0 test where a 3.73 axle Ecoboost easily towed over 10,000lbs up a 7% grade hill above 10,000ft here ---->

So where are these piss poor towing numbers you are referring to?


"I have no discussion with anybody in here. I don't listen anybody and I don't care what somebody is presenting in here. I am grown educated adult, not a kid to listen. I am here to teach.
Posted by: zviera | Feb 22, 2014 11:03:42 AM" are here to teach someone that it is okay to blatantly go over their manufacturers payload rating with comments like......

" I bought already 2010 RAM 1500 CREW LARAMIE 4X4. Leather, Heated, Cooled seats, Touch screen with Gps, Electrical Adjustable pedals, Dvd player with 2 wireless headsets, Heated rear seats, Chromed bumpers and running boards, Heated steering wheel. ....
I don't even know what capacity it has. Last summer I loaded everything I needed, include Versys 1000, 2 adults, 2 kids 18 and 16, 23 years old son doesn't come with us for many years."

For one, being a truck owner or even buying a truck without knowing it's payload and towing specs is just plain idiotic and dangerous. You state that you are a grown educated adult, yet you are not educated enough to know or find out your payload rated before you add a lot of cargo. This is why I am a firm believer that every trucks payload and tow rating should be on their window sticker due to all these idiots that buy trucks as over-sized sedans and think all trucks can do the same thing. You clearly went over your trucks 1,071lbs payload capacity and are even trying to justify it. If this is what you are trying to "teach" then I would ask you to please stop. It is not a safe thing to be teaching especially to those over-sedan truck buyers I mentioned earlier who are too ignorant to know any better.

@ALL1 - I've said this before - many don't look at anything other than the badge on the fender.

All of your trucks are overloaded. You don't even use weight distriburion bars and nobody uses sway control brake at all.
I am 100% sure about this. You are much more danger than me on the road.
I recovered from few accidents caused by other drivers cutting me off at US high ways 4 years ago at 8 000 kms trip, because they don't know to keep their lines at high speed in the cross wind and curved roads. They simply don't know to do that even with civic.I had a semi on my right side, so nowhere to go. My setup saved me.
I would be dead because of stupid truck drivers without any weight distribution bars and sway control brake. I saved their lives and mine.
My setup is overkill, like hitch dealer told me for my trailer weight and size, but I am smart and I know what to do right to protect me and my family. I am not lazy to hook everything up te get most safe setup on the road possible every morning I moved from campground to campground. My truck with trailer drives like one unit in any conditions, any road, any situation.
You take care of your family, I will take care of mine.
Keep your ideas for yourself. My truck with my setup can safely handle double the weight I am loading at.
I wanna see how beer can truck can handle any weight behind.
I am not buying. I don't care what numbers say.My experience is telling me it's not safe. Be my guest. I want you to drive light aluminum truck and pull heavy trailer behind. You won't survive same situation I did. Good luck.

@zviera, the frame is heavier, but the body is lighter. Do you know what that means? A lower center of gravity! These means INCREASED stability! It means SAFER towing performance! Don't stress too much though, old school mentality can easily give a false sense of security to a simple mind.

Diesel is a pain! Hard start on a cold morning, freezes and gels up, not all gas stations offer diesel so you have to drive miles outta your way for fuel. When you get to the gas station they share the same diesel pumps with the gas pumps then you have to wait for a car ahead of you getting gas. Here in Pennsylvania diesel is $4.49/gal where gas is $3.69, so if you're paying almost a dollar more for diesel are you saving money even with better gas mileage?

Dodge made a mistake by dumping the Dakota, that was the most payload and towing capable of the mini pickups, easy to work on, parts were cheap.

From what I've just seen diesel is $3.85 at the moment in PA.

Regular is $3.28, Mid $3.38 and Premium is $3.69.

No it's not, but whatever you believe in.

@zviera - what the heck do you mean by "no it's not???" WTF??? Dude, if you lighten a load at the top and increase it at the bottom, you lower the CoG! Why don't you understand that? It's not what I believe, it's basic physics! You would have to be a complete moron to not understand that!

Frame is not heavier . At least not significantly . Whole truck is 700lb lighter, so yes, it will drive better empty, but worse when loaded or towing.
Get me a source please, how much is frame heavier. Is it stronger? Yes.

@zviera, @alex

Weight distribution and CG are great topics if you drive a Corvette at the road race club on weekends, or if you regularly over load your truck/trailer rig.

Try using common sense on this topic. Is losing your life worth making a point?


2:41 "There's more high strength steel here than the outgoing frame." There's no specification as to what it weighs, but more steel weighs more than less steel, does it not?

Also, if the chassis weight remained the same and the body just got lighter, it would still lower the CoG!

@Papa Jim, sorry I didn't realize somebody was about to get killed ;)

You got it wrong. They meant more like more % not absolut number .
Please provide a link, where they say it's heavier. Some models designed to pull less are even lighter, with lighter steel gage frame.


As Ford manual states, anything over 5,000lbs(or 500lbs tongue weight) requires a weight distribution hitch on their trucks. If anyone is not using it then it is their fault for putting there lives and other people on the road lives in danger just as YOU are doing overloading your truck. I have never overloaded 2011 F150 truck over it's 1,802lb payload or its 17,100lbs GCWR. When I pull anything over 5,000lbs, like the 9.500lbs I pull a few times a year, I use my WDH. Regardless of how many excuses you want to say to make yourself feel better or try to tell us your are not doing anything wrong. You ARE overloading your trucks payload no matter what you say.

I didn't say even one excuse. I will never do that. Where do you see that? You take care of your family, I will take care of mine.
I overload my truck. My truck with my setup and overload I do can handle more safely than yours with 1,802lb payload and 9.500lbs behind it.
Everybody in here with half ton truck overloads their trucks. Even you. Check your door sticker, what's your front axle and rear axle maximum load and give yourself a favor, when you load your truck with 1802lb and pull 9500lb trailer, go see your local scale to measure your rear axle weight. I guarantee you are over weight even with WDH. Not to mention you don't use sway control friction brake for more safety drive.
So don't give me this innocent look, that you don't overweight your truck and I should be punished for that.

@All1, What does Ford have to match the towing and fuel economy of Rams 1500 Eco Diesel? (hint) NOTHING!


Nope not overloaded, you are wrong again and again and again. Boy, you Ram guys gave a habit of saying things WITHOUT checking facts. Like I said, a real truck owner who uses their truck to do what a truck needs to do checks these things. That is the reason why Ford makes this kind of information easily available because they know people that buy them use them as trucks, not over-sized sedans.

I drive a 2011 F150 Ecoboost 4x4 long bed with a 3.73 axle and max tow package. Look at page 93 ( ). My front GAWR is 4,050lbs and my rear axle is 4,050lbs. The base curb weight for the front of my truck is 3,420lbs and the base curb weight of the rear of my trucks is 2,475lbs stock, but is roughly 2,575lbs due to my tool box. That leaves me with 1,575lbs that I can apply to just my rear axles with a full tank of fuel. The way I load the 9,500 lbs that I tow every now and then it a tongue weight of 1,155 which is a little over 12% of the max trailer weight. That still leaves me with 420lbs available to the rear axle. All passengers weight in the cab are also being distributed to the front so not all their weight is all on the back axle. As I said before, I also use a WDH. So NO, I am NOT overloading my truck just like you are.

You might want to rephrase your statement into "Every Ram owner in here with half ton truck overloads their trucks." Truck owners like myself research and buy the truck that fits their needs. I don't buy a truck without knowing it's capabilities which why I researched them all when I was shopping for a truck in 2011. The F150 was the only truck with a long bed that allowed me to tow what I needed to without having to go to a more expensive 3/4 or 1 ton truck. The fact that you didn't even know what the payload capacity of your truck when you bought it is all I need to know of how you use your truck. No need to explain further.


What does Ram have that matches the max 11,300lbs towing and fuel economy in a truck that is rated to tow over 9,000lbs in a crew cab like the Ecoboost? NOTHING!!!!

There is not one crew cab configuration with an Ecodiesel that is rated over 9,000lbs and if you add the dismal payload of the Ram with an Ecodiesel, then you will be towing much(and I emphasis MUCH) lower then that with other people in the truck. You can have your fuel economy, give me my power and more capability.

I didn't expect any different answer from you. So you drive with empty bed and passangers include you sits at the front fenders.
I got it.
You better double check your theory at any scale close by .

There is not such a thing as a page of 93.











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