GMC Sierra Ranks at Top of J.D. Power's Dependability Study

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The GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500/3500 Heavy-Duty pickup trucks have won their respective categories in the J.D. Power and Associates' 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study. The half-ton GMC ranked highest in the Light Duty Pickup category, with the Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Avalanche finishing in the No. 2 and 3 positions. In the heavy-duty segment, the GMC Sierra HD was the winner, with the Chevy Silverado HD finishing in the second spot. The Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty came in third.

The J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability study is based on a survey of 41,000 respondents who identify incidents and problems with their 3-year-old vehicles (2011 model year), sharing their experiences. The fact that these are ratings for older pickups explains why, in the Midsize Pickup category, the Ford Ranger and GMC Canyon finished second and third respectively. The Honda Ridgeline ranked highest.

For more information about how the other brands finished, click here.

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"longest lasting trucks on the road"

Yep, it will never get off road.

do it all the time! everyday! and actually really happy with suspension and 4WD capabilities with my Chevy!

Yup GM's have a reputation for running like crap the longest. I have a coworker who I park next to with a Chevy, and I've watched him start up the Silverado every day for the past five years and see the blue smoke billowing out.

And Ford has reputation of not running at all!

its interesting to see this survey showing GM first. I can tell you that they are rated much lower for extended service contracts. congrats to them tho thats a step up for them for sure.

Congrats to GM! Everyone else, be sure to pay your JD Powers bills on time from now on! Just kidding. :)

Improved reliability can be another advantage of not making frequent design changes or keeping up with technology etc. The downside is a stodgy design.

Have to admit it. That gmc looks way better than the silvi.

I care less for those Rag Mags even if Ford would win. Meh!!!!

Someone educate me, how does the Sierra rank that far ahead of the Silverado??

Nobody cares, where is the V6 shootout? Has PUTC given up on being a truck news site? You guys might have 1 original piece of information every 3-4 weeks max, then fill up everything in between with this useless fluff, which is usually reported several days after other automotive sites have run the same news.

Thats what ive been talking about, cant wait for my 2015 GMC 2500HD Z71 Duramax Baby

Maybe those surveyed for this cannot afford new trucks that's why they kept their trucks so long and that's why GMC won the award? I am happy with my Dodge Ram thank you very much.

Good for G.M. Won't change my mind on buying a new Power Wagon with Class leading power and off road capability.

@Derek, same with my 2005 F150. Only thing that ever happened was a small exhaust leak at the manifold. Never bothered to fix it. It's nearly at 120,000 miles now. I want a new truck but I can't really justify replacing mine, though I will sooner or later.

Is any one else bothered by G.M. getting tax payer money for a bail out and going to Mexico for production of it's most popular model's G.M.C 1500 & Chevy 1500 crew cabs? Piss on the men and women in Detroit. Not cool.

JD Powers ?????? Money under the table ?????? NO never....

@Mike - I suspect that the reason Sierra scored higher than Silverado is due to the interior. These ratings are based on all of the problems reported that result in dealer visits. GMC trucks have higher grade interiors. That is my guesstimation.

It is interesting to see Ford HD moved into 3rd place behind the 2 GMC siblings. That would indicate that Ford is putting behind them all of the problems they had with the 6.0 and 6.4 PowerStroke engines. 2011 would be the first year for the 6.7.

Once again Ram finished back of the pack.

Once again Toyota ranks better than most USA badges.

If one reads JD Power they indicated that "The majority of the issues stem from the drivetrain, particularly those utilizing four-cylinder and diesel engines". They also cited CVT and new multi-geared transmissions (example - 8 speed transmissions).

I am happy I purchased a 2010 truck since that was the last year that product durability improved.
If one looks at rankings by badge, this how it rates (problems per 100 units):

1st - Lexus = 68
3rd - Cadillac = 107
5th - Buick = 112
7th - Lincoln = 114
7th - Toyota = 114
13th - Chevrolet = 132
16th - GMC = 133
Industry Average = 133
17th - Ford = 140
18th - Nissan = 142
23rd - Chrysler = 155
25th - Ram = 165
28th - Jeep = 178
30th - Dodge = 181

@HEMI V8 - "Is any one else bothered by G.M. getting tax payer money for a bail out and going to Mexico for production of it's most popular model's G.M.C 1500 & Chevy 1500 crew cabs? Piss on the men and women in Detroit. Not cool."

That is hypocrisy at its finest.

Chrysler got a bailout and now are owned by an Italian multinational with a Head office in the Netherlands, a tax base in England, and a stock offering on the NYSE. Add to that HD's made in Mexico and 1/2 tons powered by an Italian V6 diesel. The HD's run a Japanese Aisen transmission and the LD's run a German transmission.

@Lou-BC, Really! Has Chrysler changed it's production location since receiving the bail out that they paid back @ 16 percent interest?

@Lou, @Hemilol

Who cares? Auto manufacturing is a global business today.

The countries that have tried to protect their domestic industries are in the crapper today.

Does anyone drive a Russian built truck? Or a Chinese built truck? When will people realize that the schemes of fifty years ago just don't work anymore.

Power to the consumer!

This is rigged, everyone knows the Egoboost F150 is the most reliable combo on the road.

@ papa jim - you are correct. I agree 100%.

I was trying to make a point to HemiV8.

He accuses GMC for a bailout and building in Mexico when his favorite brand isn't even an American owned company and what he wants to buy isn't made in the USA.

As the old saying goes "if one lives in a glass house, don't throw stones".

@HemiV8 - did you look into all of the factors surrounding that payback?
How many times did Chrysler get bailed out?
Who owns Chrysler?

If you look up Chrysler/Ram/Jeep/Dodge - " It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian multinational automaker Fiat S.p.A."

It may still be considered an "American Manufacturer" but it isn't American owned.

You deride Toyota for being Japanese and a former enemy of the USA but you ignore the fact that Chrysler was owned by the Germans and now is 100% owned by Italians.

Because it's a 7 year old model. Boring ride, no technology. They even put rear brake drums! Both Ford and Ram are leap years ahead.
Are they even selling GM trucks still?

@Lou BC,"The HD's run a Japanese Aisen transmission and the LD's run a German transmission.

Both which are built right here in the good old U.S. of A. with American pride. ;)

Okay, so I'm a little confused here. Last time I checked, people were telling me that Chevy makes the "Longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road", yet according to JD power, that isn't true, instead the most dependable trucks according the them are GMC. Hmmm then I wonder would could the difference be, is the Sierra's 5.3l more dependable that whatever engine they are putting in the Silverado??? OH WAIT my bad, they have the SAME ENGINE. Then certainly this test couldn't be a measure of mechanical reliability, since both trucks are mechanically identical. I could say all kinds of sarcastic things, but I will leave it at that, because we all see the irony in JD power's report. Well if nothing else, it ought to make Michigan Bob happy.

According to data from R.L. Polk Canada, Dodge/Ram pickups are Canada’s longest-lasting trucks, as measured by the percentage of pickups sold since 1987 (25 years ago; model years 1988-2012) that are still on the road today. 79% of Ram pickups sold in the last 25 years are still registered, compared with 66% of Ford pickups and 72% of General Motors pickups. The numbers are even better when looking at the Cummins diesel equipped pickups of the last 20 years; 87% of Ram diesels sold since 1993 are still registered as being in operation (model years 1994-2012), compared with just 69% of Fords, 79% of Chevrolets, and 83% of GMCs. Cummins currently has a five-year, 160,000 mile powertrain warranty in Canada.

after years of not changing even when they finally changed them, they don't take a whole lot of chances....vanilla GMC.

Lets see it in 2-3 years.

"It is interesting to see Ford HD moved into 3rd place behind the 2 GMC siblings. That would indicate that Ford is putting behind them all of the problems they had with the 6.0 and 6.4 PowerStroke engines. 2011 would be the first year for the 6.7"

What the hell are you talking about? I think you're forgetting there is only one more vehicle behind it. Ford loving PUTC has mentioned it being in 3rd but what they should've said is that Ford SD finished second to last. Click on the link they provided. They don't even list it there. Why? Read the fine print:
*no other model in this segment performs above segment average.
JD ranks it 3rd but doesn't publish them in 3rd. Official press release shows only vehicles that rank above average. Notice Camaro is all by itself on the list.
They haven't fixed any problems with their SDs.

Lou, have you been inside '11 Sierra and Silverado? They have the same interiors! Same materials. Same layout. The only difference is GMC and Chevy logo on the steering wheel! Not one detail is different!

Maybe the 2014 G.M. owners can use this pamphlet to smother the flames on their new truck. lol

@HemiV8 -
"Both which are built right here in the good old U.S. of A. with American pride. ;)"

But what about the rest of that HD?

Your comment also applies to Japanese Toyota Tundra and Tacoma.

@Gregory J.- I read all about the new Dependability results yesterday on TTAC including the point that only GMC had above average HD's.

Kudos to GMC.

You are correct, both the Ford HD and the Ram HD are below average. That would be worse than 133 problems per 100 vehicles.

@Radek - I was making an educated guess based on the fact that the only real difference is trim. I made that point clear in my comment.

Care to explain why the Sierra is more reliable than the Silverado?

@@Gregory J - if you look at the ratings, the Tundra gets the exact same rating as the Sierra.

If that is the case why don't they say it is a tie for 1st?

The other odd point is the F150 rates 5/5 for both Overall Quality and Overall Performance and Design and a 3/5 for Overall Dependability.
The Avalanche rates 4/5 for Overall Quality and a 4/5 for Overall Performance and Design AND rates a 3/5 for Overall Dependability.

The F150 has better overall ratings but rates behind the Avalanche.

I find that once again PUTC takes the easy road and cuts and pastes a news release but this time it was from sister

@HemiV8 - RL Polk data shows registrations. That is it. Nothing else.
RL POLK does not show what the trucks were used for, how they were driven, nor does it show how much money was spent on repairs.

Ram Canada took a page out of Chevrolet USA's playbook. They claimed the same thing in the USA for years.

Longest lasting based on registrations is PR hyperbole at its finest.

Still the pyromaniac?

Have you sought some assistance to rectify this problem?


Why do you keep bringing up Canada sales? They are miniscule compared to the US sales. So basically you are trying to manipulate your data and only show what you want to show for your gain, did I get that right? Instead of showing the US numbers and how Dodge is in third place on a large data set you decide to show Canada numbers (a very small data set) with hopes of making Dodge look better huh? Well Dodge trucks sold less than Ford this year, I thought they were the best selling truck you said? Also the HD trucks don't have a 160,000 mile warranty, stop trying to spin it your way, it is 160,000 kilometer, do you know what that translates to in miles??? That is just under 100k miles. Shesh, every time you open your mouth you have to be corrected, for once can you state facts? I will say thank you for finally getting that stupid guts glory comments stuff toned down, it was getting old.

Gregory j, I clicked on the link. You really have to reach to defend your GM worshiping crap. As far as camaro, it received 5 stars for quality, 2 for performance and design and 4 for predicted reliability. The mustang got 5,5 and 4. Everyone else, the VDS rankings are overall, meaning all vehicles, not trucks only. Even if they really meant anything( they don't, too many unknowns) we're talking about 1.32 and 1.33 problems per vehicle for Chev and GM, 1.4 for Ford and 1.65 for Ram. That means you're likely to have more than 1, but less than 2 problems for any manufacturer. BFD.

@Tyler- 160, 000 is exactly 100, 000 miles. 1.6 km to the mile.

HemiV8 is trying to spin registrations as proof of reliability just like GMC used to do in US.

It makes sense based on age of updates. In 2011 GMC had an established platform little change. Toyota was the same.

Ford released a complete line of new engines. Any time a company makes big changes reliability tends to drop.

What does not bode well for Chrysler is the fact that JD Power said that overall durability dropped due to 4 cylinder engines, diesel engines, and transmissions with multiple gears I.e. 8 speed.

Sorry meant to say being the most durable makes sense based on age of platform. Old platforms and drivetrains tend to be less problematic than new ones.

"Care to explain why the Sierra is more dependable than the Silverado?

From the article... "The J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability study is based on a survey of 41,000 respondents who identify incidents and problems with their 3-year-old vehicles."

There you have it. Luck of the draw. Nothing else. Of the vehicles looked at, this was the result. Do the same thing with another group of 41,000 respondents and the results will likely be dramaticlly different.

Ridgeline by Honda is most dependable truck on the list. Fewer problems than GMC!

if you can call a Ridgeline a truck, lol

hemiveeate: you talk about taxpayer money, and manufacturing in Mexico, but fail to mention Chrysler/Ram/Mopar ALSO taking taxpayer money, AND being owned by an Italian Co., AND manufacturing in Mexico also!!! how convenient! oh and by the way, I am taking the wife to a local Dodge dealer on Monday to buy a new Charger R/T AWD, we have decided to get a car instead of another truck for a change! jeeze imagine that! a car made in Canada, and manuf. by a company owned by a co in Italy!

Tyler, might not happen this month, will be close in March, but after the Ecodiesel has been selling for a month or two, Chevy will be #3 in US sales.

What are you gonna say then? That you want a sorry GM truck, that GM barely updates?

Sales in Canada may not be nearly as much as US, but it all counts.

Do you not see GMs monthly sales declining? Or not growing while others do?

A price increase and a redesign didn't do much for them. Biggest thing they did on 2014 1500s? Direct injection... ooh lame, they missed the mark.

Whats next, a "A man, a man and his man, " Silverado commercial? I doubt that will help GM out, lol.

TRIX r 4 Kids you just need to come to grips with the fact that not everyone wants a new Fiat parked in there driveway. I will give you credit for trying however lol!

Seriously where is the 1/2 ton shootout they were talking about quite a while ago?

@Mat: no kidding, not everybody wants a Ram, or Ford, or GM, for that matter.

The point was,. ol Tyler seems to miss the fact that GM truck sales are declining, for a company that totally redesigned their 1500s, they fail to see and will not admitt their sales are on the decline. Typical GM fanboi, living in denial.

If you want an ugly brick shaped truck, so so interior, offset steering wheel, just because they over rate towing and one whopping mpg in v-8, with less power abd a lesser trahnsmission, so you can have a tailgate step and a tailgate that's easy to lower, takes as much if not more to raise, low slung, have at it.

@TRX 4 Tom Where is this big sales decline you speak of? Only Two months since July/June last year when the truck came out . First month was with November it has one or two less selling days compare to 2012 Plus not all the styles where on the lot or built yet . January is the only other month with a drop and let see it was -20F or 0F in most of the country with crap ton of snow. Then you add is the Fact Ram and Ford where offing big $7,000-13,000 dollars off on their trucks.

ol Tommy trx 4 boy seems to miss the big picture, but if he looked at the big picture his Ram would still have no hope of getting 2nd place. So he lives in his Ram land denial.

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