GMC Sierra Ranks at Top of J.D. Power's Dependability Study

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The GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500/3500 Heavy-Duty pickup trucks have won their respective categories in the J.D. Power and Associates' 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study. The half-ton GMC ranked highest in the Light Duty Pickup category, with the Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Avalanche finishing in the No. 2 and 3 positions. In the heavy-duty segment, the GMC Sierra HD was the winner, with the Chevy Silverado HD finishing in the second spot. The Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty came in third.

The J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability study is based on a survey of 41,000 respondents who identify incidents and problems with their 3-year-old vehicles (2011 model year), sharing their experiences. The fact that these are ratings for older pickups explains why, in the Midsize Pickup category, the Ford Ranger and GMC Canyon finished second and third respectively. The Honda Ridgeline ranked highest.

For more information about how the other brands finished, click here.

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Yes, we want a beautiful square body truck, with awesome interior, offset steering wheel that helps getting in and out easier, top of the segment towing and 2 wonderful V8s that are more fuel efficient then most V6s, the most HP and tq offered in half-ton truck, 6 speed trans that helps achieve the best FE with two less gears, tailgate step and tailgate that's easy to lower AND raise, the best frame under any truck out there.
Enjoy your least dependable, worst rated, Italian pos and keep on dreaming about outselling CHEVY.
Last, but not least. Get a life.

I think the answer lies in who buys these two vehicles. GM targets two different groups of buyers.

Greatest Machine Created!!!

@ Chevy Guy, greg, Watching the NASCAR race tonight. The Cheby pace car caught on fire. lol What a P.O.S

@HEMI V8 Dodge is such a POS they left nascar all together. BFO I should skull punch every auzzie in the face wrecking JR

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Cheby pace car driver jeff bodine.

Nice try HEMI V8 but word on the street is that they have confirmed that a strobe light caused the fire.

Being that I am biased to GM(Family works there and I cant stand FORD), I will let you in on my Truck Shopping.

Right now you can get between 7k to around 11K off new Silverado's, that's the prices off anyone can get from 4.3 V6 to Loaded up High Countries.

I was considering a loaded High Country, thought I could stack my GM Card fillup of 4,000 on top of the 11k, along with a private offer of 1,000, for 16k off sticker, but alas, not stackable.

The bottom line on the deal was I was going to save 650 more than the average joe with my GM earnings but not supplier pricing, which is Credit Union as well, needless to say having the GM card with 4k fillup seemed like a bait and switch.

Also like some of the haters have said, GM DID raise the prices on these trucks, after they said they wouldn't and by a lot, I cant defend that and honestly it affects these deals, as the money off isn't as good as it seems if they raised the price.

I would also like to mention that earn adopters got screwed even with the 2k less stickers as they paid a lot closer to msrp.

Now GM raised the price by 2k+ and I am finding that unlike most of the pre2k increase trucks, they have a -250 delete rear sliding window, I want the rear slider, most people do want it, yet now they do this stupid delete on an option I and most truck buyers want.

Two different dealers have told me people are coming in and needing to special order to get this, what a joke.

I want GM to succeed with this truck, I was seriously considering risking a first year model, even after the price increase, if the deal was great, but now I am hoping they stall and get the deal where it needs to be.

No new 8-9 speed, this should have been with the redesign, raising the price by several thousand dollars after a few months release, the bean counter that came up with that is part of the reason these trucks are sitting on the lots, when I cross shop RAM, their trucks are a lot cheaper, comparable to the 4.3's but with the Hemi, GM must think we are all rich to have all these trucks loaded up on the lots.

Even though Ram is not as reliable as GM, with way more recalls, they did update the truck a lot, its handsome, has 8 speed, diesel option, air suspension, they are really bringing their A game, GM has to really step it up and soon or they are going to be in third in sales.

With the new F150 coming out in Alum, next year is going to be an interesting year for trucks, hopefully price war and amazing deals to follow, for me I am fence sitting, waiting for the Canyon and Colorado, I think a crew cab Z71 Colorado might be the best fit for me in the end.

Posted by: Mr. Obvious |

@Mr obvious,"Being that I am biased to GM(Family works there and I cant stand FORD)

How does your Family feel about G.M. building their most popular trucks in MEXICO?

Ask the Family how the Union let these jobs leave Detroit?

I would seriously like to know.

Ram 1500 Motor Trend's first back-to-back Truck Of The Year.

Not surprised the Ford trucks didn't even make the list. My 1999 GMC Sierra is a better truck 15 years old than a new 2014 F150. With GM you get quality and durability, with Ford trucks you get to meet firefighters;

@TJ -
Tell me where you can buy a new Avalanche?

If one considers that the Sierra and Silverado are basically the same truck and the Avalanche has the same drivetrain as those trucks, one could lump all three as one.

Funny how the GMC fanboys have NO problems lumping sales together to claim #1 in sales but don't apply that same concept with anything else.

Guys like you complained and shot down the results when Ford and Toyota were 1st and second - odd how these results all of a sudden matter when your favorite brand is in 1st.

These results tend to show the accepted fact that end of model run vehicles are more reliable than new products.

All 3 trucks - Sierra, Tundra, and Avalanche are mid or end run products. Same can be said for the HD's with the GMC siblings in 1st.

It will be interesting to see how trucks rate when Vincentric releases their 2014 results.

Does anyone know how these ratings compare to Consumer Reports?

G.M. SPENDING 691,000,000 in expansion in MEXICO. The second biggest builder in MEXICO to NISSAN.

What's with all the Mexico talk HEMI V8? You trying to make yourself feel better about supporting an Italian automaker that also builds in Mexico?

@HEMI V8 - since you have your heart set on a Mexican made Ram you now have the choice of a Mexican made GMC.

We all know choice is good.

BTW - it is predicted that English will be the second language of California. Spanish will soon be the dominant language.

I can see why you want an Italian owned Mexican Ram - if you can't beat 'em............. join 'em.

No, No, and No. I think it's a dam shame after U.S. tax payer's bail out G.M. they run to cheap Mexican labor with their best selling vehicle.


G.M. (now second largest)




So the interesting thing about the Hds in 2011 is that it was an new drive train, suspension, frame and axles. With all that it has proven to perform very well. As a owner of a 2011 hd I agree with what this report has put out. So the discussion about these being old, outdated designs referenced, check the data any years discussed.

@johnny doe
Well, that's racing. JR was a bit of a sore sportsman though, ramming Ambrose in the ass, then driving down the side of his vehicle.

I suppose not everyone can be a fair sportsman. I'll excuse JR for his poor behaviour ;)

@HEMI V8 -welcome to global trade. Most people are not willing to spend more money on "Made in the USA" goods. Corporations chose to "offshore" inflation by building products in areas with cheap labour, low safety standards, and poor environmental protection.

One can chose to protest by not buying products from companies that build "offshore" or build in an "unethical" fashion.

Which is more important to you?

Driving a Mexican Ram or following your pro-union, Made in the USA ideology?

@Lou BC, You are 100% correct. This decision has to be made. It will shake my core beliefs. The Power Wagon is my all time dream truck. I will however make certain they are built in Mexico.

@HemiV8 - " I will however make certain they are built in Mexico. "

Why do you need to be certain they are made in Mexico?

Hemi, I don't know why you wouldn't look at one of the new Fords. Not a Power Wagon I know but all trucks are made in the USA, and the Raptor did beat the PW in the Extreme Off-Road test.

I know your history with your old Mustang, but you need get beyond that.

The Ram's are made in Mexico, and I'll also add owned by the Italians, taxed in Britain, and hq'd in the Netherlands. At least go test drive one of the new Fords at the end of this year.

If you hold a grudge and won't even at least consider it or take a test drive you will only be hurting yourself. I would seriously consider a 2016 Raptor if I was you.

@Tom L., Sounds like a plan. When buying a new vehicle. I want
Union American made. The rest matters little to me. I want to support American labor with a good paying job.

I may just have to settle. lol For the two time motor trend champion. The awesome looking made in America U.A.W
Ram 1500. It tows enough @ over 10,000 and has over 1,000lb

Just won't have winch, solid axle with lockers, 6.4L Hemi.
I could add all but solid axle to my new truck.

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