Product Spotlight: Convenient Bed Storage You Can Abuse

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We've seen plenty of under-bed storage units in our day — some that allow for a small amount of bed use, while others basically turn your pickup truck into a station wagon. But as soon as we saw this new product we thought it might be something a lot of pickup truck owners would use.

Called Decked, the system is made of high-density recycled plastic with steel inserts for added strength. It bolts together in about two hours and provides two strong roller drawers that can hold 200 pounds each; they can run the full length of any full-size half-ton bed built after 1999. The company, also called Decked, even offers some applications for heavy-duty pickups. The setup attaches to the factory tiedowns in the bed and comes with four smaller built-in storage pockets in each corner of the bed.

The system comes in 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot lengths and can carry about 2,000 pounds, which means no matter which half-ton you own, you won't lose any payload capacity. The deck stands about 10 inches above the floor of the bed and will fit over a spray-in bed liner if your truck is so equipped; it will not fit over a drop-in bed liner.

The Decked system weighs about 200 pounds and offers several mounting rack options depending on how you plan to use it. Pricing starts at just less than $1,000, but you can add options like drain plugs, locks, dividers and various types of tiedown racks that could add a few hundred dollars more. Depending on how you use your pickup, Decked could meet all your tool storage and play gear needs. And feel free to offer your own suggestions or concerns about this new product. They'll be listening.

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Seems like a decent product. Definitely not for everyone as you're giving up a lot of useful bed space, but if your truck is nothing more than transportation, it would make for some handy storage solutions with easy access. Nice!

Watch how all the Rambox® haters will come here saying that this storage solution is the best thing ever, just because it's on a Ford and not a Ram.

My opinion is that while bed storage is a nice feature, the minute it starts to impede on bed space that's when it becomes a problem. For the record, on my Ram, I just ordered it with the normal bed, that's because I need all the bed space available. If I wanted to secure a bunch of stuff, then I would have been better off buying a SUV or getting a shell for the truck.

Yea as with many aftermarket products this is a niche market thing of coarse. Most need bed space. The Ram side box not good if you install a camper or bed cap. The Honda Ridge line in bed storage not good if you always have stuff on your bed. I'm each truck mfg owners will fine some use perhaps some type of businesses they may help.

I don't see any HD truck offerings from them, what about us 2500 guys?

I guess they only offer Ford and Ram HD boxes.

A better alternative is a small enclosed trailer, a small 5x10 enclosed trailer is less than $2000. Plus with the trailer you still have the full area of the bed to haul more. I have a side business where I make a lot of money with my trailer, very busy. I install mini split systems, big demand is out there and normal HVAC Contractors are too busy serving industrial accounts where I only do residential customers.

Damn ! No RamBox fitment ....

For someone like a housing contractor, a plumber, even a roadside mechanic a system like this could be ideal. It offers secure storage for tools and parts (assuming the tailgate itself locks) while leaving a large, flat load bed for carrying bulk items. On the other hand, if that load is any longer than the bed itself, the secure storage might be compromised. Then again, I've seen a few pickup owners in my life laying their lumber on the lip of the tailgate.

Is it a neat idea? I think so. But it doesn't look as good as one manufactured specifically for the given truck model.

Best PUTC story I've seen in a while! Great ideas.

I feel like this product uses up too much bed space, and once installed does not really allow you to carry/tow taller upright items such as a washer, fridge, or stove if needed... I'll stick to my traditonal truck bed tool box.

Very similar to these .Not a new idea. Company called Car Consoles makes this. Not in steel but a composite material.

Another one Homebuilt.

I like this concept. I was looking at getting Quicksilver soft side camper for my truck but didn't like the idea of having to put all of my backcountry gear in the camper. Something like this would be perfect. All of the chains, cables, tow straps, tools etc. go in the trays and the little pop-up camper sits on top.

We need more stories like this on PUTC.

Saw this set up a few years back on are fishing guides truck. All fishing gear inside. Rods, fly's, the works.

Up here in the Top End many people have these in their SUVs and pickups. They are very good for extended camping/fishing/hunting expeditions.

They can hold a significant amount of equipment orderly.

Of course they focus on the play-truck and not the get-work-done sort :P Nice for the power tools, chain saws, tractor gear, and tool boxes I lug up to our remote property where "they ain't no nothin." I often work out of the truck bed back in the woods.

Only rarely these days will I fill the bed with lumber up the rail. On the other hand, I routinely haul loads of mulch, top-soil, and less often gravel (which makes more sense to get here in 20-ton lots). That's the only downside with this kit.

Heck, I might even give the truck a break and go fishing with this setup.

Tuffy has been offering this for years. There are two models; one for pickups and the other for SUVs.

I like it- I'm fairly impressed with the price point, too. Not too far from hard tonneau covers and such.
@Dr. Atomic- the reason they don't list a seperate product for HD GM trucks, is because the beds are identical. They don't offer any 8ft bed products. Obviously the Ford SD beds are different from the F150 beds (although I've seen an F150 tailgate on a SD). I think the Dodge/Ram beds are the same, too, but the model year changes aren't.
@Mike L'Alouette- I understand that you're probably speaking in sarcasm, but if someone wanted maximum accessibility for lots of small crap, while keeping a totally low profile, then a drawer set-up for a Rambox would be great. Since this system uses a support tower in the corners, however, it wouldn't work as well. If they got rid of the "ammo cans" and used another slim track- like the center unit split in half, then it could work. But it would mean a lot of hardware for just a few units.

@Crutch The Tuffy boxes offer better security but look to be much heavier. The Decked system seems lighter (made mostly of composite), probably not much heavier than a hard-fold tonneau.

I've seen this product in person and it's as solid as the dude that makes them. If any of you guys are on the fence about it buy one the guys thought of literally everything. Lance Meller is bad ass and if you don't agree I'll take ya to court!

The Tuffy boxes are
1- heavier, although they don't specify HOW heavy on their site- I would find that concerning.
2- cost 2.5x as much. $2500 base price vs a grand.
They also don't go right to the edges, like the Decked system.

All of you guys talking about how you have to haul gravel and refrigerators must have missed that it doesn't bolt down. You can take it out as fast as you could unload a motorcycle.

I think that would be great for camping/hunting. Put on a camper shell and throw a mattress down and your in business. Most of your gear would store below and have easy access when needed.
I would buy that.

RoadWhale nailed it - this set up isn't for everyone, but for the select few it is exactly what's needed. I run an appliance repair business and typically don't haul a lot of heavy or large items, but have tons and tons of tiny parts that need to stay dry. Also, the various tools, plumbing parts, etc.
I have been looking for a good work truck that would double for a 2nd family vehicle and avoiding a topper if at all possible. This would haul all my parts and still leave the bed available in case a haul away unit becomes available.
Also, you CAN haul away a fridge with this set up by laying it on it's side, but you'd need to leave the fridge upright for 24hrs before running it to let the compressor oil settle back down.
This is on my list of must haves for sure.

you loose bed hight but not space. Infact it provide more space over the wheel base. I've seen people loading stuff on and off with one of this and it just like any other bed.

The storage system advertises that you can store tons on parts in the drawers.... The problem is the drawers only pull out half way. So there is no way that I can utilize the space at the back of the drawer, because I can't get it out. I do realize that because of weight issues the drawer can't be pulled out all the way, but why advertise that this is a great product for someone working out of their truck with lots of small tools and fitting, if all that space is not really usable?

after a lot of investigating I'm getting my decked system this week iv switched fro a ram with the ram box to a new ram without and cannot wait to install the decked box from what I've seen it will outperform the Ram box with ease

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