Recall Alert: 2012-2013 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota San Antonio 3 II

By David Thomas

Vehicles Affected: 2012-2013 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks; 2012 Toyota RAV4 SUVs and 2012-2013 Lexus RX 350 SUVs also are among the 260,000 affected vehicles.

The Problem: An electronic circuit condition can cause vehicle stability control, antilock brakes and traction control to turn off intermittently. Basic braking would still function but not the added safety systems in these conditions. There are no reports of accidents or injuries due to the malfunction.

The Fix: The cars will receive a software update at the dealer.

What Should Owners Do: A timeframe for the recall has not been released yet, but Toyota will contact all owners by mail. Concerned owners can contact Toyota at 800-331-4331, Lexus at 800-255-3987,the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

Additional reporting by Kelsey Mays.



Just too many recalls lately.

...more good news from Toyo-DUH.

Huh, I was expecting the leading story for today to be PUTC ♥ Ford... .

No silly. They clearly adore the dysfunctional family that is Genital Motors.

I wish there was a switch to turn all of that traction nanny crap off for good when you didn't want it (off road).

There is, just pull the abs fuse.

Yeah. Like the diesel vs gas. But if it was ford. Good job
I admire ram for having the blls to put a diesel in a halfton.

Back on the subject. Good they recalled them.

Where is the V6 shootout?

Every car manufacturer has recalls toyota just has less

The one's slagging Toyota need to read JD Power's Dependability survey results.

1st - Lexus = 68
3rd - Cadillac = 107
5th - Buick = 112
7th - Lincoln = 114
7th - Toyota = 114
13th - Chevrolet = 132
16th - GMC = 133
Industry Average = 133
17th - Ford = 140
18th - Nissan = 142
23rd - Chrysler = 155
25th - Ram = 165
28th - Jeep = 178
30th - Dodge = 181

@ LOU BC note: please list what time frame JD Power's list covers. I believe I too have see somewhere but good to note in post what time frame this covers.
I don't think the number of recalls already this year reflects in that.
Also know the difference between Initial quality vs Dependability reports.

Just read next post and got my answer. Report covers 3yr old vehicles with orig owners, so 2011. So yes then Initial quality which reflects the NEW purchase should als weigh in when deciding.
: Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac led J.D. Power and Associates' 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study, which tracks problems per vehicle from original owners of 3-year-old cars — in this case, 2011 models. But overall problems rose 6 percent versus last year's study of 2010 models, the first time since J.D. Power's 1998 VDS that reliability in late-model cars has declined.

nothing but recalls recalls recalls.everytime i go over a medium size bump all my gagues lihgt up on dash one wants to hear about it. also with inlast three months at times truck seems to lose power like it as a mind of it's own.ive owned manytoyota trucks in past. but this will be last wife has a rav4 it,s been in shop with more recalls than on the road time to look elsewhere. thank you i wouldn,t hold my breath for results because i,ll surly die waiting for a response.or another anti sway traction works at times.

recalls upon recalls upon recalls woned many toyota trucks in past last one this time. tacoma 2012 i won now everytime i go over rough road or frost heave dash board lights go on no one wants to hear about traction sway button is a joke works sometomes and lately 3 to 4 months truck looses power when it wants to like it has a mind of it,s own.I WILL NOT HOLD MY BREATH FOR ANU ACTION DONE ON THIS FOR I WILL SURLY DIE MY WIFE HAS OWNED MANY RAV4 AND HAS NAMY RECALLS UPON RECALLS FELL LIKE WERE IN A POKER GAME RECALL YOUR RECALL WHAT A JOKE EX TOYOTA OWNER NEXT TIME AROUND

The more Toyota builds in the USA the more recalls.... why? Go spy on US auto workers on the line and around the work place as I have.... pathetic to say the least. Toyota can ensure its own destruction by bringing more manufacturing to the USA... lol

@supercrew02 - most of the downfall in ratings was attributed to new 4 cylinder engines, and new multi-geared transmissions like 8 speeds. Diesels engines were also reported as being one of the areas responsible for the drop.

I suspect that we will see issues with diesels rise as they become more common. The reason is not so much because they are unreliable but because consumers are not used to diesel engines.

Toyota leads all in Recalls!

My brother bought a 2013 Tacoma, had problems with the brakes grabbing hard about 3-4 seconds after almost. completely coming to a stop at a light/stop sign.
He went to dealer 3 times, 1st time they replaced 1(one rotor)
still the same problem. 2nd third times Serv. Advisor said its normal. Truck has 5500 miles on it, still doing the same thing.

You should tell your brother he's lucky. At least his truck won't burn to the ground like a GM truck, randomly lose engine power like a Ford Eco-Boost or refuse to shift into park like a Fiat-RAM. Buy American, buy Toyota! Non-UAW, didn't need a bailout or loan from the gov like GM, Ford(yeah, Ford took gov't cheese too) or Fiat-RAM.

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