Recall Alert: 2014 Ram ProMaster Full-Size Vans

ProMaster action 9 II

Trucks Affected: The Chrysler Group is recalling nearly 10,000 Ram ProMaster vans; almost 8,000 are in the U.S.; about 1,500 are in Canada; and almost 300 are in Mexico.

The Problem: The accelerator pedal may stick at wide-open throttle if the pedal is depressed with strong force at a certain angle. No injuries have been reported from the design in question.

The Fix: A new pedal stop will be installed and all costs will be covered by the company. Chrysler Group shared its discovery with Fiat Group Automobiles because of the ProMaster’s similarity to the Fiat Ducato. Fiat said there have been no incidents of pedal sticking owing to the distinctive design characteristics of the current Ducato.

What Owners Should Do: Chrysler has asked dealerships to contact owners and to fix vehicles currently in dealerships, which account for about half of the recalled vans. For more information, concerned customers can call 800-853-1403.


RAM, king of recalls!

Let the useless nonsense comments begin.

The top 10 manufacturers that issued recalls in 2013 were as follows:

■ Toyota, 15 recalls, 5.3 million vehicles

■ Chrysler, 36 recalls, 4.7 million vehicles

■ Honda, 15 recalls, 2.8 million vehicles

■ Hyundai, 9 recalls, 2.2 million vehicles

■ Ford, 16 recalls, 1.2 million vehicles

■ Kia, 3 recalls, 1.1 million vehicles

■ Nissan, 17 recalls, 958,148 vehicles

■ BMW, 14 recalls, 934,047 vehicles

■ General Motors, 23 recalls, 757,677 vehicles

■ Suzuki, 4 recalls, 405,605 vehicles

must have bought from one of Toyotas suppliers

Wow, Chrysler's had almost as many recalls as Toyota and they sell way few vechiles which means they are number one for recalls.

Maybe the van just figured out how ugly it was and is trying to fix its front end?

Why don't they just go ahead and put the headlights on the roof, they are already up to the windshield.

Good one Ryan LOL. So what its got the gutless 3.6L tick a star so you maybe hit 60mph if you're lucky.

That didn't take long.

These vans are not about beauty or speed, they are about practicality and efficiency.

This van needs a face lift, so forget the recall.

It was rushed to market to beat the Transit, what else was anyone expecting? Ford's taking it's time, that thing better be perfect!

I think it looks pretty good myself with the big black Ram grill in the bumper looks kinda cool.

No injuries were reported because a Ram Promaster at full throttle can just keep up with the flow of traffic. No harm done. Nothing to see here.

johnny duh: the Pentastar beats GMs 4.3 in mileage and better towing, (real world opinions) and hey, it's quicker.

According to Motor Trend Truck of the Year testing, they get up to 60 in about 8.5 seconds, which is about. 1.1 seconds more then the regular cab 4 wheel drive 4.3 liter.

Now add 2982 pounds of payload to the Promaster, which is already about 350 pounds heavier then the SLE GMC already, and add the 75% of trailer tow, which if its max tow is 7,000, it's 75% is 5250. Now the pokey GMC takes 21.2 seconds to 60, and the Promaster takes 13 seconds to 60.

Now I know the GMC was moving 1900 more pounds, but sheesh, those 4.3s need a tow truck to get them going faster, I mean come on Johnny, wheres all the power?

Johnny, did you see the Pentastar out gas mileage and out pulled and rode better then the 4.3 Chivy which had a dent in its low rider bumper after it bottomed out, and left one judge with a sore butt aftet driven it just an hour, then he road in comfort for 2 hours in the Ram?

Seriously guys, recalls are an admission of an error and the manufacturers way of fixing it.
This isn't an issue IMO, it's correcting a known fault and the manufacturer pays for it. What's the big deal?
Fanboi's stand down.

Stuck gas pedals?

This bashfest will be much shorter than a Toyota recall.

I can see them coming out.

No matter how strong something is, there will be a weaker point somewhere.

Looks OK and has plenty of room,HOWEVER
The front wheel drive sucks and Id NEVER want it,,
Truck needs to be Rear Wheel Drive or 4x4

And since it's built by Fiat is a big turn OFF to me,
I prefer to support local NA owned and built vehicles..

When I look at the Ram Pro Master Van I see no front crash protection for the driver, the driver sits high, I would LOVE to see the crash tests,,, looks dangerous to me.

Just ordered a new Ram. Replacing a Ford E150 van that was a POS. Two transmissions, alternator, batteries (yes it has two) and it just hit 96,000 miles and is a 2002!
Looked at the Nissan NV, and the MB. Both nice, but the selling feature of the RAM was the available dual passenger seat.
Now I can carry a 3rd guy IN the van!
Everyone else has buckets up front and that's it.
I also liked the HUGE rear area that I'm loading up with a new rack/bin and workbench system!
Also, its loaded with almost every option for $32,000. Not bad.

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