Strong Sales Predicted for February

Ram Deliveries II

Even as winter continues to slam parts of the country without pause, some of the biggest auto sales prognosticators are still pretty optimistic about sales predictions for February specifically and 2014 in general.

According to Automotive News, many experts are predicting continued sales growth in most segments, ranging anywhere from 3 to 5 percent; that translates to of a year-end sales total of anywhere between 15.7 million to 16.5 million auto sales.

GM is benefiting from much higher transactions prices on its 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 year over year, but increased incentive use for all the truckmakers seems to be creeping back up as concerns over market share continue. Ford made quite an impression at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit with the debut of the 2015 F-150, and Ram's EcoDiesel is setting all sorts of ordering records as half-ton trucks are shipped to dealerships this week.

Ram has even produced a slick, short video about how much attention its new light-duty diesel is getting from dealers and truck customers. We'll have the exact sales numbers for February to see how they compare with last year on Monday.



@ zviera - you were sounding like a normal person until the end there. I explained the 300k bit on another thread where you brought that up too.
Try removing the Ram coloured glasses and you might see more clearly.

The lighter Ford will not be a problem since the 700 lb reduction is off the F150 which is the heaviest 1/2 ton on the market. Even with a 700 lb drop it is 200 lb lighter than a comparable Chevy.
If GMC goes aluminum and drops 700 lb, then yes, that weight reduction could become problematic.

Even with your ultralight trailer, your truck is still overlaoded with the Versys in the bed and your family in the cab. I explained that one on another thread also.

Keep up or clam up.

@Lou: where do you get that GMs were more reliable then Rams? Your opinion? I can look up msn autos reliability and show you some very unreliable GMs not even 15 years ago.

Make it up as you go?

A new 4.3 cost too much for you anyway.

But if you want it, complete with 6 speed, and far from it's rated mileage, have at it.

Some people like ugly low rider trucks.

Poor pulling mileage from a hemi, Johnny? Thats like I said, if Mark Williams or any tester can actuallly turn off tow haul at highway speeds, it could run like the Chevy, in 4 cyl mode.

Meanwhile, the Chivy runs the lowest gear ratio, like the last shootout, (numerically) so when you run 60 in FLAT Michigan, you don't need much power.

The Rams tow haul turns off MDS 4 cyl mode (that Chevy needs for mileage) so when you are actually somewhere hilly or going thru town, it's not using 6 th gear and gear hunting like a Chevy!

You really should learn about trucks, Johnny.

@ Lou
I don't take my Versys to the forest.

@TRX 4 Ram coils replace Crown Vic) - you must of missed the story on JD Power's ratings or Consumer Reports saying that the Chevy scored higher than the Ram but new data wasn't in yet.
I agree that in some years there are bad runs of product, statistically that has occured more commonly with Ram.

Did the Rambo Sheep Herder Society have a meeting? All of you rambo's keep mentioning the same thing in relation to my finances.

Funny............. really.

@zviera - it is supposed to be an Adventure bike. I used to take my YZF1000 down gravel roads on a frequent basis. Itravelled the Kootenay's and Thompson/Okanagon with it without any issues.

Still waiting for you to tell me who actually bought Ram instead of a nasty old Crown Vic? Since you seem to want to say that Lou, a v-6 Ram crew 4x2 (that's as apples to apples as I can get because a Crown Vic v-8 was only good for Pentastar power. It had a whopping 4 speeds. Couldn't tow. Ram 4x2 crew can have about 800 pounds more load, about 1050 total weight of passengers for your old Vic, and 1850-1900 weight of passengers or cargo in a 1500 Ram. Can't hardly go anywhere without dragging ass in a Crown Vic. You can take a few pounds off the Ram payload by getting options, but for those cross shoppers, don't take off too much, because your Crow Vic had barely any options.

Since you rattle your mouth about coils, the Ram 6.4 coil truck has more payload then a Chevy 2500 (even though sandy man won't admit it) So I guess that should quiet you down. Oh, then you will jump on the other side and say something like "well, it will squat more, or can't handle as well" Whatever, Lightning quick Lou.

You keep talking about JD Powers, so if my 2010 Ram trans never slipped, but I bitched about the way tow haul worked, that's a JD power problem? There is a difference between something broke and we don't understand our cars.

I had stuff on my Chevy brake, like cab to frame bushing, no offroading, no hauling heavy, just happened on a 1600 mile highway trip. There was snow in Colorado, maybe Chevys can't handle snow?

Oh Lou, if the Ram reliability is SO BAD, how did it get the CONSUMER REPORTS recommendation? You brought it up? Silvy? ??????

Even atv has hard time where I go. Winch is worn out already.
I sold my KLR650 because nobody had similar bike to drive with me.

@TRX-4 Ram coils replace Crown Vic - you must of missed the part in the CR report that said that the Chevy scored higher but since it was too new to have any reliability data, they gave the award to Ram.

You can thank HemiV8 for that link. Once again he posts news without actually reading the fine print ;)

@Zviera - KLR650 is too big for any serious offroad work. A KTM EXC would be a better choice.

" nobody had similar bike to drive with me"

Maybe it was more a case of........ they didn't want to ;)

Truck experts and financial adviser, are you a bike expert now ? Give me a break. Because it has a seating position like adventure bike it doesn't mean it is.
Versys 1000 is not adventure bike at all. It has 17" front wheel. It's very fast machine for curvy roads with relaxed seating position.
But if you call a gravel road an offroad in BC, yeah, it'll do that.

@zviera - actually... dirtbikes are my first love. Street bikes followed.

The Versys is branded as an Adventure bike just like the VStrom.

Unlike you, I AM expert at many things................. that is why i get paid the big bucks... LOL

Versys 1000 is street and touring bike. V strom 1000 has 19" front wheel. I am not going to discuss this matter further , because it's really painful.
Let's talk about F150 payload. Shall we?

@ zviera - nice to see you feeling the burn.

Wow, never knew an 18 inch front wheel was the final determinant between an adventure bike and a street bike.

You have clarified so many important things for me over the last few days.........................

Sure, we can talk about the F150 payload since the Ram 1500 doesn't have one.

Just don't present your ideas at the bikers forum please. They might find you.

@zviera - "bikers"???? Hate that term. As far as I'm concerned it only applies to Harley riders and guys who dress up as Harley riders but don't own one.
One group cruises Harley's and the other cruises alternative bars.
I prefer the term rider.

TRX 4 Tom I should learn about trucks? Sorry but I use my trucks every day! Not just to haul my slow or wanna be race car around once a month like you. It's okay thought like I said I will still bout you PBR to cry in send me you're address cause I'm telling you Ram will still be in last, or should I say First of imports but still last of D's big 2.

You hate everything I say, even it's true all the time. You should just listen smarter person once.

@Fred: if you like giving away money, by all means, drive a full size truck every day even if you don't need the capacity. No sense in me putting lots of miles on at 13 city to plus 19 highway and paying extra out for gas, when I can drive a car and get 24/31. Now add the extra cost of mainting a truck for all those miles, oil changes cost more, tires cost alot more, and at the amount of miles I put on, my resale would be lower.

I drove a few 4x4 v-8 s as my only means of transportation for years, now I spend money elsewhere. Good food, go places, car modifications, an RV.

But if you are braindead Fred, keep barely getting by, lol.

Funny the Chevy folks talk of the pentastar and say car engine, while GM for years had a 4.8 that barely made more torque, at a higher rpm, 4600 vs 4400, too bad the 4.8 had crappy mileage to show for it, and was connected to a low life 4 speed.

Probably johnny doe's type of truck.

btw, johnny duh, my race car has three championships, must be really slow!

3champs of the slowest race car in the country? Okay LOL my 09 was a 4.8 and I can bet your ass that it would fire up more then any hemi or wanna be hemi import ever would.

In Australia Bikie refers to the 1%ers.

Biker refers to a person who rides for the love of riding a bike.

We call trailbike/motocross bikes 'chook chasers'. Chook in Australia is a slang term for chicken, ie, farm bikes. Farms are probably one of the largest users of trailbikes and quads in the country.

Also in Australia we have many that are riding Harely's. They are categorised with Jeep Wrangler drivers. Not well received. Sorry to any Harely or Wrangler drivers.

As an aside, quads are an Australian creation. It started out with trikes (off road). Australia apparently made the first trikes.

It seems many ideas out of Australia seem to get lost.

Unfortunately the only places I would be able to ride my Polaris Sportsman 850 in Australia are private properties. Big Al, you need to do some lobbying for me till I come back. I'm sick of appeasing to the greenies when they they're the ones who never leave the big cities anyway.

I do know that many beaches they a re allowed in the dunes.

I don't know about national or state parks. 4x4s are allowed into most parks.

Last year up here in the Top End we were staying at a fishing camp and a large group of women rocked up on quads.

It was apparently an organised tour. Talking to the women it was a team building exercise. When they traversed creeks and rivers they had to make bridges and stuff or if someone got bogged they had to get them out.

They were 'professional' type women.

Seemed like an interesting concept.

Alex, Until you come back? Are you leaving the United States?

@Zviera - " You should just listen smarter person once."

Nice logic Non sequitur.

You just answered your own question.

I don't see any question to answer in my post. No surprise from you. Always changing subject.

Anyway, it will be strong numbers for RAM tomorrow. I can't wait. I think RAM will past CHEVY.

@zviera - maybe someone else can explain to you the irony of your comment:

"You hate everything I say, even it's true all the time. You should just listen smarter person once."

Lets put it this way, the latter explains the former.

Did you get it finally ?

Ram Rules

@JeffS/Sandman/Sandra Dee/Sammy Davis/John&Yoko/Johnnydoe/Idahojoe/Tommy Smothers/JimiHendrix/BobbyDylan/BeaverCleaver/HemiRampage/Sonny/Cher/TRX4tom/BigAl from Dr. Oz or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quite the rack, really. She’s getting long in the tooth.
You want to procreate, but it has to be on your terms.
Learn to relate with good intonation, then we might be able to get a decent rebate.
Pinions are good (but a ring gear is knarly). Prefer chains. Or Belts. Gear drives optional. Diesel is best.

@zviera - it is hard to understand blind fanboys like you, but I am starting to sort it out.
Talking to you reminds me of my Psych rotation except everyone like you was in lock down.

RAM +26%
Ford down
GM out

the f150 haves been best selling truck in america for 38 years so beat that bitch and got to hell who every intvent ram

@Johnny doe same could be said about the crappy 5.3L "ecotec" wow it gets 1more mpg than a 5.7L hemi & the "new ecotec" 5.3L has 40 less Hp & 27 Tq than a now old 5.7L hemi it's bout to get worse there's getting a updated 5.7 hemi soon.

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