Toyota Stops Sales of 2013, 2014 Tundra and Tacoma for Faulty Seat Heaters

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Toyota told its North American dealer network to stop selling 2013 and 2014 Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks equipped with seat heaters. According to Automotive News, a seat fabric supplier was changed in August 2012 and a faulty component has been identified. The special notice went out to all Toyota dealers and retailers that the new fabric could catch fire because it does not meet current fire retardation standards.

The total number of vehicles affected could be as many as 36,000, and the safety problem is found in six other Toyota models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been notified of the problem even though no reports of any accidents or fires have been reported, according to a Toyota spokesman. To date, there is no word as to whether a recall will be issued by the federal government. The issues were discovered by the Korean Automotive Test and Research Institute when testing the seat fabrics. Unsold vehicles that are in the pipeline to dealerships will be repaired in port or at other stages on the way to dealers.

To date, Toyota does not think a recall will be necessary, but ultimately that decision will be made by NHTSA. Concerned owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331.


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The TTAC article states the cloth seats with heaters have the problems and not the leather seats. Toyota is not selling those vehicles effected by this until they are fixed. Heated seats have become a more common feature on vehicles--they are nice to have on a cold day. I still think Hemi Lo is a pompous ass.

@ jeff s

why must you continue to troll? from your very first post on this article you have attacked my character. sorry you dont like salespeople..... I was hit by a drunk driver in 05 while sitting at a stop light. he was doing 100 mph in a 35 zone. I installed and serviced security, commercial fire alarms, phone systems and cctv for over 10 years.... with the spinal damage that occurred from that wreck i can no longer do that job for a living. I happen to love cars and have built lowriders for the better part of 20 years and that is how i ended up in the business, you can call me whatever you like. only the websites that are either blind to it or controlled by uaw money post articles this misleading way such as this one. other sites specifically mention that nothing is wrong with the seat heaters rather the cloth material around it instead. my defensive response again is from the constant hating toward a company that has done nothing but good for the communities that it operates in and toward anyone around their company. IF that makes me a pompous ass in your book then so be it. i believe in the company and how they do business. knowing the company's intent by their actions makes it very hard to read such hateful and deceitful comments by so many random people who know nothing of what they type about. Jeff S you come across to me as a know-it-all jerk who just wants to start trouble. reading you responses and how you attack someones character knowing nothing about me ensures me i would never want to sell someone as ungrateful as yourself a car/truck anyway. i dont need your business. when your successful in what you do sometimes you meet someone that is just not worth dealing with for the brain damage it would cause, you appear to me that you are one of those people........ happy trolling jeff s, i dont care what you think.

@hemi lo--You have just proved my point. No I don't hate Toyota, Toyota has been a good citizen and vital part of the state where I live, KY. I am not bashing Toyota. I don't like being sold to. Maybe you are not a bad guy but you are overly defensive of Toyota which makes you less believable. To imply that I pro UAW is a weak defensive argument. Having bought a new 2013 Honda CRV last June does not make me a UAW loyalist (The CRVs are manufactured in East Liberty, OH with non union labor). I think you have been sitting on those heated seats too long and the heat has gone to your brain. Your arrogance would turn me off to Toyota. Maybe you need to try a cooled seat to chill out.

I am sorry that you were hit by a drunk driver, no one should have to go through that and I am glad that you survived. I do not wish you any ill will but you come across as too defensive of Toyota. Toyota can stand on its own, the mere fact that they are taking action without being forced to says enough.

With Toyota still atop of the recall ladder its hard to believe Toyota is all that..

With there unwilling situation with sudden acc. and trying to hide its facts to its no. 1 place on the recall ladder all the Toyota is great falls short with most people.

I am sure Toyota is planning to fix this problem. Toyota doesn't need anymore bad publicity. Toyota did make right by my neighbor on his 2002 Tacoma 4X4 with frame rust. It seems that GM, Ford, and Chrysler have had their share of defects as well. It seems that the more parts are outsourced and the more complicated vehicles get the more problems. It is newsworthy in that if you own one of these trucks with heated seats then you should know about this. It is not productive to slam PUTC or Mark Williams for posting this article.

My dad ordered a 2014 Tundra from the factory and it has been 5 months. We have a VIN number but is now held up at the port due to the Stop Sale. Anyone out there know of a website I can access with the Vin number so I can monitor it's progress.

Toyota Stops Sales of 2013, 2014 Tundra and Tacoma for Faulty Seat Heaters

This is very informative and at least to me an eye-opener. Just, yesterday, I went to my-dealer to have my-car serviced. And, as all-dealers do, ask me if I was interested in purchasing a new vechile, as my warranty will expire in two-months.

My reply, yes, I am interested in a Tacoma Truck. The dealer, informed me that, one, every-seven-years, Toyota, comes out with a different body style a model, for each line of vehicles they produce and the Tacoma's were no-longer being made.

And, the Tocoma is in such demand, that the dealer could not explain, the rational behind Toyota's thinking!

However, they have a few-only, on their lot (new 2014's), but they're in high demand and one would be hard-pressed to find them.

Therefore, the prices have gone-up, due to supply and demand and one will have to pay an inflated price, because Toyota, has stopped making them and will no-longer, be made, there the last-ones and because of this, the prices are higher.

Not-once, was the above acticle are one-commit made regarding the real reason, for the shortage are availability of the Tacoma.

Price's quoted $35,009.00 plus, but I could still purchase one and still can tomorrow, as their closed today (Sunday).

In closing, it's my-belief, that my-factual-commit along with evidence one can purchase and drive off the lot tomorrow, that a Tacoma, that isn't supposedly, supposed to be sold, to the public (according to the acticle), speaks volumes.

I would-like to thank you, for your, very-well-written-acticle and once, more found it most informative and a real eye-opener.

The dealer, is not properly, representing Toyata, nor is it caring for it's customers or safety-concerns.

They're concerned with sales only!..Very sad :-(

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