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Any time we hear about an opportunity to win a new pickup truck, we feel obligated to pass along the information to our readers. The folks at K&N Filters are running a sweepstakes called the K&N Horsepower Challenge in which eligible entrants have an equal shot at winning a performance-built new Toyota Tacoma Baja, complete with a Toyota Racing Development exhaust, supercharger, wheels and tires and custom decal work.

The sweepstakes end on March 10 and will conclude with a winner crowned at the K&N Horsepower Challenge at Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 27-30. Eight finalists will be notified and asked to attend the race weekend, where they will paired with eight different race teams. The sweepstakes finalist paired with the race team that wins the race will nab the brand-new Tacoma.

Be sure to read the rules to make sure you qualify, and keep your calendar open in late March in case you're asked to attend. For more information, click here.

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So... they advertise what it has on the rear panel there... who makes the catback and who makes the shocks? I am also curious to see how the oil will clean up after removing the "upside-down" oil filter. I see they have a catch for it, but where does it get diverted to?

And while I realize that it says "Toyota Accessories"... they more than likely don't manufacture their own exhaust systems or shocks, they are more than likely outsourced to companies such as Tenneco.

Baja? They should be specific and call it the Tacoma Tijuana. or "TJ Taco" for short.

You have a change to win when you enter the drawing, but you definitely get hammered by telemarketers afterwards. I'll pass.

Kemo: Exhaust by Toyota (TRD), Shocks by Bilstein, OIl filte has a catch that diverts to a spout you can put a water bottle or divert with a hose to your drain pan. Its the easiest oil change I have ever done. Very clean.


For the Tundra the TRD Supercharger was designed by Magnuson and the TRD True Duals Exhaust looks almost exactly like the Tundra's MBRP True Dual Exhaust just more refined with different tips. I have to say the combination of Toyota making the exhaust louder on the 2014 and the TRD Duals sound great The TRD accessories catalog isn't made by Toyota as you said just they are just designed to Toyota specs.

I forgot @ 2:30 you can here the rumble from the outside on the 2015 Tundra TRD Pro

Sorry guys, but the Tacoma is severely outdated. The current design came out about the same time as the GMT900 did, actually, I think it was a little before. The 4.0l V6 isn't that good on gas either. It seems like I heard something recently about a full sized F150, with a smaller displacement 2.7l Ecoboost competing in the Baja 1000. Sounds like the Tacoma is being outdone by full sizes now. It won't be long before there are more than one full size getting better MPG than the Tacoma.

Hemi Monster, The Tacoma has been out since 2005, the ranger was out for 30 years with only mild updates. Plus not everyone wants a full size truck.

great truck

I wonder if a 2.8 ISF Cummins TRD would be nice.

HEMI MONSTER: I agree with you on most of your post! but I believe there are more than one full size trucks that get better mileage than the taco does already!, unless you are talking about the 4cyl taco! but any other taco with the V-6 gets less mpg, than mostly any of the other V-6's and maybe even V-8's! Not to mention more power besides! Toyota will have to do something about it when the new Colorado/Canyon comes out!

I would like the money instead of this pickup.

Toyota is way behind the curve now that GM has announced production 2.8l diesels in the mid size and Nissan seriously thinking about it in the very near future with their relationship with Cummings.
Tacoma will soon see its first year over year sales decline in more than 25yrs.

I sit here and pick my nose reading this thinking about how Toyota should put a diesel in thier little truck. That would be a big hit.

Can you take off the ugly graphics? If not, then that alone would cost you thousands to get it repainted the stock color. And, don't forget you have to pay uncle sam his cut right after you win it as well.

I'm surprised they used an extended cab though. With the way crew cabs are so much more popular than extended cabs these days, they should've used a crew cab for the promotion.

@ Ray - I'm not so sure you'll see a decline in Taco sales overnight... yeah, GM has a possible winner on their hands and there are other options coming down the pipe from other OEMs, but anyone who's smart will wait at least a model year or two before going to a new platform (at least I will; this coming from an '05 owner...) -- bugs will inevitably be present, and will take a year or two to be addressed... Granted, it appears the new Coly will be a notch or two higher in all-around quality than the current one, but I wouldn't expect it to upset the market segment all that much in just a single year's sales cycle... perhaps by '17 or '18, but by that time, I'd expect a redesign on the way from Toyota anyways. Regardless, it will be interesting to watch the segment. :)

I'm a country girl who loves trucks. The Baja is awesome, sporty. Like a racing truck. Toyota has the most dependable long lasting vehicles too.

love to win truck would never have the money to buy it myself.

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