2014 Nissan NV Van Pricing

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Nissan has released the new model pricing for its full-size NV vans, equipped with either a V-6 or V-8 gas engine. The functional and boxy — some say quirky-looking — rear-wheel-drive van comes in cargo and passenger configurations with half-, three-quarter- and one-ton chassis levels. Cargo vans come in either S or SV trims, and the passenger van, which is only available in 3500 HD, is offered in S, SV and SL trims.



To see the pricing and options list for the standard-roof cargo van, click here.

To see the pricing and options list for the high-roof cargo van, click here.

To see the pricing and options list for the passenger van, click here.



They need a diesel offering in all sizes.

I'm sure Nissan will be putting the 4 or 8 cylinder cummins in these vans.

Turning radius and mpg are the 2 big negatives on these vans.

A big C on the fender would make these vans sell better. That would make them appealing to the traditional E series and GM buyers.

Why do all of these new vans have to be so frickin' ugly?!

@Michigan Bob For President

Please name even ONE van in automotive history that was not either homely as hell or downright ugly.

A van is like a shovel or a saw.

It's a tool. Ain't meant to impress anything or anybody.

Its the biggest gas hog of all the full size vans. Turning radius is bad on all vans cause they restrict it so its less likely to flip over.


ya gotta admit, the V8 option for only an additional $1200 or so is pretty sweet.

I think this looks better then that Dodge Van with the headlights under the windshield. This is still ugly but it still looks tuff and unlike the other vans this is only sold in America its Body on Frame construction so yes it does drink more fuel.

The longer nose may look weird to some, but I bet it helps with ride quality. Also anyone who has ever driven the Express knows how cramped the footwells are for both driver and passenger. They shove those seats hard up against the door. The steering wheel is to the right of the driver seat. The only things that Nissan NV3500 needs is the Cummins ISV and a 4x4 or AWD option.

They sell Tons of those here now! They're ugly alright but compared to what Dodge has now and what Ford has coming, this is the only new van left that's the real deal. And IMO it's better looking than those two as well. Not that that's saying much. These things are high quality too compared to like the Express and E-Series. Inside, outside, underneath, everywhere. If Chevrolet screws up the new Express, Nissan will own the market. They're already taking Silverado-Tahoe customers into their work and platinum trims. Given Chevrolet's recent Re-badge debacle on Nissan's smaller van, I don't have much faith.

I have to disagree about all vans turning radias sucking. The promaster is like a car!

@ papa jim

Cool vans IMO:

-A-Team van,

-A lot of the Classic vans from 50-60s by VW, GM, Ford,

-and the best looking modern van is the Chevy Express.

But I wouldn't drive any of them unless I really had a need for them.

The recent move by Fiat Chrysler to make a Caravan into a panel truck is fine if you don't need an HD foundation underneath you. This Nissan fits that bill perfectly.

The Ford E series trucks are ten years out of date.

I think they still put the 5.4 triton in the E Series, right. They might have even put the 4.2 Essex V6 in those vans too. Dismal.

GM's Express is wretched. Their customer satisfaction numbers are awful and the errors per thousand surveys are grim too.

Nissan's leadership was smart to re-hash the greasy bits from the Titan into a commercial van.

It's hard for me to imagine families buying the 3500 passenger vans though. Soccer anyone?

A 2.8 litre Cummins in the 1500 van would be a nice option.

This would have given the Promaster and Transit some competition.

For many years the Econoline has basically been the go to van for pretty much any van related application out there. I know the Express/Savana still hold some of the market share for vans, and from what I understand, there are not plans to discontinue them.

Given the move towards Euro-styled vans and the impending discontinuation of the E-Series, the biggest question I have is how will the gap left by the E-Series be filled? For example, most U-hauls use a cutaway of the E-Series, as do class C motorhomes. The same is true with a large majority of the box vans. Will those who need vans for these applications turn exclusively to the GM vans or will the adopt vans like the Ram, Nissan or new Ford vans?

I have seen some class C motorhomes out there built off of Sprinters, but they seem to be few and far between. Since many of the E-Series applications I'm referring to were dually vans, I would assume this market gap would best be filled by vans that are RWD. It is not clear which of the vans currently offer cutaway or dually configurations, but I get the impression that neither of those are a focus of the van market right now. That leads me to believe that the GM vans will probably be the immediate replacements for the E-Series applications, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the van market over the next few years.

WHo said the Nissan van in the only one sold in the US with a body on frame? it is not. Chevy Express is one, and I believe the Econoline is also, plus they both have diesels also!

Here is a possibility for a replacement of the larger US style vans.

LDT pantechions, could be used in some instances.

The cutaways that are used as buses can be replaced by.......buses. The global market has actual LDT based buses.




Small bus images,



NV Pro-4x: Don't forget we want that too.

lol, you hope Chevy doesn't mess up the Express? It's based on a Nissan! Didn't they learn from VW buying from Chrysler? Point being, why buy a copy when you can get the original? Remember Suzuki selling a rebadged Nissan?

Very different Nissan Van here.

I'd love one of these, put a matress in the back and you have the perfect vehicle to take that girl out in.

A testament to Nissan's poor decisions.

This van is a monstrosity. It's not selling and it's very expensive. Almost sprinter-expensive for the 3500.

This is my favorite van, the 5.6 really hauls and sounds really throaty.

@Robert Ryan
Also the Nissan NV400, which is also the Renault Master (main) and the Opel/Vauxhall Movano.


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