2015 Super Duty Will Get A Stronger Power Stroke

2015 Power Stroke II

The power ratings are out for the second-generation Power Stroke engine that's set to debut in the 2015 Super Duty F-250, F-350 and F-450, and the numbers, as you probably expected, will be class-leading.

Predicted horsepower ratings for the upgraded 6.7-liter turbo-diesel, which we first saw at the 2013 State Fair of Texas, will be 440, or a 10 percent jump from the previous engine. Torque ratings are predicted to be 860 pounds-feet, up almost 8 percent. We had the chance at the State Fair to talk with David Ives, Ford's lead engineering on the new Power Stroke, about the improvments but he wouldn't tell us the exact numbers. 

Additionally, as you might expect, the Ram HD 3500 will no longer hold the maximum tow rating crown at 30,000 pounds, as the new Ford F-450 will offer a rating of 31,200 pounds. (We should note that the SAE J2807 towing standards will not apply to vehicles in this GVW category.) Likewise, the maximum GCWR for the new Ford Super Duty F-450 will be a class-leading — dare we say "class-crushing" — 40,000 pounds.

“The designers of the original 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel predicted that it would eventually need to be upgraded for higher output,” said David Ives, Ford Power Stroke technical specialist. “They designed it in a way that made it easier to add a larger turbocharger, increasing airflow and creating more power for dramatically improved performance, yet we haven’t lost any efficiency.”

New injector tips spray a finer mist of fuel into the cylinders which provides a more complete burn and helps reduceing noise, vibration and harshness. Other benefits include lower emissions and less fuel deposit buildup on the intake valves over time.

Of course, we fully understand that a number on paper is completely different than proving how capable a truck is in the real world. We proved that with our most recent King of Beasts and Hurt Locker road tests, but Ford has clearly responded to the challenge.

To read the full press release, click here.

Photos by Evan Sears, Cars.com


2015 Super Duty Power Stroke II

2015 Power Stroke 2 II



That's nuts. 440hp! I feel like it wasn't that long ago diesel pickups were lucky to break the 200hp mark.

Looks like Freddy Krueger works for Ford now - Nightmare on Sheep Street ;)

RAM3500 is still class leading towing truck.
King of the towing. I need to tow 30,000lbs.
I don't have a choice. I have checked ford web site. Nothing to tow 30,000lbs. I have to buy RAM3500.

Still has a twisty C channel frame?


Fleet Queen

Ford always makes the mistake of letting there info out too early so Ram or chevy and up it.

GM a new Duramax is needed ASAP as you cannot be down more than 75lb ft to both Ram and Ford. I know it was better in the real world than 350hp/800lb ft HO Cummins and 400hp/800lb ft Power Stroke but I don't think that will be the case now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moM45FnmDxE

I know they fixed the main complaint in that video but they did it just in time for 385hp/850lb ft Cummins and now a 440hp/860lb ft Power Stroke to past them buy in performance and capability.

Ford doesn't even know to make one piece rear fender. This is what I call beauty fender .
It's not easy technology to do. RAM is still ahead of the game.


Best towing, best design, best engine, best frame. RAM3500.

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@zviera - WTF?
you have a 2,994 lb trailer.
You don't even need a truck to tow that trailer....................
A Golf 5 door is rated to tow that much weight - 1,376 kg.

Best towing, best design, best engine, best frame. RAM3500.

Best moron fan club.

wow! 40,000 lb towing! That's a semi truck! I was talking to a man from Idaho he drives a Ram 3500 dually, with a 5th wheel set up in the bed pulling a 32 foot flat bed trailer, he's an independent hauler driving across the country hauling loads, he used to be a trucker making $50K, now he making over double that on his own with his Ram 3500 and trailer. He said its less costs in fuel, in permits, taxes and everything running a pickup instead of a semi, he can still offer his hauling customers a 50% discount over a semi truck and still make money.

HP 440
towing 31200
hp wimpy 385 -65
torque 850 -10
towing 30k -1200 lbs
hp 397
torque lousy 765 wow thats -85 lbs
towing just 22k thats down by a wopping 9800lbs from ford

so many changes and changes going too fast in pickup designs its hard to keep up! Its like buying a smart phone or a laptop cause the one you buy today won't be as good as the new improved one coming out next year.
Its good to own a new pickup every year if it makes you happy and I can understand the enjoyment you get driving around in a new top of the line pickup. You could be dead tomorrow so why not go for it and buy the truck you love. I say live for today cause tomorrow may be too late!

What I'm about the write might put some noses out of joint.

These HDs are fantastically poweful and can tow very well.

But......why not buy a truck designed to move the stuff around?

The cost of buying an HD, then the cost of a trailer to move large weights must cost more than just buying a truck to do the work for you.

Don't you think it's a little inefficient?

Like I've stated the trucks are great, but from a business perspective I'm looking at this.

A MDT would do the same, cheaper, quicker and safer.

Ford is clearly dominating this segment once again. The other guys will have to play catch up once again! Ford is a leader and sets the bar, the other guys are just followers trying to keep up!

@BAF0 - Many consumers agree and I see F-550 pickup (conversions) everywhere I go. It may look like an normal dually pickup, but make no mistake, it's class 5, MDT to the core.

Coil front springs are a definite advantage over MDT leaf springs, and the coils allow for a much tighter turning radius. But a pickup body MDT is another clear advantage.

Slightly longer wheelbase in F-450/550 MDTs. So if you look closely, you'll see a 3" spacer between the cab and bed.


very nice, I knew I made the right choice when I bought my F250 powerstroke!!!!!! GM will never catch up, they will be a third class company

Kinda funny that BAFO argues all day long that you don't need a full sized truck to do what a mid sized truck can do, then completely reverses his argument saying you need a MDT to do the work a full size can do.


Somebody at Dearborn needs his head examined! The Power Stroke brand is a damaged label.

You could build a mountain from all of the powerstroke blocks returned to Ford in the last fifteen years.

There is no reason apart from that to doubt the new product, but Ford has a very speckled past with names.

Ranger, Taurus, Fairlane, Mustang, Escort, Falcon, Thunderbird (and more) are all great examples of Ford labels that ran the gamut from really great to really awful.

The Power Stroke is the king of that list, right above Edsel.

@Lou, @All1, @ford guy
I just bought a horse trailer and need to tow 30,000lbs.
What choice is ford giving me to do that please?
Where I can buy this futuristic ford with fenders from 1937 and engine compartment looking like on life support?
I need it now. Not in 2015. Time is ticking. Give me some choice ford guy's please.
I really started to like ford for towing purpose based on your incredible comments how good it is at. Please deliver. I would be very disappointed, if you don't, after all that ford towing speech , hijacking every topic on putc with.
I am waiting for constructive ford options of yours.
Your help would be very appreciated with this issue.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards Zviera.

I like the rear flares on the Ford, their not as big or get in the way as much as having the hole fender flared out, so less risk of damage and easier cheaper to repair. Plus I think it looks better.

I guess its nice to hear about new actual numbers and this numbers game has really got to be fixed more than ever. I can see all the Ford Dealers so happy to share about how the F250 has 60 more HP and almost 100 more fp of torque. But if you watch Fast Lane Truck when they are pulling 10000 lbs, and they race. its neck and neck the entire way. Something not right with that as you state in your article. I love news about trucks but the State Fair was months and months ago... which is like eternity in this truck race. Please keep news to what its intended... recent materials. Otherwise, keep up the great work. I love your articles and pickuptrucks.com is a great source for news.

@ford guy

How can the Ford Super Duty be the best selling truck for 37 years when the super duty has only been around since the mid 90's?

Anybody has a ford solution for my 30, 000lbs towing needs please?
I don't wanna buy RAM3500. I wanna buy a ford. Please help.


If you are pulling 30k on a regualr basis with a light duty pickup, your not a smart man. Ther is a medium duty market that is much better suited to your 'needs'.

Don't argue with zviera. We already know he's a liar. Remember what he claims to get mpg-wise with his ram hemi? Yeah I have basically the same truck, drive lightly, and don't ever even get close to what he claims he can get. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even own a truck.

@papa jim
Did you know the current powerstroke is the first in-house design by Ford? It shares nothing with previous powerstrokes except for the name. Aside from that the powerstroke has an up and down reputation. 7.3 has a great reputation among open-minded truck guys. 6.0 had reliability issues. 6.4 was much improved. It's been a few years and all indications so far point to the 6.7 being a success. There's a company engineering tuners that tests engines in a blast room until they explode to see how much power they can reliably produce. They say the 6.7 can reliably produce power like they've never seen before from a pickup engine. That doesn't necessarily equate to long-term reliability but every indication so far is that the 6.7 is a great engine and even GM engineers admit that the dmax isn't capable of the power that the 6.7 powerstroke is capable of. Dmax is going to sit in third place until they get a new design. I'm guessing the current cummins is approaching its limits as well but maybe not?

I don't yet, but will need to.

Lou, All1, ford guy, where are you. I need your opinion and towing expertise. You are the best of the finest ford fanboys.

You got it wrong. I am a good boy now. I don't wanna argue with anybody. I just need some ford 350 truck to pull 30,000lbs. I am assuming, if 150 has roughly 3,000lbs payload and more than10,000lbs towing capacity, it's not gonna be a problem for F350 supa dupa handle 30,000lbs.
I just can't find right configuration on ford web site. I don't wanna to give up, because I have been proven wrong few time and didn't look at the right place. There must be something somewhere.
Please help.

It all boils down to sales. GM will still outsell Ram and Ford will outsell both. Doesn't matter how much HP/TQ either has, there's too much brand loyalty to make any difference.
I have a 12 CTD and tow a 9000lb 5'er. I used to have an F150 5.4 that I towed a 7300lb TT with. I towed to the same campgrounds and I don't get there any faster with the CTD. All that HP/TQ doesn't do any good when your in a line of cars running down a 2 lane hwy with no passing lanes. Or you're out on the interstate with posted speeds. You can tow more yes, but how many buyers are hooking up a 20,000 5'er or TH? None they don't make them.
I'd much rather see the mpg's improve rather than HP/TQ. IMO the 1st HD truck to gt 23-24 mpg's on the hwy would sell the most.


Did you actually READ anything in my comment???

I'm not talking about a motor I'm talking about what name Ford chose to CALL it.

Powerstroke is a brand but it's a badly damaged brand. Why didn't they just call it Edsel?

Ford actually made a great V8 gas engine back in the 1960s that they called the FE. "E" stood for Edsel, but the Edsel name was so badly damaged they just called it FE. Ford-Edsel

@Dale Milner
It depends where. RAM sells more HD than Ford in Canada for many years in the row.
RAM HD is Canada's longest-lasting line of pickups.
It's also The Top selling diesel truck in Canada.
RAM sells most HD and they lasts longest in here.
But I don't wanna buy a RAM 3500 anymore.
I wanna buy ford350 to pull 30,000lbs. Please help.

So......I guess that is a no ? That there is No Ford 350 that fits my needs like you all told me or do you need more time to get back with me?

@papajim - I googled Fe and a few sites said it stood for "Ford Engine" not "Ford Edsel". The MEL engine was Murcury Edsel Lincoln.

I think that changing the engine name in the case of the PowerStroke will do much for improving image. A guy who had a 6.0 PS and got screwed isn't going to buy another Ford diesel regardless of the name unless he is open minded enough to look at data.

@papajim - sorry, here is one link


Thanks god to see Lou back.
Could you help me please ?
I admire your towing expertise.
Would you please get me right Ford 350 configuration to tow 30,000lbs ?
It'll be piece of cake for you.
Thanks. Best Regards. Zviera

Arguably, other than the 7.0, the Powerstroke does not have such a steallar reputation. Ford partnered with IH for 30 years and it was really a mixed bad. That all changed with the 6.7, it is 100% enginnered, designed and build by Ford. Interesting tidbit - the connecting rods are made by Mahle. Time will tell.


I was thinking about purchasing a RAM product. But I don't think I want to expose myself to whatever kind of Brain-Eating Amoeba that you were exposed to make you be such a troll.

Because I want to buy a ford 350 to pull 30,000lbs, I am a troll ?
I wanna be a ford guy. Like you. Please help and don't make a fun of me. I am dead serious.


I am not a Ford Guy, I like all trucks


GM and Ford match or conquer all those numbers you posted. Stop trying to hoon a trumped truck. Your remarks are always to petty...

I'll wait for Lou or All1 . They are the best to help with ford towing.


But for real, you are turning me off from purchasing a RAM with your posts from the last few days.

The Ford FE engine is a Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in the North American market between 1958 and 1976. A related engine, the Ford FT engine, was used in medium and heavy trucks from 1964 through 1978. The FE filled the need for a relatively lightweight medium block engine between the small block Ford Y-block and the big block 385 series engine, to form a larger family of V8 engines than its competitors fielded.

"FE" is an acronym for 'Ford-Edsel'.[1] Versions of the FE line designed for use in trucks and school buses were known as "FT", an acronym for 'Ford-Truck',[2] and differed primarily by having steel (instead of nodular iron) crankshafts, larger crank snouts, different distributor shafts, different water pumps and a greater use of iron for its parts.

I don't like RAM anyway. I am a ford guy now. You better buy a ford too. The F150 towing is incredible.

Serious ram uses a 6-cylinder engine guy's! A v6 that is still using to pull @37,000 pounds..Now ford is trying to catch up with a larger turbocharger and has a v8.. Think about pulling weight now? What if ram had a v8 cummins! Just saying..

@Lou BC


very complete article on the FE and FT (and MEL). The MEL is a completely different engine, a true big block.

The FE was Ford's intermediate engine even though some 7 liter engines used that block.

@Dustin. Cummins makes more diesels than any other diesel engine maker in the world. I think they know what they're doing.
Rumors have it that Ram is working on a 900lbTQ and 475HP diesel for their DRW. Supposedly it's going to be able to tow 34,000lbs. All new frame under the Ram for it. It will be a 4500.

This is getting stupid now. If I needed to tow 30,000 pounds regularly, you'd find me with a CDL and a Class 6 rig. Getting that kind of weight moving also means getting it stopped safely, and I have a lot more faith in the brakes on a Kenworth T270 than a Ford F450.

I lost a brake line back in January and had to have my truck towed to a local shop. I made sure to tell the two company it was a 4-door 4x4 dually. They didn't send a Ram 4500 or Ford F450 - they sent a medium-duty International that didn't even know the dually was back there.

And the real problem is, it's not that you'll have people towing "over their heads" with an F350/450 dually. The problem is, with that much under the hood, you'll have people towing 15,000 pounds WAY too fast. At 440/860, an F250 regular cab 4x2 Power Stroke will snap off 0-60 in the same range as sports sedans, and proportionately fast with a load. That's when those people will find out it's more important to whoa than to go.

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