Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: February 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

For the second month in a row, harsh weather seems to have kept some truck shoppers inside their warm and protected homes, instead of walking from dealership to dealership. General Motors and Nissan full-size pickups look like they've taken the brunt of the bad-weather hit, with Ford's F-Series staying flat and Ram's lineup remaining strong.

Some experts in the field of auto sales prediction are suggesting that a slow first two months of 2014 will make March, as many parts of the country begin to thaw, even more important, making it a "must-win" month if they expect to come out in the black by year-end.

Additionally, we're likely to see more incentives (cash on the hood) from all the truckmakers as inventories begin to back up and dealerships need to make room for newer models.




TRX TOM Still need that PBR? Rams still in 3URD LMAO!

Hmmmm. Chevy Silverado lost about 6,000 units sold compared to this month last year while Ram gained about 6,000 units from last year. Interesting!

@Mark Williams - I'm sure I speak for other readers, we would to see an industry total for the month along with ytd % of change numbers. This way we can not only look at how individual brands are doing, but the industry overall.


I think its time to call the new Chevy a dud. No more excuses.

Ford sales are up 9,346 from last month.
Chevy sales are up 7,6480 from last month.
Ram sales are up 4,232 from last month.

I would like to see a further breakdown into 1/2 ton pickups only.

The load capabilities and vehicle costs between a midsizer and half ton should maybe lump those two together, rather than placing half ton pickups with HDs.

The Frontier seems to have increased sales quite well.

As for the Ram, it isn't going to go past the GM twins in total sales for quite some time.

A 1/2 ton GMC and Chev have more in common than comparing a Ram 1500 and a Ram 3500.

The GM twins money ends up in the same pot eventually.

GMC is in trouble. A head analyst for Barclays said that this was the poorest truck launch for GMC in the last 15 years. Add to that several recalls and GMC facing congressional hearings and lawsuites over ignition switch failures.

I wonder what the excuse from the GM fanboys will be?
Last year they kept saying GM was competitive with an old truck and the 2014 would kick ass. Maybe they should substiute the "k" for an "L'.

Looks like Zorro is still having problems with math.

lol, johnny duh, you don't see GMs sales declining?

Sorry, I don't drink PBR, but I can imagine it's your type?

I wonder when a sale becomes a sale, meaning trucks are ordered, but not pickup up? I wouldn't know cause I have never ordered a truck, but I would think it counts as soon as picked up?

Oh johnny, I did say watch for March sales.

Yep, this new redesign, not helping GM sell any more and get closer to Ford.

Tyler will be along to say all the lowering GM numbers will be made up by the new midsizers. I am sure they will sell alot, that class needs competition.

But as for GMs full sizers, what a fail. The HDs will get the "ugly pug" makeover, complete with GMs attempt at a better interior, with 4 wheel drive switch and trail brake controller all on the wrong side. Then less then 1% can someday buy 6.2s.

Funny thing, I read some GM propaganda, they called the 4.3 "best in class" mileage. Typical GM lie.

Buy what you want, johnny, or just keep trucking in your miserable 4.8 Chevy, no good for mileage, but no guts either.

Mark Williams,
Are we going to see 2013 sales breakdown? Something similar to last years?

I was pretty close with my numbers.
Congratulations to Ram , fastest growing truck brand.

I am not surprised Ford is on top. They have a great tried and true product. My 11 Ecoboost so far has 76k hard heavy towing miles, and it has been flawless. Ram, way to go guys. You folks also have one awesome product, and the Ecodiesel has been bringing in crazy orders. GMC/Chevy? What is going on? The 14 Silve/Sierra twins are strong competitors, and are worlds better compared to last years model. I do not get it. Maybe it is the offset steering wheel pissing off customers.

@Scott.....what numbers are you looking at? Get a calculator man.

GM's sales are not really bad. They are going up and just look lacluster compared to last year's 30% increases. Ram by the way was only up 3% in February 2013. This why their February increases this year look bigger than they acutally are.

Ram was up 25% in March 2013, so look for Ram's percentage increases to take a dip in March 2014.

GM will get back. Ford will have small increases and then big increases next year. Ram will do their thing. Look at the big picture and not just the months that fit your agenda.

Bert, Get your own calculator "man". My numbers are correct.

Ford sales are up 9,346 from last month.
Chevy sales are up 7,6480 from last month.
Ram sales are up 4,232 from last month.

Ram February 2014 29,303 - January 2014 25071 = 4,232 increase from last month.

Look at the big picture and not just the months/% increases that fit your agendas.

TRX 4 Tom My 09 was a 4.8 My 2011 is a 5.3. Its hard to say if GM new trucks are a fail yet. Everyone has had so much money on the hoods since GM brng out its new truck. Its not a fair playing field. A lot of people don't carry if they got ram ford or gm ,they are just going to the place offering more off. Why play more when right now you get Ram and Ford selling for less. We won't have a decent gauge of what is happening till Ford gets their new truck out and stops throwing cash on the hood of its old model.

CHRYSLER GROUP. Chrysler Group reported U.S. sales of 154,866 in February, up 11% from a year earlier, the 47th consecutive month of monthly gains.

Cars were down 15%, trucks up 27%.

The Chrysler, Jeep, Ram brands each posted year-over-year sales gains.

The Jeep brand's 47% increase was the largest of any Chrysler Group brand during the month.

"The severe weather has been ideally suited" for Jeep sales, and "the brand had its best February sales ever," said Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales.

Ram pickup, newly updated with diesel power and other powertrain enhancements, was up 26%.

The most significant news was Ram’s sharp increase, especially important given that Ram pickups are, collectively, Chrysler’s best selling vehicles — and that they reportedly bring strong profits. Ram Light Duty sales increased 30%, with Heavy Duty pickups up 19%; Ram 1500 EcoDiesel shipments began late in the month.

I do think GM's business culture does't suit the 21st century.

It's all about rationalisation.

Don't worry GM will soon rationalise if they keep on going the way they are heading. I would think similar to Chrysler's rationalisation process.

@Scott: why would Rams numbers be down this time next month? When the diesel 1500s hit the lots, sales should be really high.

GM does sell alot, but they aren't selling what they expect, and if the trend keeps up, 1. they will really give them away! and #2 they will let workers have time off, halt production for awhile. They think they will sell their way out if it. Their 1500s aren't enough to carry them, and their HDs are the same basic truck as 2014 and earlier, no real updates=less sales.


RAM is only selling half of GM's totals.


GM's last major Pickup launch (fall 2006) was during a Republican president's administration. At the time stocks were up in near record territory, unemployment was WAY down and people were optimistic about their prospects for jobs and finance.

It looks increasingly like Obama's going to lose his Democrat majorities in November this year, leaving Americans with a government in Washington in total gridlock. Construction, government spending will both fall.

Look for manufacturers to pull back before the end of the summer this year.

@papa jim - it is interesting to see how politics affects markets. I suspect that the Barclays guy meant further back but isn't old enough to remember or wasn't born ;)

Car companies need to be cautious. Ford will be the most vulnerable if things go bad as they are planning on massive new product releases all over the globe.

@papa jim
Housing is increasing in the US, but the economy is still in the doldrums. Something needs to be done to increase innovation.

@Robert Ryan

My wife and I actually bought a house last year, but we did not buy it to live in. We bought it for 55% of its retail value. Only 3 years old.

Most of the action in housing today is just that: People with cash are buying houses to fix up and sell. This is nothing at all like the real estate market of ten years ago.

Be careful what you hope for. If new housing starts really head upward, the banks will raise interest rates much higher and kill the average family's hopes for a new house.

I would have to say it was the new diesel Ram that did it for them! as what was the story just the other day? it said over 8,000 orders in one day? if you were to take that away from their total for the month, it would bring the numbers down to 2,000 LESS than the month before! good job Ram for bringing the diesel to market! NOw if they can keep this up for at least a year? it may come to pass that Ram takes the #2 spot in pickup truck sales!

Here is what Scott is talking about:
Last year Chevy sales were up 32% in Jan. and 29% in Feb comparing to '12, while Ram was up 14% and 3% respectively. Chevy had very good first two months of 2013 while Ram had pretty shitty two months that's why the numbers look like they do this year.
Chevrolet sold over 36K trucks last month. That's a good month, add Sierra sales and it's over 50K trucks sold in a month for GM. That's a very good month! That's over 20K trucks more then Ram!
March will look a bit different I bet. I agree with Scott. Chevy sales last year were up only 8% in March and Ram was up 25%. Ram sold 33K trucks last year in March. For the first two months this year Ram sold 25K and 29K trucks. If the trend continues and they sell 4K more again next month they will come out flat. Ram will have to sell over 40K trucks in March to continue the trend of 23% increase month over month.
Like Scott said. Look at the big picture and don't be so narrow minded.

Wow imagine il Ford dont have sale,,??


Hate to be the gloomy Gus, but the Big 3 have a very poor outlook in my opinion, at least as far as US buyers are concerned. Rates cannot go down any further.

My friends who bought the big brand new 4x4 crew cabs in 2004-2007 were borrowing cash from their home equity to pay for those trucks.

Not happening today at all!

I'd rather get my teeth pulled than borrow home equity right now. The banks have no interest in offering fair value for your house.

@ Miath - your ESL teacher still encouraging you to blog. Keep trying, you'll eventually get it.

@papa jim - very true. Experts contend that if it wasn't for borrowed money most 1st world economies would of experienced negligible growth over the last few decades.

That is where we have people confusing median worth versus median income. If one's home sees massive increases in market value, that inflates one's net worth and one's ability to borrow. The housing market collapse killed everyone's net worth so now they are focusing on income which for a large number of people sucks.

@ Scott @ Gregory J

You two are viewing the tabulations incorrectly. Month over month mean sales this month this year vs sales this month last year, not sales last month this year vs sales this month this year. Reason being is some months are better sellers than other months so they measure sales changes based on the same month from the previous year to create a clearer picture of market movement.

@ Shop cat,

@ Gregory J

Month over month means this month this year's sales vs this month last year's sales so the percent changes in month over month sales as displayed a over are February 2013 sales vs February 2014 sales not January 2014 sales vs February 2014 sales. The reason why they measure them like that is because pickup sales escalate or drop from one month to the next usually peaking in the summer months and the drop steadily until they flatten out; so I could say GM will have a month to month gain from February to August but will then have a month to month drop from August to February again, however they will still post month over month sales increases or decreases based on the brands performance from the same month of the previous year. Did that kinda clear it up a bit?


Let's look at Ram diesel sales in 60 days.

That will be the kicker. I sincerely wish them the best.

There is a pent up demand for that sort of powerplant in half ton trucks but I don't know if Ford/Chevy guys will hop the fence to buy one.

If they have ANY issues with the diesels, it will kill sales.

Brand loyalty is huge in trucks.

@ papa jim - what killed it for me in relation to the Ecodiesel Ram is the cargo capacity. I'd love to have that kind of mpg for trips into the back country.

Cargo capacity is ridiculous 500 to 900lb?. What can you do with that?
This is typical of a car/trucks that I saw a lot in Melbourne and on the highways. Instead of the Truck Camper a service body and the boat is replaced by a trailer.

Speeds on the freeways is 110kmh (70mph). Limit is 120kmh.
Hit 60mph (100kph) your dawdling.

I thought you are going to forgot to mention payload today.
It's nice to see your brain still remembers that.

@ Lou

You are right. Looking at the specs I honestly think the lackluster payload is due to the axle themselves and not just the coils. I think Ram should upgrade to bigger 6 lug axles on their next upgrade to compliment the added weight of the Ecodiesel and air suspension instead of the smaller 5 lug axles they got now. Ram owners can gripe at you for keep bringing up the payload, but it is a deal breaker for those that need more. Ram lovers putting their head in the sand and pretending like it is not an issue will not urge Ram to fix it.

The Ram's small payload also makes it harder to surpass GM due to fleet sales. Ford and GM sell a lot of fleet trucks due to their capable trucks. Fleets don't care about plush coil suspensions. They care about capability and getting the job done. While fleets do care about fuel mileage, an Ecodiesel's fuel mileage would be a moot point if it the rest of the truck cannot handle the job. There maybe some Ram owners here that will blatantly go over their payload, but I can guarantee that big company fleets will not due to risk of lawsuits in an accident. My advice to Ram, get your payload up to match what this Ecodiesel can do and you might have a real winner, but until then it will be overlooked by many fleets because their needs require more payload. Ram fanboys, you may take this as an insult to your favorite brand, but it is not. It is solid advice from a person that deals with a lot of fleet managers on a daily basis. If you expect more out of Ram then you will get more, but if you keep making excuses for them then that is all you will get, excuses. Again, I am not saying this to throw dirt on Ram owners faces. I am saying this because it is what Ram needs to do if it wants to overcome GM.

"For the second month in a row, harsh weather seems to have kept some truck shoppers inside their warm and protected homes, instead of walking from dealership to dealership. "

The must have sunny weather over Ram dealers parking lot. LOL.

I can hardly wait for March numbers with all the Ecodiesels sold.

ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh uppp upppppp upppppppppppp nnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't come to any conclusions after analysing this data. I have one thing to say about RAM. Ford used to outsell RAM back in 1992 by more than 10 to 1 looks like it has narrowed to a little less than 2 to 1. Congrates to RAM! Ford will still be #1 for a long time if not forever but, it's great to see the gap close.

I would not be surprised at all if Ram overtook the Silverado in the next year or so. The numbers speak for themselves, people can rationalize the stagnant sales of the GM trucks any way they want, but in the end, it's the same trend we see each month when PUTC posts the monthly sales figures.

There's a lot that can be said about the GM trucks, but I think it boils down to several things. First off, GM didn't deliver what customers wanted with the new trucks. It doesn't take much to realize this, head over to the GMI forums sometime and I think you'll see what I mean. It is highly debatable about what truck buyers expect, but there are more than a few who aren't to thrilled about the choice to go with the design.

Another factor is GM's past reputation. Since I know this will upset some, I will include Chrysler too here. Both companies have a poor reputation in the past for some of the vehicles they made. There are plenty of people out there who wouldn't think of owning another GM product or likewise, another Chrysler product. Unless GM could DRAMATICALLY reverse people's perception of their brands and quality, they will continue to struggle behind Ford.

Now for the interesting part, I mentioned Chrysler. Well, you would expect the same kind of struggle to gain back customers and gain new customers, and to some extent there is. However, Ram is one of their fastest growing brands. Consider this, Ram(and the Dodge Ram that came before it) always has had the least amount of market share for the full sizes. They are gaining market share now, even by double digits. What does that mean? To me it implies 2 things, there are buyers entering the market and they are increasingly purchase a Ram or Ford, or there are buyers who are crossing over to Ram and Ford from GM trucks.

Since GM has a stagnate or even declining market share, it says truck buyers are going elsewhere. Some buyers may leave be leaving the truck market, but in most cases it's got to be buyers going to different brands.

Before the current GM trucks were real eased, GM management made it clear that there was a lot riding on these new trucks (no pun intended). I have to ask now after seeing things a year into the release of the new models, what are they thinking now? Are the scrambling for the next gen or putting more resources/advertising into the midsizes? These are all things to consider and I'm sure even some GM guys will agree.

Autoblog has blamed the sales downturn at GM and Ford for January and February on the weather. Fiat/Chrysler has been up 8% and 11% in January and February. Fiat/Chrysler also continues to be #1 in Canada. It must be people that love cold climates buying from them.

That's why I put the tidbit about people can always attempt to rationalize things to support their argument but in the end the numbers don't lie. To me, I think the numbers bring up important questions that need to be answered by GM management.

Weather affects Ram sales too.

Ram would be higher if it wasn't for the weather. And, yes, Ram had double digit gains but had to discount some key models to get there.

The Ram discounts averaged just under $5,000. Ford and General Motors, its main competitors, offered around $4,000 per pickup.

No matter what happens, people are going to rationalize it especially Ram guys. A year ago when Ram was +3%, the excuse was Ram buyers were waiting. When March percentage gains for Ram go down the tubes, it will be another, Ram buyers waiting excuse.

I know i am only 1 sale, but i am waiting for some discounts, i want to purchase a denali, but comparing prices the truck i want is 5000 more than ford and 6500 more than ram......ill wait, my 96 has almost 500000 km, whats a few more.......

"but until then it will be overlooked by many fleets because their needs require more payload."

Posted by: ALL1 | Mar 3, 2014 6:51:35 PM

Ram Eco Diesel 1500 regular cab 8' bed
28+ MPG

9,200-lb Max Tow

1,580-lb Payload

This truck showed be a fleet winner.

Remember Rams 1500 with coil spring link rear end out handled all 1500 pick ups with a 1,000lbs in the bed.

Be careful about those incentives.

Many Ford dealers areadvertising much richer deals on the carryover 2014 F-Series, with discounts ranging up to$9,000.

"We should note that although the Ram 1500 only offered a calculated maximum towing capacity of 8,350 pounds, it did all our towing tests and fuel economy loops with the 8,500-pound trailer with confidence and control. Maybe that's another good reason to hope that all these truck makers adopt the Society of Automotive Engineers"

@All1, Speaking of law suits. I think you should be more concerned with your fire recalled Ford than Rams payload.

"Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable?"

@Hemi V8

If you want to keep making yourself blind thinking there isn't a problem then that is fine, but I will tell you know that your precious Ram will never move up to 2nd place because of it. I know you as a fanboy can never admit there is a problem with your favorite brand or a weakness that it has versus other brands. If you want to keep posting things that doesn't matter in the real world or stuff to make you feel better about the decision you made in your choice of trucks then by all means do it till your heart is content. However, denying there is an issue does not fix it. Denying there is an issue does not sell trucks. Denying there is an issue does not win over fleets. Denying there is an issue keeps you in 3rd place. Deny what I said all you want, but it is the truth.

The very same regular cab that you posted with an 8ft bed in an F150 Ecoboost has a payload of over 2,000lbs without the HD package and over 3,000lbs with the HD package with over 11,000lbs towing. That saves fleets money by keeping them from having to buy a 3/4 ton and also saves them on insurance. Don't give me this "Well you will get more on resale with a 3/4 ton" because most run these trucks until the wheels fall off or until there is maybe a few grand in value when they get rid of them. We can play this pissing match all day so you can try to make your favorite brand look good, but at the end of the day it does not sell trucks. Go ahead, keep denying the issue and Ram will keep on making trucks with the issue. You will keep seeing them in the same place year after year. Like I said before, it is when you start demanding more is when Ram will give you more. Why would they give you more payload if people like you are fine with what they have now and keep making excuses for it.

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