Fast-Driving Golfer Needs Bulletproof Raptor

Oakley Raptor 3 II

Ford F-150 SVT Raptors aren't just for desert-running race enthusiasts who like to drive fast over crazy terrain; it seems they're also enjoyed by hard-driving golfers looking to protect themselves from stray shooting-range debris.

In one of the strangest special-project-build trucks we've seen to date, lifestyle fashion company Oakley Inc. has teamed up with Mike Smith Fabrication of Huntington Beach, Calif., to make the ultimate bulletproof Raptor for 2012 Masters Tournament winner, Gerry "Bubba" Watson.

The truck is a 2014 Raptor with a 6.2-liter V-8 and features a massive digital camouflage wrap, a billet aluminum custom Oakley front grille, and a bulletproof-glass surround on the cab. In an informal walk-around video, Watson seems overjoyed to receive the modified performance truck to add to his auto collection (see at bottom of page).

We'll let you know if we receive any reports of this Raptor doing any golf course night-runs "Dukes of Hazzard" style.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Oakley Raptor 2 II

Oakley Raptor int II

Oakley Raptor nose II

Oakley Raptor 1 II




@All1, Can you find me a 1500 Diesel that gets 28+ MPG and can tow 9,200 lbs from FORD?..........or chevy?


"@All1, Can you find me a 1500 Diesel that gets 28+ MPG and can tow 9,200 lbs from FORD"

Why are you acting like an idiot? No other truck has a diesel in the 1500/150 class so your answer would be a big fat no. Also, the only Ecodiesel truck that is rated to tow 9,200lbs is a stripped 4x2 Tradesman regular cab with an 8' bed and 3.92 gears. It is not the same 3.55 geared truck that gets 28 mpg. I don't need to buy a stripped down regular cab 4x2 with an 8' box in order to tow the rated 11,000lbs my Lariat Crew cab 3.73 rear axle 4x4 with a 6.5" bed has. The same Ram 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel 4x4 with a 6.4" 3.92 only tows 8,750lbs. As I said before, you can keep your fuel mileage, and I will keep my power and capability. Your 26mpg is useless to me if It can't get what I need to get done.


@all1, " I will keep my power and capability."

Ya, you keep your 365 horses. I am going for 410.


@all1, " I will keep my power and capability."

Ya, you keep your 365 horses. I am going for 410.

I guess you don't read any of mu posted. My truck has OVER 420hp and 530lb-ft. I have stated this many times and even posted a dyno.

Hemi V8, Brother, you're not buying the 410 hp because it's a Ram HD made in Mexico and goes against everything you stand for.

You are not supporting your UAW brothers with a made in Mexico owned by the Italians truck.

@ Chris

He is already going against what he stands for. ALL Hemi engines, as in the 5.7L he has now and the 6.4L he wants, are made in Mexico. That is why you hear the faint sound of "la cucaracha" being played when you rev them up.

J/K on that last part, but it was funny. The 5.7L Hemi is really not a bad engine even it requires 89 octane, has 16 spark plugs, and is made south of the border. It is a screamer once you get the revs up.

All HD Rams are made in Mexico so he is joshing you on going for a 6.4. Hemi V8 used to be a Ford owner, hasn't bought a truck in a long time and deep down inside likes Fords, so he could come back some day.

@All1 & Chris,

2014 Ram 1500

Available Best-in-Class Fuel Economy of 18 City/25 Highway mpg+
Max Trailer Towing up to 10,450 Pounds+ or Max Payload up to 1,930 Pounds+
Available Innovative, Class-Exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System+
Unsurpassed 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty+



The same Ram Truck that gets 18cty/25hwy is not the same truck that can tow 10,450lbs or has a payload of 1,900lbs. The same truck that has a tow rating of 10,450 lbs is not the same truck that has a payload of 1,900lbs. You would have to get three separate trucks to get all three things you are saying.

The truck that has a mpg of 18cty/25hwy is a Regular cab 4x2 HFE 3.6L with a 6.4ft bed and a 3.21 rear axle. It has a tow rating of only 4,750lbs and a payload of 1,440 before added options.

The truck that has a tow rating of 10,450 is a stripped down Tradesman Regular cab 4x2 Hemi 5.7L with an 8ft bed and a 3.92 rear axle. It has a payload of 1,730lbs and a fuel rating of 14cty/20hwy.

The truck that has the payload of 1,900 is a Regular cab 4x2 3.6L with an 8ft bed and 3.55 rear axle. It has a tow rating of 7,300lbs and a fuel rating of 17cty/25hwy.

I know you like to spew your stats, but who would want a regular cab? Why don't you spew the stats for a crew cab that most people buy? Why do you spew stats on three separate trucks?

@Big Al - I do agree that we are seeing different truck companies go their own separate paths with trucks. That may be a sign that companies are confident that the economy is turning around and feel safe to move in their own directions.

Ram definitely has decided that most of the 1/2 tons will be used as SUV's with sundecks. Anyone wanting any semblance of capacity will need a HD.

Ford has moved into new territory with aluminum and turbo engines but has keep traditional capacities available in the 1/2 ton class.

GMC isn't really showing innovation and I suspect that post bailout conservatism is at play. They assumed truck buyers want tradition. The "real" "all new" GMC trucks won't be here for 4 more years.

The clear paths will be divisive for some buyers and may force them to dump loyalties for what they really want.

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