New F-150 Will Be First Pickup With LED Headlights

C 2015 F-150 Platinum pkg II

It would probably surprise no one to know that Ford had a lighting expert, John Teodecki, working extensively on the new segment-first LED headlights ready to debut on the coming 2015 Ford F-150. Although LED headlight technology has been around for quite some time and offers the benefits of being lighter, more durable and longer lasting than filament-based halogen or high-intensity-discharge lighting, LEDs also provide energy savings of more than 60 percent.

The first time we remember seeing a pickup truck with LED lighting was the Mighty F-350 Tonka concept truck over 10 years ago, when chief Ford designer Jay Mays introduced it at a pre-North American International Auto Show event in Dearborn, Mich., in 2002. The Mighty F-350 concept pickup foreshadowed some of the changes to the 2005 Super Duty lineup when it got a face-lift and some interior changes.

Other manufacturers are using LED lighting in driving lights but, to our knowledge, Acura is one of the few that use the technology in low- and high-beam headlights (using five separate LEDs). It's worth noting that the new Ford system uses just one LED light for both high and low beams; a refined build process system carefully carves the reflectors to distribute the light from the single source. No word yet on replacement or repair costs at this early stage.

To read the full Ford press release, click here.

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Leds? Yes please!

Who cares, it's still a POS Furd

So how do they keep the ice/snow from building up on the lense while driving down the road since no heat is put out by LED's?

Sorry but whether or not a truck has LED headlights will have no influence in my decision of what truck to get when I'm in the market again.

Breaking news! GM will equip their trucks with LED headlights in 2018 or whenever they also start using aluminum bodies. See the trend??

Didn't the Cadillac "truck" have LED's? Yes it does, I just went to their site and built a new Escalade and with the premium package and above you get LED headlights!

Ford keeps looking for ways to make their truck more expensive, while Ram keeps looking for ways to make theirs more capable and fuel efficient.

Looks like we know who's got their heads screwed on straight.

LED headlights are marketing department's wet dream.
They get to spout non-sense like 'closer to daylight', when daylight is a combination of sunlight & skylight; which varies depending on time of day, position-north/south on the Earth, and season of year.

LED headlights COULD be an improvement over HID lighting, if: the CCT was less than 4500K, and the CRI was over 90.

LED headlights aren't that efficient that no heat is generated. Plenty of it is, but it is behind the assembly, and requires a fan to move that heat to front to partially melt snow/ice.
Eventually LED headlights will require a defroster grid, but that is still 5-10 years off.

@ Dave,
When it gets really cold no headlights produce enough heat to melt off snow and ice, at some point manual cleaning is required.

Wow this is a decent website full of retard commenters. So much about this truck will be followed by the others yet it appears there's just a bunch of self masturbation and hate in the comments?

@ Bert And yet you still had to read the article! Must be interested in Fords somewhat if you took the time to read it.

Aluminium body and expensive to replace front end lights are going to make the F150 pricey to insure.

It's not like the LEDs will be standard. Only on the upper trims. Nothing wrong with giving us the option. I keep an extra set of bulbs in my glovebox in case one burns out. Usually you can change a bulb with no tools in just a few minutes.
I'm sure wxman is right. Ford only went to aluminum body to make it more expensive. Had nothing to do with improving efficiency or capability, that was just a random consequence of making it more expensive. Ford doesn't want their trucks to be efficient or capable and aren't looking for ways to improve in those areas. Increased aerodynamics on the 2015 f150 are only for reducing wind noise and increasing expense. The grille shutters were thrown in only to make the truck more expensive. Strengthening the frame to make it lighter is only to increase cost, not to improve efficiency. Adding a 2.7 liter engine was done to increase cost, had nothing to do with efficiency. Adding stop-start to the vehicle was done to increase cost only, no benefit to fuel economy will be achieved. And I'm sure ford offering LED lights has nothing to do with the fact that some customers really want them or that they are more reliable.

Dave does have a point and NorthernMN's comment isn't really helpful. Incandescent and HID bulbs do put out enough heat to handle most snow conditions, even if not all. And yes, LED's do put out heat, but behind the bulb rather than in front of it. So, how do you resolve the issue?

I think one thing we may be forced to accept is a return to glass panels in front of the headlamp bulb rather than acrylic. We already know how acrylic hazes over time with ordinary use even without the added wear of constant wiping, but the only way to keep the lamps clear in the event of snow/ice on these will require a heated fluid and wiper system reminiscent of higher-priced cars of yesteryear OR such a radical rake to the lamp system that air pressure alone blows the majority of the precipitation away. Either way, if that cover isn't glass or very easily replaceable (not requiring the replacement of the whole assembly as so many current systems are) then no matter how long the LED lasts, the headlamp assembly itself will require replacement roughly every 5 years.

I see a strong potential for aftermarket headlamp covers of both cheap acrylics and maybe even glass protectors such as we currently see for tablet computer screens. These would be relatively easily replaceable through either snap on shapes or electro-static application similar to the moveable glare shields used by some pilots (which work well on plexiglass/acrylic windscreens.) Since nearly all cars/trucks now have a cover panel well in front of the lamp itself, these plastic devices shouldn't obstruct whatever cleaning mechanism manufacturers eventually use.

With more and more demand on a 12 volt system I can see why a manufacture would look for ways use less energy. LEDS is just one of the ways to accomplish this.

IF snow build up is REALLY your only complaint for a few times a year it may happen, coat them with RAIN-EX. First bump in road all will drop off. Oh and to say "now bigger costs", for most part you never replace LED lamps. Certainly not like current bulbs, not to mention the costs of current bulbs when many have to "upgrade to brighter bulbs", please.

Big whippe Do! My 2012 Harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide has had Daymaker LED Headlights for 3 years now! LOL

If Ford wants to do something innovative for the Pickup truck market, make the new generation lower power HID headlights standard. They are simplified designs, 12 volts into a single assembly, light comes out
Standard discharge 'bulbs' are 35 watts and produce ~3200 lumens. Add in the power used by the ballast, and you are about 42 watts.
The new ones are 25 watts and produce ~2000 lumens. They are meant to stay under the EU regulations, that require lights with >2000 lumens to incorporate leveling/cleaning systems.

The US has loopholes in its lighting regulations. The biggest one is the lack of correlation between headlight mounting height, and beam declination.
No requirement for cleaning, manual leveling, automatic leveling, dynamic leveling.
Red turn signals at the rear
Lateral turn signal repeaters

All of the Luddites come crawling out of the forest or more specifically; Luddite fanboys.

That's excellent. I hope the Super Duty gets it too. I hate the color temperature of tungsten on headlights. I like the warmer lighting for home interior lighting, but not on cars. It's the clearest differentiator between a high-end car and an average run-around Pontiac. When you see a BMW, Merc, or Audi, they all have 6000K (white) headlights. Every other crappy car on the road has a 3000K (yellow), and 12,000K resembles rice burners or just the after-market image. Also, I don't think LEDs flicker like HIDs do.

Whoppy do, I have had LED lights all around on my three Military trucks for the last 5 years or so. (Headlights, tail lights, parking lights, and turn signals.)

Why does this sight get their panties all wet every time something new comes to ford?
GM and Dodge (Now RAM) has had many first, and they continue to do so.
This site is no longer, but

Good move Ford, just like most technology that is launched by the aftermarket, this will trickle into all trim levels.

To the haters: really guys? There isn't a long-term downside to this- get over it!

@HDmax, why do Chevy fanboys get their panties in a wad every time something new comes to Ford?

" It's worth noting that the new Ford system uses just one LED light for both high and low beams"
Not quite- according to this :
There are respective LED's for high and low beams.
The 1st high-volume, non luxury branded vehicle with LED Low-beam is already at the dealer- the 2014 Corolla. I would expect most, if not all subsequent new/refresh releases from the big T to sport LED lamps.

@ Alex
You are 100% wrong. AC high intensity discharge bulbs operates at a frequency FAR above what the human eye can perceive. (we are talking kilohertz)
Standard, legal projector HID CCT is 4250K. That is a neutral-white 'color'.
5000K cool-white looks plenty blue next to standard halogen filament bulbs, which are 3000-3300K. These are unfortunately legal, and are showing up in OEM vehicles, as a fashion trend.
6000K is deep blue-white, completely illegal.

LEDs can flicker if the circuit driving the diodes doesn't have flat smooth direct current.
Taillights/marker lights are sometimes driven via PWM, see videos where they sometimes disappear.

Ford continues to slap GM around like a red headed step child.
How are those 2014 truck sales going GM?? LOL

Upper-trim RAM models have LED front turn signals. The halogen projector beams ruin the look, though. I hope they get LED headlamps as well.

LED do last longer but suffer like all other bulbs...dimming with age and use. The kicker is going to be the cost of replacement

It won't be long until gm and fiat ram have these and more aluminum too. Then I guess all the fanboys, fangirls and half the kids on here will say its the best thing since sliced bread. Just look at what Ford does and watch the others follow.

LED lighting will get cheaper as more use them. Traffic lights have gone LED and the LED light bulbs have become less expensive and last a long time. Eventually all vehicles will have LED lights.

@Jeff S

LED lights. Who would have guessed?

You are such a visionary, a genius even. How could I have ever doubted you?

Wowwww big news ,,,,

Frankly my dear," I don't give a Damn" !!!!!!!!!!

All these new features and materials are really great but as we have seen in the past a lot of this will soon become standard with a price increase. Today’s base stripper truck has more features than the top offering had when I was a small kid. If the auto makers don’t make it standard the feds will. I really feel that size, price and operating cost has turned some costumers away and it will get worse.

I wonder what vehicle will be first to have headlight defrost, I mean its only a matter of time.

Fuel injection was around for decades before it hit mainstream cars/trucks, mostly aftermarket and a few exotics. But the haters and luddites came out of the woodwork to cry about increased costs related to the fuel injection technology. Now they can't live without it.

Progress keeps marching on for the better. Cry all you want and keep replacing incandescent bulbs. Trucks aren't kind to filaments in normal bulb, what with hard suspension, off road driving and harsh vibrations.

Big trucks have enjoyed aftermarket LED running lights and turn/tail lights for about 20 years now. They got the good stuff 1st.

wow is this site behind. lol Toyota Prius package 5 has had LED headlights with headlight washers since 2010! Several Lexus models as well and the 2014 COROLLA IS THE FIRST VEHICLE WITH A STANDARD LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT AND LOW BEAM SINGLE LED SETUP NOT THE DUMB FORD F150. So tired of seeing the propaganda and misleading garbage on this site!

@hemi lol - this site is not hybrids and

maybe covered the news there......... go look ;)

Good stuff Lou BC.

Instead of Ford focusing on LED lighting, they should focus on their Fire prone switches. Maybe focus on getting a fully boxed frame under their Super Dooty. C channel is 90's tech. I know fully boxed frames cost more, but isn't Ford the #1 selling truck.
Can't they afford to invest in a stronger frame like Ram and G.M.? After market can sell LED. Can they sell you a fully boxed frame? Give me a break. I think instead of trying to out power Ram they need to up date the frame, brakes, exhaust brake, and suspension on their Super Dooty. Then worry about being the most powerful. lol

Like I said HemiV8, let Ford do it and watch the rest follow. Didn't Ford have that switch problem 20plus years ago?? Whats it take to make an IDIOT like YOU give it up??? Hey look! gm has a worse switch problem so get you one of these and no insurance just like you did with your MUSTANG. Idiots like you never cease to amaze everyone.

. Idiots like you never cease to amaze everyone.

Posted by: truck crazy | Mar 20, 2014 11:01:30 PM

You got that right! I may be a fool, but not a brand new one. lol


@HEMI V8 - class action suites are all the rage, there must of been one related to the Ford cruise control switch.

Why didn't you go that route?

"The recall affects 2011 F-150 pickups built between Nov. 3 and Nov. 20; 2011 F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty trucks built between Oct. 28 and Nov. 19; and 2011 Edge and MKX crossovers built between Oct. 25 and Nov. 3. You can check your car’s manufacture date on the sticker inside the driver-side doorjamb.

In the affected vehicles, an electrical short may develop in the body control module and cause a fire."

@Truck nuts, IS THIS 20 YEARS AGO? LOL

Like i said. Ford needs to get the basics down before worrying
about being first in innovation. LED lights are no big leap when the truck burns to the ground and melts those innovative LED'S. Just saying. lol


Your so Laughable V8 such a douchebag .... Funny how we have a few of your so called great RAM trucks 1500/2500 at work and NONE I mean NONE come close to being capable of what RAM Promotes in there commercials . not saying RAM is a POS . but having hands on Experience tells me BS RAM .... I can post many Fiat products BURNING ......

Will the 2015 Ford F-150 also have side air bags that are in the doors instead of in the back of the seat? ,,,and will the door glass be laminated instead of tempered glass?
I want a safe truck!

@Hemi V8 and the RAM brand is squeeky clean, ya right.

Both those ISSUES can happen with the "RAM IN MOTION", not good.

@Tom#3- side glass is tempered/non laminated for a reason- so that it can be safely broken out to extract the occupants. This is REQUIRED BY LAW. What makes you think side airbags mounted in the seat-back are less effective than ones mounted in the door?

Avoid fiat ram at all cost. They were the recall king up until gm took it away from them but ram will fight back and regain the title at all cost just wait and see!!

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