New F-150 Will Be First Pickup With LED Headlights

C 2015 F-150 Platinum pkg II

It would probably surprise no one to know that Ford had a lighting expert, John Teodecki, working extensively on the new segment-first LED headlights ready to debut on the coming 2015 Ford F-150. Although LED headlight technology has been around for quite some time and offers the benefits of being lighter, more durable and longer lasting than filament-based halogen or high-intensity-discharge lighting, LEDs also provide energy savings of more than 60 percent.

The first time we remember seeing a pickup truck with LED lighting was the Mighty F-350 Tonka concept truck over 10 years ago, when chief Ford designer Jay Mays introduced it at a pre-North American International Auto Show event in Dearborn, Mich., in 2002. The Mighty F-350 concept pickup foreshadowed some of the changes to the 2005 Super Duty lineup when it got a face-lift and some interior changes.

Other manufacturers are using LED lighting in driving lights but, to our knowledge, Acura is one of the few that use the technology in low- and high-beam headlights (using five separate LEDs). It's worth noting that the new Ford system uses just one LED light for both high and low beams; a refined build process system carefully carves the reflectors to distribute the light from the single source. No word yet on replacement or repair costs at this early stage.

To read the full Ford press release, click here.

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"Breaking news! GM will equip their trucks with LED headlights in 2018 or whenever they also start using aluminum bodies. See the trend??"

- And GM will only let their GMC customers have those things in 2018. Chevrolet customers on the other hand won't be allowed to buy these things until somewhere around 2025. If that. Ford >'s Chevy like usual anymore.

Aston Martin had that about twenty years ago, I think it was the Vantage models.

I think a bigger question is what bulbs will 99% of F150s that don't have LED headlights use?

Like the front camera on the Fords for off roading. Also like Rams cargo camera and trailer camera. If my new Ram doesn't have a front camera I will have to see about adding one.

"Avoid fiat ram at all cost. They were the recall king up until gm took it away from them but ram will fight back and regain the title at all cost just wait and see!!"

posted by truck nuts.

Largest U.S. vehicle recalls
Rank # of vehicles Model year Model Problem
1 21 million 1970-1980 Ford cars & trucks Transmissions that fail to engage Park
2 15 million 1992-2003 Ford cars & trucks Cruise control deactivation switch fires
3 7.9 million 1988-1993 Ford Taurus, Explorer, Probe & Mercury Sable Ignition switch fires
4 6.9 million 1965-1970 Chevrolet cars & trucks Unintended acceleration due to broken motor mounts
5 5.8 million 1978-1981 General Motors A-body cars Lower control arm bolt failures can lead to suspension collapse
6 5.4 million 2004-2010 Toyota, Lexus Unintended acceleration risk due to floor mat interference
7 4.1 million 1970-1971 All Fords, Lincolns, and Mercurys Shoulder belt pins
8 3.7 million 1971-1972 All full-size Buicks, Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs Rock can jam in steering coupling
9 3.7 million 1986-1991 Honda Civic, Accord, Prelude; Acura Integra, Legend, NSX Seat belt buckle jams
10 3.7 million 1949-1969 All Volkswagens Windshield wipers

Looks like it will take a while for Chrysler to catch up.

Think you should have gone back further like Model T. lol Also list the DODGE, Plymouth, & Chryler & now RAM, heck even JEEP.

Ford really is number one, lol

"The honor of the biggest screwup in automotive history thus far belongs to Ford and their 1993-1998 range which included the Mustang and Thunderbird , among others. 7.9 million vehicles had to be recalled in 1996 because of a faulty ignition switch that would spark and start fires in the steering column. Not the best way to start your day."

@supercrew02, Here is your list of recalls lol.

GM already beat Ford to this, but Mr. Williams didn't do his research. As an earlier post said you can already order a new Escalade with LED headlights. It may not be a "pickup", but neither are the other vehicles Mark mentioned in the article.

@sk, I love PUTC but you have to know this is a Ford P.R. site.
Mike Levine is already Ford's official P.R. man. So realize this and things will start to make some sense. We are talking about huge amounts of money. These companies will kill for market share. Mark williams didn't even know how to spell cummins. So consider the source.

I don't know why, but this is nothing new since it's 2014. They are late if you ask me...

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