New Product Spotlight: Hideaway Bed Extender

Xtreme Gate F-150 photo II

Every once in a while we like to showcase a new product we've seen that helps solve some common problems pickup truck owners experience. This X-treme Gate slide-out bed extender does what quite a few other products do, but has a few advantages we like.

The collapsible and foldable set of high-strength plastic (actually polycarbonate) walls fit inside a hidden sleeve that mounts to the back of the tailgate, effectively taking up no bed space. The gate adds about 10 square feet of cargo capacity and offers a honeycomb wall design for strength. It is reported to fit all full-size pickup tailgates from 2009 and newer, or those with a tailgate opening width of 58⅜ inches. And it fits with or without spray-in or drop-in liners or tonneau covers.

The product retails for $299 and installation is said to be easy; using simple tools it should take less than an hour. Once installed, the extender can be deployed or put away in less than 10 seconds. For more information, visit or call 855-469-4283.


XtremeGate II



I could see $129 but $299 for some folding thanks.


As aftermarket bolt-on's go, 299 ain't that bad, but I agree with your point to a certain extent--namely, I could whip something up with chicken wire mesh and spray painted plywood for a lot less money.

But I like it. Still might buy one.

I'd say $199.99 would be a better deal.

What about when you step on the tail gate will this thing hold up to people walking on it or loads being pushed over it in the colapsed position?

@Carilloskis - I was thinking the same thing. It cn't be used on Ford's with the tailgate step. IIRC 40% of Ford trucks have them.

Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. today credited the UAW for helping to “save” the automaker and stood by the track record of Ford’s dealer network as Tesla Motors pushes its direct-sales model.

“When our times were darkest in the '07, '08, '09 time frame, the UAW helped our industry get back on its feet, helped Ford get back on its feet,” Ford said. “Ron Gettelfinger, the former president of the United Auto Workers, doesn't get enough credit for helping save Ford.”


@HemiV8 - and you are going to buy a truck made by Mexicans...............


Practice what you preach

I havent bought anything. My truck was built by the UAW in the USA.



Off topic? Care to give us your views on the tailgate accessory?

Heh. Reminds me of the grocery bag holder I had in the back of my Saturn Vue--remarkably useful yet out of the way when not needed. My only question is whether it would hold up to a sliding load of lumber or mulch under hard acceleration (don't tell me some of you don't do that). With today's ridiculously short beds on some crew cabs, an attachment like this is extremely useful.

Now they need to make a narrower version for all those mid-size trucks coming out.

Best bed product ever is the tailgate assist by DeeZee. Under $30 and your tail gates just drops down in slow motion. I'm in my bed everyday and I love that product and my Bedrug.

Eeeeh, looks like a cheap flimsy plastic chicken coop.

Why is this newsworthy?

Nissan Titan had the tailgate assist way back in 2004. lol

Ram still doesn't have a tailgate assist, seems like they are overrated.

I have a better idea! Buy a pickup with a 8 foot bed.

i would'nt want an obstruction like that folded up against my tailgate that hinders be loading and unloading things like const material, dirt bikes, quads etc. i have over the years loaded up truck beds with tailgates down, just tie everything in and on with tie downs and bungee cords. My friends make fun of me of how i tie things down, but i have never lost anything like they have and i can also drive the way i like and not have to worry that things are going to bounce or fly out of the bed ! can buy a lot of nice ratchet tie downs for $75 bucks, the real ones made in usa purchased from a truckers supply place !

Seems pretty pricey to me. how fast can you remove it and or re-install ?

I looked at their site and realized it folds away when you're not using it. Thats a cool design. These photos only show it up, not stowed away. So keep using your tiedowns while this things stowed away if you want !

They should just go back to making the beds longer than 5 feet for people under age 80 who actually use the truck for work and not just toting around the grandkids.

MaXx, they still make the eight foot beds, still available on every truck pretty much on the regular cab model for those who want an authenitc pickup.

Ram still doesn't have a tailgate assist, seems like they are overrated.

Posted by: Craig | Mar 27, 2014 3:41:00 PM

Anyone who needs "tailgate assist" shouldn't be driving a truck.

Hemi Monster thats your opinion, My opinion any truck with coil rear springs is not a truck but a car with a bed.

Of course that is my option. You want to know something? My truck is a car with a bed. Are you satisfied? According to the dictionary, a truck is a type of car lol. Anyways, what I said previously is not too far fetched. If someone can't lift up a tailgate on their own, then how would you expect them to use their truck for anything useful? An "easy lift tailgate" sounds good for the marketing department, but it costs the consumer. I would much rather have a truck that has a better ride (i.e. rear coil springs), that a truck that I have to pay for useless features that aren't necessary. If Ram decides to offer one in the future, fine, I'm stuck with it, but until then I have every right to criticize.

I had to laugh when GM released their '14 trucks because the made such a big deal about the rear bumper step, ironically that is what really got to realize that they didn't have much "impressive" tech on their new trucks. All these type of things are nothing more that marketing ploys. Yes the do benefit the consumer, but not until the manufactures make quite sure it will generate lots of $$$profit$$$.

@Tom,Here we again. How do you explain the class leading Ram 2500? It' s not truck enough? lol

so if it stows away in that housing or whatever it is, how much weight can be on it and still be able to open up the gate? if the rear wheels of my ATV are sitting on it can the gate still be opened and set up? if not then what's the point? but if it does then I'd get one for sure.

Looks mighty handy if I do say so myself. think I might invest in one them soon

Ever notice how many people hate on something without knowing anything about it? This thing is actually a good idea since a truck's tailgate really isn't meant to hold a heavy load in itself. This just helps to keep that load from sliding under "normal" conditions and is a lot more compact and out of the way when folded than any other 'bed extender' I've seen--which takes up bed space when not in use.

Guys, this isn't a freaking tailgate assist or cheap chicken wire. It's pretty damn durable, I have one. I bought it because of the shortened beds on the Ram crew cabs and it has worked great when needed. You hardly know it's there when it's stowed away in it's pocket.

Ram has them factory with the ram box option.

It is nice, but I can see me taking it off the first time I try to back my 650 lbs Harley out of the bed as that is where the rear wheel is and with that thing sticking up about 1.5" from the bed floor, especially if the rear wheel has to climb over that on it's way out the back of the bed first going backwards, mostly while you are setting on the bike and pushing with just your legs, it is bad enough just to get the rear wheel to roll over the top end of a ramp, never mind this contraption, and then as you are rolling back, the front wheel will get hung up and make a difference in your balance while trying to take it easy on your bike going backwards!

@HEMI V8 - this stows in the tailgate. The factory bed extenders fold along the bed rails.

I like the tailgate on Rams concept Sun Chaser.

Polycarbonate is not your normal plastic. Used in Military applications. I like the design of the unit when not in use and the extra space when using. $299 a fair price.

sandman, it looks like the front of the part that holds the gate when its stored away is angled, probably for the reason you give (just guessing). If a ATV or motorcycle or whatever is unloaded, it looks like it can roll up the ramped end of the cover. Also guessing this thing is probably intended to just add length to the bed but not replace the tailgate (stuff being hauled should still be tied down). I wouldn't trust this thing to withstand your ATV rolling backward into it when you accelerated for example. Just a guess.

@Sandman 4x4: Then you wouldn't be putting it on in the first place, would you? At least for now this is an after-market device suitable for those who feel it's useful. Since you don't feel it's useful, you wouldn't install it which means you wouldn't even buy it.

I can never understand why guys with a full size pickup use a trailer to haul their ATV when that ATV can fit in the bed?
If you owned a Honda Civic towing an ATV with a trailer I can understand that!

I find it odd that such a piece of equipment is needed in the US and even Australia.

From all of the comments I've read on this site regarding the purchase of pickups in the US many stated they buy "big trucks" with "big engines".


Many comments have alluded to the fact that these big engine'd trucks might be needed to tow, or the power is needed so a person can merge onto a highway, etc.

So, why is this product needed?

Because people aren't buying trucks as a truck.

What is the very basis of a truck? It is the ability to carry cargo or a load. If a load doesn't fit, you obviously purchased the wrong vehicle, or as I've stated pickups aren't really used as trucks in the US.

Wouldn't most of you guys be better off buying a truck with a decent bed on the back rather than having the biggest engine?

That's what trucks are for, to carry a load.

Got me wondering about the credibility of many 'discussions' about the 'required' attributes a trucks needs.

In the end this makes the use of traybacks seem quite logical.

But why would you want a truck with a truck bed?

@ big al from oz Rly the majority of ppl would be better off with a work van but it's ppls choice to get whatever they want.

@Someday Gm will get another bailout................ or why don't you use your real name and are a troll

My comment is directed at what is a truck. Nowhere did I mention what can and can't be bought by an individual.

Hmmm. I'm starting to find many who blog on this site have a low level of comprehension.

So, who on this site have a low level of comprehension and are trolls, zvirus, HemiV7, etc.

@big al from oz Why do I have to be a troll? I'm not your baseing ur thots on the name I choose to post as. Now back to the point I was saying that most ppl who buy a truck usually don't need them a lot of them get short bed truck's hence why they have these I see a lot of Hd trucks hauling 4 wheelers with tool boxes so it won't fit without a bed extender. As far as what a "truck is" it's a blurry line in my pov I would say it's frame/bed & heavier parts under the body & to me having a motor that makes more torque than horse power also makes a truck.

@Someday Gm will get another bailout

Just look at your tag.

The only people who would want to use a name like you have are trolls.

Why else would you use it?

You appear to be one of the few on this site who use multiple titles.

I just hope this site can clean itself up with a decent security setup.

Because it's my free choice to use any tag I want to,as long as don't offend anyone,it may not get to that point but for GM it will come very close to it again they still have more things that need to be said that's not all the defects they have in those recent recalls there's a bit more on the way that they looked the other way about.

Ram box Etc....

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