Next Phase of Project Titan Will Include Wounded Warriors

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The results of Nissan's Project Titan vehicle-build program are in and participating Titan fans will be able to help outfit and customize a new rig with all sorts of outdoor and survival equipment for a pair of post-9/11 veterans.

As you might remember, the project was part of an event Nissan created for the 2014 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas in January, where Nissan asked thousands of outdoor journalists for their suggestions for the ultimate half-ton adventure vehicle (see video below). Nissan got valuable feedback about what features would be great to have on its next pickup truck (likely to be a 2016 model that will debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit). As part of the project, the participant who entered the winning submission would get to go on his or her ultimate adventure with two veterans.

The winner is writer Joe Byers, who was awarded a one-year lease on a 2014 Titan Pro-4X; he will be joining Iraq War veterans — David Guzman and Kevin McMahon — from the Wounded Warrior Project to Alaska to push this project truck to its limits. The adventure project will allow the three explorers to experience some of Alaska's beautiful remote backcountry.

We'll have more about exactly how this vehicle will be setup and what features it will offer in upcoming reports.

To read the full Project Titan press release, click here.




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Wow this will be really cool!

I think this program would be better suited for the big three. Not a Japanese company. Does December 7th 1941 Ring a bell?

Are you serious? You really believe something that happened almost 75 years ago should prevent a company from doing something like this today? Get over yourself! Its folks who think like you that holds our country back.

@Hemi V8

Are you really that ignorant? Your Fiat Ram is owned by by an Italian company. Guess who the Italians aligned themselves with in ww2? The axis.... the German and Japanese.

Btw there is no more big three. Chrysler is owned by a foreign company.

Pearl harbor was many years ago. War is ugly and it's apparent you never been there. We as a country have done ugly things in a time of war too. Do us all a favor stfu.

Kudos Nissan. Makes me proud to drive a titan.

What would be nice is if Ram,ford, chevy/Gmc toyota and nissian all worked together for the wounded warriors . Just truck guys doing something special for our Heroes


It does ring a bell but I live in today's world. Some people are now your allies like the fact that CVN-73 currently has it's homeport in Japan and the U.S. flew B-52s over China and Japan's disputed islands for their Japanese allies Hemi V8 please don't go down an ignorant path.

The one thing nice about the Titan, is that it feels like a smaller truck when it actually isn't.

Nevermind who owns Chrapsler now. They were owned by Daimler which makes mercedes benz and supplied the nazis and even contributed parts for gas chambers used in the haulocaust.

I'm just sayin'. If you want to go back to that era, take a look at the bigger picture.

@HEMI V8, does 1861 - 1865 ring a bell? Civil War! By your theory you should have a big hate on for your own American brothers and sisters. Grow up for f#@% sake!

Good for Nissan!

Hemi V8 is hilarious, Chrysler has been owned by every major axis power except the Japanese... . Also funny to hear a guy flag waving when the engine in his name sake is ONLY made in Mexico.

Wow - HemiV8 really likes making himself and Ram look good.

If he were to buy a vehicle from a country that has NOT gone to war against the USA.............

that definitely rules our Ram.

Italy - was an Axis Ally.

Mexico - Remember the Alamo???????

I do recall Hemiv6 stating that he had Yamaha quads...........

If he practiced what he preached he'd be down to a F150 and Polaris.

Why do petty brand loyalties and petty politics surface when a company tries to do good?

Kudos to Nissan for honouring war veterans.

I don't care who you are or what you drive, any manufacturer that chooses to help and honor the men and women who fight for our freedom is doing an awesome job, period. Thanks Nissan!

Not to mention Ram is owned by the Italians. The HDs are made in Mexico, and use a Toyota transmission. Honestly, who cares? I drive a Titan. Sure it needs updating but I drive what I like. Good for Nissan for helping our heroes.

The japs are the only one's that i recall that bombed the U.S. on U.S. soil one early morning that killed 2,000 service men with NO declaration of WAR. In fact we were still in peace talks. Cowards. I am glad that Chrysler helped develop the bomb that had their asses on the ropes. lol

You all can piss on the graves of these service men. I will never
forget. My wife's grandfather is still MIA.

Excellent job on moderating the forums PUTC!

@LouBC, "If he practiced what he preached he'd be down to a F150 and Polaris."

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 23, 2014 2:01:34 PM

And Ford is all AMERICAN?



It does ring a bell but I live in today's world. Some people are now your allies like the fact that CVN-73 currently has it's homeport in Japan and the U.S. flew B-52s over China and Japan's disputed islands for their Japanese allies Hemi V8 please don't go down an ignorant path.

Posted by: AD | Mar 22, 2014 11:48:52 PM


SORRY GUYS, It's hard for me to like japan and HONOR those brave service men and their families who lost everything. I should just keep these feelings to myself.

It's good that Nissan is stepping up for our brave and deserving
service men who have been forever changed in the theater of war.


@HEMI V8 - you don't need to like Japan, you need to think twice before you post.

@ Hemi,

Not only did I serve, but my grandfather and father are also combat veterans. My grandfather stormed Normandy and guess what? Up until he died he drove a Toyota truck and an Audi A6.

My dad served in Vietnam, he was a tunnel rat. He to this day drives a Toyota truck.

I served in Afghanistan, and I proud to drive my Nissan truck. Toyota supplied American forces with Tacoma’s.

The Tacoma was far more reliable than the POS humvees. So do me a favor, keep buying your foreign built truck, and I'll keep buying my American built truck.

You have no right to talk the way you do. The Japanese were at war. Your Italian Fiat was there too. War is ugly, and I am thankful you didn't have to experience it. Please keep your ignorance to yourself. The only one pissing on our troops is you. Our troops died so your sorry arse can talk the way you do. This is America; my friends died so you can have your freedom and choose to drive what you want.

If you ever get an open mind, travel to Japan. Things have changed since the 1940s. It is a clean, peaceful country that is very welcoming to Americans. Tokyo is so clean you can eat off the floor. They are double the size of New York and have crime rate similar to smaller American suburb.

You are entitled to your opinion but I suggest opening a history book. Once you're finished read a economics books. This is a global world. Nothing is solely American made. Just look at your HD Rams. FYI they are using a Japanese transmission. The torque flight transmission is German made. Did you know the Germans were in WWII also?

@Nismo Titan, Thank you for your service. My father was a Vietnam veteran who graduated 1st of his class in boot camp and died when i was seven. He was 33.

You can have your nissan or toyota. It's a free country. NO THANKS. The Big three are blowing the Japanese out of the water. lol

P.S. I was born in ARIZONA but my ancestors are German.



Thank you! It was and is an honor to serve. BTW, I trainned with many Japanese and German forces. They are pretty bad a$$.

The big two are blowing the Japanese out of the water. Italy is not far behind :)

Nissan has said before it was never their intention to compete sales wise. For a 10 year old design, the Titan still holds its own. I mean my dad's tundra has modest payload capacity compared to my Titan.

One question? How do you support Chrysler knowing your dollars are going to foreign company? It's really no different than Toyota.

Toyota has done a lot to support our veterans. I mean they gave many veterans jobs, they gave us trucks, and they supported us 100%. Nissan is doing it too.

I like the Ram. I am happy we got Fred Diaz. The Ram has set the bar high and why many may hate your posts, I will admit the Ram is a good truck. I don't agree with the coil spring suspension but overall a damn good truck. I really hope you enjoy it. After all if we all shared the same opinion and likes this would be a pretty dull world.

"One question? How do you support Chrysler knowing your dollars are going to foreign company?"

CHRYSLER builds quality products. Built with AMERICAN sweat & AMERICAN pride. By the U.A.W.

Chrysler Group LLC is an American automobile manufacturer headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

After the founding of the Dodge Brothers Company by Horace and John Dodge in 1900, the Detroit-based company quickly found work producing precision engine and chassis components for the city’s burgeoning number of automobile firms. Chief among these customers were the established Olds Motor Vehicle Company and the then-new Ford Motor Company.

Chrysler was prolific in its production of war materiel from 1942 to 1945, and Dodge in particular was well known to both average citizens and thankful soldiers for their tough military-spec truck models and ambulances like the WC54. Starting with the hastily converted VC series and evolving into the celebrated WC series, Dodge built a strong reputation for itself that readily carried over into civilian models after the war.

I don't like the fact that Fiat owns Chrysler. Aren't FORD and G.M. public traded companies?

With so many people like yourself are buying up cheap Japanese vehicles.Chrysler went B.K. Thank God Fiat saved them. It's a god damn shame.

My HARD earned money goes to the AMERICAN blue collar union workers and their families.

@ Nismo Titan,

"One question? How do you support NISSAN & TOYOTA knowing your dollars are going to foreign company?"

Hemi V8, Nissan and Toyota both build their trucks in America by Americans. Ram has one of the least American parts contents of any Truck. Yes Nissan and Toyota are based in Japan but I can garentee you most of that money and probably more stays in America and gets reinvested here. Take an economics class then get a life.


"Hemi V8, Nissan and Toyota both build their trucks in America by Americans." Yes some models. American content varies from year to year. If Nissan and Toyota built a great truck and was union with high american content I would buy one. Ram, Ford, G.M. are making a better product with better innovation than both of the Japanese manufactures.


First and foremost, Japanese cars/trucks are not cheap. Japanese cars have the most vehicles as an IIHS top safety pick plus. Not to mention the Ram has the worst payload capacity of any full size truck.

You can post what you want; Chrysler has had more relationships than any other manufacture. They are owned by a foreign company. They are no longer American. Chrysler went belly up because before Fiat they built crappy cars.

Your Rams are built in Mexico. Yes some are built at the warren plant by drunk/high UAW workers. Your transmissions are built in Germany and Japan. 25% of your truck is made in Mexico.

Here is a window sticker for a dodge ram at my local dealer:

66% American made -
Final assembly Warren MI
Engine - Mexico
Transmission - Germany - DE

My Titan is built in Mississippi by Americans

Frame - USA
Engine - cast in Alabama, but assembled in Smyrna, TN
Tranny - Japan

I am glad you support the UAW. They are one of the reasons for the bankruptcy.

I was proud to drive around in a Toyota during my tour overseas. Our truck saw battle, was shot, and still got us back safely.

Why do you think our American Spec ops carry German firearms? HK and Sigs are some of the most common. 75% of the American police forces carry Glocks...Made in Austria.

We will have to agree to disagree. I've seen many posts on here with your childish banter.

This one post put me over the top. Don't comment about American forces being helped by anyone. They deserve everything anyone has to offer. Really man, grow up! As Brad Paisley sings “welcome to the future.” We live in a global economy.

+2 Nismo Titan

Unions were great back in the 70s; today all they do is bleed companies until submission. High UAW wages forced automakers to produce vehicles in Mexico, notice the “Japanese” are able to build a lot of their vehicles in America now and be successful without union intervention. And the non-union workers at Toyota and Nissan seem to be much happier than the UAW with the big 3.

Don't know where NISSAN fell in.

First and foremost, Japanese cars/trucks are not cheap. Sorry, I meant cheap on gas. This was how Japanese cars/trucks caught on. When we had the gas crunch in the 70's. American cars were not gas miser's. They were caught of guard.

You drive a Japanese truck built in AMERICA. I drive an AMERICAN truck built in AMERICA. Since 1921.

Rams Transmission is German, built in AMERICA and modified for Chrysler applications. The Aisan is japanese built here in AMERICA. 2500 trucks and some 1500 assembled in MEXICO.

" Thomas Klier, an economist for the auto industry told CNN Money that, “American car companies make more cars and employ more workers in the US than do automakers based in other countries.” Some food for thought the next time you’re car shopping.

"We will have to agree to disagree."

@Nismo titan,

"Does Buying American Cars Make a Difference?

The answer here is a definite yes. As Made In states, “On the way to work one might complain about how his or her salary is decreasing while at the same time they are driving a foreign car to work.”

Percent U.S./Canadian Content: 67
Final Assembly Country: U.S. and Mexico
Engine Source: U.S. and Mexico
Transmission Source: U.S. and Germany
Kogod Made in America Auto Index Score: 83.5

Here you go their slick! US/Mexico I guess you didn't pass geography. You truck is made in Mexico with a final assembly point in MI.

You drive an ITALIAN TRUCK made in Mexico/USA. Can't you comprehend that? Are you that ignorant you cannot tell your truck is not American owned anymore? You are owned by Fiat.

"Ram Trucks (formally known as the Ram Truck Division) is a United States-based brand of light to mid-weight pickup trucks established in 2009 for model year 2010 as a division of Chrysler Group LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian multinational automaker Fiat S.p.A.. It was formerly known as the Dodge Truck Division."

The link you provided shows the most American made truck is the Tundra. The Titan fell at 60% American with the majority of non American content coming from Canada.

Keep trying to polish your turd my friend. Have a good day!

"Does Buying American Cars Make a Difference?

You're a hypocrite my friend. You don't buy American. You HARD owned money goes to Italy. I am ashamed narrow minded people like you exist.

But you also drive a vehicle from a company the Government has had to bailout twice (1980 and in 2008 with GMs bailout and when Ford receiving tax payers “grants” to improve vehicles); I don't understand how one can argue that driving a vehicle from a company that has needed American tax payers dollars to survive is somehow better than some "foreign" branded vehicles that are made in America and they are paying US taxes?

Not saying the big 3 trucks suck (I own a 2500HD Silverado for farm truck and a Tundra for personal use), but you can’t just skew facts to favor your opinion. The American people (Government) lost money in their investment in the automotive bailouts. We bailout these companies and they don’t even produce flagship vehicles in America! The Chevy Camaro is built in Canada, Ram HDs and GM 1500s (some built in US) built in Mexico, Hemi’s assembled in Mexico, and even the “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler 300 is built in Canada.

"Does Buying American Cars Make a Difference?

You're a hypocrite my friend. You don't buy American. You HARD owned money goes to Italy. I am ashamed narrow minded people like you exist.

Posted by: Nismo Titan | Mar 24, 2014 10:15:56 AM

"Finding Your Bottom Line
The U.S. holdings and employment of the three domestic carmakers easily outstrip those of overseas car companies."

I GUESS THE TRUTH HURTS. It's not to late to support AMERICA. Go out and buy one of the big three.

I applaud anybody who supports our troops, but WWP is not the way to do it. Most of the money collected pays salaries of the directors and only about 38% ever makes it to wounded warriors:

Sorry, Here it is.

It's not to late to support AMERICA. Go out and buy one of the big three.

Hemiv8 - dude, do you actaually believe the stuff you post or are you just a troll? don't know when to quit or is it deliberate?

Go buy your pickup from an Italian owned (formerly German) company with a head office in the Netherlands, a bank account in England, and built in Mexico by NON-UAW 50 dollars a day workers to haul your Yamaha Japanese quads.

Every thing you say is a contradiction.

Soldiers put themselves in harms way just so you can spew the BS that you do.
You say you thank them for their service but you dishonour them each time you post your crap.

I applaud anybody who supports our troops, but WWP is not the way to do it. Most of the money collected pays salaries of the directors and only about 38% ever makes it to wounded warriors:

Posted by: sk | Mar 24, 2014 11:50:52 AM

I don't know about the wounded warrior project, but O'Reilly
warns about charity organisations. Some are NOT what they seem.

All this from a Canadian who owns a Japanese Toyota. Do the letters F.O mean anything to you?

I apologize for hemi on behalf on Ram owners. I like my Ram. I had a Titan and it was an awesome truck. I am not brand loyal. Kudos to Nissan for helping our wounded warrior.

Btw hemi you need to face the truth. Our trucks are no longer American. The profits go overseas.

Cancel the project and use the money saved to make your cars more fuel efficient. The world does not need yet another gas guzzling truck to be used by urbanites

@HEMI V8 - F.O.???????????

Does that mean 'F'iat 'O'versea's.

Patriotism is not derived from what one drives.

Patriotism comes from one's beliefs and the consistent application of those beliefs.

Heroism comes from one's beliefs and the consistent application of those beliefs.

@Hemi V8
Seriously the Ram is the least american truck you can buy. it consitantly has the lowest NA parts content the most american are normally between Ford and Toyota.

All the half ton trucks are designed in the USA reguardles of brand so those costs stay here as do revenu to maintain a coperate office in this country. but the corperate profits for RAM, Toyota, and Nissan go over seas. only GM and Ford are American car makers. Chrysler Group is to Fiat SpA as Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A is to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor North America, Inc is to Toyota Motor Corporation. these are holding companies for the oversea companies that own the manufacturing sales etc. in terms of helping the american economy one would buy the F150, GM twins (non crew cab), tundra, titan and Ram in that order.

On patritoism of buying vehicles from former enemies is stupid, we have been at war either offically or unoffially with nearly every contry on this planet at some point in the last 238 years England, prussia, Quasi War with France, native americans tribes, Marocco, Tripoli, spain, Greece, Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati, Mexico, Maori(new Zealand), Nicaragua, China, Deseret (Utah), Paraguay, Confederate States(anything south of the mason Dixon line) Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Philippines, And thats just before the 21st century wher we fought: Haiti; Dominican Republic; Austria-Hungary; Ottoman Empire(Turkey); Bulgaria: Germany; Russia; Latvia; Ukriane; Estonia; WWII Nazi Germany; Austria; Italy; Japan (for the First and only time); Hungary
;Romania; Bulgaria; Finland; Thailand; Manchukuo; Croatia;
Slovakia;North Korea; USSR; China; Vietnam: Cambodia; Czechoslovakia;Belgium: Cuba; Afganistan; Lybia; Grenada: Iran ; Panama; Somalia; Yugoslavia; bosnia; Liberia;
I guess thats alot of places that you cannot buy stuff from Hemi V8

Of and i forgot that we fought Canada in the North West Indian War

@HemiV8 just give up your ignorant and like nismo said you are "narrow minded" because you don't even know what your talking about yet you are trying to tell people to not buy Japanese when the Japanese trucks are more American made than your italian Fiat Ram

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