Our Favorite New Products From the 2014 Work Truck Show

F Product lead II

Among the biggest and strongest work truck displays are a number of smaller companies looking to make those trucks work smarter, longer and more efficiently. After wandering the National Truck Equipment Association's Work Truck Show's aisles at the Indianapolis Convention Center in search of interesting problem solvers, here are just some of our favorites. 

We should note that what's missing is the Dura Seal technology from Goodyear because the only tires they offer the "un-poppable" tire on is for super-high GVW dump and garbage trucks, but we're guessing its only a matter of time before it makes its way into our light-duty truck tires. From our point of view, the sooner the better. 


Pro Series Adjustable Hitch

A Pro Series II

This new triple-ball Pro Series adjustable hitch from Cequent retails for about $230 and allows for several height and ball-size settings. It's a versatile choice for those who might have to tow different-sized trailers with multiple trucks.


Bolt Hitch Locks for GM

B Bolt II

Bolt now offers various types of hitch receiver locks that can be automatically "fitted" to your GM truck's ignition key. Costs vary depending on application, but this could save you from walking out one morning and never seeing your adjustable hitch again.


Tongue Weight With Weigh-Safe

C Weigh-Safe II

The first to offer a built-in scale into the hitch, Weigh-Safe now has a much heavier-duty, height-adjustable receiver hitch designed to offer simple, easy height changes, with a 2,000-pound tongue weight capability. The strongest hitches retail for a little more than $500.


New Curt 30K Gooseneck

D Curt Goose II

Curt Manufacturing has a gooseneck hitch available for Ram 3500 HD pickups that now come standard with the massive crossmember support underneath the bed, meaning it has a 30,000-pound rating. The hitch is SAE J2638 compliant and costs around $650.


Plug-In LED Floodlight

E LED Light II

How many times have you needed light when hooking up your trailer? If you're like us, you'll love this solution from Cequent, which offers a 12-volt plug-in LED light that you can attach wherever there's a metal surface; it will even plug into your seven-pin trailer plug with an adaptor and sells for less than $100.



I like the scale built into the Weigh-Safe hitch. A great idea!

The Plug-In LED Floodlight is a bit much. I made my own adapter so I can have a light to connect to the bow of my 12 ft. boat when it is in the back of my truck. It would be easy to do the same thing for my hand held flood light.

I do like the weigh scale tow hitch but the one's that are conscientious enough to worry about tongue weight aren't the guys that one needs to worry about.

I bet that as gov'mint adds more rules we will see "black boxes" that will store load and axle weight data.

Now if only those towing with their jacked-up Road Whales™ would learn how to select the right hitch height. I see far too many trailers cocked so far back their bumpers practically drag the road because their tongues are stuck high up in the air. This goes for those Hummer drivers as well as pickup drivers.

get and led headlamp for much less and have light wherever you look and move since its on your Head ! leveling hitch balls always good

Anyone know why the headline does not show up like usuall? You have to click on more news to see the headline. PUTC you may want to fix this.


Love the idea of that plug-in floodlight, but $100? Damn!

@Road Whale: People towing tend to spend the least on hitches for proper height and weight distributing. I see the same thing, trailer ass low. Or truck sagging. Yup, even F-150s.

Once I seen somebody towing an 18 foot double axle trailer, only it had the front axle removed, and the tow vehicle was a mid to late 80s short wheelbase Bronco, nose sitting high. On the trailer was a mid 70s long bed F-150.. The trailer was hooked up to the BUMPER HITCH. That's like having over 2,000 pounds of tongue weight on the bumper.

I didn't check the rear axle because I wasn't going to climb under his crap pile, but I wonder if he even had one axle with brakes? Ah, who needs them?

I brought this up on here once, and ol Robert Ryan was quick to defend the person, I guess in Aussie you can get away with a lot, which explains their payload ratings on midsizers.

If I were a DOT Patrolman, I would be having this guy park it before some nasty accident happened.

Yep, towing requirements are a bit lax down under. I always get a smile when RR posts tow rig pics. :)

The scale hitch is still a great idea, like the floodlight but what about a miners light? I bought one of those for $40 and works nearly as well, though likely it doesn't light as well.

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