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As some have noted, the PickupTrucks.com forums have been suffering for some time. We've been in the process of moving our website to a new platform, and with that move will come the end of our forums. That being said, our commenting system continues in full force, and we've come to deeply appreciate the vast knowledge that our users share with us on a daily basis. In addition, we've spent more time during the last few months tending to the comments section, weeding out trolls and bad behavior when we find it.

We appreciate your continued participation, and look forward to what we know will be a very busy year in the Truck Wars. Thanks for your continued support.



I never used them, hopefully the resources will be used to do more testing on trucks!

I have not dealt to much into the forums as I belong to some others already. This area though is important. Keep up the good work.

I didn't even know there was a forums,lol.

Good. But you must not do the same to the comment section. Or this sites. Will be worthless.

I went through the forums a fewtimes but found that they did not provide anything over this comments section.

I agree that the comments section should be kept since it does provide an avenue for discussion.

Policing has gotten better but there is room for improvement.

Is there a different site we go to?

@Mark Williams,
Great move. Comments section is proving now to be a great source of extra information on the articles. The pickups.com on Facebook has reasonable comments and sometimes separate articles posted.

Never visited the forums.
If the comment section were to disappear I would probably never visit the site again.

I used to read the forums all the time. I just browsed through them now for the first time in months....holy hell. Nothing but spam. I don't blame you for shutting them down.

We don't need the forums because every news article comments section has become the new "War Room." :)

The PUTC forums died the same day Cars.com bought this site. A once great resource was left to rot and wither away.

No amount of spin and revisionist history will change that fact.

I hope PUTC doesn't hose it up like Edmunds did. Haven't been back there in ages.

Edmunds, that brings back memories. When I first started coming to this website in 1999 or 2000, I also visited Edmunds, Truckworld.com, and Blueovalnews.com. Hot topics at the time were the new style Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, changing the name from GMC Suburban to Yukon XL, the Vortec 8.1, and everyone was excited about the Excursion. I remember starting a rumor in the forums here that GM was going to add two cylinders to the 8.1 for a 10.1L V10 to outdo Ford and Dodge (the idea was believable back then because bigger was always better). People were also excited about the Duramax and 6.0L Power Stroke, which people referred to as the PS2 (not sure if it was a deliberate reference to the Play Station, but anticipation was for both at the time), and rumor had it, that there would be an upcoming 4.5L V6 Power Stroke for the F150.
I'd like to see more reviews and tests on this website, kinda like what TFL Truck does.

I never visited the forums. If I want to visit a truck forum I'll go to a specific website for specific brands (I don't know what they're called but always come up on a google search). I know I'm not going to find any better info. on these forums here for specific trucks so I never even considered going to them. I do think the comments section here has gotten better recently. I really like that there are no advertisements down in the comments section here, just easy to read comments. I would like it if we were able to rate other people's comments up or down though. It would probably help discourage the dumb comments that don't quite qualify as being against the rules, but at the same time it may make some people angry to see their dumb comment got downrated.

I didn't even know there was a forum!

Those forums were a joke. I work in the IT field and seeing a forum completely overtaken by spam bots is saddening and it really gives this site a bad image. It would not take that that much effort to get rid of the spammer assuming better security measures were put in place.

I am pleased at the progress of the comments section for articles, but this still has a long way to go. There is no secure login, therefore, anyone can post anything and unless a moderator is paying attention they can get away with it. This site is still relying on technology and a paradigm of 10 years ago. Unless steps are taken to modernize it, the spammers will find ways to continue doing what they are doing and the trolls will always be a problem in the comments area. I'm saying all this for the good of PUTC staff.

The forums USED to be a valuable asset to this site.
I have been registered for 14+ years and it's too bad the current owners ran it into the ground.

I absolutely love PUTC. This has been my life blood since my bad accident. Have not been to work since. Waiting for a third surgery. Dont worry LouBC doc said I am going to make it. lol ;)

I have seen a turn around in this site. Less teen age kids on school lunch break. This site is great for info. It would be even better if we could all share our experience without the back lash of the Fan boy's. Heated debates are great. Name calling and belittling has to be reduced. Takes away from the comments.

I remember when i first started posting here. Ram Runner spanked the all o mighty Raptor. Boy the Ford camp had lost their super bowl. lol Lots of rocks thrown but nobody got hurt.lol

Love the site. If it wasn't for this site i would have nothing to look forward to. That might sound sad but until i can get this surgery i can't go back to my work. Two years now. I am supposed to be able to by any truck i want and more when this case is over. Counting the days.

/\ Irony?

Used to come here quite often for the forums. Many of us did back until cars.com bought the site. Some of us have been around here for over a decade.

Forums went downhill because there was zero investment into them.

Same software for nearly a decade.

Zero support from the Cars.com staff with moderators.

Blogs are great for those that aren't capable of carrying on an informative constructive conversation today. Today's society can't form a coherent sentence. Nor can they compose a thought past 140 characters. This is not the only site plagued with these issues.

A good number of people that would visit many times a day have departed a long time ago because of the varying reasons left above.

Many of the members back before the acquisition were invited several times for PUTC gatherings at ca/ truck shows and the like.

Just like anything without investment, care and feeding over time it will be of zero value. The forums here are no finer example

The spam bot that took over the forums has been going on for weeks without cars.com even knowing.

PUTC had something unique that many of the niche sites didn't offer, multiple bands and models coming together as one. It was good, real good, before it was allowed to run into the ground due to lack of care and feeding. The opportunity squandered by cars.com.

When interaction from the users of this site is discouraged by lack of interest in management and fools, idiots, spammers and trolls are encouraged due to lack of interest by the current management, what we are seeing is inevitable.

Mike Levine's passion is just a 9-5 ho-hum job for the current tools running the show here. And it shows. Content has suffered right along with the rest of this neglected site.

It is an embarrassment to even be called Pickuptrucks.com considering where it came from and what it once was.

And I can guarantee not one soul at cars.com gives a ratssass one way or the other.


@ ToxicSludge and Monty Montgomery

Glad I'm not the only one that never noticed it either!

@Bye Bye - cars.com is for sale. Maybe new owners will fix things up. Anyone with a billion dollars to spend on a web site can buy it.

@Jason H. - that is one way to word it.

@pup - I had to put considerable pressure on cars.com brass to get spammers off of my back. I even had to change my personal email because it was hacked.

The biggest thing that kills all forums are the cliques who take them over. This forum has it little clique as well and they try to get people they don't like banned.

You don't like some ones opinion just skip over their post to the next one, but not the cliques, they have to try and control the content of the boards or forums and they are not happy until the run off everyone they do not like or approve of.

Who wants to log onto any forum or board and everyone has the same opinion, it becomes nothing but a cheerleading section for the members of the clique with zero benefit to the community.

Also there is nothing wrong with strong brand backing, the only thing that needs to be kept in order is the name calling that goes on. You can complete back your brand without making it personal. I will never buy a GM product Ford is a very distant maybe and as long as Dodge continues to build quality trucks that I like they will get my first choice.

It shows you what can occur when regulations and control measures aren't enforced.

I do think on any forum or blog site when a guy is purposely seen to lie. Then he should be dealt with.

I don't mind the rough and tumble blogs or banter. But it's the lying I don't like along with being overly brand loyal.

There are a few who blog on PUTC with that approach.

It will be interesting to see what direction this site moves when the sale is completed.

I do hope the articles on SUVs and even CUVs, real trucks, ie prime movers and Class 4 and above are given some space. I would like to see a more international flavor as well.

This might pi$$ some of the bloggers a PUTC, but it will make for a better site.

The US pickup market is quite limited and I do think there isn't enough new information on this site everyday. Boredom tends to create some of the problems.

@Ram 4x4
I really haven't seen any cliques on PUTC. I think maybe you might have mistaken the supposed cliques from the trash that is posted by the likes of zvirus and HemiV8 and the response they are given.

In any social situation you will have the movers and shakers. Just look at any work situation, family, sporting, etc. This is the way humans' are.

If you want a voice, then place yourself into a position where you can be heard. Use relevance and logic and you will be noticed.

But, if you are focused and a brand loyal retard, then why should other's listen?

@Bafo, "I really haven't seen any cliques on PUTC. I think maybe you might have mistaken the supposed cliques from the trash that is posted by the likes of zvirus and HemiV8 and the response they are given."

I promise you I am in no clik. Scouts honor. lol

I just love my big, black, jacked up truck, rolling on 35's, country girl by my side.

I use my truck to haul my rv out in the desert camping, quading, drinking beer, listening to good country music, burning some logs. Then i take er out in the dunes at night with some fire wood and go 4x4ing burning wood and drinking beer. All why cranking the tunes. My Ram allows me to do all that. Thats what i love to do,and my Ram takes me there.


@Ram 4x4,
Agreed. Cliques can destroy an organization. If the Forums had been organized and moderated as competently and fairly as RV NET Towing forums it would be thriving.
This is their Towing section, that covers all the technical issues that was covered by Pickup.com. they do a VASTLY better job.
On the other hand Pickup.com has breaking news, that they do not

@ROBERT RYAN - I like TTAC. They are primarily a car sute but they don't aggessively moderate blogs and let things go off topic or wild but it rarely gets as stupid as it does here.
The IQ level just seems higher. One has to bring their A-game to post there. Dumb bloggers get ignored or stomped by the group.
Even the writing, and editorial rants are better.

This site needs to learn from them.

Agreed RV NET and TTAC show how it can be done. Although RV NET does gently tell you if the discussions are getting out of hand.

@ROBERT RYAN - I like TTAC. They are primarily a car sute but they don't aggessively moderate blogs and let things go off topic or wild but it rarely gets as stupid as it does here.
The IQ level just seems higher. One has to bring their A-game to post there. Dumb bloggers get ignored or stomped by the group.
Even the writing, and editorial rants are better.

This site needs to learn from them.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 27, 2014 12:40:37 AM

Sounds good. Why don't you mosey on over there. Take care.

Your response show you have very little scope for comprehension.

Where in my comment did I state youself (and zvirus) are part of a clique?

I stated that your input into this site is one of the problems with the site.

I feel you should be banished from PUTC because you produce very low quality commentary or spam.

"we've come to deeply appreciate the vast knowledge that our users share with us on a daily basis. "

Then why did you allow the forum to self destruct?

Those of you who didn't like the Forums were typicallly the ones who couldn't spew your childish banter without some interjection from the moderators or administration. But hey, you can come here to the blogs under a bazillion different user-names and spew all the uncontrolled BS that you desire. That WILL work here because the powers-that-be at PUTC really don't give a damn. Enjoy!

Careful now, the truth might get you banned!

How exactly does one get banned from a barley regulated blog that has no way to hold anyone accountable?

@Scout - next to impossible. All one has to do is change email address, blog name and URL.

@I especially like the historical and the junk yard articles on TTAC. Some interesting comments on TTAC as well.

This is the only site i read for truck news and the comments are the reason i keep on coming back. I see the comments as peoples true feeling about trucks. I think the trolls are a small price to pay for honest opinions.

Said it in a nutshell.

Any chance you can put the forum back up as a searchable archive? There's a LOT of info there...

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