Ram Butts in on 'Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon's Pickup Truck Hunt

Ram Fallon 2 II

Under the heading, you can't buy this type of publicity, "Tonight Show" talk-show host Jimmy Fallon made mention that he's in the market for a pickup truck now that he has a young daughter. Without missing a beat, the Ram truck marketing team had a fully loaded Ram 1500 Laramie Limited with the Hemi and Rambox sitting outside his New York studio the next day for a test drive, and Fallon sent Roots band member Tariq Trotter (a Mini Cooper owner) to get behind the wheel.

Apparently the drive went well, but no decisions have been made. Whether a clever marketing scheme by Fallon's team to get the big truckmakers involved in his new show or another example of a nimble Ram truck team looking to get some free exposure, this event was quite popular on Twitter and Facebook.

We're guessing you can expect to see more of this type of banter on the talk show if the reaction continues to be popular. Which pickup truck will Fallon choose? We'll have to wait and see. All we can say is that given some of the "interesting" comments made by Fallon and Trotter about pickup names, choices and where they're made, we hope this opportunity to take a closer look at the half-ton choices in the marketplace will help Fallon and his viewers become better informed about them.

To find and view the March 6 episode of The Tonight Show, click here

Ram Fallon 1 II

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That's beautiful truck.
Let's troll start their payload bashing in 3, 2, 1...

They don't carry enough payload! Oh, wait, I own a ram, guess I can't use that line....

That truck is perfect for someone like Jimmy Fallon. I bet he will like it for his lifestyle.

That picture above shows it fully loaded to the max payload!! hahahahahahahaha

Great truck for a city boy.... still a damn ugly truck, get the nose out of the dirt , remove the grandma step for starters. Hell you might as well buy a car with a big trunk. It Damn ugly....

LMAO. Is that a Fiat in its natural environment--outside of the "Rainbow Room" next to an effeminate chocolate store in the city?

Silver is now the most popular vehicle colour. Nice truck and smart PR move.

It would be great to have someone like Jimmy Fallon consider a pickup his vehicle of choice. It would be great for the entire truck industry. He would not be disappointed in his choice either.


It may be good for the industry in sales, but not so much for us true truck guys. We already have enough oversized sedan drivers that complain about stuff like fuel mileage, stiff rides, and why their truck isn't like their wife's car. Anymore of these types and the truck industry will start making watered down trucks. Well......some brands already do.

Lol at




The US pickup market would be much smaller if it wasn't for the 'sedan' drivers.

That's who the truck manufacturers target. Look at the trim levels of the trucks sold on average in the US and even Australia.

If someone want to buy a prime mover for a daily driver, so be it.

Not a bad form of marketing at all. It sure beats the heck out of when PUTC tries to do one of the comparison tests and one of the manufactures back out and says they can't find a truck to loan for testing. The fact that Ram was able to get a truck out for them to test drive the very next day, I think can be attributed to the fact that Ram is it's own brand now, they have the resources and ability to make stuff like this happen without all the bureaucracy hoops to jump through.

BTW, the Laramie Limited trim is the perfect for big city folks like Fallon. I actually sat in a Ram with the Limited trim awhile a back, and I couldn't figure out who would want that kind of trim in a pickup truck. Now I understand.

@Big Al

The most sold trim in the F150 is the XLT followed by the Lariat. Hoity toity trims like the Platinum, Laramie Limited, or Denali in the truck brands are not the most sold trim by far. I understand wanting a few bells and whistles, but why buy a truck and complain it is not like a car. I am just tired of men who buy trucks then complain that their man-gina hurts because it has too rough of a ride, gets too bad of fuel mileage, or is too big for them to park. For those I say buy a car, crossover, or a soccer mom SUV like the rest of the women, and leave the trucks to the men that really use their trucks or those don't complain because they know it comes with owning a truck.

Take my wife for example. She wanted an Infiniti FX37. FX37s aren't like other SUVs because it is a sports SUV. It has a stuffer ride, but handles like a sports car. It doesn't get that great of fuel mileage compared to other V6 SUVs, but it is more powerful with the gearing geared shorter for acceleration. It doesn't have the room like most midsize SUVs, but it has that sport look and feel. She does not complain one bit about its faults because she knew about them when she bought it and knew that it just comes with owning a sports SUV. I on the other hand hate that thing only because I feel like a douche when driving it, and feel like I should post a sign on the drivers window that says "My other vehicle is a truck".

Hey I agree with you for once.

@ALL1 - a while back statistics had shown that approximately 1/2 of pickups sold were for business, the other 1/2 for personal use. I get the impression that is what Big Al is eluding to. Pickup sales did take off when Extended cab trucks then crewcab 1/2 tons were added to the product mix. CrewCabs being the most popular configuration. Those trends lend credence to the Big Al's comment "The US pickup market would be much smaller if it wasn't for the 'sedan' drivers."

IIRC Ford sells at least 30% of their trucks with high end trims. That is a significant number. I would suspect that 50% are mid-level as you describe with the remaining 20% being base model. ( A guess based on 2012 Ford F150 fleet sales at 19%)

@HEMI MONSTER - I am always amazed by the number of high end pickups I see in my town. A large number of the trucks I see used by contractors are high end. Fleets are almost always low end trucks. In Canada a fully loaded LongHorn Ram or Ford Limited diesel 1 ton crew 4x4 is over $80,000.


Aw crap. Now the world is going to end because hell just froze over. Damn, and I so close to getting a new Jeep. j/k

@@HEMI MONSTER - my Bad - Limited Ram and Platinum Ford.


If you think your wife's cuv handles like a "sports car" then you haven't driven anything that handles better than a Odyssey. That thing handles about as well as a V6 accord. Also you could drive something a lot less manly than that thing. Didn't one of the redbull F1 drivers make a sporty package for that thing?

Although those Infiniti 6's are pretty good and quick, should have gotten then 8 to help with that sporty feeling, atleast it would have had more giddyup to give the impression of sports...

@all1, You drive a v6. A real truck has a v8. V6 gasser is for cars.lol grow a pair and step up . 2.7 does not belong in a truck as well. I want power to get the load down the road. Not your 3.5 for fuel economy. V6 trucks are for women. V8 is for a man.


She test drove the FX50. It reminded her of her old SS, but it was was a bit too much for what she was willing to spend. She wanted the FX for the looks anyway and the FX37 has more than enough to keep her inner speed demon happy.


I feel sorry for you that you feel that only V8s are manly and V6 are for women. That is the same kind of ignorant thinking that some of the 8 cylinder Powerstoke guys have for the 6 cylinder Cummins. You are free to think what you like just as I am free to think what I want so IDGAF what you think of me. Although I do get a kick that this little V6 has WAY more pulling power than that V8 of yours as it sits now. Oh and I didn't buy this engine for fuel economy. I bought it for it's low end power so sorry to disappoint you and your assumptions.

I don't know about the taxation system in the US or Canada, but here in Australia many pickups are bought for 'business purposes' and are 'work trucks' that are actually a business write off.

I would think, maybe 20% of our ute/pickups are actual working trucks.

Is you wife's car the same as a Nissan Murano, with the 3.5 V6. Because if it is, they are not what I would describe as a great handling car.

A V8 is a truck engine? A diesel one? What about those 6 cylinder Ram Cummins? Or, a VM Ram 1500? These are far better than any Hemi.

@Big Al, yeah I think it's funny when people call a small block Chevy engine a truck engine. The Hemi's peak torque comes in at 4,400 rpm. I think it's a fun engine in the Durango, but it's not a truck engine.

@big Al

It is the same size of SUV as the Murano, but they are completely different after that. The Murano is off the Altima platform while the FX is off the 370Z/G37 platform. The FX is shorter and you also sit lower in the vehicle than the Murano. The Murano is FWD with a 260hp/240lb-ft 3.5L hooked up to a CVT transmission. The FX is an RWD(my wife's is the AWD version) with a 325hp/267lb-ft 3.7L hooked up to a 7-speed gear box. The Murano has a front/rear weight distribution of 59/41 while the AWD FX is 53/47. The Murano is however lighter by about 300lbs. I have never driven a Murano to know for sure, but based on the stats I would feel safe saying it is completely different on how they handle. Don't get me wrong, the FX os not Porche kind of handling, but it is really good for an SUV that rivals if not beats some lower end sports cars. That still does not matter though since I still feel like a douche when I drive it.

Her is a video of the FX37.


We don't get FWD Murano's here. I had a look at one once.

The US seems to get a lot of 2WD SUVs/CUVs. We are starting now to get some 2WD SUVs and CUVs.

I suppose that's why a lot of vehicles appear to be cheaper in the US.

I know with our Cherokee we received 4x4s up until recently.

We might as well discuss SUV's since PUTC has been covering them. LOL

The FX reminded me of the Murano. I would of assumed similar underpinnings.
@All1 - once again great info.

@Big Al - contractors do get to right off pickups for work. IIRC the fastest amortization is 3 years. When I purchased my F150 the Dealership Manager told be they averaged a 38 month turn around on new trucks which would fit the tax/business cycle and lease cycle.

I always get a chuckle out of the "truck engine" debate. Pickups are not heavy trucks. In the "good ol' days" when MDT and HDT's used gassers they were truly "truck" engines.
Many became the foundation for race car engines and that is where the lines started to blur.

The only one's playing the "girlie-man" card are those who don't know which side of their "man card" to play.

The local Ford Dealer should bring a new F-150 with a 12,000 lb trailer hooked to it with a test drive. Then when hook that same trailer to the Ram 1500 and see who wins.

Big Al?
You say the XLT in the F-150 is the solid trim then next you said the Lariat. You left out the FX4 ! I believe the FX4 is the best value in the F-150 if you want a higher end truck without the higher price. The FX4 is the closest one that resembles the Lariat. I HATE chrome, that's why I picked the FX4,, My FX4 has no chrome except for the wheels. The problem with chrome is you always have to keep it clean all the time cause when chrome gets dirty it makes the whole truck look bad. Without chrome it looks just as good dirty as clean, can't notice the dirt. I also picked the FX4 to impress my Dodge and Chevy friends, but they are not impressed, they just simply hate all Fords.

Alex actually the hemi's peek torque is at 4000 rpm, and the only na engines on the market that make more low end are half a liter bigger then it

Tom 3. If you want to see an ecoboob lose to a hemi just look at the 2013 shootout. The hemi out performed the egobust in every towing test.

One of the best V8s that Chrysler made was the 318. That actually started life as a truck engine. Most every Dodge in Australia had one. IH ran 345s.

It's a pity that Chrysler falsely states that the 5.7 is a hemispherical combustion chamber engine. That's what the term Hemi alludes too.

I wonder if that is false advertising.

Chrysler had some great 6 cylinder engines. Two different types. The 265 which we had wasn't a slant and Australia made a muscle car with that engine. It was the quickest 6 in the world until Porsche came out with the 911 flat six, years later. But that was in a car.

It funny all of these supposed V8 truck engines more or less started life as car engine 50 years ago or so.

How quickly people forget.

Neither would win. The next gen Nissan Titan with the V8 Cummin ;)

Big AL from OZ, I agree the 318 was a great motor, I had the 318 in my Durango, while it was a tad slower on the top end then my 360 5.9 I had in my regular cab Ram, it was a heck of a lot more responsive and had more low end grunt.

Ram butts in? mark, you sound a little butt hurt that ford didn't think of the same progressive marketing idea Ram just came up with. If Ford had come up with this marketing idea, your article would be tooting a different tune.

Speaking of "truck" engines, it wasn't all that long ago that a lowly school bus six-cylinder engine -- I mean a block literally pulled out of a school bus -- won the Indianapolis 500. You simply can't denigrate any engine as a "man's engine" or "woman's engine".

#Tom#3: I would probably go ahead and buy the Lariat--simply because it has the amenities inside I really want (admittedly one I don't want, too) while remaining somewhat reasonably priced. That chromed grill and surround? Immediately taken to a body shop for stripping (the chrome coloring peels off too easily in time) and painting to body color.

Why Ford thinks everybody in the mid-price ranges want chrome I don't know.


Yeah, I went with the Lariat too even though I don't like chrome. I got a two tone white/tan cooler so the bumpers are not chrome. I did almost exactly as you said with the grille and had the outside of the grille painted white to match the truck leaving the inner piece still chrome. I like the look of the FX4, but I didn't want an E-Locker and I wanted my shifter on the column. Those were just my preferences. I replaced the clutch style LSD with an Eaton TrueTrac gear style LSD at about 10K miles. The OE LSD was still good, but I hate clutch style LSDs. I would have gotten the XLT trim, but it didn't have a leather seat option at the time which meant I could not get memory seats. I am not a fan of leather seats, but the memory seats was a must have for me. The blonde(aka my wife) borrows my truck every now and then to get her garden and horse supply's, and it took me a week of small adjustments to get my seat and mirrors back to where it was perfect again. Now, it just takes a push of a button. If I could have gotten that option with cloth seats then I would have.

I have issues with the "plastic chrome" on the F-150 grill. When it gets rock chips it looks horrible! The plastic chrome fades in the sun so I figure go with the naked plastic grill without the chrome save me the anger-vation of the chrome looking bad after a few years

I don't want to get into a p-p contest with you Ram truck guys, I understand from personal experiences how passionate you guys are about your Ram pickups. Sometimes I with I had as much passion about my F-150 cause I do have some dislikes about it and some things I like better about the Ram. But from personal experiences I think I know the biggest reason why you guys like the Ram. The Ram has that Big Rig-Semi Truck feel to it with the high hood design. When you guys are driving your Ram you're daydreaming or pretending like you are driving a big rig, semi truck.
Come on! be honest,,, that's it.

@ tom#3 I'm usually driving my semi truck day dreaming I'm in my RAM. LOL

@ALL1 - funny you mention the wife messing up the adjustments, mine does that too. It is no longer an issue because she scraped the box up on my truck once again and now doesn't want to drive it any more.

My experiences when I did a test drive on the Ram 1500, it has a big-heavy feel to it, I think its a combination of the higher windshield and wider interior room that makes it feel BIG, it also feels like when driving it that the floor of the truck feels like a big heavy concrete slab, like I can feel the heavy weight of the truck pressing down on the road, where the F-150 feels tiny, like a toy compared to the Ram 1500. The F-150 I can't feel a reaction to the road like I am floating on air, the Ram 1500 I can feel the road. You know what I mean? Maybe its from all my past years of riding motorcycles in feeling the road that helps me experience that.

What seems to confirm your big rig wannabe scenario is the fact that nearly every ram hd truck I see on the road has the TT mirrors extended while towing nothing. Either that or it's a pain in the neck to change them. Regardless, looks retarded.


I am with you on that. Those guys with their mirrors extended without towing anything look retarded. I have asked a few of them why they do it and they actually think it looks cool and they do it to be apart of some cool club. They actually think everyone else thinks they are cool when for most it is the complete opposite.

Buy a new Escalade Jimmy!!! You will never haul anything in the bed of a pickup so buy the sweetest SUV available today. Or maybe a GMC Denali!

Is his daughter that fat? He may WANT a gas guzzling truck but he damn sure does not NEED one

It doesn't take Rocket Science to figure out that Jimmy Fallon is looking for a "Freebie". Whichever manufacturer offers the best truck package will win.

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