Ram's Laramie Longhorn Package Now Available on Case Backhoe

Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn and 580 2 II

In an interesting twist, Ram Truck is spreading the popularity of its premium trim package, the Laramie Longhorn, far beyond light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Case in point (literally): Many are familiar with Case Construction Equipment and know that Fiat essentially owns it. In fact, we've been seeing Case construction and farm equipment showing up at Ram Truck events for several years, from proving-ground tow tests to country music festival ride and drives. From the feedback we've heard, the match seems to be a good one, and it looks like it's about to get even better.

Now, Ram Truck is showing off a pair of work trucks in the form of a new Ram HD 3500 Laramie Longhorn crew cab HO Cummins with a 30-foot gooseneck flatbed trailer (weighing about 7,000 pounds) towing a Case 580 Laramie Longhorn backhoe (about 20,000 pounds), all totaling close to 36,000 pounds. Not only do all the colors match, but the luxury interiors are similar as well.

We're not sure if the construction industry is ready for a premium trim package like this, but it sure looks good on the trailer.

To read the full press release, click here.

Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn and 580 II



For the people who buy $65k trucks, believe it or not some of them do actually use backhoes. Not for work of course, but as toys.

So, I guess if we can get rich people to part with their money faster, why not?

I'll take two...

Why not........... Fiat is the umbrella company for both badges.

I'm in construction, and practically nobody uses backhoes anymore. Excavators and skid steers will do so much more and quicker to boot. Like Marcus said, toys.

I like the idea, but that is the most hideous backhoe ever.

Writing is on the wall, ram HD will be moving to a case/fiat diesel.

Case? John Deere is better.

@mike c yep ,it's just a matter of time

Take it easy guys it's a one-of-a-kind unit for shows there's no need to read any deeper into it than that. Mr. Marchionne knows very good and well that people buy Ram trucks for the Cummins diesel and his main goal is to start making people think of that as maybe buying the Cummins diesel for the Ram truck so I would seriously doubt an Iveco diesel will be in a Ram truck in our lifetime.

We use a backhoe on our farm, very useful piece of equipment. Much more important than a skid steer, and much more versatile than an excavator. I think it's a smart move for ram to associate itself with case as much as possible.

Beebe, obviously you've never used a skid steer or an excavator for any amount of real work. I have. Sure, you can load loose dirt with the loader, but it's fairly useless for any serious digging, unlike a decent skid steer. Likewise, you can dig a straight trench with a backhoe as long as the ground is fairly even. But try digging on an incline, or crossing a 2 foot trench, something that's easy for a track machine. How about dumping the dirt directly behind, or digging and loading immediately into a dumptruck? Most construction companies now consider an excavator more useful than a track loader because you can move the load so much faster without having to move the machine.

Nice looking Rig.

ram teaming up with case that's funny because case is IH and IH started ford off with the 6.9L all th eway up to the 6.4L

For whoever thinks backhoes are nothing but toys, or not used anymore, you are terribly wrong. I work in water works, 90% of the digs are accomplished with a hoe...and Case makes the best one out there.

Haha ok tom. We have a skidsteer and backhoe on our farm. All I can say is WE use a backhoe a lot more than we use a skidsteer. I would say the skidsteer is more of a toy for us and not as necessary. Farm work is a lot different from construction. I do have experience working construction building grain elevators about 10 years ago and we used a skidsteer, never a backhoe for that. My point is a backhoe is not a toy for us, it is an essential part of OUR farm. More important than our skidsteer. One huge advantage of the backhoe for us is it can get around much more quickly. The bucket holds a lot more dirt than a skid steer. We don't often have to dig trenches, usually just one hole in one spot, the backhoe is great for that. Also great for moving a pile of dirt or gravel from one place to another (a lot better than a skid steer for that since it moves a lot faster and has a much bigger bucket). Also our backhoe has a lot more power and leverage for lifting and pulling. If you aren't digging lots of long trenches an excavator is a waste of money for a farmer. I only know a couple farmers that have excavators. Most big farms have a backhoe.

I don't have anything against a skid steer. There's a reason we have one, but to infer that a backhoe is nothing more than an unnecessary toy is just ridiculous. And rarely does it come up "should we use the backhoe or the skid steer?" They are VERY different tools for different jobs. Excavators have a place too I'm sure but not on our farm.

Ok, makes sense. I haven't worked on a farm lately.

Rich boys who use backhoes? Really?

Now we'll have guys who won't want their farm equipment scratched. What a world.

As I understand it, Fiat is the parent company of Case New Holland (CNH) and owns both the agricultural and construction divisions of Case/Case IH and New Holland. Both Case IH and New Holland use a mix of Cummins and Fiat diesels and have done so for several years now. They highlight the use of both engines in their pubs. It sure seems like they understand the draw of a brand name like Cummins.

If they do it for tractors, I don't think its unreasonable to expect they'd stick with Cummins in Ram trucks for the brand appeal/loyalty.

Is it just me or is it funny that they have the jacks down on the trailer to support the weight and not the truck. What is Fiat scared to show how much squat it would have if the truck was holding the load???

that is just stupid
Pull that thing behing a single to tandem axle dumptruck and drop the stupid paint interior crap on the hoe.

While I do like the Cummins brand, it's hard to deny that Case IH and New Holland (both CNH Global/Fiat brands) are the only agricultural brands to approve the use of 100% pure biodiesel in their equipment. If it means dropping the Cummins engine for the sake of keeping my hard earned fuel dollars in the USA supporting American farmers, it's a small price to pay...

Not even John Deere has adopted B100 yet: http://www.biodiesel.org/using-biodiesel/oem-information/oem-statement-summary-chart

It's a marketing ploy, to help both RAM and Case.

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