Recall Alert: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500

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Vehicles Affected: About 490,000 General Motors pickup trucks and full-size SUVs that use the 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission, which includes all 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickups, as well as the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe and 2015 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL.

The Problem: A hose clamp connecting the line from the oil cooler to the transmission, if not securely seated and attached, can leak or oil or come loose. If the oil makes contact with a hot surface it can ignite and result in a vehicle fire. To date, GM is aware of three incidents and no injuries.

The Fix: GM dealers will inspect the fitting and make the proper adjustments as needed. The first contact letters should be going out to truck owners by the week of April 28, 2014.

What Owners Should Do: Chevrolet and GMC owners can call 866-694-6546 or 866-790-5700 for more information.

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Well I wouldn't have imagined a small oil leak to cause fires.

I can't believe that vehicles always been recalled has become normal and widely accepted by the public. It's almost time to impose automotive manufactures to be required by law to put x amount of kilometers on the odometer problem free on x amount of vehicles before they are allowed to sell to the public.

I basically feel that these companies aren't taking pride in what they are doing and not worried about upholding their reputations, to have vehicles always being recalled because they push designs out the door before thoroughly testing the quality and reliability of their products.

Shame on all manufactures that frequently have their vehicles recalled.

I'll predict that GM will take over Chrysler/Ram/Fiat concerning the amount of recalls!

This is pretty much the last thing that GM needs right now. To be fair, most of these recalls are more of a media circus than anything else. I can think of a lot worse things that GM should of recalled in the past but somehow avoided. Even though the media has blown things out of proportion, I feel no sympathy for GM because in my mind, compared to other past things they should have recalled, they really got off easy. Ignition switches are easy to replace as is checking a hose fitting.


Have you ever been diagnosed? You sound profoundly stupid!

Perfect cars are available--they cost about as much as bleeping Space Shuttle. Is that what you want?

There is no perfection resulting from human hands--get used to it!

When it rains it pours.

@Hemi V8

Media circus is right!

Our noble president has his tit in a wringer over the Russians getting uppity, so our wimpy news media in Washington would rather cover stories about a lost airliner in B-F Egypt somewhere or some stupid story about ignition switches than do their real F-ing job an shine a light on the pathetic White House.

Instead we will be bombarded with stupid stories like this one, and the gay news coverage of Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding till you're ready to puke. You are going to know Kim's dress size before they're done with you.

Sadly the consumer is doing a lot of the testing of new products for all the manufactures. Saves them millions and they don't care about reputation.


You have got to be a liberal, their answer is always to make more laws!

Recalls don't bother me, waiting for someone to die before issuing a recall does.
Here's to GM staying ahead of the game.

There are a lot of recalls recently. I agree I would rather be informed about these recalls but it does seem to be a lot. Much of these recalls are due to the quality of the outsourced parts. Every manufacturer is looking for ways to cut costs. Nothing wrong with trying to save money but with the number of recalls it makes you feel that maybe they have cut too much. I agree a perfect vehicle would be too expensive but there should be more quality control.

@Jeff S

You're worse than Toaster!

Automakers cannot build cars without outsourcing.

I worked on a automation project for Honda about 12 years ago. At the time they were trying to go from over 200 vendors in the supply chain to about 80. It was killing 'em.

Ever vendor loved Honda but they said working with Honda's supply-chain engineers was driving them crazy.

@papa jim--You are acting like a jackass. I never said that the manufacturers should not outsource, I said that they should pay more attention to the quality of the outsourced parts. Outsourcing is not new but in a race to get the cheapest price quality often suffers. Some cheap parts are not as critical such as a door handle or glove compartment door latch, but if it is a part that involves the safety of the occupants then more care should be exercised. GM is not the only one that is at fault, Toyota has been doing the same thing as well. I am well aware of outsourced parts having ordered parts for a Mitsubishi Mighty Max and finding out that the manual transmission was made by Borg Warner (in an Asian plant) and was shared by Ford Ranger, Isuzu, and other manufacturers.

@Jeff S

don't trash Borg Warner. An old and respected name. So what if the tranny was a BW.

Made in Asia? I don't care if it's made in Key West, I just want it to work, and be the best bang for my bucks.

Crap happens, hopefully this makes GM pay closer attention to their products before the roll out the door.

Paja jim im not sure what your being so defensive about. There is nothing to defend about recalls. Nothing good about faulty or good quality vehicles.

It's gotten to the point where people are not considering a brand now because they have to many recalls. Such as a friend of mine likes Ram but is hesitant to buy based on all their recalls the past year. He's looking at Ford now. It shouldn't be like that. Where people feel like buying something used is probably more reliable, waiting out the issues. Which is typical to read in the comments all the time.

I will go out on a limb here and say recalls are a result of marketing and bean counters insisting that a new model gets out there sooner than necessary and before the engineers have had enough time to work all the "bugs" Out, nothing more nothing less, and happens to ALL menf. in the business of selling autos to a price point, as in when was the last time you heard of Rolls Royce have a recall? or Bugatti? even Mercedes Benz have very few recalls, but then again their cars cost at least twice as much as others in their class, same with all the German cars except VW made to a price point lower than the manf. with no to very few recalls. They are not manufacturing toasters here, they are very complicated machines made by humans and other machines made by humans designed by humans, I really could care less about a recall it just gives me a good excuse to go to the dealer and test drive something while mine is in the shop, and I usually buy from a dealer that will wash my car when brought in for something like that anyway, and just as long as it is not involved with something that could be dangerous so be it. Who was it that actually said something about door handles, and they not being a safety item? cause that is something I would consider a safety item for sure!

Oh I almost forgot! That is a very nice looking GMC truck, and Airstream Trailer! Too bad it looks like the tranny coolant line is leaking under there! but that is not as bad as having a blown head gasket! or two!

Why would someone NOT consider a brand because they are fixing their problems?!!
It is the brands that do not have he recalls that you need to worry about. would you rather have the GM of the past where they let people drive a dangerous vehicle with a problem they know about or the GM that recalls a vehicle when they find out about the problem?

"It's almost time to impose automotive manufactures to be required by law"


Keep talking like that and I'll have to keep busting you over it.

We have a form government (in most states and almost ALL of America's big cities) that is about to go broke.

Washington DC, despite taxing the s**t out us for the last 70 years is almost 20 trillion dollars in debt.

The same geniuses who found a way to ruin the most desired currency on earth and bury our families in debt have decided to ruin our health care system.

Today nobody knows which end is up when they go the doctor...And you want to have them devote even MORE time to ruining the automakers???

papajim: I could not agree with you more! anything the government does, and lately that sadly includes the Military does not do what is designed of it, and does not work like it is suppose to, and we have folks that want them to do more? I think the answer is to have the government do LESS! We need out leaders t follow the original blue print, The US Constitution!

GM trash. Worst truck on the market... no wonder their sales suck.

Either way recalls are becoming to frequent lately

@joe Couldn't agree more about Gm


Yeah GM has had a lot of recalls as of late but they don't suck as bad as Ford. LMAO

That's why I have a Ford. I actually have 3 of em now. 2 of them have been around for almost 20 years with no recalls. IT don't mean they won't but I love mine. Just riding it out.

New trucks tend to have more issues.

Engineers cannot plan for every possible John Q Public misuse or abuse. Just like one cannot perform 100 QC checks on every vehicle.

GMC has been in the public eye due to its attempts at hiding its ignition switch problem. Any simple recall than normally gets brushed off as insignificant gets magnified 10 fold.

good point papa I also wonder if this is what started the fire that burned up that 2015 Yukon last weekend in Cal. while going on a test drive...I wouldn't buy a generic motors truck or car anyway since we the taxpayers had to eat 10 billion $ when obama and company dumped their GM stock, to keep that lousy company alive, and we all paid for it...the way I see it they owe me a new vehicle of my choosing now anyway, and if it is a new truck I would take it down and trade it for a new 2015 f-150 this fall anyway.

"Either way recalls are becoming to [sic] frequent lately"


Try a Schwinn. A bicycle is probably just your speed. When you're old enough to get a drivers license, go check out the new Silverado! I bet you'll like it.

Don't listen to those RAM and Ford fanboys.

another point to make, that so many of GM's recent problems, from the corvette musuem falling in, the pace car fire , all the recent recalls etc., all started after GM was running those ads during the olympics supporting all the gays and homos...guess we can call that carma....serves em right's bad enough we are all exposed to the liberal BS agenda everyday, every place we turn without GM helping them out too.

Chevy did rush out that new model as a clone of the F-150, and its always a bad idea to buy the first year new model cause they have to iron out problems, but Chevy will learn from their mistakes and the 2015 will be better.
Just like you guys with your tongues hanging out waiting for that new Ram 1500 with the 3.0 V6 Turbo-Diesel,,, I forecast lots of p r o b l e m s .

2013 Ram 1500 hole in exhaust!

@Papa jim--I never trashed Borg Warner, I said I had a Mitsubishi Mighty Max with one of their transmissions. I discovered that when I had to get a part that connects the gear shift with the transmission. If anything having the same transmission as a Ranger made getting a part easier. You are either reading things into what I wrote are you are just looking for an argument. I do think GM needs to put more emphasis on quality. Whether or not many of these defects are caused by defective parts or other issues these problems will further erode GM's image and hurt sales. I am not bashing GM, I have owned GM products for the past 40 years, As for Honda, I don't know all the facts of the supplier issues you mentioned, but I do know that Honda makes quality products. My wife had a 77 Honda Accord hatchback for over 17 years and it was a very reliable and well engineered car. She bought a new CRV last year and so far it has been excellent. I am more likely to buy another Honda than a GM product but I will wait and see what GM does with these issues and what their new products are like.

@Chuck Z--I don't want to bash a certain group, but I feel like both the Olympics and their advertisers crammed their political agendas down the public's throats. Gays as anyone should not be free from harassment.

Correction--I meant gays should be free from harassment as anyone should be.

all that gm makes is crap whether it is a truck or death trap car

The différent gm is not afraid to do recall today ,compare to ford whit ecoboost because they afraid the sale go down...Toyota way,,

Ford have a law sue for 3,5 turbo do you tacking about this laws sue and this is true,,,,bad engine design????

!FOrd e bad ecoboostee hahah,,GM smarter than y good !!!...,, stupid Ford ford yesqq!??1

@Tom#3 1 exhaust recall nice maybe a 10k 4.8 million from GM

My Chevies usually used about a quart of oil per 1000 miles anyhow. So what's a little more oil? The dealer always told me a quart per 1000 is normal. I still wonder why my other brand vehicles didn't use oil like that.

Tom#3 must like Ford, Ford is the last that would do a recall, they just make you put up with their stuff.

Look at the recall on Super Dutys, it could happen to any any, but they recalled the ambulances, and snubbed the rest. Ford does the best in not doing a recall, doesn't mean they shouldn't. That 2015 Large mouth bass aluminum one will have it's share, aling with Fords crop of smaller turbo engines, cause Ford power sucks without a turbo.

These recalls will have a small effect in sales, on a truck that doesn't sell so great anyway. So in 4 or 5 days when sales numbers come out, papa jim the big chevy fan boy will incist sales are down due to GM rebates not as big as others, which they incresed them in February and in March.
They had 7k out there off of an All Star since December. I guess not that many want them.

@papa jim

You are quite rude and arrogant and have an opinion not shared with everyone. You talk down and assume you know best and worry about my grammatical errors even though you make them as well.

"Today nobody knows which end is up when they go [sic] the doctor..."

I understand you don't share my opinion and that's fine but that does not mean you shall ridicule. It sounds like the whole country according to you is going against your opinion and make yourself out to be an old miserable outcast of society confused by change and modern times. Im fine with our differing opinions but keep your miserable ridicule to yourself.

GM 4.8 millions recalls in the past month.

+1 Ram 4x4

TRX 4 Tom...
Ford has "Secret Recalls" only known by the customer when they never expect it.
I had a secret recall done on my 2013 F-150 already and if I told you what it was then they will kill me.

"It's almost time to impose automotive manufactures to be required by law to put x amount of kilometers on the odometer problem free on x amount of vehicles before they are allowed to sell to the public."


1. Ok I'm arrogant, and I'm rude--especially when I'm drunk. But I can fix that by just giving up the booze.

2. On the other hand, you write some really stupid things and THEN you expect people not to think you're really stupid.

Is there even a name for that?

I can quit drinking (which will make me nice) but I don't know if there's anything you can do to keep people from thinking that your ideas are stupid.

Try drinking--a lot.

That way people might think you're stupid, but you won't care.

That is all.

@Chuck Z. - So you are saying GMC's recalls and collapse of the Corvette Museum is because of "Divine Intervention"?

A warning to you Chevy fans................. GMC Renaissance Center is the new Sodom.

"She did contrary to what the angels instructed by looking back towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and thus turned into a pillar of salt."

Avert your eyes from the new Sierra and the new Silverado..........

That would mean that Chrysler being Italian is now blessed since the Pope and Marchionne live in the same country.

(No disrespect meant to anyone of faith)

Nearly all these recalls GM has released this month has to do with Mary cleaning up the mess she was left with. (That and the fact toyota got hit with a monstrous fine that helps no one but the useless bloated oversized Government.) I believe once she gets the house in order everything will run much smother.

QA/QC is at fault for overlooking many of these mistakes, no matter how much automation is used for manufacturing, QA/QC still has to do their job, and find many of these issues.
Some here have talked about outsourced parts, but a seal being seated in properly has nothing to do with a supplier, and everything to do with QA/QC.
That go for Dodge, Ram, Ford, GM and all the others.
With that said, I'd still take one from any of the three domestics (Yes even Fiat Ram.) over anything else offered worldwide when it comes to full sized trucks.

Hose clamp, not seal!

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