Recall Alert: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500

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Vehicles Affected: About 490,000 General Motors pickup trucks and full-size SUVs that use the 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission, which includes all 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickups, as well as the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe and 2015 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL.

The Problem: A hose clamp connecting the line from the oil cooler to the transmission, if not securely seated and attached, can leak or oil or come loose. If the oil makes contact with a hot surface it can ignite and result in a vehicle fire. To date, GM is aware of three incidents and no injuries.

The Fix: GM dealers will inspect the fitting and make the proper adjustments as needed. The first contact letters should be going out to truck owners by the week of April 28, 2014.

What Owners Should Do: Chevrolet and GMC owners can call 866-694-6546 or 866-790-5700 for more information.

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From what I can read into the problem is the person installing the fitting that the flexible tubing is fitted to is incorrectly installed.

As an engine is loaded torque will twist the drivetrain. After enough twisting cycles the flexible hose will fail and oil pi$$es out and ignites, most probably on an extremely hot exhaust system component.

I would hazard to guess that the fitting must be fixed to a certain position as not to pre-load the flexible tube unnecessarily.

We have applications like this on aircraft where an elbow must be fitted to a certain position, could be measured in degrees off of a datum, ie the centerline of the transmission/ drivetrain.

Access to the fitting might be restricted and the time allowed for fitment might be insufficient for the assembly line worker to fit it correctly.

The engineer on the line would have been aware of this from day one as the line worker would have brought this to his attention. If the line worker didn't then he should be fired.

It would be a manager/engineer at a low level would have made the decision to allow this to occur.

This decision might have been within the scope of the engineer. But, it appears the engineer might be a numpty.

I realize this is meant for comments especially related ones but I have an unrelated question and I don't think I'll get an answer in what's left of the forums, hope nobody minds.

Is there an actual difference between 2013 and 2014 f150's that would raise payload on identical trucks 760lbs? Or is this an example of magic payload dust?

On Ford's Canadian site I built identically equipped 13 and 14 fx4's with 6.5ft boxes as well as 3.73 locking rear ends and 5.0l. Payload on 13 is 1570lbs and 14 is 2330lbs. Both shared 9100lbs towing. I couldn't find anything on the internet about 2014 changes that would raise payload.




Actually it might surprise most of us if we knew how many specific standards are used to measure and rate something like a theoretical load on car or truck springs.

In the old days the auto makers owned their own plants for making something like springs, but I imagine today that's another area of products that are outsourced.

Because of that, if Ford changed suppliers for something like a leaf spring, or the two different suppliers used different rating methods, who knows.

Or there could be a super secret division at Ford that makes magic spring dust.

Ya I know, but I couldn't figure it out. Even looking on the Internet. I was trying to figure out what my payload was so I built my truck, but got two different answers. I figured someone on here might know.

My last comment was a response to Bafo

@Papa jim
You could be right thanks

If what you state is true, then the trucks have different springing and most likely dampening.

Tow weights are not only governed by payload. If that was the case our midsizers would tow what your HDs can, but they don't.

Drivetrain considerations are an extremely large driver in tow limitations.

Engineering is no different between countries, especially countries that are heavily reliant on trade.

You will find that most every country uses equivalent standards. Even poor countries.

Tow weights are not only governed by payload. If that was the case our midsizers would tow what your HDs can, but they don't Posted by: Big Al from Oz

Then why have you try to say that they (you're midsizer) has the same as are 3/4 tons


I've never stated that.

Provide a link to show this.

I've stated our payloads are equivalent to some HDs.

Nice attempt at a troll, troll.

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Ford may have left room to change the load limit without making changes to the truck. (Probably not, but possible.)

IE: You could tell your friends that you can bench press 225# but you may be able to do 250#, it's called snowballing.

True story: Back in the mid-late 90s I was riding with a buddy of mine and a mutual friend in his early 90s (92?) Chevy stepside (nice truck) just cruising down a back, dirt road in the middle of the night and all of a sudden we smelled oil and his oil pressure dropped like a rock. He shut it down immediately and we pulled over.

A brief flashlight inspection revealed that the line to the (stock/factory) oil cooler had somehow simply unthreaded itself. (How does this happen to a truck after 70K miles?) So anyhow we tightened up the fitting but there we were, out of oil in the middle of nowhere (Northern MN).

...So we started walking toward the nearest light source...about a half mile or so up the road. We got to the (long) driveway of the place with the light on and had made it maybe a quarter of the way up the drive when we saw a strange shape silhouetted against the porch light...All three of us stopped... One of my buddy's goes "Is that a dog?" and the thing just starts charging for my other buddy, who yells "Whatever it is, it doesn't look friendly!"

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Anyway, we got the oil, truck fired up drove fine afterward. Just wanted to make the point that Chevy has had problems with this in the past and it can lead to getting leg-humped by a goat. There's probably a moral in there somewhere (or a Dodge Ram joke at the very least).

We still pick on Buddy number 2 about the goat sometimes.

@Anthony_D85 - it may be a typo or Ford changed configurations. 2330 lb would indicate a "max cargo" SuperCrew 6.5 box 4x4. IIRC that used to be available only on the XLT and Lariat. My 2010 truck is listed at 1540lb.with max cargo at around 2330. Ford has 3 frames for the F150. I had read that Ford was going with the HD frame in the 6.5 box SuperCrew across the board. That mah be why.

Wow, I just saw the same commercial for the 5th time today regarding a class action lawsuit against the General Motors ignition recall. You hear that trolls, karma is a bitch.

"General Motors expands ignition recall to 2.6 million vehicles as defect troubles worsen."

@Chuck Z, "good point papa I also wonder if this is what started the fire that burned up that 2015 Yukon last weekend in Cal. while going on a test drive...I wouldn't buy a generic motors truck or car anyway since we the taxpayers had to eat 10 billion $ when obama and company dumped their GM stock, to keep that lousy company alive, and we all paid for it...the way I see it they owe me a new vehicle of my choosing now anyway, and if it is a new truck I would take it down and trade it for a new 2015 f-150 this fall anyway.

Posted by: Chuck Z. | Mar 30, 2014 2:08:59 AM

Google FORD FIRE RECALLS. Trading one BBQ for another is not good.

Wow, I just saw the same commercial for the 5th time today regarding a class action lawsuit against the General Motors ignition recall. You hear that trolls, karma is a bitch.

Posted by: Frank | Mar 30, 2014 9:28:41 PM


WHERE IS THE G.M. Fan boy GREG! Telling me my Ram is a recall king?

I guess I will stick with my P.O.S Dodge Ram with no Recalls over FORD & CHEVY'S BBQ'S. LOL

Get A Recall Notice? Get It Done & Prevent Future Car Fires.

Road rage incident caught on video goes viral.

2 more recalls push GM total to 4.8M in a month. WOW!

In all, GM has recalled 4.8 million vehicles since last month, two million more than the company sold last year in the U.S. In addition to the recalls announced Friday night, they include:

— 2.6 million small cars because their ignition switches can move from the "run" to the "accessory" or "off" position, which causes the car to stall and disables the air bags and power steering. The recall includes the Chevrolet Cobalt, Chevrolet HHR, Pontiac G5, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Ion and Saturn Sky from the 2003-2011 model years.

— 1.18 million SUVs because their side air bags, front center air bags and seat belt pretensioners might not deploy if drivers ignore an air bag warning light on their dashboard. The recall includes the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia (2008-2013); Chevrolet Traverse (2009-2013); and Saturn Outlook (2008-2010)

— 303,000 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans (2009-2014) because the material on the instrument panel might not adequately protect unbelted passengers' heads in a crash.

— 63,900 Cadillac XTS sedans (2013-2014) because a plug in the brake assembly can get dislodged and short, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire.

GM also said Friday that it has found another death attributed to the ignition switch recalls, bringing the company's count to 13. The additional fatality happened in 2013 and involved a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt in Quebec, Canada. The company didn't give further details of the crash.

GM says dealers will start getting replacement ignition switches on April 7, but it will take until October to repair all of the vehicles. CEO Mary Barra says they are safe as long as drivers remove everything from their key rings. Weight on the rings can wear down the inside of the switches, causing them to slip out of the run position.

Trial lawyers, however say the cars should be parked because the ignitions can slip out of the run position on bumpy roads.

@HEMI V8 - and we all can be certain that you will give FCA products equal coverage when their time comes.

These gm trucks are nothing but ROLLNG DEATH TRAPS! When will the government shut these crooks down!!??

Wasn't there a recall in the beginning of the year affecting the 14 GM twins? If I recall correctly it was for 346k trucks for a potential fire.

Chuck Z is probably a senior member of Westboro Baptist Church. (no offense to anyone that's Baptist, as that so called church is not giving Baptists a good name, they shouldn't allow that to be called a church. just a cult.

This is the 4th recall on this brand new truck. Well done, GM!

A fault on a GM product?! Say it ain't so!

Joe got it exactly right back on page 1.

Gm just issued another recall today for 162k cruze models.

And another 1.3 million cars. What the heck is going on over there?

@HEMI V8 - and we all can be certain that you will give FCA products equal coverage when their time comes.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 30, 2014 11:26:22 PM

Don't hold your breath. lol Mine is 10 1/2 with no recalls. On second thought HOLD YOUR BREATH. lol

@HEMI V8 - since you like to post fire recalls.......... what about all of those flaming Jeep SUV's? or Cummins Ram under hood fires, or police vehicle fires,or Challenger fires, or Chrysler 300 fires????????????

If one googles recalls for your year of truck, there were recalls.........

@I thought we covered this already Lou? Lets cover it again.

Jeep recall fix, add trailer hitch. "The increased risk for fire, according to the NHTSA, comes from the plastic fuel tank mounted between the rear axle and rear bumper on the Liberty and Grand Cherokee. The agency says that the tank presents a higher-than-normal risk for rupturing in a rear-end collision, which could cause a fire."

Ram Diesel only, "Chrysler is recalling 108,429 2007-08 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines after 14 reports of fires caused by sagging noise insulation coming into contact with the engine's exhaust-gas recirculation cooler. Fix remove engine cover.

Got halfway through the list and realized. I was talking about trucks. Only trucks. Did you want me to add all the Fords SUV escape FIRE recalls. I think that model alone for Ford is up to seven FIRE recalls. lol

THIS IS NOT MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!

"These gm trucks are nothing but ROLLNG DEATH TRAPS! When will the government shut these crooks down!!??

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Mar 31, 2014 8:13:25 AM"

Just like TOYOTA some one needs to go to prison. Lock these people up and make an example to everyone. That KILLING people for $$$$$$ is a crime. MURDER

wow, something as simple as that causes a recall! I mean, all they are doing is inspecting one bolt/clamp. probably a 1/1000 deal, but that is enough to cause a lawsuit.

When it rains, sometimes it pours, and it is pouring on General Motors Co. (GM) right now. Since February the company has issued recall notices for some 5.5 million vehicles worldwide, including 1.5 million added late Monday. The company said that it will take a charge of $750 million in the first quarter to pay for all the repairs.

@HEMI V8 - if you want to be the "fire marshall" for PUTC, then stop being a fanboy and post all of the fire recalls.

By the way........ Chrysler waffled on the recall for the Cherokee fires and negotiated a smaller recall with the NHTSA. They even had to convince them that a tow hitch would fix the problem.

As I've said before - you are inconsistent and all over the map.

If you want to be the recall monitor then you need to give equal time to your brand............

funny how you only post problems with rival brands.................

This is, after all.............

your day.

GM is really frustrating me with these recalls. I drive a chevy cobalt, and just received a letter in the mail telling me that my vehicle could potentially KILL ME ! AND THERE ARENT ANY PARTS AVAILABLE ! i watched the news and GM knew about this for a long time (2001 i think) and didnt tell anyone ! even though there were about 30 deaths from this defect. They knew this and they CHOSE to let people die, really makes me feel like i just cant trust this make. and now on top of that recall issue, theres now this one ! GM just seems like a make that cuts corners to save money... SO DISAPOINTED in GM.

13 Deaths not 30, sorry i had mixed up numbers with a different recall. *

Ford Motor Co said on April 7 it would recall about 434,700 vehicles mainly in North America. Let's see how long it takes PUTC to post this story.

Traded a 2013 Silverado for the new, improved 2014. Now with 3 recalls and only 6 mos of ownership GM has done one thing right... I am stuck with this truck because there is no value for a vehicle marked by design and or production flaws. This is not what I expected from a company saved by tax payers dollars who so needed to make its contract right with America. If the CEO of GM can not tell me all is good going forward then tell me how do I get this truck back and GM give me back the 2013 design that apparently has been solid as a rock. How many recalls does it take before enough is enough and the ultimate and correct response is to take the problem back until you learn that we are all somebody's customer and deserve "made with pride", not just a production number.

Thank God they found this problem we love love love our truck but like humans ex of pervious post by others nobody or nothing is perfect only Jesus

This isnt a big deal. I have been in the car business for 20 years. I remember Toyota Cam Chains snapping, Ford Taurus engines falling out, Dodge Stratus engines falling out, intake gaskets, Dodge Truck transmissions, Dodge Hemi lifter problems when they punch through the valve cover, etc.

ALL vehicles are junk today. They are all made by MAN. Anytime a human is involved there is going to be mistakes.

To date, I have owned 6 full size GM trucks, some newer, some older, with my newest one being a 2011. I couldnt be happier with the 5.3 6L80 combo. I have owned F150's and they were always gutless, made a lot of noise, and got lousy mileage.

My 2007 GMC one ton Sierra has had three steering columns replaced with 44, 000 miles! My Chevy has has TWO with 20, 000. Yes!

Garbage front ends, you have to buy and after market $$ kit.

The transmission cooler lines are junk inferior and go out at $375 to replace a junk line. There is an after market set of hoses guaranteed for the life of truck and any new owners too, that COST less too! Quality lines not aluminum junks.

The dealers don't care and don't help.


Two questions:

1. did you buy the 2007 new?
2. did your repair get covered under the warranty?

Bonus question: did the dealer show consideration and offer a loaner car or free rides?

my 2014 siverado 4x4 crew cab is the best truck yet and im on my 4th Silverado in 16 yrs

just be glad to have my truck back I love it

First of all, this papa john is an idiot! Second, I love my GMC truck, even though it only has 3k miles and is now leaking tranny fluid. This is after 3 trips to Allen Cadillac to fix the tailgate and they never advised me of the recall for the tranny hose. Customer service sucks today.

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