Special Package Marks 25th Anniversary of Cummins-Ram Partnership

25thAnniversaryRamTurboDiesel II

In celebration of the 25-year relationship between Cummins and the Dodge/Ram brands, a new commemorative option package will be offered for select 2014 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks. Developed in conjunction with the Turbo Diesel Register, the package includes unique interior and exterior badging, special floormats, Katzkin leather outers for the seats, and a special engine and hitch cover.

The first Dodge trucks with Cummins' engines were offered in 1989 (although the first proto-type used a 1985), with the 5.9-liter inline-six-cylinder truck rated at 160 horsepower and 400 pounds-feet of torque. Today's engine, a 6.7-liter turbocharged power plant with a multilevel exhaust brake, more than doubles the power numbers.

"Our 25-year partnership is a testament to the continued advancements of our products and the inherent dependability that our customers demand," said Dave Crompton, vice president of Cummins' engine business. "We developed this package to offer our loyal customers a way to celebrate this milestone anniversary."

The anniversary package is only available through Cummins, but we're guessing Ram dealerships would also do this as a dealer install. For more information on the 25th-anniversary upfit package or to place an order, click here, or call the Turbo Diesel Register at 800-755-1715.

As a bonus, we thought we toss in one of our favorite "Truck U" episodes that focuses on the Cummins B-Series motor (see bottom), with an example inside a 2011 Ram 3500 and a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 with almost 900,000 miles.

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25thAnniversaryRamTurboInterior II

25thAnniversaryCumminsTurboBadge II

25th Floor Mats[6] II

25th under hood[9] II



Twenty five years ago Cummins proved that a smaller displacement 6 cylinder turbo diesel could out do a larger displacement 8 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine. Diesels suck, turbo diesels are much better.

Nice! Makes me proud of my bullet proof ram :)

It seems Cummins will bed anyone who wants their engines.

It's great that they have been a very important part of the Ram recovery. Without Cummins would Ram exist today?

I don't expect Cummins to be in a Ram in 5 years or so. Why would Fiat Ram use a competitors product?

Nissan and Toyota appear to have Cummins coming. I really would like to see the little 2.8 diesel Cummins in the Navara and even the Tacoma.

It's Cummins that has the name of quality in the Ram-Cummins partnership. Not Ram.

Like how Bafo always tries to make ram look bad some way or another. Lol

Without Cummins I don't think Ram would be here today.

The Cummins name in the Ram partnership gave Ram a much needed boost in credibility.

Chrysler in those days was probably the worst of the US vehicle manufacturers.

You can be a fan boi, but reality is reality.

And just maybe, you Ram guys are a little over the top with your commentary. Try and be realistic or go back to Allpar.

That is my view on most of the Fiat bloggers on PUTC. You seem to be school kids, or are of a much lower level of maturity than most other bloggers.

Way too much on the door. Bullet proof engine, no way in my book. Four blown Cummins engines in four different trucks that transport rvs around the country. None of the four engines had over 125,000 miles on them.

@ big al

There are posters on here that pull that crap with all the brands. Although I don't care for the regurgitated ram commercials either. I think dodge/ram guys are more defensive than the other brand guys. And that's because dodge/ram had a bad reputation from the past.
They shouldn't be judged the same as what they were in the 80's and early 90's..

I drive a ford now but wouldn't think twice about looking at the ram on my next vehicle. I have friends that buy them exclusively and they have been just as reliable as the ford I drive.

At the moment there is only one full size pickup I would consider if I went back to the States to live. That's a VM powered Ram.

You can probably fix the soft suspension issues with the Ram easily and relatively cheaply.

But, I do think the diesel Colorado will be a much better truck and I'm really looking forward to a Cummins Titan and Tundra.

The next Frontier I hope is coming with the little Cummins as well. These newer and future pickups in my mind will make the diesel VM Ram a little less attractive.

My comment is directed at a very few, who since I've been blogging on PUTC have ruined this site with their really immature commentary about Ram.

Rampant fan boi'ism is what is destroying this site.

@Big Al, you are correct about payload, that's the easiest thing to fix. I think airbags are a good solution.

I was thinking along the lines of an Old Man Emu (ARB) suspension kit. They manufacture the best aftermarket suspensions around, and it's an Australian company;)

Chrysler still makes unreliable vehicles, the cummins is the only good part about a ram truck, they look nice but that's about it, nothing lasts on them


No, that is a common misconception. Adding an aftermarket air suspension does NOT increase payload. In all actuality it decreases your payload due to the added weight because it is usually the axle that is the weakest link. An air suspension only helps you better handle the payload you have. You can call any truck or air suspension manufacturer to confirm this.

I don't get why people have to make uneducated statements like "such and such brand is unreliable, pos, etc." Ram, GM, and Ford all make great products. Yes, I'm biased towards Ram, as my '13 2500 Mega is an awesome truck with no issues! C'mon, the brand bashing is getting old. Congrats for Cummins and Ram.

I agree polcat.

I sure see lots of them on use especially in west Texas. They pretty much have the hot shot companies cornered. For someone that makes their living in their truck I would suspect they wouldn't be taking a chance. I still see 01 and 02' running up and down lease roads!

@Bafo, Chrysler does not exist in AUSTRALIA. So no doubt all you know is Ford and Holden ie G.M. You have never owned a Ram so you know nothing.

"Without Cummins would Ram exist today?" YES! First gen Cummins 1989 - 1993.

The redesigned 1994 Ram was a sales success, with sales rocketing from 100,000 units in 1993 to 240,000 in 1994, 280,000 in 1995, and nearly 400,000 in 1996.


The old 5.9L was a solid engine; the 6.7L, not so much.

I think it would be a huge mistake to move to Fiat engines down the road. I bet they would bleed a huge amount of buyers to Ford/GM.

6.7 had teething problems with emissions. Just like the 6.4 PS and 6.6 DM. It is a much more reliable engine now.

@Big Al, yeah I saw a video on that Old Man Emu setup a few years ago, it's impressive.

Like the VM 3.0 V6 diesel is a great engine for the 1500, the Cummins V8 5.0 diesel should be perfect for the 2500. Not sure why RAM hasn't offered that option.

Big Al from Oz - I have tried to hold my tongue on your "death to Ram" attitude for a while, but it has gotten very ridiculous. I admit that they have had issues in the past, but to say that the Cummins is the only reason Ram is around today is not true, as well as your comment about Ram people being a bunch of school kids. First of all, you are not from this country and it is highly unlikely you have ever had real, practical, working experience in a Ram. Second, if you have a look at any of the posts on this site you will notice that the immaturity is not limited only to Ram people, it is just as rampant with GM, Ford and Toyota guys.
Sorry, I do not mean to come across as a moron or anything, but please, at least show some respect and don't forget that there are others on this website that are happy to troll too, not just Ram fan boys.

@BAFO, I'm considering an old man emu suspension on a 2004 4runner. It has a v8 and only 60k miles. Rides like new. Do you have much experience with the emu? Would I be totally screwing up what is currently a great vehicle? All I have on it now is mud tires. It is already close to unstoppable so I'm not sure I should go the extra expense and risk a terrible ride. Thoughts?

I must take issue with some of the things you wrote today. Even though part of me tells me not to stoop down to your level and waste my time, I will respond anyways because I want to see how you are coming across to people here.

1) You write: "It seems Cummins will bed anyone who wants their engines."
Really??? Is this meant to be an intelligent comment? Anyone who knows a little about trucks knows that Cummins has an excellent reputation and has worked with too many truck makers to list here. Ford medium duty trucks are one of the many. Do you really expect us to believe that Cummins has a hard time selling their engines and has to persuade manufactures to want them?

2) You go on to write: "I don't expect Cummins to be in a Ram in 5 years or so. Why would Fiat Ram use a competitors product?"
You obviously do not know much of the history of Chrysler corp, Cummins or a good number of other companies. Chrylser offered some vehicles with Mitsubishi engines for a number of years, they use and still use some Mercedes suspension/chassis/powertrain components in some of their vehicles. Their relationships with various other brands has never impeded on the development of their own products. Your argument here fails to hold up, you forget that Ford designs and in-house powerstroke, but still uses the Cummins, in medium duty trucks(this will be changing soon). Chrysler/Fiat doesn't have an in-house diesel to replace the Cummins so there is no need to be concerned about using a "competitors" product.

3) You make the statement: "It's Cummins that has the name of quality in the Ram-Cummins partnership. Not Ram."
That is a complete misrepresentation of facts. Cummins powered Rams are some of the longest lasting trucks out there. If the quality of Ram was as bad as you make it out to be, then why are so many of those trucks still out on the road? Take a look at this website: http://www.cumminshighmileageclub.com/Home/MillionMileClub
The reason that high mileage Cummins Ram trucks exist is because the truck has held up and been able to last as long as the engine has. Mid 90's Rams with the Cummins 12v are some of the most sought after older diesel trucks. That wouldn't be the case if Rams were poor quality trucks. Older non-diesel Rams can be found on craigslist for cheap as can a Ford or Chevy/GMC, in other words, all trucks age the same and fall apart eventually. I don't see older Fords or Chevys holding up any better than Rams.

4) You then say this: "And just maybe, you Ram guys are a little over the top with your commentary. Try and be realistic or go back to Allpar."
I think the real problem is that you can't accept the input of Ram guys. There are certainly trolls here who like Ram and cause problems, there are also trolls from other brands (i.e. Michigan Bob), so don't go saying that Ram guys are the cause of any problem here. We like our trucks and have every right to talk about them.

5) You repeat yet again: "My comment is directed at a very few, who since I've been blogging on PUTC have ruined this site with their really immature commentary about Ram. Rampant fan boi'ism is what is destroying this site."
How has this destroyed the site? It has in no way destroyed the site and unless you have the inability to ignore the immature comments, then there is little to be bothered about here lately. I highly suggest that from now on make the effort to comment objectively instead of attaching some imagined motive to us Ram guys. Ram has come along way and there is certainly a lot to be excited about. If that bothers you, then please don't comment on these kinds of articles, it doesn't add anything meaningful to the discussion.

@HEMI MONSTER! Well said.

Dodge re-entered the Australian market in 2006 with the Caliber, their first offering since the AT4/D5N trucks in 1979 and the first Dodge passenger car to be marketed in Australia since the Phoenix sedan was discontinued in 1973. The second model to be introduced was the Nitro, with the Avenger and Journey followed. Dodge chose not use the full model lines and engines available to them, the 2.7L V6 being available in the Journey and Avenger instead of the 3.2 in the North American versions. However they did introduce diesel engines in all their cars. Followng the Global Financial Crisis, Chrysler introduced the facelifted model of the Caliber and discontinued the Avenger imports. From early 2012 on, model year 2010 cars were available. By early 2012 no new cars were being brought into Australia aside from the new facelifted 2012 Journey. There are now rumours that Dodge cars will be re-badged as Fiats in the Australian market as has happened in Europe. In contrast, recent speculation has suggested that the Dodge nameplate would continue on until at least 2015, due to consistent sales of the Journey.


@HEMI MONSTER Watch out bafo will go crying to big daddy Mark now you made him cry/feel bad LOL!

@Dav, REALLY, Seems to be doing a good job with the competition. What is it BEST IN CLASS from what I have heard. lol

This package is offered by Cummins not Ram......... did I read that correctly?

I do have to agree with Big Al when he says Cummins saved Ram. I've heard that comment a 1, 000 times before and the moment an Aussie says it, it no longer is true?

I do suspect that Fiat will eventually start using their diesel engjnes in Ram Commercial HD's.
Iveco, VM Motori, Case are all Fiat companies.

I've heard multiple guys say that the perfect truck would have a Cummins engine, a Allison transmission in a Ford chassis.

Just sayin'

@LouBC, "I've heard multiple guys say that the perfect truck would have a Cummins engine, a Allison transmission in a Ford chassis.

Just sayin'

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 27, 2014 12:31:18 AM

Ya, Who wouldn't want that C channel noodle frame under their truck? I have heard of Ramp index like the Class leading Power Wagon, But i think that was for the suspension NOT the frame. just saying.lol

The 2.8 litre Cummins in the Frontier, where do you think it came from?

They are apparently very good engines, even though they aren't coming out of the US.

Also, the current in line Cummins 6 that are in Rams are more or less developed with Fiat and are also branded as Fiat diesels.

Fiat also introduced CRD's. Read up on Fiat diesels engines, you will be quite surprised.

Why do you think GM bought into VM and Cummins shared with Fiat? Because they produce bad diesels?


Dodge/Ram have been building the most durable, longest lasting trucks on the road for years now. Add in Cummins and it's icing on the cake. Best trucks on the road, bar none.

This engine is outdated. At least it will be gone from Ford Super Dutys


I've just spent the last week or so with my mother who's visiting me from NJ. We been touring around the Top End and down a few short tracks of no more than 50-60 kilometres in length.

The problem with my pickup is it's rated to carry roughly 1 200kg or about 2 700lbs. It's okay on the black top but on the dirt unless it's perfect I can't sit on 100kph as the ass end becomes unsettled and skittish.

Towards the end of last year I had a Mazda engineer come up to look at an issue I had with my pickup and we were discussing some of the issue with the current BT50 and he said to put an Old Man Emu suspension kit in.

Here in Australia the kit is near on $2 000. It give a 50mm lift and fantastic shockies and all new springing on all four corners.

The front end has coil overs and the assend has the usual leaf arrangement.

About half the guys where I work run Old Man Emu and haven't broken a spring or shock.

Since I bought my truck as a SUV I can get springing to run a zero load and yet maintain my 1 200kg load.

There are there separate suspension kits you can buy from 0-300kg, 300-600kg and 600kg and over. The loads are what you have in your bed continuously. A contractor with tool might buy the 600kg and over suspension kit due to his truck continuous load of tools.

I would seriously look into Old Man Emu as they are a high end suspension product.

Most of those super duty Ram 2500-3500 diesels don't haul or tow anything and my F-150 could match whatever they haul or tow, if they were doing any hauling or towing! If those rear coil springs are soooo wonderful on the Ram 1500 WHY don't they use coil springs on the rear of the heavy duty Ram?
Maybe you guys like the sound of that diesel engine, VA-ROOM,, VA-ROOM, VA-ROOM! Hey everybody! Look at Me! I got a diesel! VA-ROOM, VA-ROOM! Listen to the sound of power! VA-ROOM, VA-ROOM, VA-ROOM !

@Big Al from Oz
I think you make a good point.

As for this PUTC post, I think the Cummins 12v VE is the best Cummins, and I know many people agree. Sure it only came in the OBS Dodges but I love the look of those old Dodges. The VE pump started up easy and had a graceful idle, especially compared to a P-pump; and despite having a lot lower power numbers compared to modern trucks it never felt slow thanks to the generous low-end torque. Of course you also get the 12v bulletproof 500k+ reliability as well.

I have long planned a cross country road trip in a '89 Dodge VE Cummins, pulling a 30 foot trailer. My dad had an '89, and I am dead set on buying one as well.

The C-Channel frame has a significantly greater load bearing capacity than a comparable fully boxed. A fully boxed frame is greater in torsional rigidity. Also axle articulation is not frame torsional rigidity.

Actually, Chrysler sales are picking up in Austraulia.

BAFO talks out his ass so much.

My dad and step ma had 3 or 4 Chrysler minivans, starting from 1984 or 1985, the last one was a 2001 or 2002, and 98 Ram 1500. Only one issue in all 4 or 5, the latest van trans went bad at 75k. The 98 Ram truck hasn't had one issue yet. It only gets used when a truck is needed, like haul hay, pull a horse trailer with living quarters. Or before my dad passes away, pull a heavy travel trailer. Since buying all 4 or 5, they have always lived down rough and hilly roads out in the country.If Chrysler was so bad as Al would like you to think, (and he probably never had one, he just "reads about") what would he think of the 6.0 Superdutys? If we had Al's atitude, Ford wouldn't have any of those, after those known problems.

As for the Ram "soft" suspension, progressive coils can have more capacity, and yet not be bone jarring. The air suspion can hold alot of weight, but as myself and ALL 1 know, it's a matter of a higher GVWR, and also having one that adds about 200 pounds to compensate for the 200 plus pounds of drivetrain in a 4x4, as most Ram 4x2 and 4 x 4 have the same GVWR.

Funny Al should talk about soft suspensions. He never hardly works his, and on the Mazda BT-50s they have had to replace the leaf springs that in a short time, went to sagging. Engineers for Aussie trucks must drink the kool-aid! They slap these crazy ratings on them, but nobody tests and says "we tested the Maz-da BT -50 / Ranger with only 1500 pounds to see how it stops and handles at 65 mph...For sure an Aussie review/test is noting like here.

Hey Al, what's so bad about the hemi, anyway? When comparing it to 5.3 Chevy, 5.4 Ford, 5.7 Toyota, 6.2 Ford and Chevy?

We know, you like Tundras, lol, have you even driven one? Maybe ride on your trucks isn't too important? Or even looks? Surprised you don't drive a flat nose cab over industrial looking truck, as much as you talk about trucks here.

Lol, you act like an Aussie, but are just a transplant, and your knowledge of our trucks in the states is based on reading and a week or two of visiting, maybe once a year. LOL.

@Tom#3; Most of those super duty Ram 2500-3500 diesels don't haul or tow anything and my F-150 could match whatever they haul or tow, if they were doing any hauling or towing! If those rear coil springs are soooo wonderful on the Ram 1500 WHY don't they use coil springs on the rear of the heavy duty Ram?

I would really love to see your f150 loaded with 30,000 lbs. Hell even 25,000! lol that would be funny!

I don't always agree with Big Al, but this time I think he's right. 1. I've also heard MANY times people say that the best truck would be a cummins in a ford with an allison transmission. I've also heard many people say the only reason to buy a Dodge is because of the cummins. It is pretty much a well-known fact among open-minded truck guys (even some ram fanboys) that Dodge trucks have struggled with quality issues as compared to chevy and ford. I can attest to the fact that they have not improved greatly with the latest generation because I have had lots of problems with mine starting at about 60,000 miles. I'm sure many people would argue that cummins played a huge part in saving Ram.
2. There is no doubt the Ram fanboys are the most defensive. Just read the comments on every article there is always more people defending ram. Notice how the comments section in most articles ends up being about ram and whether or not they are good trucks even if the article has no mention of ram? Although I'm pretty sure there is one person posting with multiple different names. Is it a coincidence that so many people choose to put "hemi" in their name and usually in ALLCAPS? Joe Hemi? Monster Hemi? Hemi V8? It's like bob switched from being a chevy guy to a ram guy. Notice how the old Bob and his many aliases suddenly disappeared at the same time the Hemi people appeared?

So people are buying a Chevy to get a transmission, is that how I read it, Beebe?

Those Allison transmissions do break, you know. I have a friend that his broke on.

I have driven them before (Allisons) in 30K pound garbage trucks, and sadly, my Allison broke 5th gear.

Are Fords all that? I hope their interiors are better then the Focus I have, carpet worn through, salesman gave me floor mats, they wore through in 3 months. Plastic crap in the interior breaks so easy. Upper seat cushion was gone before 111,000 miles. Why wouldn't the same quality be in a truck?Does Ford not have Ecoboost issues? Transmissions that slam into gear while slowing? A recall on Super Dutys of around year model 2011/2012, but they only recall the ambulances? The rest of the customers have to suck it up.

Is GM so great? Maybe you haven't seen the 2002/2003 GM trucks reliability?

I find it humorous somebody says their F-150 can tow or haul whatever a Ram 2500/3500 can! Just shows their mentality!"My F-150 can do ANYTHING!" It just might sputter and choke a bit.

Oh, and they use coils on 2500 Rams now, and if you look it up, the payload is more then an equal cab Chevy 2500 6.0, when looking at 6.4 Ram 2500s.

I have a strange feeling Michigan Bob's screen name has been poached...

It is funny to see Michigan Bob harping Ram products..............

must have something to do with that switch recall that will make Toyota's SUA problem look like a paint blemish on a '73 K1500 ;)

All trucks have their problems. My brother lost an alison in his duramax in less than a year old truck, not sure the mileage. I have no idea what happened. But it is pretty well known that the allison has the best reputation among transmissions in 3/4 ton pickup trucks. i even read a statement from a ford engineer of the latest transmission in the ford super duty where he said the allison in the chevy pickups was their benchmark. It is also well-known among truck guys of the woes with previous transmissions in ram trucks. I have a friend that specifically searches for Ram trucks with cummins engines and bad transmissions. He buys the truck relatively cheap because it needs transmission work, he rebuilds the transmissions and sells the truck for great profit because it has a cummins in it. He's done it 3 or 4 times now.

Ford OWNS the super duty truck market! Cummins engine means nothing cause Cummings makes the engine to Dodge specs,, its NOT the same Cummings engine and its not made as good, or heavy duty as the engines in semi trucks, That Cummings engine in that Dodge is a extremely cheapened down version to keep the price down.
I get tired of reading how wonderful the Cummings engine is,, YOU DON'T KNOW ! Show me your mechanical engineering degree and maybe I'll believe you!


I bet you never hauled anything more than a washing machine or a big screen tv in your heavy duty Dodge.
I think its a total waste of money owning a 2500-3500 truck if you never haul anything.
I bet my F-150 has hauled more and towed more than you could ever dream of ,,, watch you don't scratch the paint in the bed!
My 2013 F-150 bed is all marked up and banged up,, my truck is a working mans truck,, YOUR truck is a show off truck!

Cummins in my opinion had a big part in Dodge/Ram surviving.
There was meeting with the powers of Chrysler in the early eighties to discuss dropping the trucks from the line up.
I for one are glad it didn't happen.
I have owned several from the 70's & bought my first new one in 1982.
Since then, I have bought a 1995, 2001, & my last one in 2003.
All great trucks.
My 2003 is a 3500 with a Cummins.
I would love to have a new one, but still have one kid in school.
The Cummin's gave Dodge breathing room & the 1994 Ram put them on the map.
The HEMI added to it, along with the introduction of the 2009 redesign.
I was afraid when they changed the name to RAM, that they were having thoughts of selling it then, during the downtime after Mercedes raped it & Ceburus ran it into the ground.
RAM continues to set the bar high, good for them! Good for future customer's.

Love ram and love cummins but underwhelmed by this package, a seat cover and a door badge? I would pay an extra 250 bucks tops for this

@tom #3

BTW, the truck I have is an 2012 f350 6.7. I haul with it often. My 38' 5th wheel, hauling hay on my 32' flatbed. I grew up farming and ranching and I would be willing to bet your wrong! That f-150 would blow up in 5 miles with my 5th wheel. I'm willing to bet you are the one that's never hauled more than groceries in that half ton. Especially after opening your mouth about it being able to haul as much as a 3/4 ton or one ton.

I like to defend dodge/ram because the 2 I have owned were extremely reliable. 1st one was an 02 Cummins 6spd second was an 04.5 Cummins with a 6spd also. The 04.5 was used hard towing pipe and anything else I could fit on there. Mostly in colorado and wyoming. The 02 I sold to my dad and he had it till 2010. Had 275000 when he sold it. The 04 had nearly 200,000 when I got rid of it.

Your going to ask me why I have a ford now. Well 1st off my father in law in a manager at our local dealership. I get the d plan which is about 3500 under invoice. I can get them cheaper than anything else. The 6.7 has been a very reliable truck. The 08 6.4 was another story. Thing ate sensors and radiators all the time.

TRX-4 TOM wrote:

"I hope their interiors are better then the Focus I have, carpet worn through, salesman gave me floor mats, they wore through in 3 months. Plastic crap in the interior breaks so easy. Upper seat cushion was gone before 111,000 miles."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You gotta be a pretty big boy to wear out seats and floors

You know the old saying...a Cummins engine in a Dodge truck is like a diamond in a goat's a##. LMAO

@TRIXY 4 Tom
At least I admit I bought my pickup as a SUV, not like many on this site who make many ridiculous claims.

As for Fiat and Chrysler sales in Australia if you read my comment the US is competing with the Korean cars on price and bling. They will undercut a Korean car offer.

But look at the increase in Korean cars sales in comparison to Chrysler sales in Australia.

It appears Chrysler is making inroads into the infamous Chrysler issues we've had in Australia for a couple of decades.

Chrysler has tarnished it's name here and has to dig itself out of a deep hole.

As Chrysler improves quality to compete with the Koreans, the Koreans have improved quality and are nearly as good as a Japanese vehicle.

Even the Chinese are making massive inroads into quality an could overtake the US in a few years or so.

It's great to want a vehicle industry, but to be competitive now your vehicle has to have the perception of quality.

I'm sorry but that's the way it's perceived at the moment here. Cheap, cheerful and full of bling is a Chrysler.

If Chrysler wants to succeed here it must hang in there and work on quality.

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