Spied: 2015 Ford F-250/F-350 Power Stroke

Fordsuperduty.pr05.kgp.ed II

Our spy shooters have been watching for the new Ford Super Dutys since they were announced at the 2013 State Fair of Texas. As a bonus, our shooters noticed the new turbo-diesel tailpipe, meaning the significantly upgraded 32-valve 6.7-liter V-8 is under the hood.

We're pretty sure this is an F-350 Super Duty and the towing mirrors are massive, likely to carry over the electronic ability to extend and fold against the doors. In the rear, the dual tailpipe is clearly seen, identifying it as the new Power Stroke turbo-diesel engine. We should not there is something odd about the back of the crew cab and front of the bed box--could be some kind of Super Cab XL or possibly a nine- or ten-foot box. 

We should be getting more info from Ford soon about our first opportunity to get behind the wheel, but we're guessing that will happen later this summer. Here's what our spy photographers are hearing: 

Ford has begun testing prototypes for its next-generation Super Duty trucks, and the massive pickup prototypes are thoroughly covered in camouflage for what appears to be their most significant overhaul in a very long time.  

These prototypes have actually appeared sooner than our analyst sources had expected, suggesting that Ford is working to continue its momentum, having just finished the bulk of the development work on the new 2015 F-150 trucks. Ford representatives are very confident that the all-new, aluminum-intensive F-150 is a game-changer in the standard-duty pickup truck segment, so we are all left wondering if they are going to try to parlay that advantage into the Super Duty ranks, as well.  

The continuous improvements necessary to compete in the truck segments means that Ford has already made several improvements to their Super Duty engines, many of which will likely find their way into these new trucks — including direct injection we hear is destined for the 6.2-liter V-8 for the 2015 model year. The prototype caught here is clearly a Power Stroke and likely the new one, to be rated at 440 horsepower and 860 pounds-feet of torque.

We're also hearing the Super Duty will get a beefed-up version of the new 10-speed transmission, as part of the GM/Ford joint-venture, further aiding in fuel-economy.


Photos by KGP Photography


Fordsuperduty.pr08.kgp.ed II

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Why do you make the pictures clickable without offering a larger size? So annoying!

Ford released that it wil be upping its towing and hp and torque. I wonder if Ram will be doing the same. I live in Columbus Indiana and I see Ram test trucks all the time. They drive around town sometimes towing or hauling. But they pull into parking lots and write things down or talk on phone or get on lab top then they pull off. You see them all the time. They have Cummins sticker on he side door that says it is a test truck you normaly see 2-3 at a time any from 2500 to 5500. I see a lot of 3500-5500 chassis cabs. I just wonder if Cummins is upping their engines HP and torque to stay above Ford. I have some friends at Cummins say they have been building different parts then normal including bigger injectors and what not. Just wonder if Ram and Cummins is going to up their HP and Torque or if a new engine is on its way.?

Wonder if they will fix their floppy weak as a wet paper bag frame. It was okay 20 years ago but not by today standards. Also will they fix their poor brakes that smoked and over heated in just bout every towing test. Will they add more camber to the front axle so you don't get the death wobble every time you hit a bump, and last will they make the leafs stiffer in the rear you can tell a death trap super poop ford truck is comeing at you at night time by seeing the head lights pointing at the sky.

It looks leaner then a current gen SD. I hope it is too. these things need to go on a diet. up the payload and towing and increase performance unloaded.

About time is all I can say... That 15yr old design is sure getting long in the tooth.

I really wish manufacturers would start focusing on other aspects (reliability, lower total cost of ownership, improved mileage) than continually pushing higher HP/TQ numbers which are already more than most people need.

Almost looks like a mega cab version to me. 10' bed is intersting. I'd hate tp park that thing all the time. 10 speed tranny sounds pretty cool though!

Competition is good for the comsumer!

I'd be surprised to see the 10-speed transmission out that soon. Ford has done a good job of keeping designs fresh over the years (except for the body of the Super Duty), could all that camo mean that the Super Duty is finally getting an updated body? My brother has an extended cab (super cab?) from 2001 and the back seat is a lot less usable than other extended cab back seats that I've seen.

I would also be surprised to see the 10 speed so soon. I remember Dodge was the first to release the 6 speed way back in the day. I am just glad Dodge still offers a 6 speed manual. I learned to drive with a manual and now they hardly make them. I could see Ram releasing a newer trany but not till Ford gets the 10 speed out and off the ground. We shall see.

I'd be surprised if we see a 10-speed before the 2016 model year in a GM or a Ford. I wonder if Chrysler has something in the works or if they are going to stick with the 8-speed for now... not that 8 isn't enough...
@Dodgeguy65 ... it's a shame that manuals seem to be disappearing in trucks.

Shouldn't the title be 2016 F-250 or do you think this is a 2015 MY?

@Dave. Good catch I think. This must be for 2016 (if that's the case it could possibly have a 10-speed--though I thought those would go in the 150/1500's first). The 2015 Super Duty doesn't have any cosmetic changes, but is still getting the updated Power Stroke. The following link shows pretty much no styling updates for 2015 MY:

What sandman said.

Unfortunately most buyers have much fewer brain cells and they think that having more HP will compensate for that .

Blang, Correct. The only styling updates on the 2015 were some refreshing to the KR interior. Ford already took orders for the 2015 and starts building them in 3 days. This is a 2016 MY. We may see it at the State Fair of Texas later this summer.

I'm hoping they do a 12'Bed and Crew Cab, I want to be able to carry 12'Lumber in my truck as well as 16' boards with minimal overhang.

Wow! I didn't see that one coming so soon. Maybe it will be 2015.5? Likely a 2016 model, but we can only hope it will come sooner. That's exciting, hopefully it's on a new fully-boxed frame and that the 10 speed is available at launch. With 10 speeds, they probably need only to offer one axle ratio. Paddle shifters would offer great ergonomics in manual (1-10) gear selection too, but also retain the column PRNDM shifter.

Hmm, what else am I hoping for? Outboard dual shocks, hydraulic hybrid option (so we can do a cost-benefit analysis and know for sure), increase the power and torque even more to 460/900, add an optional front locking diff, aluminum body, integrated locking tailgate, rear air vents (like the RAM), and the ability to stream uncompressed wireless audio and video through Airplay (not just Bluetooth).

I doubt they would go to a "MegaCab". A 10 ft box? That would require a new frame. It would be possible since Ford has brought the F550 and F650 in house. We are going to see more blurring of the lines between current HD pickups and MDT's.

if you look at the bottom picture the door handle is in the normal spot and the covering behind the back window looks like a tent. this makes me think it's someplace to put an alternative fuel tank or even a secondary diesel tank to entend the driving range, kinda like Dodge did a year or two age.

I always wondered why no truck maker ever made a 10/12 ft bed. At least in a reg cab trim. Would be great for hauling plywood, sheet rock with a tool box

Their hiding the longer bed which goes into the tent in the picture.

If you look at the third picture down you can see where the como has sunk into the slot between the bed and the cab, that is where the bed really ends.

If that is the next gen. Super Duty, it looks like we are in for yet another re-skin. From what you can see of the chassis and suspension, it looks carryover.

Unless its got an updated frame to keep pace with the competition I would not even put it on my short list!

Looks like they gave Truck Trend a different set of pics. Unfortunately, I still don't see any difference with the suspension (except no rear stabilizer under the diff). I guess that doesn't mean the frame will be the same though.

Im a Ford man, but dang that is one low riding 4x4.

I have to agree with the other sandman, I think the manf should be more interested in getting better mpg than more power, as there is more than enough power now! more gears and less power=more mileage! and the same work load!

I don't see what is wrong with the strength of the current super duty frame? I've never seen any problem with it in the real world. I for one hope they don't try to reinvent the pickup with the super duty redesign. If it's not broke don't fix it. A 10 speed would be nice, but I like the overall design of the current super duty.

Nice truck from what I can tell. You can't help but get excited about the Power Stroke, this engine is such a gem and Ford builds it. They don't have to depend on anyone to make it for them. This should be what all the others should do is make there own engines. I know gm has a stake in excuseyou but I guess that's good too. I remember gm's venture in the diesel world years ago and that was a disaster. Hell, fiat/ram won't even try it. @johnny doe- lets hope gm ain't using the same switches on the new silverados they used on the cobalts. No excuse for that crap, people have to die in one in order to get a recall. What a sick company gm is!

a 10 speed is completely stupid in a torque converter automatic pickup. 6 is more than enough. Def wont need a 4 low range anymore if the gearing is crazy enough.

I still want low range for off-road, even if it had 20 gears. The low range gear gives you more confidence for slow speed ascents, decants, and high resistance situations. Also I think it's better for your transmission.

Well I knew after staring at the pics long enough I could find a difference. This picture here shows a similar setup to the Ram 3500's 3-link coil.


The current Super Duty does not have this.

Hahahahahaha only more fuel to humiliate GM/CHEVY.

This looks to be a new truck.The front window is laid down further and the sides look to have a lower belt line..

It looks to be a extended cab with a 8 ft bed. Ford did have some bed side doors on a concept truck that actually opened into the bed but looked rather stupid but could be very fuctional to people who actually use these as commercial trucks.

If they can make it look anything like the 2015 f 150 it should have killer looks.The new 150 is beautiful.

Is it just me or does said mystery truck look an awful lot like a Ram Mega-cab in that last pict? Intimation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Wonder if they will fix their floppy weak as a wet paper bag frame. It was okay 20 years ago but not by today standards.

Also will they fix their poor brakes that smoked and over heated in just bout every towing test. YEAH OK.

Will they add more camber to the front axle so you don't get the death wobble every time you hit a bump ITS ALL GOOD LEAST ITS NOT A DODGE OR CHEVY

and last will they make the leafs stiffer in the rear you can tell a death trap super poop ford truck is comeing at you at night time by seeing the head lights pointing at the sky. LMAO FORD ARE THE BEST, FOR HOLLA AT ME I NEED A TRUCK NEW ONE

The latest news
Update 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 900 lbs. torque
Update 2017 ram 950 lbs. torque
And coming in 2018 1000lbs torque ford super-duty

And of course there will be that guy that says he gets 30 mpg which is an out right Lie.

I have driven superdutys from the 7.3l all the way to 6.4 never drove the new 6.7l

One thing that remains the same the more horsepower and torque the worse the fuel economy. the 7.3l and the 6.0l get about same

Drove the 6.7l f-450 on highway unload got 12.5 mpg
Get 17-18 city mpg with 7.3l but when the turbo stop boosting as we'll it drops to 14-15mpg need to replace it every 120,000 to 150,000

@Kruckguy123- Did I read it wrong or did you say you've never drove the 6.7 powerstroke but turn around and say you've driven the 6.7 f450 on highway unload and got 12.5 mpg. You sound like Miaths brother so I won't copy the rest.

Yes, semi truck tractors use a C-channel frame, but how much load does the tractor frame carry? NOT MUCH! The 5th. wheel is located over the rear axles. Tractors pull, the trailer carries the weight. And most all van and tanker trailers don't even have a frame.

first off, johnny doe you are an idiot....and secondly, no it's not a mega cab or a 10 ft. box people...just a crew cab with an 8' box..and rear stabilizer bars haven't been available on SD's with 20 " rims for a few years now.

My F-150 can haul 50 lbs less and tow 2000 lbs MORE than the F-250,,, so why would I need one?

Big Bob, the Tractor's frame carries a lot of weight, the fifth wheel sits over the frame, so yes it carries all the weight. I know I am in operations for a heavy haul carrier. We look at frame specs when we order trucks and we can't use brands that don't meat our frame standards for weight.

I have said this numerous times, C-channels are fine for on-road, in which the stresses over the entire frame are even. It's when you go off-road that the C-channel starts to flex, pulling the weak, but ridgid body down with it at all corners and edges. The body can't support that, so the panels dent and tailgates and/or doors can't open or shut properly. They are absolutely fine for towing and remaining on the asphalt, as GM and Ram both proved. How many semi-tractors do you see trying to go off-road? C-channels are fine for their intended purpose. I hope the Super Duty moves to fully-boxed because I like to go off-road. I know we're not talking about heavily modified Rubicon and CJ7 capability, but definitely capable enough for where I go.

@Kruckguy123, my experience says you are incorrect.
I'd say when all these F350s were new and unmodified:
7.3 about 20 mpg highway (250 HP / 500 lb-ft)
6.0 about 18 mpg highway (325 HP / 560 lb-ft)
6.4 about 16-17 highway (350 HP / 650 lb-ft)
6.7 about 21-22 highway (400 HP / 800 lb-ft)

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a small boost in fuel economy for 2015 and 2016 in addition to the increase in performance. You gain mpgs by increasing efficiency, not by reducing the power output. Performance and fuel economy are not mutually exclusive.

@Truck crazy
GM isn't using the same switches on the new silverados. If you been following the news you would know that the company building the ignition switch Delphi change the design in secret and never change the parts number. So when GM went to test it they couldn't find the problem. I do agree no one should have to dead before action is taken though.


@Nick 5.4 guy I get you love Ford Trucks but the Super Duty is very dated, the only thing great about it is the 6.7L

Death wobble is the real deal. This guy is a power stroke nut he tell you why Ford has death wobble and the part you need to fix it.


The Frame is a joke. It should be stiffer for better ride and handling. Yes on road Semi trucks use C channel but is also thicker and bigger in size then the super duty and If its off road or mega weight haul they are doing they build semi trucks with double or triple walled Channel frames.



Yes they need Stiffer rear leafs. I see this Local guy hauling a mini excavator all the time and the headlights point way up in the air and the rear bump almost on the ground


Its time to face the facts the Super Duty needs a big rework to stay in check with Ram and GM HD trucks.

@Johny Doe

About a year ago I said I would not bother posting here again because of "posers/posters" like you.
I decided to break my own rule one time just for you.

This new Superduty even with all the baggy covers on already

"looks better"

than ANY GM truck.

@Bob from Canada That's fine different people like different looks, It can look good all it wants but looking good won't make it handle/tow/haul/stop, or ride better.

Haha. Johnny doe doesn't know what he is talking about. Stiffer rear leafs is not what the super duty needs. I've never seen any amount of unresonable squat on my super duty and I know i've exceeded its load capacity. IT takes a hell of a lot to even notice it squat at all.

I own a 2013 SD 6.7, I've put on 23k miles in 15 months. What I have noticed.
1)Mpg's unloaded at 75 is about 20-21 mpg's
2)No death wobble, or anything like it. Had a jeep wrangler with the death wobble
3)Frame has no issues pulling through twisting bad roads
4) brakes, zero issues. Been down the Grape Vine, Conejo Grade pulling 21,000lb FW, no smoking or anything like it
5)Only been to the dealer for oil change and fuel filter change.

My question why the haters, Dodge makes a fine product as well as GM, they all have areas that could use improvements. But to take time to write such nonsense and gossip material is beyond me.

I've owned two Silverados, loved both of them, no problems
I've owned two Dodge Rams, zero issues-loved them

C-channel is used off road as well in commercial HDT's.
Trucks used primarily off highway are more likely to run double cradle C-channel which is a c-channel inside a c-channel.

Commercial tractor frames do flex quite a bit but they do not rigid bodies attached to their entire lengths. Next time you are at a traffic light beside a loaded commercial tractor you need to watch the frame twist as it takes off.

I watched an episode of Ice Road Truckers where they said the worst load to transport was large pipe. Once it was cinched down it look all of the flex out of the trailer and was hard to handle.

A certain amount of frame flex is fine. I do not know anyone who has ever complained about excessive flex in an F350 or a Tundra that ACTUALLY owns one.

When one looks at current pickups a stiffer frame makes sense if car companies want to save body weight. You can't lighten the body and expect it to survive flex.
The same can be said for suspension. Less frame flex makes for more predictable suspension engineering.

Oddly enough GMC went to boxed in the HD's and they are still miles behind Ford or Ram in tow capacity. Ford still has C-channel and has no problems keeping up to Ram's new numbers. C-channel is cheaper to upgrade and modify "on the fly".

Why does Ram still have C-channel on chassis cab trucks?

One needs to leave the fanboy rhetoric out of the debate and look at trucks on their own individual merits.

That will most likely never happen on this site.

Hey johnny doe... Nothing better to do while waiting for your bow tie to get out of the shop yet again?

For the love of god for please change the rear tail lights already! These look identical to the current gen still. Look at Motor Trends rear picture and Google current gen SD. SMH

For the love of god Ford please change the rear tail lights already! These look identical to the current gen still. Look at Motor Trends rear picture and Google current gen SD. SMH

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