Spied: 2015 Ford Super Duty F-350 Dualie

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We now have our first shots of a next-generation Ford F-350 dualie prototype caught running the streets of Dearborn, Mich. This dual rear-wheel, wide-body Super Duty prototype shows that development of Ford's revamped heavy-duty pickup trucks is running at full steam, with multiple cab and body configurations flying off the pilot assembly lines.

The Super Duty dualie prototype maintains the look of the model we saw recently with a heavily camouflaged cab. Given the massive size of the cab (mega sized?), it could be something similar to the MegaCab found in Ram 2500/3500 HD pickups. It's still unclear whether this prototype's cab is truly that large or if it's a trick of the camouflage, which may falsely extend past the prototype's C-pillar design.

There's speculation that the nose-to-tail and sill-to-roof camouflage could also point to more use of aluminum, which would put the Super Duty on a similar technical footing with the light-duty F-150. Some believe an aluminum-intensive design could make a lot of sense on HD pickups and could considerably reduce some of the truck's cost of operation for business owners. A lighter truck getting better fuel economy could also help Ford meet the more aggressive corporate average fuel economy requirements coming in five and 10 years.

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I'm not sure I like what I see of the grill. It will be interesting to see how much they've changed. It's time from a ground up new model. Will be interesting to see if they use aluminum on the HD's as well...

Truck Trend provided 17 photos of the F-350 last week, Friday Mar 14 2014, via the same photo source.


@Ken, as did this site. But they weren't duallies.

@Durastrokins, looks a bit like the grille shape of the 2005-2008 F150. But there is some resemblance of the current Super Duty's parentheses (though they are no longer parentheses).

I see some hood structure from the 2015 F150. A more rounded bed similar to the F150 and cabs seem to share similar lines. Also the door handle now are horizontal instead of vertical. It also looks to be rockin a fully boxed frame which makes me happy but is long over due.

This site keeps saying 2015, other sites say 2017, I believe it's right in the middle. I think it will be released in March 2015 as a 2016 model. 2011 was released in March 2010.

How about some frame pictures. If Ford is rumoured to be heading towards boxed frames on its pickups, a frame pic would show whether or not this is a facelift or a totally new truck.

I hope they don't make a so-called Mega Cab, they are just ugly! It just looks wrong that big of a cab on a pickup truck. Just my 2 cents....

Lou, looks different than c channel, unless they changed in the last few years. The older c channel cross members were riveted on. This looks like it was welded through on both sides, like a boxed frame. I personally hate to see it if it is. Rather have good thick steel that takes decades to rust through.

The body is too heavily padded and camo'd to see much, but they made sure the rounded wheel wells were in clear view. Solid front axle and manual hubs, check. Twin I-beams for 2wd, for sure.

Looks like they kept the same dually fenders. Wish they'd go back to the older style.

Any major redesign of the Superduty will be greatly welcomed by many. The body has been the same basic thing since 1999 besides the interior and exterior changes that have been made to give it a new look every now and then. The frame is nowhere near as firm as either the GM trucks or the Ram. A upgraded frame is necessary if they want to be competitive in the coming years.

I still would not buy a Superduty even after it gets redesigned. If you have ever seen the engine compartment for the current 6.7 powerstroke, there is hardly an inch of space in there and if you ever had to do any major service, labor would by far be the biggest cost.

For HD trucks, a Ram with a Cummins is definitely the way to go in my opinion. There is much more space in the engine compartment due to the fact that the Cummins is an I-6 and not a V8. I know people may not agree with me, but I am not convinced regarding the reliability of the current Powerstroke. I have heard both good and bad about it. The nice thing about Cummins is they are a company fully dedicated to engines. Cummins can spend all their $$$ on R&D for their engines. Ford can only allocate a fraction of their budget on developing their Powerstroke, since it's now developed in house. I would be willing to bet that the about of R&D spent on the 6.7 Powerstroke is just a fraction of what was spent on the 6.7 Cummins

When the IH 7.3 Powerstroke was around, it was a quite reliable powerplant. It's predecessors, the IH 6.9/7.3 IDI engines also had a good reputation. Using IH diesels suited Ford well until the 6.0l came about and all hell broke loose.

I'm sure everyone has their own ideas about this, but I'll stick with a Cummins for any of my HD needs.

@ Lou_BC
I am with you I would like to see the frame as well. I know the only reason it was a flat rail open c was to support the 2nd unit aftermarket bodies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8M7VHLaBcM. Since most people don't upfit 1/2 tons or midsize pickups like that Tundra and Tacoma should be fully boxed as they don't get the main benefit of being a open c pickup. You never know maybe Ford will offer more configurations from the factory with higher payload and towing. I personally think F250 and F350 will be fully boxed like the others in class and F450 being commercial like Ram 4500 which is why it got the changes it did already http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/2014/163_1403_ford_440_hp_860_lb_ft_2015_power_stroke_diesel/.

I don't think they would use that much camo unless it was a complete redesign.

They changed the door handles. Too bad, I like the current handles they don't get damaged as easily because they are sunk into the side instead of protruding out like typical vehicles.

Pretty sure I read somewhere direct from a ford engineer where he said ford had "no plans" to put aluminum sheet metal on the super duty.

@AD - agreed. I suspect that any Ford chassis/cab truck will remain C-channel.

Beautiful truck. Huge improvements. Much better aerodynamics than current one. Front end looks busy though.

Is that a light or some sort of inlet on the drivers side rear fender?

Both of these trucks are camo'd with a false mega cab to hide the longer bed. You can see where the cab ends and the bed begins, well under the camo on the cab. Are these newer longer beds or are they just trying to confuse people into thinking they will have a mega cab?

You can see the fuel door flap, the fuel door is usually centered between the back of the cab and the rear wheel well not right at the back of the cab like this camo makes it look.

This could even be a regular cab with a 10' bed, it does only have the step rail under the drivers door.

Is that a light or some sort of inlet on the drivers side rear fender?


This IS Detroit, don't forget. The light you see is coming from 9mm bullet holes.

Looks like a Super Cab with either a long bed, or a bed with built in storage box ahead of the bed. Maybe that is why they are covering it on top with the false cab extension.

@Zach J
Yes, the dually's fender flares on the box usually sport an amber marker light before the rear wheel and a red marker light after because of the extra width and coverage over the outer wheels span from the rest of the body. The small lights make the flares visible at night.

Why is the title of this article "2015 Super Duty"?

The 2015 Super Duty is plastered all over Ford's website - without any camo - and it's grille looks nothing like the one in these spy shots.

It's obviously a MY16 or beyond.

Oh, and it's not a "megacab" under the camo. Look at the location of the fuel filler door cover. If it were an elongated cab, as the trickery would make you think, the fuel filler door would be literally up against the forward edge of the box - which is something they would never do.

This is could be Ford's version of the Ram longhauler.

Another possibility is Ford going to a doublecab format with forward hinged doors and ditching the old supercab.

It's obvious this is no mega cab, but it looks like they could be at least thinking of offering a mega cab on the same wheelbase with a longer cab and shorter box.

Maga Cabs are ugly, and a crew cab offers all the rear room you need. Never really saw the point, Dodge had one before they had a crew cab but now that they have a crew cab its worthless.

These are a complete and utter waste of resources for the average person. Government should require a licence and proof these are going to be used for work before somebody is able to buy one

Darien, get a life and go back to the communist country you came from.

Darien, Guess what, this is America and it isn't the Governments decision to tell us what we can and can't drive. If I want a big dualie crew cab pickup I'm going to buy one. So take your liberal rodomontade and get out of here.

Agreed, commies should stick to old Skodas, Ladas, and Dacias.

It is probably a turd if you go by the past several body styles they have come out with. At least they showed us some mercy and LEFT THE CAMO ON IT TO HIDE THE UGLINESS. LMAO

Wow annoter coke cane..:))

They should leave it covered, it does the Super Duty justice so you do not have to see that ugly front grill.

Wow we have never heard that joke before. Greg you should tell us a knock knock joke. Pleeaaase!

@Alex - guys keep talking about the "knock.... knock" with the 5.3.
There is a joke in there somewhere.

@Lou, I was actually thinking of the GM LS1 engine when I wrote that!

I suspected that was where you were heading .

These new SD trucks will be based on the 2015 F150 use aluminum body n Steel frame based on F150 to consolidate platforms n save cost from R&D for aluminum mfg.

Expect a power bump on both 6.2 gas n 6.7 diesel with much improved mpg from saving close to 1000 lbs n use 10-speed auto.

Big advantage for years for Ford...!

Also Ford is using all of their global resources to develop better Diesel engines that will out perform GM n Ram... No problem!!

It looks like they will have a bigger "ext cab"
with a longer bed

Looks like Ford and Ram are still using the same old out-dated solid front axle technology. They both ride like a wagon and handle like one too...

The 2015 SuperDuty is all over Ford's website - the grille looks nothing like the one in these pics.

Additionally, it's not a megacab under the camo.

Look at the location of the fuel filler door cover. If it were an elongated cab, as the trickery would make you think, the fuel filler door would be literally up against the forward edge of the box and that aint gonna happen! . . .

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