Spied: 2016 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab

Sduty.chassiscab.g02.kgp.ed II

Our spy photographers are seeing quite a few versions of the new Ford Super Duty nowadays, but this is our first look at the chassis-cab version. From the looks of the 10-bolt hub configuration (and 19.5-inch wheels), this pickup truck looks to be an F-450 or F-550 chassis. We'd also note, given the look of the fuel filler and tailpipe, this vehicle is equipped with the gas V-8, or possibly a V-10. Here's what our spies had to say:

"The development program for the next-generation Ford Super Duty continues to advance with the appearance of this prototype for the chassis-cab configuration. This is the first time we've seen the chassis-cab variant after catching the crew cab and dualie configurations during the last few days.

"This chassis-cab prototype maintains the first prototype's heavily camouflaged cab design, which has the appearance of a massive, MegaCab-style look. It's still unclear whether this cab is truly that long or if it's a trick of the camouflage, which may falsely extend the placement of the prototype's C-pillar design.

"Some have speculated that the nose-to-tail and sill-to-roof coverings could also point to more use of aluminum, which would put the Super Duty similar to the lighter-duty F-150. An aluminum-intensive design could make a lot of sense, and could considerably reduce the overall weight and resulting cost of operation for a business owner.

"Our sources maintain that certain models of the overhauled Super Duty are due in the 2016 calendar year."

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I'm interested to see what these will look like, deffinatly has a more sloped hood instead of the box it is now.

I hope for their sake they go with the V10 for the gas engine option instead of the 6.2l. Everyone whom I've talked to who has driven the Superduty with a 6.2l has been less than thrilled with it.

I like the direction furd is going with this one, I like this rubbery/leathery black panels, look, it looks post-apocalyptic, like it's out of that MadMax movie,

they should get Mel Gibson to promote this one.


@ Semi-Hemi Munster Your so full of it. The 6.2L outperformed your new 6.4L Hemi at the other truck site. Guys I know love there 6.2Ls. Be informed.

""Our sources maintain that certain models of the overhauled Super Duty are due in the 2016 calendar year."

Hmmm ... so some versions of the new Super Duty will be 2017 models?

I hope we will at least see the mainstream F250 and F350 pickup trucks hit the streets in 12 months as 2016 models. It looks like a C-channel under the flat bed in the pic, but that could be that Ford is doing what Ram is doing: Fully-boxed on the pickups, and C-channel on the chassis cabs.

@Hemi, I have driven a 6.2 V8 Super Duty and I think it was a very decent motor. It got better fuel economy than I was expecting, and the performance was better than I expected. I didn't rave about it, as it was no match for a diesel, but no gas V8 is. With direct-injection and a 10 speed, it will be a lot better for sure. I think Ford should add the option of the 4.4L V8 diesel with 300 / 560 for those two don't need 440 / 860, but want low-end torque and decent fuel economy.


"It looks like a C-channel under the flat bed in the pic, but that could be that Ford is doing what Ram is doing: Fully-boxed on the pickups, and C-channel on the chassis cabs."

That is what I was saying earlier http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2014/03/spied-2015-ford-super-duty-f-350-dualie.html as they already changed the F450 chassis some http://www.dieselpowermag.com/features/ford/1402_2015_ford_f_450_platinum_first_look/. I doubt they would waste the money to make those changes just to change it again in few years.

GM uses full box chassis on HD pickups and C channel rear sections on long wheelbase chassis cabs as well.

It's a good idea really, chassis cab buyers seem to want the up fitting advantages of a C-channel, whereas pickup buyers want the rigidity and handling of a fully-boxed frame. Give each type of buyer what best suits their needs.

The V10 is a dog and outdated. I transport motor homes and the V10 is gutless under load. It is time for something better Ford!

@ greg - that opinion coming from you is useless.

I remember a PUTC shootout between diesels and the V10 was in the test. It performed as well as the diesels of the era.

Didn't ford stop offering the v10 option already? So if this has a v10 it would be a new engine.

6.8 V10 still an option on the F550 chassis cab
I wonder what the take up rate is

This is definitely a new design. Compare the frontal view above to this http://media.star-telegram.com/smedia/2013/09/26/18/24/XlP9e.St.58.jpeg Looks like they really tried to improve aerodynamics. The sides of the cab, front fenders, windshield, and hood all have much more slope than the current super duty.

Looks like a sloppy bit of mush designed to cover up a new design. Mission accomplished!
As to the comment against the 6.2..... What!!!!!!!! I have heard nothing but good things about it in the construction industry. Stop drinking the Kool-aid. Most are ditching the the oil burners because of the 8 grand and 80₵ a gallon premium over the gas motors.

Diesel is just to expensive to justify the added costs. Thats why the V10 as been resurrected over and over.

Now that the F-450 can tow 31.200 lb, they could up the payload of the F-550. The GVW has been limited to 19.500 lb, for some time now.

ford is a bad ass trucks dodgle you always see on the road and being tow by a ford powerstroke or v10.

in april ford will relase thier new truck and how much it can tow and i am thinking about buy one myself

i hope new looks kind of like thier f150

the f350 tow 31,000 pounds the f550 can tow 40,000 pound so get it right

Ford the best

I love this site. Now you can get on the Ford Super Duty web site and get all the specifications and build one with the prices and get most of the information and specifications one would want including the tow capability of over 31,000 pounds for the 450.

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