The Coolest Trucks at the 2014 Work Truck Show

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The 2014 National Truck Equipment Association trade show, simply called The Work Truck Show, experienced its fourth straight year of growth, as medium- and heavy-duty truckmakers and all the outfitters that support them gathered in Indianapolis again this year.

Bucket cranes, snowplows and cab and chassis displays weren't the only interesting pieces of machinery on the show floor. In fact, we found a few new and noteworthy trucks and their particular features that we thought you might find interesting. And if the excitement on the floor is any indication of what our economy has in store, we're in good shape for years to come.

Custom Big-Rig Rod

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We found this custom rat-rod-type chopped, channeled and re-engineered Peterbilt sitting in the Silent Drive booth. The project is called "Piss'd Off Pete" and is supposed to be a thank-you to all the buyers of Silent Drive heavy-duty suspension components. The engine is a monster with a chromed Rockwell rear axle to match.


2015 Ford F-150

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With a full lineup of vehicles at the show (Class 1 through 7), Ford announced it'd be significantly upgrading each of its truck and van offerings in the next 18 months, starting with the coming F-150 later this year. Ford had a stripper-regular-cab, two-wheel-drive, XL shortbed F-150 on display, and it was getting quite a bit of attention from various outfitters. Tape measures and photos were everywhere. We're guessing next year will also be a big year for Ford at this show.


Nissan EV NV200

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Leveraging its recent electrification success with the Nissan Leaf, Nissan Commercial is putting much of that technology into several NV200 vans and passing them out to huge work-truck users. This particular model is slated to go to FedEx, where it'll be moving it around the country to collect usage data. The extra batteries cut the payload by more than 400 pounds but make no impact on total cargo volume.


Win a New Work Truck

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ProPickup Magazine has a new-truck sweepstakes where, if eligible, you can win a brand-new 2013 Ram 2500 HD crew cab 4x4 with all sorts of custom work-truck features to make your work-life as easy as driving to the job site. The main truck sponsors are Ram Commercial and Mobil Delvac. To enter, click here, and be sure to read the official rules to make sure you qualify. Registration ends March 30, with the winner announced April 15.


F-650 Interior Shots

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The Work Truck Show's big news was the introduction of the all-new Ford F-650 and F-750 platforms, which will exclusively use the next-gen Ford-built Power Stroke and TorqShift transmissions. Ford is making a big push to communize many of the new medium-duty engineering and designs strategies for improved quality and production efficiencies. The trucks come with either air or conventional braking choices (mostly depends on engine and chassis), with the new exhaust brake option located on the dash.




I hope that dodge you can win has an 8' bed. A truck with a 6' bed is not a work truck

As we can see the 6'.5 bed of the Ram is now a toolbox...looks to be set up for "Surveyor 1" work.

Thanks for the update Mark.

I want that rat rod! Well, based on size, it's more of a Possum than a rat...

I was at this show yesterday and was trying to see if you were walking around!

@ S Brown -- Sorry we missed each other. Next time you can always leave a message for me, or anyone other media type, in the press room. That's where I typically set up my computer and take advantage of free food and drinks (soft drinks).

@JK - Ram doesn't have a 6.5 ft box. They are 6.3 feet or more specifically 6 feet 4 inches.

If I was a salesman at any dealer that sold new pickups I would be reading and I would be an expert knowing all there is to know about any pickup ready with an answer any customer asks me. But all I get is "I don't know" or "I will have to find that out"

So, how much will the stripper aluminium F-150 be?

I would like to see what the interior looks like on that xl f-150.

the snout on the F150 looks longer. It must be more of an aero shape. That window has considerable rake to it. The rest appears to be standard body lines from the current F150.

More on that Rat Rod.

@ Lou_BC Must be the Ford repair guys at the dealers started bi&^hing bout the dumb cab over engine setup ford has on 2004-2014.

Why can't the parking brake on the F-650 be higher up, like every class b and a truck I drove? Why so low of a mount?

Not only is it out of place but if a third person gets in the cab to sit in the center, that brake can be accidentally hit.

I will have to drive the new F-150before I make any judgment on the truck as a hole, but imho the front looks bad! like a cross between a tundra and Ram, only the Ram is not so bad, and the metal on the roof does look a lot shorter than the current trucks roof does on my reg cab F-150, about 4-5" shorter! But I will be driving one as soon as they come out, just because I will hopefully be able to get a EB (2.7 or 3.5) in a short bed without having to spend over 40K on a Tremor! which is a truck I would love to have but just can not spend so much on one vehicle. I do hope the new truck is lighter and feels lighter, as if it is, the new 2.7EB engine could just be the very thing to have the truck feel nice and light, and have good balance to it! Plus I can just imagine what it will look like with an all black color and no chrome! By the way my friends new Chevy (reg cab 4x2) 4.3 has the CAI and exhaust system on and has a new tuner hooked up, and now he is getting 26 MPG on the hyw! every day while commuting to work, 28 miles one way with only 5 miles of none hyw! and the truck runs great! so that new F-150 with the 2.7 will need to show me something, in order to be better than his Chevy! as far as off the line? he stays right with my EB, it is only after about 40mph that the EB starts to pull away from his 4.3 Chevy as it is right now! yes it is a long bed reg cab F-150 EB against a short bed reg cab Chevy, but the EB is rated at over 100lbs/ft MORE than the Chevy! and do not mention gearing either! as my F-150 has the 3:73's and the Chevy the 3:42's! the biggest diff. is mine is 4x4, and his is not! and mine weighs in at 5,230lbs, and his at 4,880. I can say, with confidence the new 4.3 is a fine engine!

^not everybody wants to put a tuner on a truck, the initial cost, plus if something breaks, like a head gaskit, then you must change the tune bake before you take it in. So if it breaks on the side of the road, and needs a tow, how you gonna change it? On the spot?

The Chevy 4.3 is so so towing.

I guess if you spend 1k, but I heard the crud Ford gave you over a "cold air intake"

I have not been able to use a tuner on my EB, as no one offers one yet, but I have used them on every Chevy and Dodge/Ram I have owned and have never had any problem with them, and while not having actually paid for themselves in fuels savings, they have been able to get more power, especially with a CAI and exhaust, on a dyno my 5.3 has been able to go from 257hp@5,200 at the wheels to 295hp@4,900!!! and the tq went to 305@4,200! from 288@4,800 stock, and that is only with the CAI and tuner, 91 octane, no exhaust or headers yet! but the mpg went up 3 mpg hyw with the tuner set for that! but you can either get power or mpg, NOT both, and the Dakota had also similar results, so I do know they work! my friend and I will be going up to the dyno when the weather clears, but the time for a base line has passed, as far as the exhaust goes. As far as changing the tune? it only does take a minute or two, yes at the side of the road if need be, but like I said I have no used one on the Ford, or at this point intend too, as the dealer can see if there had been one used, if you change it within a certain time frame, that is longer than "on the side of the road" before towing it to a dealer with a blown head gasket.

Oh one more thing as far as how the 4.3 runs in his truck, he can run away from his brothers truck, a new Ram V-6 reg cab ST 4x4 is the only difference, but the Ram has the 8 spd and 3:92 gears! but he can not get the power down in 2wd! as he spins the wheel too much! and the Chevy has the 3:42 autolocking rear end, and only leaves about 1-2' of rubber when he power brakes it with the traction control button held in for 5 sec. but the truck takes right off! it surprised all of us! As far as towing? we hooked it up to my Airsteam just for $hits and giggles, just to see how it would do? and on flat ground pretty well for a 7.5K trailer, but on a hill, just able to keep at the speed limit on the hill we have locally (60mph), and the Ram his brother has? the vary same, but he does have 3:92's. and 8 speeds! too bad we don't have two trailers like mine! but maybe this summer when we all go up to my cousins where he has the very same trailer I have, and oh just in case you are wondering, this was before he put the tuner and CAI/exhaust on the Chevy! now he might be able to hold 65mph!

A few very close people to me have bought new gm trucks and all have issues with suspension, and tires. the one with 3.73 gears gets 12mpg around town. I went and purchased a f150, even with the supplier pricing I couldn't bring myself to purchase a gm after all the problems I see they are having out of the gate. I heard some are great others have issues. Im not the gambling type.

newbrandonyork: See that, I have a totally different experience, I own one of each a 2011 Chevy Z-71 ext cab with 5.3 4x4 and 3:42 auto/lock rear with over 70K now, and no problems at all with a CAI, and tuner, also I own a 2010 F-150 reg cab 8'bed Eco-Boost that has had not one, but two blown head gaskets! while running with half a load of firewood the 1st time, and MT the second! and when I went to the 1st dealer to get fixed, he took one look at the CAI I had installed and gave me all kinds of grief over it, and I had to contact FOMOCO cust relations to get service! and then had to have the truck towed to another dealer (the first even tried to charge me storage)!!!! to get FOMOCO to pay for the warrantee claim! which they did to their credit, after I showed them receipt for oil changes 5 times in the first 33K as required by the warrantee and service manual in the truck! for severe service requirements! Not to mention all the crap I received here, in this site from those who feel the CAI had something to do with it? when I have used them on ALL the vehicles I have owned for years 2 wheels and four, without any problem! and I know a bunch of folks with F-150's that have not been lemons, but not trouble free either, and the only reason I bought one is the way the engine ran on a test drive was so much better than any of the older engines had! (5.4,4.6) that others I know, and trucks at work I have driven before, I should have bought a 5.0 V-8, I know that now! but maybe next time! if there is a next time. I will say the truck had been ok for the last 10k since fixed, but I will not use it to pull my travel trailer anywhere, cause I do not want to take the chance! Now the Chevy has more miles on it just because of that fact! without any problems I might add! no a drop of oil between changes, and decent mileage too! the same as the EB while towing or not! however, if I use all the extra power the EB has, it guzzles the gas! to the tune of 12mpg!!!


The Eco-Boost didn't come out until 2011, so would you like to make another story up? Keep up the good work Ford.

ryan: more ike a mistake than a lie, I bought it at the end of the calendar year.

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