'Tonight Show' Host Chooses Ford F-150

Fallon F-150 Choice II

After much debate and consultation with experts, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon decided which pickup truck he's going to purchase: The winner is a new Ford F-150 King Ranch.

Fallon announced the decision last week, showing a photograph of a 2015 model (with the Lariat trim package) that won't go on sale until the end of this year. As you might expect, given the attention this decision has received, Fallon won't have to wait that long to get into a new F-150. Ford has offered to let him "barrow" a 2014 F-150 King Ranch until the 2015 model he'll purchase is available.

And to further the drama associated with this decision, this week on "The Tonight Show" Fallon will hold a contest called "Fingers on a 4x4" to determine which U.S. Ford dealer he'll buy the truck from by having select Ford representatives stand next to an F-150 while touching the truck until only one salesperson is left standing.

Congrats to Ford; we're guessing we'll see a few more Ford commercials in the late-night rotation.


Fallon tonight Ford II



Smart man. I will be joining him in 2015 F-150 ownership when they come out.

Jimmy who ?? who cares what this idiot picks .

I'm sure he choose the F-150 since its the most popular it will help him in the ratings. If he wanted the best truck he would have went Ram.

Corporate media.

What a joke.

Smart choice.

Ford's have always been bullet proof for me but I have to admit, this is silliness. I would love to see real world reporting rather than this.

I also like that he gets a 2014 so he can see and feel all the differences between the next gen 2015 when it becomes available.

Double D and Max, you are correct.

He should of got the Chevy Rage instead haha


You can bet the only reason he went with the Ford is because he is getting it for free from Ford. Hell they are giving him a 2014 to drive until the 2015's are available.

Sorry but this one is a huge fail for Ford because they bought him.

- Jimmy who ?? who cares what this idiot picks -

Daffy, given his appeal to the key 18-49 television demographic, I'd say that Ford cares quite a bit about it. Ford is about to get a lot of free advertising.


It will be a miracle if Jimmy is still in that timeslot 1 year from now.

Ford made a mistake IMHO hitching their star to a guy like JF. A bonafide star like Jay Leno would have been different. Leno is a major league car guy that everybody loves.

JF is a media lightweight who has yet to be really tested.

Hey, he's the guy that does commercials with the baby that is smarter than he is. I love that baby, him,,,,, Not so much. Has he done anything since the baby commercials?

@papajim - I tend to agree. Jay Leno endorsing a product carries a ton of weight because of his automotive expertice.

Fallon may be trying to shore up his ratings by trying to appeal to truck buyers and by hedging his bets by picking the best seller.

Yes, what are his automotive credentials?

It's just hype and is of no meaning.

Ram4x4, Jimmy Fallon is not getting a free truck he is buying it with his own money. He even stated it when he was talking.

Wow, a person chooses his preferred brand and you TROLLS are bombing it, what is the world coming too....oh yea, STUPIDNESS!!!!

Yeah Frank and STUPIDNESS!!! go hand and hand

@Ram4x4 they bought him huh?? Fiat ram brought a truck to his front door for him with a sign on it and he still flipped them off. He chose the best truck and he's buying it with his own money.

Media hype and TV time helps sell vehicles, plain and simple. If it was so 'dumb' of Ford to get Jimmy Fallon to buy a truck, then why did Ram and Chevy both give it a shot as well? 'Truck Credentials' or not, Jimmy Fallon's demographic is a key demographic for most companies. For him to buy a Ford might get those viewers to take a look at Ford, and that's all they can ask for.

According to the Ford (2015 F150) website (under Q&A):

Q: Is the SVT Raptor still available?
A: We’ll have more news to share about the F-150 SVT Raptor later.


@Alex - the new F150 is changed significantly which means they will have to perform testing to calibrate suspension and electronics to work well with a new truck.

tooling for new fenders will also have to be done.

The biggest question is.......... which engine will be under the hood of the Raptor?

A supercharged 5.0 would be cool but most likely an EB 3.5.

@Zach J
So what percentage of American's earn and are in the same demographic as this Fallon?

Not many.

Ram messed up by not showing him the 1500 EcoDiesel. He would of fell in love with the MPG.

@Lou, definitely R&D reasons for the wait, but no doubt Ford will give the Raptor its own press release so as to not take any attention away from the rest of the lineup or even the Raptor itself. It deserves its own launch. I would guess it will have a 3.5 EcoBoost or something even more special. I'd like to think a V8 EcoBoost.

@Big Al, 1%. Though liberals don't mind 1% if they are Hollywood liberals. But if they are conservative businessmen, they are greedy pigs.

@alex what foes this even mean? Why politicize this? Prove you're an A**. Anyone who proud to be small minded is a complete fool.

@Big Al, 1%. Though liberals don't mind 1% if they are Hollywood liberals. But if they are conservative businessmen, they are greedy pigs.

@ Emilio Palacios - you mean the Laramie Ecodiesel with 490 lb cargo capacity?

@ Lou @Alex

Ford has been working on a Ecoboost 5.0L V8 variant code named "Voodoo" for the next gen Mustang. Rumors have it producing 550-600hp, and I bet that it will more than likely be in the Raptor than the 3.5L version will.


You are 100% dead on with "Though liberals don't mind 1% if they are Hollywood liberals" comment.


98Sienna, my comment would have bothered you only if you are a liberal. Anyone can make up a stupid comment about what constitutes a proud small mind and what constitutes being a complete fool, just as anyone can use any rhetorical statement to make him or herself feel better.

@Lou: no, the Ecodiesel Diesel. that Diesel Power magazine said had about 1100 pounds, and was optioned about exactly like the v-6 anual Pickuptrucks.com one, only it didn't have 3 lard asses in it.

How do you have a contest to select a truck and then select a that isn't even out yet? You don't know the hp/lb ft of any of the engines or FE for any of the engines. It also can't be because you like how it drives because nobody has driven one but Ford engineers. He had to make a deal with Mike Levine for publicity because it doesn't make sense. I could understand a 2014 F-150.

I am happy he went with aluminum ford.
I couldn't stand him to drive a RAM.

Why is there so much talk about the Raptor? Ford says they will not make it next near, or the Tremor either, unless they have changed their minds once again! Then I would like to know how much $$$$ Fallon is paying the Intrepid Museum Society to do such a stupid stunt as that! on the Distinguished Old Fighting Machine U.S.S. Intrepid? sure it will mean plenty of paid for publicity, but come on really!!!! a sales stunt!

Ford never said they wouldn't have another Raptor. In fact, Mike Levine and Ford have said several times already that they would have more details on Raptor later.

@ALL1 - The persistent rumour is that the Shelby Mustang will not have a 5.4 based V8 because there isn't enough room to clear the higher deck. The 5.0 has been cited as the engine getting the development. The 5.0 was built with forced induction in mind.
I'd like to see a 5.0 with a blower or TTDI for the Raptor but Ford hasn't put modified engines in that truck yet. They've used the stock 5.4 and the stock 6.2. That pattern would make me believe that a stock EB 3.5 as the logical course. They would have to find a safer place for the intercooler.

@sandman4X4 - Ford has made a fortune off of the Raptor so I'd be surprised if they didn't make one.
I did see some artist renderings of a Raptor like Bronco.
Who knows?


I like the 5.0 in the Mustang better, but the 5.0 with a roots blower of some kind comes to life in a 5000 lb truck. A conservatively tuned 5.0 supercharged V8 would be a very lively toy.

For examples of how it would perform, look at some of supercharged Daimler 32-valve AMG engines of the last 10 years, or the supercharged Caddy 32-valve Northstar engine they put in the two seater Corvette-style chassis when it was still around.

Nothing really radical, but very lively. The Caddy was a mildly tuned 4.4 liter version of their 4.6 but it still rumbled. My cousin bought one before the supercharged version came out. He traded it for the blower motor and the difference was night/day.

papa jim:

- It will be a miracle if Jimmy is still in that timeslot 1 year from now. -

And you may well be right; only time will tell. But for now, Ford will be getting a lot of free publicity with that key 18-49 demographic that all advertisers covet.

A year from now, nobody will remember that Jimmy Fallon even bought a truck, regardless of whether or not he's still on the Tonight Show.

Your comment botherse because it makes no sense and it's once again a generalization, I don't consider myself a liberal not to I buy into what you perceive to be conservatism either. Both side have great points but what you accuse liberals of is polarizing and untrue. And I I didn't make up a comment I simply said the truth. It was you who made initial unjustified accusations. And by the way you should really look into what people refer to when speaking about the 1%. It's hardly Jimmy Fallon. Open a book once in a while.

@BAFO - You don't have to be a 1%'ers to own an F-150 or (Camry), but it never hurts.

98Sienna, let it go.

@DenverlllMike - TTAC had a story that stated out of 25 major cities, the population of 1 could afford a 32K car over 48 months.

Most new 4x4 pickups are above that price point.

We may very well see pickups become the domain of 1%'ers.


What he said wasn't polarizing or untrue. Liberals will stick up for other liberals especially when it is against conservatives so there is a lot of truth to what he stated. Although Jimmy Fallon is far from being in the top 1%. You are just pissed because it is not your point of view therefore anyone outside of your point of view is labeled as small minded fool in your eyes. That reminds me of another person on this site that like to bully people around. You just proved in your initial post to him that you should be saying those words in a mirror because it is usually the person that jumps straight to name calling in a disagreement that is the small minded fool. He is allowed to post what he did and if you don't like it then either move on or post how you disagree with him, not go straight to name calling. Regardless of what you say, he and everyone else is allowed to have their point of view.

Alex and All1, Well said.

Your ability to make a simple assessment is quite limited. As illustrated below;

"@BAFO - You don't have to be a 1%'ers to own an F-150 or (Camry), but it never hurts."

So, with your fantastic deductive and comprehensive capacity, explain where I wrote that only 1% can afford a F-150?

Hmmmm...........I'm starting to believe you believe your misplaced opinions are credible.

What's it like to be the most simplistic and rustic person who blogs on these sites?

You must lead a distorted and lonely existence.


I don't think I'm gonna take a back seat here.

Consider this bit of ancient history: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was a TV ratings bonanza for 3 decades. Ed McMahon was Johnny's sidekick. Ed had a deal advertising Alpo canned dog food on the show.

Did anyone buy Alpo because Ed was pitching it? Did anyone tune in to see Ed, anyway? It was all about Johnny.

Demographics? No. It's about audience. When Carson hosted the show, he had wall to wall market share. Today with a zillion channels of cable, satellite, streaming Internet and electronic games to compete with in that time slot I bet Jimmy Fallon's not getting five percent.

Today's market is more into disposables too. Ronan Farrow was hot six weeks ago--today he's in TV limbo. Alec Baldwin had his five minutes of fame on MSNBC.

Does anybody remember the last late night host with staying power? hint: First name is Jay.

@ Joe if he wanted the best truck he would have gone with ram? how is ram the best truck lol, ford are way better.

Fallon did not even drive the Ram he sent out some studio hand or assistant to drive it. He was getting a Ford from the start. I highly doubt he is going to pay more than a few dollars for his 2015 Ford and he is getting a FREE 2014 Ford to drive until the 2015 Ford comes out at the END OF THE YEAR. So Fallon gets to drive a FREE Ford for almost a full year.

Fallon is also having rating problems and I doubt he will last more than two years before he is canned.

@Big Al from Oz - Demographic does not refer to his socioeconomic group; it refers to the age and socioeconomic group os his viewers. And in this case, it would be a key 18-30something group of males who are often college graduates. It matters.

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