'Tonight Show' Host Chooses Ford F-150

Fallon F-150 Choice II

After much debate and consultation with experts, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon decided which pickup truck he's going to purchase: The winner is a new Ford F-150 King Ranch.

Fallon announced the decision last week, showing a photograph of a 2015 model (with the Lariat trim package) that won't go on sale until the end of this year. As you might expect, given the attention this decision has received, Fallon won't have to wait that long to get into a new F-150. Ford has offered to let him "barrow" a 2014 F-150 King Ranch until the 2015 model he'll purchase is available.

And to further the drama associated with this decision, this week on "The Tonight Show" Fallon will hold a contest called "Fingers on a 4x4" to determine which U.S. Ford dealer he'll buy the truck from by having select Ford representatives stand next to an F-150 while touching the truck until only one salesperson is left standing.

Congrats to Ford; we're guessing we'll see a few more Ford commercials in the late-night rotation.


Fallon tonight Ford II




"...college graduates?"

College used to mean something--today it means that you (and your parents) went broke so that you could get a mediocre 4 year degree, and then be long term unemployed after school.

With a loan or two to pay off.

College grads in the 18/30 group are NOT the ones with disposable income today.

Thanks All1, Jimmy Fallon earns $12 Million per year now. I wonder what percentage of Americans earn that or more. If it's more than 31,390 people, then he is not in the top 1%. I think it is fewer people than that.
This left-wing article suggests anyone making that kind of money would be in the top 1% http://money.cnn.com/2012/11/20/news/economy/top-1-percent/ though being a left-wing outlet, they don't actually talk about Hollywood celebrities. If that article is correct, he was in the 1% when he was making "just" $5 million from Late Night. Plus I wonder what he makes from the Capital One ads.

Wow. Jimmy Fallon makes a lot more then I thought.

@Lou_BC - $32K buys a well equipped full-size truck, even before rebates, etc. The super cab F-150 4x4 starts below $32K. Add XLT, crew cab and V8 and you're still well under $32K with rebates. So what cha talking about? You're talking well equipped Camrys at that price.

Toyota 4Runners start at $32K.

But when no one except 1%'er can afford F-150s, no one will be able to afford ANYTHING!

And while mid-size trucks quietly cost the same as full-size trucks, when comparably equipped.

Did anyone else see Truck Trends report on a new Bronco?

@All my friends at PUTC

I don't know about the rest of you, but if you are planning a new truck purchase please STAY AWAY FROM THE GROCERY STORE. It will scare you.

The price of nearly everything at the stores is WAY up since January. You almost need a loan to buy decent pork chops anymore, forget beefsteak!

I hope Jimmy Fallon and his hi-rolling buddies at NBC are enjoying their new truck, because I have to choose between new wheels or beanie weenies.

@DenverlllMike - you have been missing all of the posts made by papajim and others..........

The USA isn't doing too well despite all of the spin coming from the Capital.

I went to the Ford USA site. The only trucks below 32K are the reg cab 4x2 XL, STX, XLT.
There is a 4,590 discount on the 4x4 option which keeps the price the same.
Extended cab adds 2,700
Crewcab adds 7,620

these are base model trucks.

I'm talking about the fact that more and more people cannot afford a truck.

Finance companies are extending loans to 96-100 months. Car companies offer zero interest. Many have zero down payment.

I know you are arguing just because you want to argue with me.

What bubble do you live in?

As the alleged owner of a tow company you must see what I'm talking about.

A large percentage of Americans CAN NOT afford anything. We've gone from a housing bubble inflated by weak financing to an automotive bubble inflated by weak financing.

It ain't rocket science.

DiM doesn't own a tow truck company now. He must have sold it with the 10 square home he lives in with the two car garage that will fit two Crewcab F-550's.

Recently he's bought a fleet of trucks and owns a 'truckin' business.

Boy, don't lie!!!!!

@Big Al from Oz - and he flips houses.

Where does he find the time to blog?

@papa jim--I have to agree Jay Leno is a real car guy and a much more talented comedian. Fallon does stupid comedy, not witty. As for Ford this is still a smart move and it cost them little, even if they gave him a 2015 F-150.

@Lou--There are many who have lost good paying jobs and will never get a job paying anywhere near what they had. Many would like to buy a new car, truck, or crossover but when one is not making much 32k is unreachable and many cannot quality for the no or low interest loans. A new F-150 King Ranch would be pocket change to Jimmy Fallon. I am not knocking JF for the money he makes just that a 32k truck for someone making 12 million is nothing. I don't personally dislike Fallon, I just don't care for his type of humor. To be honest there never will be another Johnny Carson, he was the true King of Late Night television.

Did Fallon even drive one? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

I am more of a jay leno kind of guy. Jay leno is a car guy. He gets it. I attend this show twice a year in Burbank CA. Woodly park. I have seen Jay out there with his MOPARS.


@Lou_BC - You must be looking at Canada pricing. Or something.

$31,785 for the super cab F-150 4X4...


That's before rebates. Wait for the end of the year and save a tremendous amount.

@DenverlllMike - nope.... USA prices.
I know the difference between Ford.ca and Ford.com. A little hint - ca is the first 2 initials of Canada.

Those numbers were right off of Ford USA's "build your own".

@Lou_BC - Built my own, thanks. This is with the 90001 zip, Los Angeles: Super cab F-150 4X4, $32,475 before rebates. That includes optional 3.73 axles and limited-slip. At least $6,000 off MSRP in local rebates and discounts.


Base F-150 price is $24,735 before rebates, plus internet discounts.

Wait a couple months and save even more!!!

Full-size pickups are priced so competitive, why the heck would you get a Camry?

Remind us again of the F-150 4X4 crew cab you own, Lou. And what you paid.

After rebates, base F-150s are competitive with Corollas....

@papa jim I'm going to have to disagree based on personal experience; the place from which I graduated has a pretty solid placement rate. Among those I graduated with and creepily watch from a distance on facebook, I see lots of new cars and trucks. Silverado's and F-150s top the list. I also see lots of subaru's and other bro-cars. I know there are lots of kids out there with problems getting a job, but they tend to be in field where the demand is not high. Even friends who graduated and became teachers, doctors, museum curators, etc; they all buy new cars. Maybe not king ranch's and denali's, but XLT's and SL's and the like. And another thing they have in common: everytime Jimmy Fallon makes a great bit on his show, about a billion of my friends share it on facebook. It makes sense to grab the attention of this demographic to shine a light on your brand of trucks.

And one additional thing: People do graduate with loans to pay off and debt out the ears. They still get jobs, buy houses, buy cars, get married, etc. Student loans are a norm, and while 85,000 in debt in student loans sounds crazy to do anything but work and eat ramen and pay off loans, people still live their lives because the younger generation has accepted that the chances of finding a better paying job also comes with some sacrifice.

Ford can I borrow a 2014 until a 2015 is released?

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